After the first battle with a bunch of demons.

Going behind the pit, demons repeatedly attacked me, but I defeated them without struggling or anything at all. Moving on.

I'm a little sorry Mr. Sophia and Clayman are too strong to have my turn.

To protect Cecilia, who is illuminating the pit, they have not sent a single demon toward us and have defeated them all.

Me and Cecilia are making it easier... but I think I don't like this because it feels like I haven't done anything.

The pits seem to be properly maintained by the people who usually work, so they are easy to get by and get maps in advance, so you won't get lost.

I feel pretty advanced, but I haven't encountered the demon of the crusade request at heart.

Mr. Sophia and Clayman have defeated similar demons since earlier.

"Hey, I think I've gone pretty far back... what do you mean I haven't seen a crusading demon yet?"

"Yeah, I'll be out in a big place that's a mining ground in a little while. Maybe you should go there."


I suspect a little that you're saying the right thing, and I sneak in to reinforce and confirm the five senses.

Then, as Clayman put it, I felt a different smell than the demon I'd ever met.

But don't even hear me shattering something.

It sounds like you're eating something... What's going on?

I have a bad feeling about it somehow, but there's no way I'm not moving on, so I'm moving on.

Then we reached the mining site, which was our destination… but.

"Hey, is that the crusading demon..."

There's a big demon inside. It looks like a giant version of Rock Lizard.

But don't feel the color of your rock skin is different.

"That's a rock eater, isn't it? It was a demon that uses rocks as staple food... but it doesn't seem like it's a regular rock you're eating"

Sophia calmly analyzes and explains.

It's like a rock-eating demon, but what do you mean it's not a rock you're eating?

"... it's the demon ore he's eating"


If you carefully observe the rock eater, you are cleverly shredding the walls and eating the demon ore that came out.

"Apparently he started eating demon ore with a mutation or something. Regular rock eaters only eat rocks."

"No, no, let's just knock it down before we discuss that!

If they eat demon ore with such a sweet feel, they run out of minutes to use it to fix Guy.

I try my usual physical enhancement magic and storm, but Clayman inhibits me.

"Wait. I haven't finished talking to you yet."

"Ha!? What do you mean?"

"The terms of the request. You haven't explained his characteristics yet. I don't know why you're in such a hurry. - Calm down."

"... ok"

Clayman forgives me and decides to listen to me once.

Don't bother Cecilia and the others if you make a mistake in a hurry.

"Then I'll explain. First of all about his traits, but according to the information, the nature of the demon ore became physical because he ate it all."

"Uh, sure, the demon ore had the nature to absorb magic, didn't it? … that means"

"The magic doesn't work... but it seems to be thin. You guys are natural enemies."

Clayman points to me and Cecilia.

And then Mr. Sophia forces those fingers up.

I don't know if I have Cecilia anyway.

Cecilia has her eyes round.

Well, you can't look inside. The sight of your wife breaking her husband's finger.

"Sophia, a little too much..."

"It's okay. My husband's not that smart."

Mr. Sophia was right, Clayman was a little stunned, but immediately resumed the conversation as if nothing had happened.

Clayman's resilience. Don't be afraid.

"It doesn't mean it doesn't work. If I unleash advanced magic, I can take it down to the boulder?"

"Sure you can take him down, but that's not possible. If it's activated here, the tunnel might collapse. And my client, Talibauk Commercial Guild, ordered a nasty order."

"A nasty order?"

"Oops, that's..."

According to Clayman's description, the skin of the mutated rockeater will be a rare material, and he wants it to be defeated without harm if he can.

"Why did you swallow the terms of such an unscrupulous request, you are"

"Sophia, I'm not done talking to you yet...... so gibberish!

Mr. Sophia put a headlock on Clayman.

It sounds kind of like bone crunching. Cecilia's used to this situation, and she's laughing a little without worrying.

Well, I'm laughing, too.

Mostly Clayman's guy, Gibb Gibb. He's spinning his arm around Sophia's back.

... do that at home already.

Mr. Sophia seemed relieved and unlocked the headlock.

"Come on... so I didn't swallow the terms without thinking about it. We have a proper operation."

I say confidently...... I honestly don't have a very good feeling.

Think of an operation that would make it easier for you to be in a position.

"What kind of operation?"

"The operation is simple. Wrap your body with my ceremonial god and enter his body and defeat it from the inside. What do you say, perfect?"

"You're kidding me!

That's why you invited me to ask for it. You're going to turn me into a lock-eater virus, I'm not kidding.

"I wish Clayman could go"

"I can't do this without manipulating the ceremonial god. Look, come on. Maybe I'll wrap it up just fine."

"No, say absolutely there!

Watch the rock eater as you scratch into Clayman's nasty remarks.

If you were to go in there and ramble, there's nothing you can't do if you strengthen your flesh.

But no matter how much you protect your body with Clayman's ceremonial God...... yeah, tough.

Think it's for Guy or Teal?

"I'll do the part."


Mr. Sophia ran for the virus when I was in trouble.

Clayman seems surprised by this too...... he usually has eyes like a dead fish but now he's wide open.

"But do you mind, Mr. Sophia, taking on that role?"

"Master Yoki is dominated by magic, so I was wondering if I should be good at melee combat"

"Well, maybe I am."

"Isn't this operation itself dangerous in the first place?"

Cecilia says the best.

I can think of the other way around.

He's the kind of guy who's shattering the ore with a sweet feeling.

"Dear Cecilia, don't worry. My husband's ceremony. God is not such a loathsome thing. Right, you?"

"No, well, yeah. But..."

"And then Master Yoki and Master Cecilia have to magically stop the rock eater from moving. I think it would hurt a lot if I attacked inside."

Don't let a rock eater crash your mine.

Apparently, the magic doesn't work at all, and the magic of the restraint system can limit movement.

"Hey Sophia......"

"Then you, please prepare.... I believe you."

"Oh, hey, leave it to me!

As a result, Mr. Sophia pushed me and Clayman decided without being able to say anything.

I have a ceremonial god, but I'm very focused.

... you wouldn't have focused so much if it had been for me to be eaten.

"And why did Sophia volunteer herself for a dangerous role?"

"... I don't know either"

I've been thinking about Cecilia and I have no idea.

Is it because I wasted my time?

No, Mr. Sophia wouldn't be the kind of person to move about that.

We both thought about it until Clayman was ready, but we ended up running the operation without knowing.

Unlock the magic that Cecilia was illuminating the pit, and use pine lights instead.

"All right, go!

On Clayman's signal, me and Cecilia pop up first.

"Earth Rock"

"Saint Chain"

Me and Cecilia activate intermediate magic of earth and light.

The ground protrudes, depriving the rock eater of his leg freedom, and the chain of light restrains his body.

I burst out because all of a sudden they interrupted my meal.

Then the chain that was stopping the movement started to break with a buckwheat noise, and the rock also cracked in and out.

"Dude, we just activated..."

"You can't stop the movement until you lay on top of it and do the magic."

You were looking a little sweet. Seriously unleash the magic of the restraint system.

"Saint Chain, Ground Rock, Aquapress, Blizzard Gail"

Restraint with chains of light and spurs of rock to freeze the magic of water and deprive it of its freedom.

Cecilia is doing more and more magic too... but I don't know, it's still working.


I'm giving you a huge roar about being pissed off without being able to move like I thought.

I'm going to echo the pit and my ears are going crazy.

But I'm lucky for this one to open his big mouth.

The moment I raised my roar, Mr. Sophia, wrapped around Clayman's ceremonial god, went into Rock Eater's mouth. Looks like Rockeater soon realized something had entered his body.

I'm desperately trying to spit it out, but it doesn't seem to come true. Suddenly burst out strong when I was stuffy for a little while.

I guess Mr. Sophia started acting in the body of a rock eater.

"This guy's gonna be pretty rough."

"You must be suffering considerably. I feel a little sorry for you."

Seems like Cecilia is sympathetic to the rock eater. I'm a demon, too, and I can't say I'm not sympathetic, but I can't help Guy unless I break it off.

Concentrate on detaining the rampant rock eater.

"Hey, you're not rambling!

When I thought Clayman was furious, a ceremonial god the size of a rock eater appeared and subdued him.

That's not just the whole thing, but four bodies as well.

... I've never seen Clayman so motivated.

"I don't know because Mr. Sophia is in there. You wouldn't have worked so hard if it was definitely me, Clayman."

"Hehe... what do you think? It's in front of Mr. Sophia, so maybe that's what you've been struggling with?"

"... there's certainly a chance of that"

It seems that Cecilia has also figured out what Clayman is like in this short period of time. Have you blown out about the maid clothes thing yet?... No, let's not go back to talking about it.

Because of this, it's melting in nicely.

"Both of you, don't get distracted until he stops moving!


"Okay, sweetheart."

The rock eater is about to rumble, too, but he can't move satisfactorily if he's so restrained.

Mr. Sophia couldn't have done a slow job, and in minutes of the stuff, the rock eater fell to the ground and stopped moving.

Confirm that you have defeated them completely and disarm the magic.

Cecilia seems a little tired, but I still can afford it, so I run up close.

"Cecilia, tired"

"Good day, Mr. Yowki. … that's a lot of room."

"I'm... he's out of standard."

Rockeater's mouth moved with all that other lovingless conversation, and Mr. Sophia came out.

When Clayman's ceremonial God is lifted, he looks unblemished and intact.

Approaching with Cecilia to speak up.

But earlier than us, Clayman ran under Mr. Sophia and hugged him.

"Sophia, are you okay? Good."

"Yes. You are safe as this is, so stay away. Yoki and Cecilia are watching."

"Nothing's good. You can't lose it if you're seen."

"No. Please step away. The request is not over yet, and I must look for the ingredients for the medicine."

"Ugh... ok"

Clayman moved away from Mr. Sophia in a reluctant way.

... when I say what I thought as I watched the interaction now.

"Love love......"


Me and Cecilia looked at each other. We blushed each other.

I don't know why it turned red.

Maybe I felt something when I saw such a couple.

"Hey, what are you two standing there for? We're looking for each other. Let's just find it and go home."

"Oh, bad. I'm on my way."

"I'll look for you, too"

Thus began the search for the pit.

It's pretty rough because the rock eater ate so rough.

But it just didn't seem to eat up all the demon ore and it was easy to find.

The problem is with Cecilia and the others, they have stones and ore scattered all over them, and they have taken a long time to find the herbs.

As a result, it was dark outside when I left the mine.

"Damn, can't we go home today then..."

"Night lanes are dangerous. You can't run a carriage. Let's just take it easy tomorrow."

"I can't relax..."

I'm worried about Guy, though there's still time. I see the bag I brought.

It's packed with demon ore that I picked up earlier.

This will fix Guy's body.

I want to give it to you as soon as possible.

"Mr. Yowki, what's wrong?"

"Hey, why don't I just fly home first"

Talk to Cecilia.

It doesn't matter if you fly in the sky.

I can get to Wangdu faster than a carriage.

"No, that's not good. I'll be suspicious later for sure. And what if people see you flying?"

"Is it more risky... but I don't know"

"What's wrong?"

Mr. Sophia came within the worries of the two of us, so I rush to deceive her.

"Haha...... I was just tired of talking to Cecilia"

"Really? I'm also somewhat tired because I haven't worked for the guild in a long time. My husband is now going to report to the people who work in the mine about the Rock Eater Crusade and the dismantling of the material, so when we get back, let's take a rest at the inn today."

"Oh, yes, I get it"

I can't say anything extra in front of Mr. Sophia, so I decided to follow her quietly.

I went straight to the inn where Clayman returned and stayed yesterday.

I thought about leaving the inn at night and heading to the king's capital, but I decided to go to bed remembering Cecilia's words.

Instead, we'll catch the carriage early tomorrow morning and head back to Minerva.

I dived into bed thinking about Guy by telling Cecilia that beforehand before I went to bed.