"Really already... what are you doing?"

"Uh, I wonder what you're talking about. I can't really grasp the situation..."

In front of me is Jen-royal Cecilia, I'm in the front seat reading the air.

I remember having made such paintings before.

I remember how this happened until I got here.

Ten days ago, the Kitchen Two switch woke up my Kitchen Two, and the Kitchen Two exploded because of the stress it was under.

As a result, he named the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and four other requests for A-ranks that he could not help but think had been taken from the story.

Fully open, energetic, I made one request after another with a high laugh.

But the intense shame and regret struck me when Duke's advice brought me back to sanity.

And you came back to Minerva all night running wild screaming that didn't make sense.

I was about to go to the guild in heavy footsteps for a report, and the Aqualein carriage came and I was captured.

He was taken to the mansion without a clear explanation, and Cecilia was waiting for him in the room where he was led.

"Don't you see? The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, Mr. Yowki."

"Ugh... why did you say it was me?"

I haven't taken my helmet off in the last week.

Because I thought he was unidentified, mysterious A-rank adventurer cool or something.

You're just a suspicious guy now.

"There are rumors in Minerva that it's over. A mysterious A-rank adventurer who suddenly appeared, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Of course there have been rumors in my ear. So I immediately found out it was Mr. Yowki."

"My face was properly hidden, and I should have done a little work on my body shape..."

Even when I was running wild in the name of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, it was on my mind that I had to worry about that part.

So he was halfway demonized and changing shape where he was going.

It is an action in anticipation of the rumors going on.

"There were rumors, indeed, that he was a gentle, good-looking man about his shape, and that he was an extravagant and extravagant man, and there was confusion. … but I won't deceive you."

"No... so why?"

"I haven't actually seen it, but the kind of person who dresses like a rumor is about Mr. Yowki.... and you said a lot of characteristic dialogues to the client?"

Apparently my Chef II dialogue is rumored in a lot of places...... hell. And you think you know Cecilia about that?

I admit I was originally Chef II, but I can't stand to let a kid I like know how embarrassing Chef II Dialogue is so far.

Seriously, it breaks my heart...... I just broke it yesterday.

"That's why Duke realized I was the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman."

"Have you met Mr. Duke?"

"The Knights came to me where I was exterminating the bandits I asked for. He advised me to go back to my sanity."

"... you're Mr. Boulder Duke"

Don't really lose your mind on Duke.

If I was running wild like that, I might not have been able to regret it.

I need to see you next time.

... and I don't know if that's all you'll find out about the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman being me.

Wait, wait, wait. That means Duke knew it was me. "

"Of course. Seek-kun and Happiness have noticed, too. We were both laughing when we heard rumors and..."

"Those guys..."

We should talk a little later... No, let's stop.

It's like talking to them right now and going through their own wounds.

I have no more spirit.

"More than that... does Mr. Youki know what the situation is now?"

"Uh, no, I don't know"

I'm in the front seat in front of a kid I like... let's not be ridiculous. Obviously not that kind of air.

"You've explained it before, haven't you? What makes you famous?"

"Uh... what is it?"

I remember telling you that, but I can't remember.

I think it was pretty important.

"We talked about a move to attract talented people from all over the country."

"Ah... speaking of which!

Did you talk about that when you first came to this mansion?

I'm trying to pull people out of a political marriage because of the war between people...

"Looks like you remembered. I don't really want to bind Mr. Yowki either... but it's too conspicuous. Please refrain for a moment..."

Especially when it comes to Cecilia.

I guess A-rank adventurers can still forgive me.

But apart from talking about hiding your face, dressing oddly, not letting you know your name and unintelligible name with the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, but adding it.

Besides, for some reason, rumors about body shape have become vague. There's more to the evil standout.

"No, I was really an idiot this time. Don't think about it later. It's gone wild."

"No...... because I think some of you were saved at the request of A-rank. I just hope the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman refrains..."

"Yeah, I won't do it anymore, absolutely. Normally, I'd take a request from a yogi."

That kitchen two costume is sealed deep in the tans.

And let's seal the last ten days deep in our hearts.

Black Thunder Demon Swordsman...... You and I have only been dating for ten days, thank you.

I bid farewell to the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman in my heart

"Really... I'm sorry about something. I don't care what Mr. Yowki does. I don't know what I'm talking about..."

"No, no, you don't have to apologize like that. Because I was the one running wild."

I'd rather be thankful for your advice.

Looks like he worried me...... yeah, Cecilia is good after all.

"I hope you say that.... and then I kept my mouth shut so that Happiness and Seek-kun wouldn't tell anyone that the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman was Mr. Youki..."

"Oh, thank you. Because they're going to tell you not to pay attention. Thank you."

Whatever Duke was, those two would have made it a story.

"And then Mr. Sophia and his mother seemed to feel it, too, so I managed to deceive them"

"... sounds like you've really bothered me a lot"

"No, because I haven't done much.... By the way, do you have any idea who else might know who you are? If you're here, you have to stop..."

"Uh... and then there's Clayman, I guess. Because he knew it from the beginning. I think you're keeping it a secret that I'm not ripped off either."

Either way, I have to go to the request completion process, so you should stop talking at that time.

"Really... Mr. Clayman would seem fine. When I asked you the other day, you didn't look bad... and most importantly, I'm Sophia's husband."

"Uh, I'm so convinced when they say that"

I don't see Mr. Sophia getting caught by a bad man.

Clayman is not a human being... but he does his job perfectly.

It's too full from time to time and has a strong negative image though.

"I feel bad for Mr. Clayman in this way...... because I've known Mr. Sophia for a long time"

"No, no, you don't have to worry about Clayman. You're always so lazy. At first, I got angry when I went to Clayman's reception when I asked for the guild. He said to go to the reception next door."

You said you were all going to your beautiful sister.

A nostalgic memory.

"What... did that happen?"

"I know he wants to be lazy... because the staff has a lot of expectations. I've been asked to do a lot of work."

"I've never heard of it before...... oh, would you like some tea?"

"Drink, drink! Cecilia's tea is delicious. I'm looking forward to it."

"Pfft, I'm glad you said that"

That's what I'm gonna say. I'm gonna make some tea. I'm gonna look behind Cecilia, and I'm gonna feel kind of fun.

You don't have to do a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, you can dissipate as much stress as you want.

He then made a colloquial argument over a cup of Cecilia's put in tea.

Happiness and leisurely Seek, who went on break from the middle of nowhere. You've been laughing ever since you joined us.

I finished my whole bickering, and when Happiness got back to work, I had business going to the guild, so I decided to go home.

Cecilia and Seek dropped me off. I left the mansion and headed to the guild.

"Hey, I noticed. Healing is nearby."

"Ah, good for you"

Clayman is rotten for some reason when he goes to the reception.

This is it as soon as you get into the guild and find me.

... Would you have done something, me?

"So I need to talk to you..."

"I know, I know.... I'm sorry, I'm supposed to take a seat. Back immediately."

Clayman puts a no in the female employee next door and then pulls me to the back door of the guild.

I have also checked to see if there is anyone around since I left.

When I found out no one was there, I searched through my pockets and gave him a bag with something in it.

"What is this..."

"It's a reward. You've accomplished it. Four A-rank requests is a lot of money, right?"

It does make jarring noises.

I've never been so rewarded with a request before, so I'm a little impressed.

"But why are you here?"

"It's been such a rumor. If I give it to you at the reception, you'll make a scene! It's just that whoever the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is asking about is killing him..."

Clayman sighs lazily.

That must have been the kind of question attack.

"Of course you didn't say it was me!?"

"Oh... because you said the mysterious man was cooler or something. He helped me out when I was a rock eater and... it was a hassle, but I had to keep my word."

"Thanks...... keep it a secret, please"

"Well, if you say you don't like it, I'll keep my mouth shut..."

I was relieved to hear what Clayman said.

Now you don't know who the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is.

Rumors will disappear little by little if we don't even do the activity...... I guess.

Whatever it is, now this commotion is solved.

"Hey, thanks for the help. Sorry to bother you, but..."

"Wait a minute."

I've run errands, and I'm not willing to take the request today, so they grabbed my arm when I tried to go home.

Is there anything else I can do for you?

It doesn't seem like a very good story when you ask me for my expression.

"Uh, did I still mess with something?"

"... there's no certainty. I can only assume you did it for sure."


You know Clayman, too, but I shouldn't have been in Minerva for ten days.

There's no way I can do anything about it.

"Hey, don't you remember shopping at the market with me"

"I remember... but I wanted to erase it, so I thought I'd seal it."

If I hadn't been to the market, I wouldn't have met those gear guys.

I was too tired and stressed, though.

Speaking of which, would Clayman have bought Mr. Sophia a a present?

Sure cat ear kachusha...... no, you're not.

It should have been an apron and exotic seasoning.

Where did Cat Ear Katyusha come from...... I remember.

"Hey, you remembered something right now. Did you put something in my luggage then?"

"... I let you in"

"I knew it was you! Well, I knew it. Because of you..."

According to Clayman's story, the night I left Minerva in a spirit and headed for the request.

He gave Sophia the gift he bought.

You said you'd be happy to give them exotic seasonings first.

But the last time I let him out of the bag to give him the apron, Cat Ear Katyusha also came out hooked.

Sophia, who seems to have lost track of each other and consolidated but recovered as soon as possible, said a word.

Thank you, with you and your subtle face.

"I would rather have been beaten up as usual..."

"Naturally. It's been a long time since Sophia saw me like that! Let my son have a cold gaze, too."

What was wrong with me then?

I totally forgot.

And the fact that Mr. Sophia reacted like that, couldn't you put it on?

"So did you throw away the cat ear kachusha?"

"For some reason my daughter likes it and can't throw it away. Every time I look at it, it brings back memories of my home frozen."

"I like it..."

Clayman's daughter is inside.

I didn't know I was going to put Cat Ear Katyusha on myself...... I'd like to see her once.

"... ha, then I'll be back to work"

"Oh, see you later."

Thus my Chef II explosion, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman disturbance, closed the curtain...

"... oh, I forgot to tell you something"

"Oh, my God, people were trying to get out of the targeted air that was already over."

I thought it was over because I wanted to seal it as black history.

When I tried to leave, I suddenly stopped calling.

"I'll tell you what, you're still B-ranked in the guild. If you want an A-rank request, come dressed like a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman."

"... what's that?"

I think they said something terrible right now.

He said to come dressed as a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman to take A-rank requests.

Clayman started telling me why when I was stuck in my brain without processing information.

"Actually, I was preached for suddenly turning the guy who came here into an A-rank adventurer on his own. I'm sorry, but I can't give you an A-rank."

"No, no, no, no! You're lying, man! Then I'm still in B-rank...?"

"I think you got an A-rank request, too, so you figured it out, but you just can't be A-ranked because you're capable. If you get more experience, you can come up. Good luck with that."

Clayman went back to the guild, leaving out advice that would not serve as advice.

At this time, I was able to learn how losing sight of me and acting lightly could lead to consequences.

... Is that a sentiment?

With that in mind, I was sitting there.

Black Thunder Demon Swordsman... It's only black history for me, but I can't seem to forget it.