"Uh-huh, uh-huh..."

I hope I dived into bed... but I don't sleep.

A crack comes up in the back of my brain in that body of Guy I've left in my room.

And so is Teal, who was in pain but worried about Guy.

Nothing. If you magically disappear, someone won't see you.

If I fly at full speed and need help, I won't have to worry about getting suspicious if I get back to the inn by morning.

"Okay, I'll fly in a while"

See what I can say and see if Clayman is sleeping properly.

Let's put on 'Nightmare Sleep' just in case.

If you wake up, I'll make you dream hard and happy.

As soon as I put on "Nightmare Sleep," I smiled so hard that I said sophia ~ to sleep.... don't you know easily what kind of dream you're having.

Leaving Clayman holding the futon in his arms for some reason while he was doing so badly, I'm leaving the room.

But I have to go through the reception once to leave the inn.

Though it's night, the innkeeper will be awake because it's not that late.

While I wonder how I'm going to break through, I hide and ask how the receptionist is doing.

"That, why...?"

Cecilia is sitting on the couch at the reception for some reason. There's tea on the table, and I guess they're waiting for someone.

I care, and let's speak up.

"Cecilia, what are you doing here?"

"What... I've been waiting for Mr. Yowki."

What do you mean you were waiting for me?

Cecilia stood up from the couch where she was sitting and handed the bag.

"It contains the medicinal herbs I've picked today. Pass to Seek-kun."

"Oh, but..."

"Ask Seek-kun to match his back. And when I regain consciousness, I'll give it to Teal."

"Oh, oh, okay"

I received a bag from Cecilia and put it in a bag containing demon ore.

"Mr. Sophia seemed tired after a long request and fell asleep immediately. Maybe I won't wake up till morning unless there's anything."

"... I'll manage to come back by morning"

"Really? The owner told me I would call him if there was anything, and he went out for dinner. If you're going out, now's the time."

Apparently, the owner did something about it.

Still, this hands-on goodness is amazing.

"Okay, thanks.... but why were you ready for this? Earlier I..."

"I thought Mr. Yowki would go. As a matter of fact, this is the third time the owner has asked me to remove my seat.... I was just going to go back to my room if Mr. Youki didn't come because he's going to be suspicious next time"

While laughing a little, seeing Cecilia speaking, I wish I had taken action sooner.

Cecilia was worried about the two of us, and she supported me in thinking about the possibility of me going.

... I really need to thank you.

"Thanks for everything. Well, I'll be there."

"Be careful not to be seen by anyone"

"I know, bye."

I said goodbye to Cecilia and I left the inn.

As it is, leave the village on your own with the magic 'Banish Wave' that makes you invisible.

Totally away from the village, I return to my demonic appearance.

"If we're going to get full speed, we have to look like this. Ma... I didn't want to go back if I could, but I had no choice."

I whine to myself in a meadow where no one else is, and I wing and fly in the air.

From there he went silently for even flying Minerva and reached the inn I was renting.

Of course, he hides himself before entering the inn and infiltrating the room. I wonder why I have to come in while I'm in the room I'm renting.

I can't help but see what I am now.

Looking at Guy, it still seemed safe.

The cracks are spreading more than they were before they went out, but they haven't collapsed.

Still, it'll help.

I try not to vibrate and try to wake Guy up.

"Hey, Guy, get up!

But Guy won't wake up. Are you sleeping pretty deep, or...

"Was it too late...!?"

I just don't have a broken body, and I think Guy might already be dead. No. There must have been a respite for about two days yet.

"Hey, tell him to wake up without sleeping. Ah, already, this moving Lolicon Stone statue! I found a way to help. All you have to do is eat this demon ore!


I could see Guy's body moving with tingling.

Apparently, he reacted a little.

This could happen if you keep speaking up.

"Come on, get up! I'll tell you what. I can't let a girl like that die hanging around. So..."

"Yeah, shut up!

The arrow tip, Guy's eyes opened when I tried to tell him all I wanted to do.

I guess I haven't screwed up yet.

"Good, did you make it"

"What's good? Just, kid. Disturb the sleep that might be the last thing for my life. Besides, you said whatever you wanted to do to make sure I was asleep."

"Oh, did you hear that? I didn't wake up..."

"I was awake! It's just that my body's already at its limit. It just took me a while to get it moving."

Apparently, he was listening to everything.

"Okay, then eat this anyway!

If you were awake, you'd also hear about finding a way to fix it earlier.

It's a waste of time to give a detailed explanation, so I'm forced to screw the demon ore I had in my bag into Guy's mouth.

"Hey kid, all of a sudden what imitation...... mugg!?"

"Explain later. Just eat, quick!

Guy had no choice but to eat while making a noise.

I stick demon ore in my mouth sooner than Guy finishes eating.

"Mm, muggle, muggle"

Guy's got one hand in front of me and he's suing something.

"I don't know what you're talking about... Ah!

When I looked at the arm I had put out, the crack I had earlier disappeared.

Looks like it's getting fixed thanks to Demon Ore.

"Mmmm!? mugg..."

Guy seems surprised to see his own arm, too, and would have noticed the potency of Demon Ore.

As it was, when I kept eating demon ore until the contents of the bag were about half full, my body cracks were completely gone.

"You got half the extra... and now you're totally relieved"

"... Hey, kid. Don't force yourself to pack it in your mouth. I've seen the crack in my arm disappear all my life, and I know how this stone works! Eat a little slower."

"Oh, bad, bad. I was in a hurry because I thought it would be bad if I didn't eat it soon."

"Hmm, I wish I knew...... isn't there still any extra? Feed them all anyway."

Guy pulled the bag from me and put it all in his mouth.

You like it, I can't tell you anything because I don't know what gargoyle tastes like.

Guy ate voluptuous and demonic ore like a rock eater and swallowed it all up.

"Come on, you'll eat too much. Are you all right..."

"Hmm... that was delicious in there. I want you to bring it again."

Apparently, he liked the demon ore.

I can't take it anymore. It stinks.

Make sure you're receiving the bag from Guy.

There should still be medicinal herbs in there that can be used as ingredients for the medicine.


There's something in the back of the bag besides the bag containing the ingredients for the medicine.

I was curious and took it out and something like a nail came out.

It has the same color as Demon Ore......

"Mm, you still had extra, give it to me!

"Oh, wait a minute"

Guy ignored my restraint and included it in his mouth.

Maybe those are mutated rock eater claws, not demon ore.

Looks like I brought the wrong one I could have taken in the middle of the fight.

... I don't know if I can get around my nails, I'm worried.

"This tastes different... what, your body is hot!?"

"So I told you to wait a minute. It's not a demon ore!

I wonder what the hell is going to happen, and I'll watch Guy.

Then the one arm and wing part that should have been lost slowly protrude.

Guy walks around saying he's hot and hot, but I saw the phenomenon seriously.

Eventually, the arms and wings were completely regenerating when the protuberance was over.



We've lost word with each other.

Guy and I see one arm and wings that shouldn't have been there before.

"Well... let's not think deeply. I don't have much time, and I still have somewhere to go, so see you."

Confused, I left Guy who still didn't understand what had happened and I snuck out of the room.

And hide yourself in the same way and infiltrate the Aqualein family mansion.

Strengthened his sense of smell and found Seek, knocking him up where he was sleeping.

"Uh-oh, it hurts,... who?"

"Be quiet. Me. Me."

"That's why you're the captain. I mean, what time is it... it's only midnight - good night ~"

"Don't sleep!

I was very anxious if I wasn't asleep, so I watered him and forced him to wake up to explain the situation.

She rubbed her eyes like she was sleeping, but she managed to get her medicine made.

"Huh. Then I'll make some medicine and prescribe it to Teal. I'll do as the captain says."

"Whoa, I asked for it. Then I'll go home unquestioned."

"Viva ~ i"

Seek is a swallowing guy, but for once he should be able to rely on it in this kind of area, so it's okay to believe him.

I magically disappear, fly through the sky and hurry back to the inn where Cecilia and the others are staying.

When I got down a little far from the village and disposed of the horns and wings and looked as usual, the sun was already about to rise.

"Yabe, we need to hurry!

Disappear and enter the inn unnoticed.

Upon entering the room, Clayman was still sleeping holding the futon.

Dive such a clayman into bed on his ass.

"I'm tired... I can finally sleep..."

Soon I traveled to the world of my dreams......

"Master Youki, Master Youki. Wake up."

"Uh-huh, that? Why is Sophia in our room..."

"Master Yoki and her husband aren't waking up inside, so I came to wake them up. He wanted to get back to Minerva soon, so we're ready for the carriage."

You did say that yesterday, me.

I don't need to hurry now... but I can't explain the situation, so I'll hurry up and do the work.

By the way, Clayman had been beaten up normally.

You fell asleep and thought you were still in the dream world, you were holding Mr. Sophia. I was blown away right away though.

Whatever it was, I immediately got in the carriage and left...

"Mr. Yowki, are you okay?"

I can hear Cecilia. Is it obvious that you are sitting next to me?

I can see my neck is teasing by the waving of the carriage.

The reason is simple, because I'm sleepy.

"Hey, didn't you sleep properly yesterday? I've been up all night, not at all."

"Can you say you slept?"

It's a situation where Clayman and Mr. Sophia are a couple of comics, but it's not funny to see that and they can't get a scratch in.

"Sorry, put me to sleep..."

I fell asleep on the side as it was.

When I woke up, I realized Cecilia's face was up there.

I'm awake and my consciousness isn't clear yet, but for now, get up.

"Finally, you're up. You're already in Minerva, Mr. Yowki."

Apparently he slept in the carriage for the most part.

Well, it's like I almost stayed up all night yesterday.

Still, why is Clayman looking at me and nibbling?

"Aren't you in a very good position, too? I don't even know if a fan of the lady stabbed me, do I?"

"All of a sudden... did I do something?"

"... have been sleeping on Cecilia's lap ever since"

"Are you serious..."

A knee pillow or something to my liking. I'm finally filling the rear too...... I think for a moment, but I'll stop right away.

Sure, I fell asleep earlier, so maybe I made him pay attention.

"It's okay because I don't care that much. Besides, there was a lot going on yesterday..."

Cecilia has been watching.

Perhaps you're saying that I was flying around last night.

... Let's take it as a reward, yeah.

Guy's body's healed, and Teal's fine if you leave it to Seek.

"Okay, I guess I'll go home and sleep"

"What, are you still sleeping? You're more than me."

"Leave me alone."

Two women laugh at me and Clayman's exchange.

This member may be good.

I thought so in the shaky carriage and headed home.