The next day, after finishing our duties, we headed to the mine, which was our client.

Seeing that Cecilia was avoiding Clayman when she left the inn, she was kind of hung up.

Mr. Sophia was joining the battle in made-up clothing as declared yesterday.

I really don't look very different from the maid clothes I wore yesterday...... are you ok?

And Clayman seems to care a little bit because he doesn't seem to know why Cecilia is avoiding him.

By the way, I split people's hobbies with each other.

Now it's going on while I get Cecilia's magic lit up in the dim mines.

"Hey, I'm kind of shunned by the Aqua Rain lady..."

"Oh, yeah. Well, I guess it's your fault."

Return the ambiguous reply and I will see Cecilia illuminating the mine in the front row.

By the way, the avant-garde is Cecilia and Mr. Sophia, and the rear guard is exploring with me and Clayman.

"No, it's not your fault. It's been like that since I got back from the inn yesterday."


I laugh bitterly anyway.

Hmm, I kind of hate it when it keeps creeping up, and you want to tell me what happened yesterday?

I explained the conversation I had with Clayman yesterday.

For once, I whispered so that Cecilia and Sophia wouldn't hear me...... Sophia might have heard me. When I started talking, I turned my gaze to this one.

"Oh, I see."

Looks like Clayman listened to me and convinced me how I was avoided.

"Hey, are you really clayman and maid adorable?"

Honestly, I don't really think Clayman is a maid of honor.

I think Clayman is the one who says that any look is good for Mr. Sophia.

"Maid adorable? What the hell. I'm not like that. It's just... when I see Sophia wearing those clothes, I get the feeling that she's doing her normal job."

"I see. You had a good reason. I thought I was a maid of honor..."

"I'm adorable. I'm adorable.... By the way, I didn't impose on Sophia just because I said I liked her."

Clayman said, we don't seem to be doing that to each other.

But, Mr. Sophia, you have made-to-measure clothes that you made on purpose.

... I don't have to tell you. I guess we have answers to each other's requests as best we can, this couple.

"You're kind of jealous. I can't believe we're that close."

"What, all of a sudden? I'm telling you, I'm not gonna do Sophia. I'm still in love."

What are you saying when I didn't mean to?

The way my father said I wouldn't do it.

"Speaking of which, you're Clayman and you have kids."

"Whoa, I have a daughter and a son. You've been acting like me and Sophia lately."

That's what I laugh at, Clayman... son?

I certainly don't think I said it before when I heard about Mr. Sophia and Mr. Celia.

"Hey, do you have a son?"

"That's why you're here... oh, you heard from Sophia. Sophia doesn't talk much about Quinn... maybe it's because she looks exactly like herself."

Apparently you weren't just in the conversation then.

"Does that mean my son looked like Mr. Sophia?"

"Sophia seems to be educating a lot right now... while she's playing with me in between. He looks like me."

Clayman speaking with laughter, but I soon became aware of the current situation in which Mr. Sophia's hardship was disappearing as a bubble of water.

I thought you said you were educating me in front of Mr. Celia.

I guess I couldn't say I resembled my beloved husband.... I can more or less imagine you resemble Clayman.

Mr. Sophia, you look like a Clayman to a similar son.

I'd actually like to see you.

"Dear Youki, you. Seems like the end of the futility story."

Mr. Sophia tells me, and when I look forward, countless shadows of black are coming this way. Probably a bunch of demons.

Clayman's intel suggests there's a demon about C-rank.

Cecilia is illuminating me in the mine with the magic of light, so I can see the appearance of the demon.

Looks like Rock Lizard and Rock Gorilla.

You've come all rocky demons.

It's inside the boulder mine, I don't know if it has anything to do with it.

A demon whose body surface has rocky solidity... but it doesn't matter because I'm a magical mainstay.

"Okay, go..."

The moment I was about to tell you.

Mr. Sophia, who should have been next to Cecilia, went first to the demon, spinning a spin in the air. I decided to drop my heel on Rock Lizard as it was and crushed it.

"Oh, that's a boulder Sophia. You said you were working as a maid, but you're not dull at all. Nice move."

Clayman seems to be my pace even when I encounter demons, and I seem to be watching Mr. Sophia fight closely. In the meantime, Mr. Sophia is faintly and individually sure of the monster.

"No, I have to go too."

"Uh, you keep up with the lady's protection for once. Me and Sophia are gonna fix this."

That's how Clayman gets out in front of me and Cecilia.

Surely Cecilia is now completely defenseless, so should we stay on guard?

Still, what way does Clayman fight?

Doesn't look like he's got a weapon, and I guess he's the same magic mainstay as me.

But Clayman fought my imagination the wrong way.

"Hey, Cecilia. What is that?"

"I saw it when I was traveling all over the place as a brave party. That's a ceremonial god."

It came out of a comic book from a previous life. Oh, no.

Is it a boy or something?

... I feel something different. Well, I don't care about details like that.

Clayman fights with his ceremonial deity.

"What kind of ceremonial god is that?"

"No, I've seen some of the users too..."

Cecilia is leaning her neck.

Apparently, it's not like the one Cecilia's ever seen.

Well, I guess so.

"The one Cecilia's seen, it was a man or a beast or something."

"Mr. Yowki, how do you know that? You've actually seen it."

"No, that's well, guess what"

Though I'm fighting, I can't talk about how my previous life was in front of Clayman or Mr. Sophia.

I'll shift my gaze to the two of you.

"... excuse me. Is that what you mean?"

Cecilia snorted at me to see if I somehow understood my intentions.

That's boulder Cecilia.

It got out of the way.

What do you want to say after all?

"That, it just looks like origami is fighting"

The hordes of demons that are attacking us are fighting with weapons such as swords, spears, and canes that are made of origami.

Besides, they're well, strong.

He has somehow taken a rock Lizard nail or fang attack and is somewhat defying a rock gorilla onslaught.

Origami swords have somehow cleaved rock skin, spears pierced, fireballs and other magic jumping from the wand.

The clayman who created such a surreal sight... just stands.

Ceremony I thought you were concentrating on manipulating God, and you don't seem to be.

Sometimes he plays the flying stone with his hands like a nod.


Even the lashes are lacking in swallowing.

The battle is over within watching Clayman, who is so full of it that he wants to suspect that he is really fighting.

Ceremony God has all grown smaller and returned to Clayman.

Mr. Sophia is also pounding on the maid's clothes and dropping dust.

"All right, let's move on"

"No, no, wait, wait. Clayman, what was that earlier?"

"Don't you know? I don't have a choice. Look, that's called a ceremonial god..."

I just heard that from Cecilia.

That's not what I want to hear.

"Um... why does Mr. Clayman's ceremony God look like that?"

Cecilia asks questions on my behalf.

Seriously, I know you're curious because I've seen a proper ceremonial god.

"Dear Cecilia, that's because my husband said he stinks of trouble and didn't think about the form of the ceremonial god"


Cecilia is surprised, but I'm convinced.

I thought you meant that.

Apparently Clayman was a genius who could use all his weapons and magic.

But the annoying clayman wondered how he could not easily fight.

Looks like the ceremonial god was the one I found in my investigation.

Apparently it was exotic technology, which seems to have been difficult to remember.

But talent or annoying obsession?

Clayman can now use the ceremonial god.

"But my husband has his usual laziness there, and the ceremonial God uses it as it is."

"… so if you feel like it, can the earlier ceremony God fight like a man or a beast?"



Cecilia is not convinced or leaning her neck... I don't care.

He sounds like a clayman, and if he can fight anything else, fine.

Honestly, I'm tired of going in with Clayman stuff anymore.

"It's a waste of time, let's move on"

It's too late if you don't make it quick for Guy or Teal.

When I urge everyone to do so, Cecilia lights up ahead and moves into and out of the mine.

"Speaking of which, these guys usually show up,"

"That's right. What's wrong with that?"

"This is how I've always asked for crusades."

"There's no way. The guys who work in the mines are surprisingly high ranked. The demons around here must always be fighting for themselves."

They seem to be well maintained in the mine, and all we could do was do it ourselves?

But that definitely means you have some nasty enemy.

There's a guy who can't beat a bunch of C-rank demons.

Well, now because I was prepared that it would be a hassle request from Clayman's attitude.

There's something about demon ore, and there's something about teal's medicine ingredients.

There is no such thing as a retreat.

We depended on Cecilia's light to get us to the back of the mine.