"Mr. Yowki, you're early. Could I have kept you waiting?"

"No, that's not true at all. I just got here too."

Cecilia said the words as if she was relieved, and took a seat.

I wonder what kind of mouth I would say.

After Duke left, I was always bored with what I was going to do today and what I was going to do today.

Therefore, I have been in this store all morning.

Well, I don't either because it's blurry to explain that.

This store is a destination, so I know the girl who sells it.

He agreed comfortably when I asked him if I could stay long.

The other day, I handed out an apology cake, and I think she's really a different sister than my brother... how dare I?

"Is this the cake shop that makes the cake you brought me for souvenirs the other day? There's a lot of delicious cakes lined up and they're going to look away."

"Ha ha... that's what I thought when I first came here too. Well, in my case, it felt like I missed every cake in the line."

There was no cake at Demon King's Castle.

I remember walking into this store and being impressed while I had completely forgotten what a cake tasted like since I was reincarnated into this world.

There are other confectionery shops in Minerva.

But the cake in this store suits my mouth best, doesn't it?

Nothing. I wasn't supposed to be that gourmet, but I liked this place and became a regular.

"Do you miss it? Could it be from a previous life?"

"Yes, yes. There's cake in my world too... let's order it before then. Don't ask me for anything. I'm sitting at the table."

"Oh, right"

After worrying in front of a showcase lined with cakes, I ordered chocolate cake and Cecilia raspberry cake.

Finally, ask for two cups of tea, go back to the table, eat the second cake of the day, and think about your plans for today.

I wonder what else there is to be besides the option to keep ridiculing and go home.

Go to a different restaurant or even an accessory... No. That's all I can think of.

How can I make it a full date......

"What's wrong, Mr. Yowki?"


When I noticed it, there was Cecilia's face in front of me, so I accidentally turned away.

I didn't realize that because of what I was thinking...

"Sorry, you surprised me. I had a long eye with a spoon, so I thought you weren't feeling well."

"Oh, did you? Sorry. I was just thinking."

No matter how many date plans you don't have, you can't make them anxious, you need to reflect.

But I think about it while we're having a conversation, but I don't know where to go.

We had a conversation and all of a sudden we heard the cheer of the guests as time ran out.

I wonder what happened and look ahead to the gaze the customer is pointing at.

"Eh, that one..."

"Wow, you're out."

There was a macho wrapped around a pretentious white apron.

The seller's sister is about to push him right back into the kitchen.

Isn't that what you came out with?

And I don't know what the cheer means.

"Mr. Yowki, could that be the more cake in this store...?"

"I hear you're making it. I recently found out too."

The guests rejoice in posing to accentuate their muscles, and their sister says desperately to return to the kitchen.

Then my brother explained the situation somehow.

I don't know what conversation I had, but my sister reluctantly convinced me to go back to the counter and my brother is handing out the cake to the guests.

It doesn't look like it was ordered by the customer, we handed it out to all the seated guests, and of course it came to us.

"This is my new one. Please enjoy. I'll pay you well..."

"Oh, thank you"

While Cecilia was confused, I bowed my head, so I got stuck and lowered, too.

The macho pastry chef, who finished handing out the cake that it was new, finally shined his white teeth back into the kitchen.

"... what was that?"

"Looks like you can let me try a new cake. Oh, this cake is delicious."

Cecilia, who took a bite of the cake, is leaking her thoughts. The other guests, like Cecilia, have a satisfying look.

Put the cake in your mouth half-heartedly wondering if it tastes so good.

"Damn, yummy damn..."

"Why are you so sorry?"

Cecilia puts a question mark on her head when she sees me taking every bite of the cake with a remorseful look on her face.

There's no dictate that Macchio shouldn't make cakes, and he's not prejudiced.

But somehow... I'm not convinced.

I wonder what the hell those muscles are for.

I'm sure this is a mystery in itself.

It was me eating delicious food and spilling nature and laughter, but acting oddly that I was tilting my neck all the time, causing Cecilia to come up with further question marks.

Finish your cake too and sip some tea for a mouth job.

The macho pastry chef distracted me, and I still couldn't get my date plan together.

In the meantime, I'll have a little tea to buy me some time.

"Mr. Yowki is good at choosing stores, isn't he? The store is nicely cleaned, adorably decorated, and the cake is delicious. I was a little surprised by the pastry guy earlier."

Sipping a sip of tea, Cecilia shares her thoughts.

You should be glad you were satisfied for now.

Now you're thankful for that macho pastry chef too.

"Since I got into this place, I've become a regular. I don't think it's weird to be more prosperous."

This is my candid feeling. It's not like the customer hasn't arrived, but I don't think this is a strange place to queue up.

"I'd love to hear you say that, my brother and I."

"You are a seller..."

Soon my sister, a seller, came to our table with a pot.

"My name is Ami. Looks like my brother surprised me earlier...... sorry"

"No, I'd rather be thanking you for letting me try the new cake."

"My brother would love to hear you say that. Would you like a cup of tea?"

Me and Cecilia go along with the seller's sister Ami's recommendation.

I'll introduce myself as the cup is poured with tea.

"Uh... my name is Yoki, I'm going to keep coming through, so please"

"Master Yoki, isn't he? Thank you for your patience. Thank you, brother, for your kind words."

Apparently, he remembered my face.

When I thought about it, I remembered my face the other day when I was handing out apology cakes.

It's pretty obvious even if it goes through.

What about Cecilia?

I'm a celebrity, and I guess I'll get by using a pseudonym.

That's what I thought, but Cecilia acted against my expectations.

"I... my name is Cecilia. Nice to meet you, Mr. Ami."

"Oh no Cecilia, of the brave party...?"

"Hey Cecilia!?"

No wonder Cecilia misrepresented her real name.

Mr. Ami can't seem to hide his surprise and has his mouth open and closed when he puffs it.

"I think I suddenly surprised you, but I also liked this store's cake. I also thought it would be rude to name people who make cakes like that...... Ami, would you mind not revealing who I am when I come here?"

"Yes. I'm afraid that Cecilia can treat you..."

Cecilia follows up with Ami, who has shrunk all at once, telling her not to be so awed.

Just because Cecilia is noble doesn't mean she has an intimidating attitude.

Explain Cecilia to Mr Ami, including in that regard.

At first I was so panicked, but as I listened to him, he gradually regained his composure.

"Um... sorry to disturb you in front of the customer"

"Calm down. Open up. What's the most apologetic..."

"Eh... ahhh!

I accidentally put it out in my mouth that I didn't need it.

You calmed me down because of this. This leaves me without a platform.

"No, no, don't rush it. Take a deep breath. Take a deep breath."

Don't make me look like a bad guy.

Cecilia's smiling kindly, too, and I don't think she needs to be nervous, but she doesn't seem to be either.

"Are you calm?"

"Yes, somehow. I was fortunate to have no other customers..."

If I did have customers, it could have been a lot of commotion.

No, you would have.

Cecilia should be able to be attentive, so she made sure she didn't have any customers before giving her real name...... maybe.

"I asked you once, but you said your real name because you didn't have any customers?"

"Yes, I am. I don't want to inconvenience the store. I don't like to cause extra disturbances."

"Oh, right"

No, when you were traveling at a brave party, you talked about preaching all over Yuga.

Cecilia is not the type to cause disturbances, she's the type to get involved.

Well, is there rarely a guy who likes it and wants to cause a commotion?

"... Mr. Yowki seems to like to cause disturbances"

"No, I don't... there might be"

I wouldn't know if I was with Kitchen Two switched on.

I love to stand out, and from this world, I'm acting out of heresy... Shit, I have to weigh myself down.

"I ask you something not attached, but what is the relationship between you two...?"

Mr. Yowki is my friend.

Cecilia's words, to which I answered clearly, caught my chest a little.

Sure, but can we at least have a little while?

"Oh, really? I'm sorry, I asked about your privacy."

"No, it's okay because it's nothing to worry about. You don't care about Mr. Yowki either."

"Uh, yeah. I guess I don't mind, either. I'll be fine."

If you cared about such a small thing, you'd be cursed around Happiness.

They're going to say it's narrow minded or something. He doesn't have a lot of mouth, but he just makes it clear what he wants to say.

"You're both really sweet.... Your brother is as good an adult as Yoki."

Mr. Ami stares into the kitchen with regrettable eyes.

I'm not that grown up either, but that brother is playful.

I guess she's struggling while she's young too.

"You're in a lot of trouble."

"I know my brother is doing it right...... I often get motivated"

Can that apron be a symbol of motivation?

The cake was delicious, so I guess you can't make it good.

"What was that cheer?"

"Whatever your brother is, because the sweets he makes are real. Sometimes, at the whim of my brother, customers are asked to try a new one, as they did earlier. That sounds very popular."

You mean they're grabbing my stomach?

If you think that way, I'll bring Cecilia to you too.

... or isn't this just the same as usual and bickering?

It's fun to talk to Mr. Ami and the three of Cecilia, but it won't be the same today.

But sadly, in my head, I haven't decided on a date plan or anything at all.

I wonder where to go and look out.

Then I found Duke and Irene dating side by side among the walking residents.

"This could be an opportunity..."

I don't know if it's a coincidence, but I decided to thank you for this situation for now.