"Pfft... what do you say, okay?"

"Fine, you... are you sure you're saying that?"

I got dressed in the back alley, and I'm back to Clayman, and I'm gonna pose. It's been a long time since I've felt this, too. Don't get in the mood.

"Whatever. Long time no one will stop me!

"Ah, no more. Take care of them."

Clayman seems to be flirting with me with the kitchen two switch on.

But I don't care.

Because right now I'm in the mood for the climax.

"All right, we're gonna go to the guild and get a request, Clayman. Before something comes out of me."

"Ah, okay, okay.... or are you sure you want to go in that outfit? Take a look in the mirror. It's not too late to go to the guild after looking in the mirror."

"... what are you talking about, Clayman? I've been looking in the mirror. It's been decided."

I had some anticipation of what it would be like, but I don't know how great it would be without actually looking at it.

I've seen him in the mirror in front of the right store.

Finger-plugged gloves in black long coat with tonal trousers. I thought there was black all over my body, so I turned my shirt purple.

And the silver plate covers the back of the foot with an extreme helmet.

The owner of the store who bought the helmet said the iron helmet was more defensive, so it was a joke made product.

Anything, they buy people.

I'm practically one of them.

Also, I bought a sheathed sword, so I give it to my back.

I've never used a sword, but I bought it because it had an interesting shape.

They seemed to sell a variety of things to weapons stores in exotic countries, and they were purchasing them with the feeling that they wished they could.

What are you saying to such a wonderful dish?

I'm glad it didn't sell from me.

"Uh, you look in the mirror and you feel like it. Then I won't say anything anymore. It's useless to say."

"What's the matter, Clayman? A man would be a piece of gear he would have admired once."

"Even if I admire you, I don't actually, that outfit"

"Well, you admire it. That's Clayman, you know that."

"... it's really no use saying anything to you right now"

I took Clayman, who was sighing like I gave up, and I headed to the guild.

"That's a deputy guild master, isn't it? Didn't you say you were off today?"

We got to the guild, and when we went inside, a female official picked us up at the reception next to Clayman.

He doesn't seem to be seeing me for some reason because of the mouthfeel, why.

"Whoa, it's off, off. There's just a guy who wants to take the Alliance's request," A-rank. "

"Is this an A-rank request? I'm just getting a request. Perhaps it is because of the increased credibility of our guild that the Deputy Guild Master perfectly accomplished Tarikuvo Commercial Guild's request."

The female employee speaks happily as she nicks. It's a good thing the guild you work for gets famous.

You'll get more work for that, though.

Or it wasn't just Clayman who requested it, but me, Cecilia, and Sophia.

Well, it's trivial to me right now, and I don't care.

"Do you have a nearby request?"

"Yes, I have about four or five cases... can you imagine the Deputy Alliance Master going straight away?"

"There's no way. I'll take the Alliance's request on my day off."

Certainly not going by Clayman's personality.

The person I heard is laughing bitterly.

"Haha...... right? Deputy Alliance Master I wasn't on duty right now. They usually work for me, so..."

"Absolutely... what do you think of me"

You're surprisingly clayman and popular.

Are you going to blink your head?

There's no deception in being subtle.

No, I'm usually deceiving you, but I guess I'm in a good mood for something else today.

Sophia seemed to be able to choose a satisfactory gift.

"So who the hell gets the request?"

"This is him, this is him"

Clayman's behind you. Point at me.

"Uh... isn't that the new ceremonial god of the deputy guild master?"

The female employee tilted her neck once before questioning the fearful Clayman.

Apparently, they were making an unexpected mistake.

So you're behind me, but you couldn't talk to me at all?

"My ceremony. God isn't in this shape. This guy takes the request. It's not A-rank, though."

"Well... under the rules, only A-rank adventurers should be able to take requests for A-rank."

"Strength is fine, I'll cover it"

That's what Clayman says, but the female employee is pretty confused.

I've always smiled and worked at the reception desk.

"Uh... what's your name...?"

"Uh, you did. What about your name? It's A-rank, and it's two names."

"Then do me a favor with the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman"

Where did you come from? That's the name of the chef.

I may be fine with yolks, but now my face is hidden, and Clayman seems to be two names, so I'm telling you.

Let me open the whole kitchen.

By the way, the name came from being dressed as black overall and taken from the shape of a sword.

"... let's see. So sign me up."

"Um, what I heard was my real name..."

"Well, I'm going home. No more trouble. Just go through the process."

"Oh, wait a minute...... Deputy Alliance Master, Clayman!

The female employee's call was also more or less clayman left.

I guess I'm tired already today.

For a clayman who was usually full of mood, he was doing things that couldn't be done.

There was no Mr. Sophia to rely on for resilience.

All that's left is a female employee and me wandering around.

Clayman's gone, and my tension can't wait any longer with the eel climb. It's time to show off the mainland.

"Well, I'd like to get a request as soon as possible... can you show me what kind of request you have?"

"Ah, yes!

The female employee hurried to the counter and brought the requisition.

It would be a request I said earlier when I was in conversation with Clayman.

Almost a near-field request.

There are things like wanting medicinal herbs that can be picked from the mountains where dangerous demons live in the bandit exorcism of the Adventurer Collapse.

If you look at the other requests, they are dense in close proximity to the area.

This doesn't seem like a hard way to get around.

... If you work hard, you'll calculate that you can go around about four cases in about ten days.

I don't even want to go home to the inn, and it'll be okay to free up for ten days.

I've left my room open for a few days on a request, so Guy doesn't distrust me if I don't go home.

"Then let's take these requests"

I'll show the female employee the requisition I decided to take.

"What... four cases at once!? A Rank Request."

"Oh, I'll take care of it. Because I'll be back in about ten days. Wait in anticipation!

"What, what!?"

Leave a confused female employee and leave the guild.

Of course I won't forget to pose before I leave.

I've improvised thinking about different poses because I dress differently than usual.

I wanted to get a taste of the most powerful hero of all time. Now the legend of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman begins...... like.

I look up at the sky much more than I'm about to laugh... is this how the protagonist feels about taking the first step toward adventure?

You can't bring dark clouds to this clear blue sky.

Yes, this is my call.

"Goddamn it... I'll fix everything!

Kitchen two, open up and I'll run out. I don't care about the eyes of the people around me.

I should have wings on my back right now in the name of freedom.

There's nothing to fear.

That's what I thought at this time...