"Damn, that's sweet..."

Same in the store, but it smells sweet outside.

I'd like to think it's my fault... but I see guys giving me chocolate all over the city, so I guess not.

If I thought I was sick of being sweet anymore, even more gloomy sights would have spread in front of me.

There's a mysterious queue in the town square, all lined up with women.

I think I'm under the illusion that idols are coming.

I think Valentine has something to do with it because they all have bagged boxes.

"Oh, not ordinary people, long time no see. It's strange."


If I had been blinded by the queue, the troublesome guy would have caught me.

"Hey, give it to the person you've been talking to... not rude, you"

"I think it's more rude of you to call people common people."

"You don't have a choice. Atashi, I don't know your name."

Speaking of which, you didn't name it.

Even Yuga said he knows... doesn't matter. Don't you have to be close to Mikana?

I'm not willing to be in a pattern long enough to be called a name, and even Raven, who's been with me longer, is being treated like a swordsman.

Even the average person doesn't have a problem.

"No, I'm sorry I cared about the details. I'm a normal person.

What is this queue more than that? "

"No, mind you. Well, I don't mind if you're good. This queue is for girls who give Yuga chocolate."

"Oh, yeah. I lost interest all at once. At best, try not to let other women tame you. Bye."

I'm leaving the place with a flickering back hand.

I have questions about why I made a queue like this and why Yuga is so hot.

But if you're asking me that, it's much better to have walked around it.

Even though it has a sweet smell and an atmosphere that makes it almost heartburn.

I don't want to create any more stressors.

"Wait a minute. It's too soon to go home, no matter how much."

"'Cause I'm not even interested in this one. It's a waste of time being here, and I don't think we're moving on from this queue."

I don't feel like anything's going to happen and I'm bored.

It happened when it happened. It stinks of trouble.

Even if I stay here, I only lose it without any gain.

"You're in a queue like this because the Yuga at heart hasn't come. You'd be making more noise if you were here."

"Do you or don't you not have to line up? Give it to Yuga."

Tell me you like it scattered, it's impossible not to take any action at an event like this.

Sure, it's gonna be hard to line up in this queue and give it to Yuga, and I know the women have a lot of nerve lining up because they look bloody.

"... I've made it. But I'm not that good at Atashi food."

What Mikana took out was chocolate wrapped clumsily.

I guess I'm not too sure about the taste because the person who made it says so.

Do I have to say something to make you feel okay?

A suspicious guy approached with his face hidden in a hood saying he remained silent without knowing how to deal with it.

"Hey, long time no see."

"Sorry, I don't know anyone dressed suspiciously like you. Plus, I'm putting it in right now, so hit me with something else."

Now I'm wondering how I can comfort this depressed wizard.

I don't have time to swallow up with a guy I don't know like this.

"It's me, me. Don't know?"

"That's why I'm busy. If I'm a fraud, do it to someone else."

"No, so... well, there's Micah too. Meeting place, was it here?"

Looks like the guy in this hood knows Mikana.

Something I did with you. It's a faulty, I should have noticed it in my voice, usually.

I was too obsessed with thinking to notice.

"That... yuga?"

Mikana's face, which was sinking, lit up at once.

What a cash guy.

"That was more of a place for the event, wasn't it? So I think the rendezvous point was over there..."

"I was looking because Yuga didn't come on time. Totally......"

"I'm sorry. There were a lot of people, and when I did, I got tangled up, so I went home once to get a robe to hide my face. Thanks for looking."

Were you trying to come without hiding your face at first?

Come on. Notice your visibility.

Do I have to think I just went home to get my robe?

"Yeah, 'cause I don't care. I'm going to the venue sooner than that.' Cause the lead's behind us."

"Okay...... that's what Mikana has. Is that chocolate?"

Yuga noticed Mikana's belongings.

You're always blunt, but you're sharp inside today.

"Oh, yeah, I do. I was going to give it to Yuga..."

"True!? Thanks!

Yuga broke the packaging and started eating chocolate on the spot.

I don't think it's a good behavior, but I think it's strange before that.

Mikana said it was as if it had failed, but Yuga is eating chocolate deliciously.

Feels satisfied that I ate beautifully without leaving it behind.

"Yu, yuga, its... it wasn't delicious, was it? Not many Atashi dishes......"

"What are you talking about, it's delicious. Besides, Mikana used to give me chocolate every year, so I don't feel like this day is here unless I eat Mikana's chocolate."

I don't know about hiding in the hood, but perhaps now Yuga is activating a handsome smile that has captivated numerous women.

Mikana would have been totally struck out in the current dialogue.

Say those words, what do you like about Cecilia... isn't he the worst?

No, I guess you're making a statement that makes mistakes not just to Mikana, but to other women as well.

I guess the result is that queue, too.

That's what I thought when I watched it happen a little further away.

When did you leave since Yuga started talking to Mikana?

From there, he was listening to conversations with hearing enhancement.

The reason I left is simple and Yuga is a flagmaker.

Even though he's hiding his face, if he had so much conversation in front of fans that he was in line.

"Isn't that Master Yuga?"

"There's Micah nearby."

"Oh, true!?"

Fans who noticed Yuga's presence panicked all at once.

I haven't forgotten the disturbance at the accessory store.

I've never seen anything like it before.

It's good to see Yuga and Mikana rubbed by people and stay away from them beforehand.

"... go home"

Turning my back on the place where the noise was going on, I headed to the inn.

I also found myself looking for someone with a dark expression, wondering if there were any unfortunate people like me.

"That's Seek. It's unusual to walk around town."

"Oh, it's the captain. Ohisa ~"

Seek is still a light nori.

For some reason they asked for a high touch, so I respond to that.

Yay or something like that sounds like a slap on the hand.

You're a little tense.

Seek was helped by a moodmaker.

It's a great difference from the flagmaker Yuga.

"What's up, you seem kind of tense. Did something good happen?"

"Celia gave me chocolate ~"

Tension dropped all at once.

I didn't know someone even gave it to Seek.

This is the level where the earliest laughter comes in.

"Ha... well, good for you. Eat well. Never make it crude. It's getting darker, and Celia's gonna be worried, so you should go home now."

"Ok ~. Then it's time for me to leave. Bye, Captain ~"

"Take care and go home."

I felt even more miserable watching Seek disappear into the crowd.

I don't want to think like this anymore, so I walk in prayer that I won't see anyone I know.

Inn I finally arrived at with my thoughts. When I think about it, there's no peace for me there either... When I walked into the inn and opened the room, there was a sight there that would make me say goodbye.

Teal said Guy's eating chocolate... so-called ahhh, he's the one.

"I'm just... I thought I'd go again."

"Wait, kid! This is different."

I closed the door again and left the inn in a hurry.

I really want that stone statue to blow up the most, I think it's true.

Teal will be eating you very nicely.

I wonder where my place is.