I don't know how to fix Guy's body, so I jumped out of the inn trying to ask Duke, who's going to depend on me for now...

"I don't know where you are..."

There is no convenient magic in this world to look for certain people.

It's impossible to look around the city for the enhancement of the five senses we went to in Cecilia's mansion the other day.

It's not a dog, and there are too many people to separate.

"It's the quickest way to fly and find wings..."

The whole city is going to make a scene, so it's dismissed.

Instead, Duke might come too to crusade me in the Knights outing...... is that an asshole?

"I wish Raven was here at times like this"

That's what I think. Turn around. There...... I can see the trashed passers-by mixed with people and subpeople.

"I can't be convenient like that. I can't help it. Look in the tunnel with my own feet."

Everyone has no idea where he is, but Guy's life is at stake.

It's not even a fart, like some hard work.

I ran out looking for Duke.

Running around Wangdu for three hours.

I don't see Duke at all who should be looking around to see if there are a lot of mistakes.

Duke doesn't seem to be the only one on the lookout. I meet another knight.

Every time we meet, I ask where Duke is going to look around and I head there... but I can't see him for some reason.

"Whoa, whoa... seriously, where is he?!?"

I've been running around, so I stop and get my breathing ready once and for all.

I look around and look around but I don't have the desired Duke.

I'm getting frustrated because I never find it, but I think calmly for a long time.

I can't find you looking for this much, so I think you might be in some building.

"You're even having lunch at some store... no, it's already past lunch. Knights headquarters?"

It's a waste of time thinking, so I decide to go to Knights headquarters for now and run out.

"The worst I can do is ask Raven to wait until Duke gets back..."

We got to the Knights headquarters, which is our destination within the blur, so we go inside.


When I look at the receptionist, Duke is talking to the receptionist about something.

There's also an elf knight figure on the side that I saw last time.

I grabbed Duke and slapped him on the shoulder.

"Hmm... what a captain isn't it? What's wrong with you?"

"Thank you very much. Let me look everywhere..."

"Were you looking? What can I do for you? Then I want you to wait a little longer. I still have a lot to report."

Leaving that to say, Duke goes back to talking to the receptionist. It doesn't seem like it's going to end soon, so I decide to sit and wait on the couch that was nearby. I've been running around the King's Capital for three hours, so I get tired and hang on the couch.

"Uh... I'm tired"


I was called to say that I was keeping my body on the couch feeling sloppy.

He's an elf knight who was acting with Duke.

"Uh... I was definitely with Duke..."

"Oh, wow, I'm Irene. You know Mr. Duke, don't you? Mr. Duke always took care of me today..."

She tempers all over for some reason just by introducing herself.

Are you tempered because I'm scared or something?

Maybe it's her vegan... but either way, she's a daughter who seems to be teasing.

... Let's make fun of it for a second.

"Oh, I'm a yolkie. Nice to meet you. Duke and I used to be deputy captains in relation to our ex-boyfriend and boss."

"Phew, are you the deputy captain!? Mr. Youki is an amazing person.... and, by the way, what deputy captain...?"

"I can't tell you that... if you say that, you're going to be targeted for your life too"


"Duke will have to disappear from before you too..."


I see her tempered out more than I did earlier, and I laugh desperately.

I can't believe Duke was acting with such a delicacy, either. You're the guy who can't put it in the corner.

"Captain, what did I do to keep you waiting?"

"Ah, duh, Mr. Duke...... I, because I haven't heard anything about Mr. Duke. So don't disappear from before me!

Seeing Duke take his arm and shake it, he's going to be unable to laugh and keep his mouth shut.

"Captain... you made fun of Irene. What the hell did you blow in?"

"Ah... did you spray it?"

"If I saw you laughing so deliberately with your hands, I wouldn't want to, but I'd notice. How many years do you think we've been together?"

I don't see Duke's face with his helmet, but I'm sure he has a frightened face.

Duke's right. We've been together for years, so I can tell.

"Ha... well, you do. Bad. Bad. I was just kidding."

"Totally...... did you hear that, Irene? I don't know what the captain said, but I'm gonna lie about it all."

"Uh... is that right? Mr. Duke, won't you disappear from before me? Good.... So what's a captain?"

"It's like a nickname, so I hope you don't mind"

Forgive Mr. Irene, whom Duke had tempered, for explaining my jokes.

When the two of you finished talking, Mr. Irene bowed his head to me and went somewhere.

"For once, I still had time to write my report, so I asked you to take my seat off... this would have been better, right?"

"Well. Because the content of the story is what it is. Surely Duke was familiar with the demonic ecology?... I need to ask you something about Guy."

"As far as I can tell... what happened?"

Explain what happened this morning as I pray in my heart that I can help Guy with Duke's knowledge.

"... so Duke, do you know how to fix Guy's body?"

"Eh... that's easy. Eat the Demon Ore and we'll solve the problem."

"Right...... Huh!?"

As soon as I explain it, they tell me there's a solution, and my voice turns over unexpectedly.

"What a strange voice you have... and it sure sucks that the symptoms are progressing until the cracks get in. 'Cause it's not weird to have cracks all at once in a trivial shock."

"Well, we have to do the demon ore and do it to Guy first."

"Exactly.... and that sounds strange. Gargoyle would know about demon ore."

"He's the one who's been sleeping in the dungeon and village company for a long time. Didn't you neglect to acquire knowledge?"

I guess I couldn't relate to my knowledge because I've just slept without doing anything. Was there no other gargoyle companion when I was in the dungeon?

If I had been there, I could have shared some knowledge with them.

"... even if I say demonic ecology, I want you to know about this. The captain won't be studying enough."

That's just how my stupidity started.

Although I had enough time to study at Demon King's Castle to rot, I didn't do any of the knowledge around it because I wish Duke or Happiness knew.

"Ugh... and I can't believe how easy it is to find a way to fix Guy's body that Teal was so desperate to find. Guy's body was expected to be fixed, and good, good."

"Captain... you're trying to get out of the way. Well, that's okay."

Duke laughs bitterly as I imagine he looks frightened again.

I wish I didn't have to run around King's Capital for three hours to meet Duke if I were to study seriously.

"... no, you've been here forever? He said he was going to look around today, so I ran around Wangdu for three hours."

"Oh... is that so? I was definitely looking around today. I think it's a mistake."

"You're too much for anything! I ran to the other knights I met along the way and asked where you were looking, didn't I?"

I can't believe how unlucky things go on... I don't remember saying anything stupid to the mirror today.

"As a matter of fact, Irene got tangled up with the wanderings where she was going... and every time I was taking her, the time I looked around was a lot off. That's what caused the mistake."

"No, no, what are you going to do with a knight involved? You're a knight to help the people involved."

It must be a lookout for that.

Well, Mr. Irene doesn't seem to have a high rate of entanglement.... I just made fun of you, too.

"Sure, the captain's right... but Irene herself does her job right. She's not bad."

"Well, the job was a daughter who felt like she was going to take it seriously. I'm sorry, I kind of fooled around with Duke."

"Didn't you just make fun of me normally... I'm gonna make fun of you too"

The last dialogue is Duke whining with a blur and a small voice.

I don't think you can talk about people either, but I won't talk about it.

We found a way to fix Guy's body, so any longer stories are pointless.

Looks like Duke still has some work to do in the Knights, too.

"That's what I'm talking about, Duke. Please apologize to Mr. Irene. Good luck with the Knights' work."

"You got it. The captain will do a lot of good."

Finish your goodbye and I'll be out of Knights headquarters.

I need to get Demon Ore and Doo to fix Guy's body.

"... where do you get Demon Ore? What is Demon Ore in the first place?

I left Knights headquarters and noticed.

I don't know anything about demon ore, but what am I supposed to do?

I can't go back and ask Duke.

Thinking about what to do, I see a carriage coming this way that I've seen.

The carriage came and stopped in front of me, and when the door opened, there was Cecilia holding out her hand to me with a hurried look on her face.

"I finally found it. Hurry up and get in, Mr. Yowki!

"Is something wrong?"

"Description should be on the move. Anyway, now it's in the carriage!

When Cecilia rushed me into the carriage, the carriage departed immediately.

"So what happened? I'm busy right now too..."

"Teal's condition has deteriorated. Seek-kun is on my side now... Seek-kun asked me to call Mr. Yoki just in case, so I was looking for him.

"Seriously... maybe even Teal"

Guy's next. I don't know about Teal.

Are you two a community of destiny?

Well, I don't care about that.

Now I need to check on Teal and talk to Cecilia about Guy.

"Teal too... what do you mean, Mr. Yowki"

"Oh, actually..."

Me and Cecilia exchanged information until we got to the mansion.