Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to get a favor from Kitchen Two.

Fly out of Minerva eight days early.

I'm in the Quebec Mountains, where many dangerous demons live now.

It's for a request, of course, to pick up the herbs growing near the top of the mountain range.

This is the third case on this request, so there is one remaining.

I said I'd finish it within ten days. I just have to finish it before I build it.

"Hmm, that's an A-rank request. I just thought it would be easier if I had the strength, but was it sweet?"

Whispering to myself I walk down the road leading to the top.

The two requests I accomplished before this were not simple demonic exorcisms or collection quests, so it took me a while.

We have to climb the mountains and find the herb we're looking for.

And yet the demons keep coming, why?

I still can't handle it. Pull out the sword.

The structure is completely imitated by the looks of Duke and Raven.

I have no idea about swordsmanship. If I saw my fight, a normal swordsman might laugh at me.

But now I'm full cook two. I know you're new to swordsmanship, but there's nothing to be afraid of.

"I'm sorry you showed up before me."

Turn your sword to the swarm of muscle apes, the demons that have attacked you.

He's a monkey demon with abnormally developed muscles, and the rank of the individual is B, but when it comes to being a herd, the story is different. Unexpectedly, they work together with smart demons.

A few of them roared at me first from the herd.

"Phew... stupid"

I apply physical enhancement and thunder on my sword.

He says black thunder or something, but it's a normal color thunder.

They might say sorry, but I don't know.

There's nothing I can do to get it out.

You can't break the ecosystem in the Quebec Mountains, so I won't kill you.

... or it feels somehow cool not to kill me, I...


"Don't worry, I won't kill you... just get some sleep"

Speak up and cut off the chef's two dialogues that you would never normally use without shame.

The thunder I'm letting wrap around my sword is adjusting, so it shouldn't be death.

As I calculated, the cut muscle apes cramp and fall one body after another.

You were furious to see your buddy like that, and a few more attacked you, but the results are the same.

He fell before my awkward sword.

You figured out the difference in power, a bunch of muscle apes fleeing.

Apparently, the guy who was behind it the most instructed it.

Probably the boss of the herd, you made a good decision.

"I don't chase runaways. Let's miss him!

Run away. Step back to the muscle ape and laugh high.

After the battle I lay my sword and walked out again.

Similar developments continued from there, but my Chef II doesn't know it's going to stop.

I quickly reached near the top laughing all by myself and was able to get the herbs.

There's no use for a place where such demons come out if you get the herbs. Time is also limited, so I hurried to my client.

"This is what I'm asking for. Take it."

"Ah, oh. Thank you, this will save my daughter's life..."

This time my client was a certain nobleman.

Anything got my daughter into a serious illness and she needed herbs to treat it.

The moment I arrived at the nobleman's mansion and gave him the herb, I was surprised because whoa, I cried out.

... is that a natural reaction as a parent?

Those two guys who were flirting in the inn looked happy when they found out we were helping each other.

Think like that, but I'll be right back to the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

I'm not a yogi now...... I'm a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"Hmm, I just successfully fulfilled the request. Let me be excused. I have the following request..."

"Ma, wait! First, I want you to let me apologize for your disrespect when I first met you. And if you can, meet my daughter once..."

"I can't do that. Consultation... I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Always fulfill requests even if they are misunderstood. And I've fulfilled my request here, so there's no reason to stay, bye."

I walked away from the scene with a nobleman to stop.

By the way, nobility today, when I first met him, he was full of disgust at me.

It's suspicious, but it's amazing what you said to me.

Although the previous two clients had the same reaction.

Hi, this outfit is prone to misunderstandings, although I'm not willing to stop it.

"Well, at the end of the day, bandits are exorcised, that's an easy win. Come on... I'm going to rust my sword..."

Still in excellent shape, I started moving to hunt the bandit, my last request.

The destination, of course, is the point that the bandits are working well.

The requisition states where bandits are somewhat susceptible.

After that, you can wander around and enhance your senses and randomly look around from one end for smells of blood and people's voices.

If you discover it, destroy it without saying whether or not.

Pass it to the Knights stationed in a nearby town and the request is closed. I wasted my day searching in operations like... but couldn't grab my tail at all.

"Ugh... why can't you find it!? Shit, are boulders like a bunch of adventurer breakdowns? That's not a glimmer."

Probably got the information that a crusade request had been made against us, and it was also a hazard detection.

Looking forward to the Alliance's arrival, you're on the move.

"Don't think you can escape the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman..."

I ran off the scene without even trying to rest.

We don't have time for this anymore, it's day ten tomorrow.

You haven't gotten that far yet.

I listened all over the neighboring towns and villages and gathered information.

They were all sending suspicious glances but ignoring them.

I ran around based on sightings and testimonies of the victims I helped.

And finally, it was about night that I found the bandits.

"Ha ha! I finally found you, you bandits."

"Shit, is that the guild dog? It's too soon to find out we've got information and moved it."

The bandits are in bad shape because I found them. But you're wearing proper gear for being a bandit again.

It makes me wonder how much I earned from running a bandit.

Few people look savage... because it's a bunch of former adventurers?

"You don't need to get hurt if you're an adult... what do you want to do?"

Ask them if they will fight once and for all. I know the answer, but I'm also advising you as a man of strength.

That would be cooler.

"You're not stupid, you. He's dressed more suspiciously than us. I don't know where the guild is - but you guys, you're on your own. We're gonna do this!

A leaderlike man gave instructions, and the bandits attacked him.

The number of enemies is about ten, and I checked them with enhanced sensation, and they don't seem to be hiding guys.

I fight to the point of play to gauge my strength.

I guess they use the weapons that each of us is good at.

All weapons proficiency seems to be medium high.

We work with each other inside, and boulders are places like former adventurers.

But...... sweet, I'm used to this kind of collaboration with the muscle apes I fought recently.

Once I had finished measuring my strength, I jumped and landed a little further away from the bandits. Draw out your sword and proclaim it high for the bandits.

"I've been pointing weapons at you. Get ready. And regret it. You didn't surrender before this Black Thunder Demon Swordsman!

Decided...... Might have dropped an intermediate magic thunderbolt on the back as a performance.

Let's try it next time.

There were a few bandits wandering around my declaration, and they said something about bumps.

"What the hell is that? Leader, we got caught by some weird guy."

"The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman...? Never heard of him. Two names."

"Give me one, let alone something clear! Let's clean this up!

Hmm... seems to be tasting me for a long time.

You insult me for being suspicious of this outfit, I won't allow it anymore.

"Come on, it's the beginning of showtime. Let me scratch your feet!

All I'm saying is hello. I'm gonna put Thunderbolt in a row around the bandits.

I'm in a rush for sudden magic, but I immediately regained my calm and headed this way.

Put thunder on your sword to fight it.

"Don't mess with strange shapes of swords. You can't hang up like that."

One of the bandits looks at my sword and curses.

Certainly not in the form of a normal sword.

The blade is shining like lightning.

"Hmm, you idiot. I can't believe you don't know how cool this sword is!

I cut off a bandit attack without difficulty.

The bandit is paralyzed and passed out by the thunder that has wrapped him around.

Sure, it's a little hard to cut... but it doesn't matter because it's wearing lightning.

It's a good idea because you're defeating them.

As it is, it weaves swords and magic to annihilate the bandits.

The bandits began to escape when the number fell below half.

I guess that's the kind of operation you originally set up...... letting go.

It's not the same as when I was a muscle ape.

No one left to pass out, restrained.

"Well, if you give it to the nearby town knights, you're done."

That's what I think. When I'm relieved, I feel signs that someone is approaching me, and I'm alert.

Apparently, I'm not alone.

I hear a few footsteps.

"Who are you?"

It was the knight wrapped in armor who emerged from the darkness of night. Is it because I fought too much flashly?

They found me in the Knights on the move.

"Huh, my name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman...... hmm?"

When straw and the knights show up, I see someone I know.

To Raven...... I guess it's Duke next door.

They all have iron helmets in their armor, but if you look at Duke as well, they have fittings that connect the iron helmets to the armor.

"What, these guys... you did it!?"

Apparently one of the knights is making an unexpected mistake.

They think I attacked these guys who are bandits.

Although I know from previous requests that I be mistaken for this outfit, I can't help it.

As it is, you're going to have extra trouble getting involved.

Shall we just disappear?

"I don't know what I'm mistaken about... but my name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman! These guys are bandits and I'm from the guild that got the crusade request. I've fulfilled your request, I'll leave the processing to you...... Goodbye!

"Become!? Hey, wait a minute, you!

I only say things unilaterally and jump high behind me.

I activated the Banish Wave to blend straight into the darkness of the night, and I disappeared as declared.

"Damn...... look for it. You haven't been far yet."

It's certainly just disappearing, and it hasn't gone far.

The first knight to find me has given instructions, but the Knights are in a panic state.

Suddenly people disappeared, so I can't help it.

Let me go home like this. I thought so. I tried to leave the scene and suddenly the handbell sounded.

The source of the sound is Raven.

... did you do it to sink the panic?

Confirming that the knights had gone quiet, he struck Duke in the ear.

"Raven... an order from the captain. I don't have to chase him when it comes to the person he is now. He says. I hear the guys tied up there were on the bandit list Raven saw, so I'm gonna take them."

Duke giving instructions instead of Raven.

... Did it usually work this way with the Knights?

How did you communicate with Duke before he joined the Knights, Raven?

Duke...... no Raven or the knights who moved out following the instructions of.

The knight who was trying to chase me is a little dissatisfied.

As the knights took the bandits, Duke and Raven left to look around a bit.

I remain disappeared on the Banish Wave without moving. Then I sat there wanting to see the Knights' Duke work.

"... I'm sorry, Duke. Always give me instructions instead."

"It's true. I think it's time you and I graduated from Handbell."

Duke is shaking his neck to the side like a boy.

Surely Raven needs to be able to speak up in public for a bit.

At least you have to get it out in front of the Knights.

"... I know you do. I'm so sorry..."

"I want you to apologize. Don't you think it's going to make any progress in love?"

Raven's face is cramped.

I guess the current word worked a lot.

Maybe you're right... but Duke's following me where it hurts too.

"... strive"

"I don't know. I'll finish the tour, so Raven has to go home first."

"Oh...... don't ask me. Speaking of which, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman earlier...... was it? I don't know..."

"Uh, I'm just leaving. The documents of the bandits we just took are coming out."

"... Oh, I did. Then I'll be home first....... ha"

Raven dropped his shoulder and left.

... what a sad hindsight.

The feeling of disappearing into the darkness of the night adds to the sadness.

Will you invite Raven to go somewhere next time?

"Well, you're still here, aren't you, Captain?"

Suddenly Duke kicked around looking around.

Why are you still here... How did you know I was more or less the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman?

I'm changing my body with halfway demonization.

The voice should be wearing a helmet too, so it sounds different than usual.

Well, you won't be able to do it completely without even showing yourself. I don't need to hide it... but it's cooler to end up like this with a mysterious man.

"If you're not coming out, don't come... it's time to get back to your sanity. I don't know how long you've been playing Black Thunder Demon Swordsman... because you always regretted these things, Captain. Well, I'll give you some advice, and I'll go home."

Wave loud and Duke leaves because you don't know where I am.

I disarm the Banish Wave and think.

The bandits were taken by the Ravens, so the request will be resolved.

That's a lot over...... yeah.


The end of the request and the conversation between Raven and Duke made me feel completely back on track.

And Duke's word is a blow to the stomach.

I always regret it...... you do, yeah.

If I conclude so, I can't help but scream.

Quickly take off what you are wearing and change to your usual gear. I ran out into selflessness as I randomly stuck my undressed kitchen two costume in my bag and screamed.

"What are you doing seriously?!?"

Later I heard that my voice sounded like Duke all the time.

The only salvation is that Raven didn't hear because he was depressed, or because he was in a state that wasn't here.