Now I'm in the Aqua Rain carriage.

Cecilia is next door, Mr. Sophia is sitting in the seat across the street, and Clayman has Mr. Sophia kneeling pillow.

"What's the situation, this?"

Why is Cecilia and Mr. Sophia here, and why is Clayman bumpy and stunned?

Without understanding the situation at all, I want to ask for an explanation because Cecilia pushed me on my back and I got in the carriage.

"Er... what shall I explain from"

Cecilia opened her mouth and told me what was going on when she truly wanted me to do something quickly about the question mark coming out of my head.

"Yesterday, after Mr. Youki left, he asked about the ingredients of the medicine that Seek-kun was missing, and if he was collecting it, there was something he wouldn't get."

"Hmm, so?"

"It's a special herb that only blooms in places full of magic. When I said I was going to pick it up directly, Mr. Sophia would arrive..."

"If it's the maid crisis in the mansion, there's no way I'm the maid chief."

I'm flat out saying it's cool, but the picture surface... even if they say it while kneeling a worn middle-aged man.

"I was a little nervous on my own, so I decided to sweeten Sophia's hospitality."

"I'm somewhat anxious about the mansion, but I've left it to the Happiness and the others. Of course, I've asked your wife for permission."

It's about Mr. Celia, so I would have immediately admitted it.

Then why are you with us?

"Yesterday, my husband asked me to go to a mine that was prone to magic, so I thought it would be just fine, so I talked to him."

"I see, so..."

"I disagreed a little at first, but I managed to say it"

"Uh... Really?"

Why did Clayman object to going with Mr. Sophia and the others?

Is it such a dangerous request?

Though I thought some danger was unavoidable because it was to cure Guy.

Well, put that away for once.

"Now I know why Cecilia and the others are here, but why is Clayman worn out?"

Clayman still sleeping on Mr. Sophia's lap. What are you really doing?

I'm angry at Clayman's bedtime speech, which I hear sometimes.

Sophia's knee soft ~ or what about Aaron or this guy?

"In the morning, I said I was lazy and didn't wake up inside, so I was forced to drag you"


Yeah, nothing comes up.

Cecilia's cramping her face, and so am I.

What have you been up to this man?

Clayman suddenly woke up as me and Cecilia were sending a cold gaze to Clayman.

"Hmm... if I did, I'd think I'd be comfortable sleeping, and you'd be Sophia's knee pillow"

Clayman says something sarcastic, getting up and stretching.

"... a long time. Well, you recover fast."

It was supposed to be like a rag when I got here.

When I was riding the carriage, Mr. Sophia caught me in the neck and threw me in.

You were confused then that neither me nor Cecilia knew if it was okay to laugh.

"Well, wasn't I asleep pretty good?"

"It hasn't been half an hour since we left. How can you wake up so early from that state..."

"It doesn't mean me and Mr. Youki did some restorative magic... that's amazing resilience"

You can see Cecilia tried to do some restorative magic when riding the carriage, but you said you didn't need Mr. Sophia.

Clayman is spinning his arms and snagging his neck... and it seems to be a lie that he was just sitting tight.

"For me, the best healing magic is touching Sophia."

I used to fall in love so easily flat out.

Cecilia, sitting next to me, stopped by. There's a clayman on the front of Cecilia. Looks like I got a little carried away with Clayman's remarks right now.

As far as I'm concerned, you're lucky Clayman feels like Don Mai.

Anyway, when Clayman

If it happens, we need to confirm the request.

"I'm sorry to wake you up early, but I need an explanation for your request."

"Oh, speaking of which, you weren't talking. This request exorcises demons living in mines where demon ore is collected."

Looks like a regular crusade request.

Clayman's gonna ask you to come over, so I thought you had the back, but you overthought it?

"How strong is the demon in the mine?"

"I've been reported to be almost a C-rank demon..."

It's cloudy with words, but it still sounds like a normal request.

Instead of going with me, it's a request that Clayman doesn't have to bother going out.

... There's definitely something behind it.

"Rest assured, Master Youki. I will accompany you and your daughter to the mine."

"That's right, Mr. Yowki. I'll do my best."

"... well, whatever happens to this face, it's okay"

Sophia, the most powerful maid of honor, has Cecilia from one of the brave parties. There are two people more reliable than Clayman, and they won't have a problem.

Stop looking at the suspicions that were directed at Clayman and think about any other concerns.

"Speaking of which, how many days does the request take?"

I forgot to ask you something pretty important.

I only have four days left to put in today's time limit.

If you accomplish the request but don't return within four days...... Guy will be smashed and scattered.

"Three or four days, if it works. Well, if you have a Sophia or Aqualein warrant, you're sure."


Something like whether or not you'll make it.

Worst case scenario, if I find the demon ore, I'll have to make the choice to fly home alone.

"Well, I've been telling my guild it'll take a week or something."

"Why not?"

"Well, to finish the request early and relax..."

Clayman, who was answering Cecilia's question, disappeared.

No, it didn't really disappear.

Clayman fell on the carriage floor when he realized it.

"Treat you, my lady, properly. And please go to work as soon as you're done with your request."

"Ohh... Ohh. Ok... Sophia"

Clayman makes an appeal for understanding with his hands while lying on the floor.

Me and Cecilia, whose faces are increasingly drawn to those two.

Please, don't do that in this narrow carriage.

"Oh, you know, Mr. Sophia. Now that I'm one of those people who gets the same request as you... I'd like you to treat me normally if you can..."

"That being said..."

"Fair enough, Mr. Sophia. That's what Cecilia wants me to do, and I guess I can accommodate some of her requests."

Blah, blah, blah. I don't think Clayman can use a salute.

I don't know if Cecilia guessed it and made a suggestion, but it's nice.

Maybe it's a routine skinship for Mr. Sophia and Clayman, because me and Cecilia can't keep up.

"Hmm... if it's your daughter's request, we can't help it."

"Thank you, Mr. Sophia"

"But I'll deal with it in the same tone as usual."

"Really... too bad"

Disappointing Cecilia.

Um, I'd like to do something for you, but Mr. Sophia doesn't seem to bend what she decides to do.

Sometimes it's convenient to be in a position.

"How about I at least call you by name?"

Sophia thinks about my subtle suggestion for a little while.

You think it's a lot different even with a name call.

"That's about it... I don't mind. Let me now call you Cecilia."

"Is that true!? Thank you, Mr. Sophia"

You were glad you called me by name. Cecilia hugged Mr. Sophia.

... It was me who suggested it.

"Huh, you lost to Sophia. Well, you know what?"

Soon the resurrected Clayman slaps me on the shoulder.

I want you to stop because I feel miserable when I am comforted.

Such an unfortunate carriage that keeps me approaching.

From there he repeatedly chatted when he saw the landscape, and it was not until nightfall that he reached the town where the mine was his client.

Now I see a very rare sight of Clayman and Mr. Sophia going through the inn process.

I said they'd get it done, so me and Cecilia are having a chat a little further away...

"... Speaking of"

"... what's wrong?"

"No, Mr. Sophia, you're not wearing made-up clothes tomorrow, are you?"

I always have the image of made-up clothes.

I'm going to a mine where demons come out, so I think it's going to come with a lot of gear.

"Wouldn't you have some gear from when you were in the guild? I think I'm going to wear that..."

"Don't worry."


Suddenly Mr. Sophia appears from behind.

I should have talked to the innkeeper at the reception earlier, but now Clayman is handling it alone.

"What is it, Master Youki?"

"No, because it suddenly appeared from behind. More than that..."

"Sophia, are you equipped to wear it tomorrow?"

Cecilia asks questions sooner than I do.

I'm so worried. I'm a little curious about Sophia dressed as a maid of honor.

"Of course, I do. Bespoke stuff."

Looks like there's something you made specifically for Mr. Sophia.

Cecilia seems relieved to hear what Mr. Sophia has to say, too.

Now I'm relieved...... I'd like to, but let me ask you something that bothers me for once.

"What kind of equipment is it, by the way?"

"Right...... it doesn't look very different than the maid clothes I'm wearing right now"


Oh, Cecilia's solidified. Well, I'm getting harder, too.

I want it to be a decent piece of equipment there.

Don't you have to go out of your way to make custom-made, combat-made clothes?

"Why didn't you use normal protective equipment or something?"

"Because my husband says he likes the way I look in made-up clothes"


Following Cecilia, I've hardened up, too.

After that, Mr. Sophia said something, but I don't remember.

Cecilia hid behind me when Clayman brought the keys to the inn room.

Clayman was tilting his neck, but all I could say was Don Mai, so I slapped him on the shoulder for now. I didn't know Clayman was a maid of honor.

To prepare for the next day, I divorced myself into bed, wondering what kind of things I liked.