That's unusual, isn't it, Mr. Sophia?

I tried to come to the guild to get the request, but for some reason there's Mr. Sophia at Clayman's reception.

Did you come here for a favor?

I wonder what business you're here for, and get close.

"You, go ahead."

"Oops. Sorry."

"Okay, I have work to do, so excuse me"

Mr. Sophia handed the paper bag to Clayman and left the guild.

Did Clayman forget about your lunch?

"Mr. Sophia was here right now, wasn't she? Is something wrong?"

"Hmm? Oh. It's Valentine's Day. That's why."


Why is there a Valentine in this world?

Isn't this a different world, this place?

There's a reborn person besides me who spread the word?

... I'm not sure about this world, it could be a coincidence and let's stop thinking deeply.

"Hmm. So Mr. Sophia came to give it to Clayman? It didn't feel right for that."

I left as soon as I said I had a job.

Don't they hate Clayman?

"Ha, if you think about what you're going to say. You don't know anything about Sophia."

"WHAT... WHAT!?"

Clayman has shown me the contents of the paper bag.

There are too many treats inside that are packaged or boxed.

"This is all handmade by Sophia, by the way. Yeah, every year. Maybe it's not as good as it sounds. I think every single one of these sweets is love from Sophia."

Clayman, who was fine with the stinking dialogue, is quick to unpack and chocolate all over his cheek.


"What, you want it? I'm telling you, why don't you do it?"

"I'm not here. Damn."

I jumped out of my guild.

In the meantime, I think Clayman should explode.

I firmly swore to my heart that I would cast a spell in front of him next time.

I think the black aura started coming out because of the ugly sentiment of being jealous of Clayman, and I kind of went to Duke. I went into the Knights' quarters and tried to get permission to go to Duke's room.

"Isn't that the captain? I don't know what to do, aura out like that demon tribe. If you're bad, they'll catch you."

Aura shouldn't be seeing anything else, so there's no way she's gonna get caught.

They shouldn't even be growing horns or wings.

"... there's no reason to get caught?"

"No, no, you look amazing right now. Haven't you noticed?"

"Really? Then I'm forced to smile..."

"You seem more scared that way. What the hell happened?"

"Will you listen to me, Duke? Actually..."

"Oh, um..."

When I tried to explain what had happened earlier, I suddenly heard a voice.

Who do you think you are and you kick ass, there's always an elf knight acting with Duke...... no way.

"Oh, not Irene, huh? What can I do for you?"

"Yes, but... aren't we interrupting now? Uh, I'm going back out... excuse me"

I'll see you lightly, Mr. Irene, and try to walk away.

I read the air and sent Duke a signal to go with my jaw.

Follow my signal. Duke goes to Mr. Irene.

"Oh, I'll wait. The captain asked me to do some errands first... what's wrong?"

"Um, Mr. Duke. This..."

"Mm-hmm. Chocolate. Thank you, but why me?"

Duke feels light even though Mr. Irene seems to be courageous enough to give his face to a bright red.

Oh, come on, are you okay with that?

Plus, you don't ask me why I gave it to you... normal.

"Oh, uh... I always thank Mr. Duke for taking care of me at work... because I also respect him"

I'm embarrassed to say why. Well, that's how it's gonna be.

Duke likes to abuse me, or something like that. Did you have a hobby?

"Uh, is that so? Sorry to bother you. I'll pay you back... but I don't want you to expect anything."

"Ah, yes. Thank you. Then I'll do it..."

"And next time you want me to go shopping with you, I'll tell you. I'm always going out with you."

Mr. Irene shook his neck longitudinally and left.

"... Phew"

"Hey, I made you wait. So what's the business..."

"You explode, too. Ooh!

I turned my jealous feelings to Duke as well, screaming from the bottom of my heart.

From there, Duke blocked my mouth, took me to my room and explained the situation.

I confessed that I was all bad because of the ugly jealousy of a hot man, and that it was a crime from rebellion.

"... I see. You know what the captain said. Oh, my God, don't give up again."

"Isn't that a terrible way to say it? What was your attitude?"

"Was I doing something? I was just saying what I thought..."

This guy is straightforward about what he thought.

Looks like it's turned out to be a pleasure.

"No, it's nothing. Still, there's a lot of rear charging around me."

"What are you talking about? Some people are less fortunate than the captain. They're coming."

"... I don't think he knew me."

The place where Duke pulled me and brought me was Raven's room.

I don't think Raven is unhappy.

I work for a lot of countries as chief of the Knights, and I have the visibility that it was a brave party.

You must be getting a lot of chocolate.

Definitely should be a rear charge.

"I'm gonna take a sneak peek inside. I can't get rid of it now."

I don't know why I can't do it now, but I'll open the door and sneak inside.

Inside sits Raven on the bed and Happiness facing each other in the chair.

Happiness seems to hold the bag dear......

It's been another hour in that state.


"You have a big voice!

"Huh!... bad bad"

Duke notices me and apologizes in a whisper.

But what does an hour mean in that state?

"Happiness asked me, and I thought Raven would have been nice."

Apparently Duke led Happiness to Raven's room.

But from there the chatter is silence, and from there the chatter is silence is repeated and he hasn't touched anything about the baggage he brought.

Happiness will give it to you and if Raven asks you somehow about your luggage, it will be over.

Looks like we're waiting for each other to say it.

I don't know what you're doing at all, it'll just get awkward over time.

"The distance between those two is too unique to tell. If we can't give it to you, we'll both be damaging each other."

"I'm on guard for once, so if Happiness tries to go home without giving it to me, it sucks, I'll go in between and do something about it."

"... you're in trouble too"

I got jealous of Duke earlier, but let's correct it.

Duke looks like a tough guy, and I think it would be nice to have a little reward.

I guess it's more like it's missing.

"Captain, I hope you don't look at me like that..."

Send Duke a pitiful glance and I'm out of the Knights quarters.

After all, I decided to hang around town for a change of mood with more extra sprouts.