"I don't know what to do?"

Outside, I can't seem to count on the inn's meal at night anymore, and I have to eat out alone.

I either went crazy in that situation, or I was kidding myself.

If this happens, I'll dress up as a cook and go around the restaurant.

"Also, aren't you thinking about something good, Mr. Yowki?"

When I was looking for yakitori, I heard voices from behind. I was thrilled in a double sense - Cecilia stood when I turned around.

I knew who it was with my voice this time, so I wouldn't be particularly surprised.

One thing that bothers me is the big bag I have in one hand.

"Hey, I'm nothing. Mokrondenankai naidesyo?"

"I knew you were trying to do something. It's too easy to understand."

I was immediately told a lie because I accidentally became a catacott.

... some of them are upset.

It's tough to get your life cut any further with sermons, so let's turn the subject away.

"Haha... what's wrong with that at this hour? From what I've seen, it looks like there's no usual carriage either." "

"You're trying to deceive me.... Well, fine. I was running errands on foot today."

"Seriously? Cecilia, even if you're disguised, you're noble and you're a celebrity. Are you okay?"

I was worried because I had just seen the likes of Yuga and the others earlier.

I don't think Cecilia was paying enough attention to those two.

Above all, I'm surprised that Mr. Celia allowed him to walk alone.

"It was okay. Everyone in town was standing on their feet, wearing robes deep enough not to be noticed."

"No, Mr. Celia or Mr. Sophia didn't disagree?"

"I've got your permission. Your mother said hello to your daughter."


Cecilia smiling and talking, but I don't have a good grip on the situation.

It turns out that Mr. Celia asked me to Cecilia for the time being.

But what do we do now?

I was thinking about what to do, and I got my belly.

A noise of silence reigns over the field.

Speaking of which, you didn't even have lunch, not dinner.

"Sounds like you're still having dinner. Actually, I haven't eaten either. Would you like to join us for dinner?"

A meal invitation came from Cecilia.

Normally that's what a man would suggest...... I didn't expect to be moved on.

That's not the problem. The surprise would be that you invited me from Cecilia.

You can't refuse this chance.

"All right, let's go! You must be so hungry. I've been hanging around town all my life."

"Really? That makes you hungry, doesn't it? So, there's my recommended store, okay? Not that far from here."

I rode such a Cecilian suggestion and took a trip to the recommended store.

It's been a long time since the two of us have walked together, as carriage travel is almost always when we go somewhere with Cecilia.

Sometimes at night, it was pretty exciting.

With such a puberty spirit, I can't hold hands...

I swayed all over the story and deceived between them.

Duke might call me a jerk, too.

Well, I seriously think Cecilia is an angel for listening closely to my shitty story and laughing at me.

To the extent that it didn't get awkward like that, I reached my destination as I walked soothing the place.

I didn't realize it because I was desperately shaking the subject, but it usually came to a street lined with luxurious shops that I would never come to.

"Hey... I feel so out of place, but I guess I'll be fine"

It's the gentlemen and madams in mostly expensive clothes who come into the store.

Compared to that, I'm a rough civilian outfit.

I would have thought about dressing a little more if I had known I was coming here.

"It's okay. Because the store I'm going to is where my mother is going. Because the people in the store don't care."

"Celia's whereabouts!? It kind of builds my expectations...... but"

Even if the clerk doesn't care, there may be a pattern where the customer cares.

I don't like it when you get slapped in the pussy and say bad things to Cecilia.

"You don't have to worry so much, let's go!

Cecilia pulled my arm and brought me into the store.

I questioned how aggressive Cecilia was, but as far as I was concerned it wasn't bad, so I stopped thinking deeply.

You won't even have to say anything extra to break the atmosphere.

The store is as large as expected, has a luxurious interior, and has conditioning items that I have never seen before.

It feels similar to Cecilia's mansion... but I've never been to a store like this.

It looks like Cecilia talked to the clerk while I was surprised to see the inside of the store.

I don't know what it is.

You were asking me if my seat was vacant or something, I guess.

The clerk guides us and sits us across from each other.

I looked at the menu, but it was refreshing to me which was delicious, so I left it to Cecilia.

I think I just relied on it earlier, but I have to ask for shame.

It's a sigh of relief because Cecilia has finished ordering the food in such a way that she's used to it.

"Sounds like you're in a different world and itchy. Soften."

"Is Mr. Youki new to these stores?"

"First of all, I'm not coming down the street around here. Besides, I don't care if I eat out, I think it's enough to eat in restaurants all over town. I try not to be too scattered."

It feels like I'm saving money looking to the future.

What kind of future is building a happy family.

That's why the savings are solid.

"Heh... some aspects are surprisingly solid with Mr. Yowki"

"Wait a minute, what kind of eyes do I usually get?"

"That's... keep it to yourself"

Though I do have a sense of being on the loose.

I think I'm doing it when I do it right.

... Maybe the image is strong when the Kitchen II switch is on.

Does the truth mean that only Cecilia will know?

The chatter was also carried there the food, but it was just the kind of food I had never seen.

Something I had barely seen also seemed to be using high-end ingredients, so I was reluctant to eat it.

"Well, shall I take it?"

"Oh, right. Shall we eat?"

But because of Cecilia's words and her belly, it switched on.

I don't know if I have fancy food from there. I flattened it with manners at all costs.

Cecilia had a well-behaved meal, smiling quietly at me like that.

I said I'd pay for the accounting, but for some reason, Cecilia didn't give in, so I broke it. Instead, he promised to go to dinner with my luxury this time.

Momentum invited me on a date, okay, and I did it. Don't feel like you're lying to me until earlier.

"Well, shall we go home?"

"Oh... Cecilia, are you walking home?"

"Yes, I am."

It takes quite a while to walk to the Aqualein family mansion.

It's late at night and... it would be dangerous for a woman to walk alone.

That's why I decided to send Cecilia to the mansion.

Walking alone through the darkness relying on the light of the moon is also an intermediate situation.

I think I was less nervous and relaxed than I was when I went, so I was able to have an attentive conversation.

Such a good time passed quickly, and the mansion was visible.

I was relieved that there was nothing.

But at the same time, I think it's a little too bad because this is goodbye today, and I feel a little complicated.

"Mr. Yowki, the mansion is right in front of you, so that's enough. Thank you for sending me."

"No, I did what I deserved. If you let Cecilia walk home on her own, she'll piss you off."

A man would say that it's no good letting a child he likes go home alone if he did something thin.

Cecilia laughs at each other for imagining something too.

"Oh, I almost forgot. Here you go, Mr. Yowki."

Cecilia took the box out of the big bag that I've been wondering about.

"This is no way..."

"Because it's Valentine's Day. I thought it was a sign of daily gratitude. Will you accept it?"

I almost screamed unexpectedly.

I was going to spend all night doing a spell aimed at rear recharge when I got home today, but let's stop it.

For some reason, I am a liar too.

You know, you can get sweets from kids you like... you're going to mistake me for spring too.

"I love sweet things. Of course I will, thank you."

There's plenty more to think about than this, but don't put it on your face.

Happily, I will kill myself and pretend to be my normal heart and receive it.

What is in it?

I don't think it's just chocolate in it by weight.

Whatever it is, Cecilia gave me. Whatever.

I want to go home and see what's inside.

It's a shame you broke up with Cecilia, but you're here in front of the Mansion and there's no reason to hold back for long.

When I finished greeting him and wanted to go home, Cecilia dropped the bomb.

"I'm glad you're happy. Now we can finish distributing it to everyone."

"What, everyone?"

I think I just heard some bad words.

Cecilia has a reassuring look for some reason.

I think it was my fault, but I asked for a subtle explanation of what it meant just in case.

Apparently, he handed out chocolate to someone he knew as a daily thank you from morning to day.

He said dinner was Mr. Celia's suggestion.

You must have cared about me.

Well, it's like Nice Assist because Cecilia seemed to enjoy it.

"Thank you for hanging out with me today. Also, let's go eat together, shall we? Now if you'll excuse me."

"Oh, whoa... let's go again. Then I'll go home too."

Cecilia and I broke up. I went straight back to the inn without stopping by.

I arrived at the inn completely late at night, and Teal was home.

Is Guy tired or he was already asleep, so he only reshaped his wings on his stomach.

I tried to make the theme a wing of the plane, but the mechanical wings on the demon statue were more mismatched than I expected.

More than ever, I look funny, but I don't laugh because I'm depressed.

Sitting deep in bed with a sigh mix, I look at the box Cecilia gave me.

"It means I was handing it out to everyone in law..."

I know I shouldn't say luxury.

Some people can't even get in-laws.

But somehow... I feel like I can't do it.

"I got it because of you, and let's just eat."

The contents of the box were bagged cookies and chocolate cakes.

I guess it's handmade, the cake says thank you on a daily basis.

"Thank you, Cecilia..."

That night I cried and ate a whole one-hole of chocolate cake.

I just felt like a waste of cookies, so I went to bed without eating them.

The day after such a Valentine......

"Hey, kid, get up! My wings are weird. You did it."

Guy is angry when he rubs his sleepy eyes with his wings moving.

The wing of the plane is moving up and down and it's disgusting.

"Uh, good morning. Those wings are a gift from me to Loria's charming Guy. Those wings are better off. You can go straight to your beloved Teal."

"Don't be ridiculous, who's Loria charging! Just put it back! And me and Teal don't have that kind of relationship..."

"Yes, yes, please."


Guy absolutely lolia charging, otherwise I won't admit it.

... Loria, what are you doing?

Apparently, my brain is quite free.

I just had breakfast and thought I'd get out, and there was Duke in the lobby.

"Chi-su, Captain"

"What business do you have in the morning, Duke?"

"No, it's not a lot of business. I'm working for the Knights today, so I just came by to talk to you."

I don't think you have to force me to come if you have a job, but is this a rush story?

"What, talk about how Happiness and Raven settled yesterday?"

In the end, I was wondering what happened to those two, so if you came to tell me, I would have saved you.

I'd like to hear it even if it's a different business.

"Oh, that talk. Even after the captain returns, the silence continues... but suddenly there's a disturbance in town, so I'm going to send an order to suppress it."

"You have an amazing feeling about the disturbance."

Don't bother with those Ravens.

Raven had a good vibe with Happiness, but he didn't have a platform.

It wasn't a glimmer to crack down on because of that number of people.

"I was driven out, too, but it was tough. Things have come to an end, and the brave man and the wizard have bowed their heads to Raven many times. The wizard, to be precise, was causing the brave man to bow his head."

"Micana's in trouble too... so what happened to Happiness's chocolate?"

"I'm relieved. Happiness was at the scene, too, so he said he was tired and gave him chocolate with that momentum."

Some of the Knights would have seen the sight and envied you.

I'm glad you two Valentines are safe.

"Oh well, you relieved Duke, too. I have to get in between the worst. But not at all."

"It's true. This is what I want to do with you two."

Duke says that, but I guess this guy forgets there's a White Day.

We have Valentine's Day, so there must be White Day.

"You're a real hard worker too...... good luck. I'll give you as much support as I can."

"No, that's why I want you to give me a break already.... Oh, I forgot the point. Captain, good for you! Did you get Valentine's Day?"

I don't want you to touch me. I'm shaking the subject.

I guess I got this one from Duke's mouth, too.

"Oh... well, yeah"

"I knew it! Give me Cecilia too, Happiness and Raven. I'll do it. So I thought the captain would have it, so I came to ask."

Apparently, I didn't need it.

Maybe you came worried after seeing my attitude yesterday... but I wanted you to stay calm.

"To ask if you did or if you got it..."

"Hey, the cookies were delicious, right? You said Raven and Happiness were delicious."

I don't care what they think of the cookies I haven't eaten yet.

I only ate cake yesterday.

Well, it's handmade by Cecilia, so I think it's decided deliciously.

"Huh, is that right? Looking forward to eating. The cake was delicious, so I expected it."

"... cake is something. Captain, does anyone else have it from Cecilia?"

"... to? No, that's why it's cake, cake. Even chocolate cake."

"No, that's why you don't know."

At first I thought Duke was blurry, but you seriously don't seem to know.

Does that mean I was the only one who got that chocolate cake?

"... Alright, alright, alright!

"Wow!? What are you doing?!

I did a gutsy pose with all the pleasure I could.

Duke is surprised at my sudden behavior.

I'm not gonna tell you why I gut-posed, I'm not gonna say no.

I'm just in a better mood today, so I'll take you to the diner.

"All right, let's go to dinner with my luxury. Ask Happiness and Seek out too."

"Eh, seriously? It's unusual for a captain to say that. There's no reason to say no, so I'll call you both. Then I'll be back at night."

"Oh, goodbye."

I said a refreshing goodbye to Duke with a tension that seemed completely different this morning. Needless to say, that night, the four of us got together a long time ago to eat and drink and my purse got lighter.