In a gatagotto and rocking carriage.

On the way to the Aqualein family I was briefed on what had happened from Cecilia.

He lost sight of Teal as he was working, and discovered Teal falling with a pair of tweezers while wondering if Happiness was looking for him in the mansion.

Although Happiness knew something had happened to Teal's body because she didn't shake her body or wake up when she spoke to her, and hurried to inform Cecilia and Sophia to help Teal bring her into the room......

"I couldn't treat Teal..."

Cecilia with disappointment.

Even the monks of Cecilia chosen for the brave party are untreatable...

"Did Teal fall ill?"

"I did treat the wound on the mirror with me and Seek-kun, Mr. Youki... so I think it probably is"

"Right.... I can't imagine being a maid of honor at the Aqualein family and getting hurt, and even if I did, it wouldn't be enough to fall."

"Yes... so I just think Teal's illness has gotten worse... and Sophia immediately brought Seek-kun, who was playing in the mansion yard, to see him."

"So isn't Seek all right?"

Illness and all that stuff can't be cured by any advanced therapeutic magic... even my magic.

I think the only thing I have is Seek's meds... that for some reason Seek is calling me.

"Seek-kun wanted me to call you anyway... by the way, what happened to Mr. Youki?"

"My errands are similar. Guy... Gargoyle's in pretty bad shape."

"Sucks... does that mean you're in the same situation as Teal?"

Looks like you guessed it from my mouth.

Well, it was an easy way to put it, so naturally.

"Oh, I've got five days left."

"Five days left!? You don't have time left at all!

He's given Cecilia and the rest of them a disturbed look, apparently quite surprised by the lack of time.... I was quite surprised when Guy himself informed me, so I can't help but be surprised.

"No, I was just asking Duke about how to treat Guy. They can handle anything with Demon Ore."

"Good... you know how to treat it"

Cecilia is stroking her chest down in relief.... There were times when Cecilia also initially suspected Guy of being a bad demon.

I guess you noticed Guy doesn't risk being a demon when you watch him interact with Teal.

... could be dangerous in a different way.

"Oh. So if you get the demon ore and the dots, Guy will be fine. The problem is, Teal."

"Right... I hope your condition recovers safely..."

From there, it became a bitter air, and I couldn't grasp the time to talk.

Watching the view from the window until you reach the mansion, you won't be long before you see the mansion.

"Lady Cecilia, ladies and gentlemen, we have arrived at the mansion"

The carriage stops and I hear voices from your people. Me and Cecilia get out of the carriage and enter the mansion. I don't care... but I don't care if you remember my name.

I take you every time I see you, don't I?

"Mr. Yowki, what's wrong? He's got a look like he's not convinced of something."

"Oh, no. Nothing."

I've been stuck in Cecilia, so I laugh and deceive.

No offense to your man, not as much as the two gatekeepers who were here the first time.

"Really... Then I'll show you to the room where Teal sleeps"

"Oh, please."

As always, walking down the long hallway of a large mansion with Cecilia makes a few mistakes with the maid.

They all bowed their heads to Cecilia and me, but the movement was slightly unwieldy, twitchy, and... I didn't feel well anywhere.

"Hey, Cecilia. The servants' faces are not dark? And, if you'll excuse me, I mean, it's a tough move... and that's what I felt."

"... it's probably spreading throughout the mansion that Teal has fallen. Because the servants also know that Teal is weak."

"Oh, really?"

"Yes, because you all complimented the worker even though he was supposed to be weak... and of course Mr. Sophia"

You say that Mr. Sophia was complimenting you, so I guess Teal was working pretty hard.

I think I saw where Happiness was preaching and I was forced out of fear.

... Whoa, let's stop thinking dangerous.

Sophia can read minds.

I'm going to preach.

"To reassure the servants, Teal needs to get better.

"Hehe, right"

With such an exchange, I reached Teal's sleeping room with guidance from Cecilia.

Knock on the door before entering the room. There was a look of Seek in the room, sitting in a chair with Teal, sleeping in bed, with a rare and difficult face.

"Oh, captain - are you finally here?"

Seek sees me. No, no. I'm back in my usual face.

Where did you get that face earlier? I need you to be a little nervous.

"I'm sorry I'm late. There's a lot going on with me.... Cecilia told me, how's Teal doing?"

"Uh-huh. I did first aid... the herbs I have now aren't enough ~"

Seek says that to me with a troubled face.

... You figured out why this guy called me at this point.

"I see... you want to tell me to collect that missing herb"

"Around ~"

Seek has the usual innocent smile on his face.

... really feel a little nervous.

"Well, that's good. Seek can't move from Teal, can she?"

"... yeah. The first aid with the medicine you have is temporary. You can't leave me."

Suddenly my usual smile disappears and I get a serious look.

Whoa, you've changed your expression too much by now.

"Seek, Teal and I were close... you're worried"

"... yeah, well,"

Seek nodding at Cecilia's words.

Speaking of which, I'm close and I've been talking to Teal a lot.

... mainly about Guy though.

Whatever it is, it's probably Seek that Teal is most worried about falling.

Maybe he wants to pick up the herbs he needs for his medication himself.

"Seek, leave it to me. I'll gather all the herbs I need for your change!

Thumbs up and appeals to show you what's cool for Seek as well as Teal.

"No, Mr. Yowki. I'll collect the herbs."


"Sister Cecilia?"

But they put a cross spear in it from just Cecilia.

Seek seems surprised, too, and you think it's a problem if it's me?

"Mr. Yowki, have you forgotten? About Mr. Gargoyle."

"No, I haven't forgotten. But with Demon Ore, Guy..."

Fix it... that's how it's fixed.

But I still don't know if Demon Ore will be readily available.

I don't have any information on where it is, whether it's for sale or whether it's expensive.

"Hey, Seek. How many herbs are missing?"

"Uh, I made a list while the captain was here... yes"

That's what they say. They hand me the list.

The list says I've never heard of a herb with a name on it.

... There are not ten types, but I don't know if I can collect them in two or three days.

"Damn... am I tough on my own?"

"Hey, what about Gargoyle... what are you talking about?"

"Oh, you hadn't told Seek yet. Actually, Gargoyle is in a bad situation. We have to get the demon ore and the dogs in five days."

"... is that true?"

Suddenly a thin voice is heard from the bed and the gaze of everyone in the room gathers.

Looks like our conversation caused Teal to wake up from her sleep. Besides, they asked me what I didn't want to be asked the most.

"No, you can't - Teal - I need to sleep..."

"Seek, yeah. Sorry to bother you. Mr. Youki, is it true what you said earlier?"

I'll be honest or worried, but lying to Teal in this condition would be cruel. Better to teach the truth than to lie poorly.

"Oh, but..."

"Then you'll be fine with me, so hurry up... and help the Guardian God up!

I'm a tearful, begging Teal. Words get stuck.

For Teal, my body looks like Guy's the second best.

But I can't do that. I tried to say something about Teal.

"It's okay, Teal. Mr. Gargoyle will definitely do something about it."

Cecilia seals my mouth.

"Is it true? Good, sir."

"Yes, but you can't, you can't lie that you're okay. Because Teal has me and Seek-kun on it. So rest easy now"

That's what Cecilia says. She strokes Teal's head. Then you were relieved, or the effect of Seek's medicine, and again Teal closed her eyes and fell asleep.

Cecilia looks back unexpectedly when she just looks at such a sight.

"Mr. Yowki. I didn't say what I said earlier to reassure Teal."

"Uh, were you serious?"

"Yes, and because healing and treatment is also my job. Leave it to me."

You can't tell me I'll do it if you say so.

I'm sorry to hear that, but either way, I don't seem to be able to do it alone.

"Then don't ask me to find Cecilia herbs. Seek is also sure about Teal. Sorry I couldn't help you."

"Leave it to us to talk about Teal. Mr. Gargoyle, please."

"Teal's got a good eye for me, so let me go."

"Well, I'm gonna go find some demon ore."

Declare so and leave the Aqualein family mansion.

In five days, we'll have to find the demon ore and the dots somehow.

Let's just take a trip to a commercial or blacksmith guild.

I set my destination. I ran out on my own.