When I was happy to find Duke on a date. Cecilia and Ami enjoyed the conversation on my own.

"Um... sounds strange, but did Ami's brother do something?"

"You'd care if I showed you all that. Brother... My name is Andrei, but it wasn't like that back in the day."

Mr. Ami spoke out with a sinister face.

Sounds like you're immersed in memories, but the vibe is more and more like someone else from when you're doing your usual seller.

Now it's just me and Cecilia, but I think we should definitely stop. I imagine her quite differently when I'm a seller.

"Well, I think you heard something come in."

Cecilia also seems to have felt a negative aura overflowing from Mr. Ami, trying to end the conversation.

Seems like I've shaken the subject from myself or I feel bad.

"No, never mind. It's also for me that my brother started to build his body."


"My parents were pastry chefs, too. I died in the war, but my brother and I have been chasing my parents' backs since we were young."

Looks like we got into some serial stuff.

I'm gonna take a break from thinking about the date, and I'm gonna join the conversation.

"My brother and I didn't abandon our dreams when our parents died. But because of the war with the Demon King, the neighbors got a giddy vibe, and the wind to my brother and me got stronger. He said he's at war and he wants to be a confectioner."

"You had a hard experience..."

Cecilia's expression clouds.

I guess you have something to think about because you were in the war.

I'm buried, though. There must probably be thousands of people in the situation, not just one, like Mr. Ami.

I think someone said that there would be no war, but I think you're right.

When I was fighting like that, I was pulling off without doing anything at Demon King's Castle.

"... you're not gonna do it"

Pompous and I snapped so the two of us wouldn't hear me. If I had acted in any way, would I have been destined to change?

I was locked in a given room, turning away from reality and becoming Kitchen II back then.

I thought of the old days and got sentimental on my own.

He's been quiet. He's looking at me like two people see something rare.

"Are you okay, Mr. Yowki? He had this sad, somewhat regrettable look on his face."

"I just remembered a little back in the day, so I'm fine. I apologize if I bothered you, sorry."

"No, it's fine if Mr. Yowki is okay. I think I'm a little overworked..."

"No, no. That's not true. I just snuggled up on my own. Mr. Ami, I think I broke my back, so I was wondering if you could keep talking."

I felt that my push with Cecilia would continue if I stayed this way, so I decided to force him back to Mr. Ami's story.

"Ah, yes. So I started building my body by saying," Amy, focus on making confectionery, and you'll be strong to protect you and this shop first. "

"Sister, you're a thoughtful brother"

"I can't believe there was such a crying episode in that muscle... that was totally unexpected"

Me and Cecilia have been impressed.

But look at us like that. For some reason, Mr. Amy is smiling bitterly.

It would be a very good memorabilia, but is it also something to think about?

"Ha ha... at the time I also thought my brother was such a dependable person"

"At the time... is it different now? Ami's brother worked hard for this store that Ami and her parents left behind."

"Yes...... My brother's stature improved and my voice gradually dwindled accusing me that brave men began to emerge in every country. It's about time my brother stopped working out his body and asked me to make sweets with him, but he turned me down."

"You don't know. I can't believe you refuse to make sweets even though now you make new cakes and proudly serve them for tasting."

An earlier muscle pastry chef, Mr. Andrei looked like he was enjoying his cake shop.

I wouldn't even be talking about not being so ridiculous at the time.

Originally, he said he started working out his body to protect the store left behind by his sister and parents looking for a pastry chef.

Then I wonder what happened, and I ask for Mr. Ami's return.

"'We need strong flesh to make confectionery. It's not enough for me yet,' I said..."

"Ha, ha. It's certainly hard to make sweets, isn't it? If you make it all together, you'll still have the strength."

Cecilia's following Mr. Andrei, but I'm gonna lean my neck.

It makes me wonder if I should muscle it while making sweets.

"Sure, it's hard to make sweets, but my brother's physique was more disappointing than my memorable parents. So I said it's okay... you can't listen to me."

Mr. Ami is dropping his shoulders disappointingly.

Cecilia feels like nothing.

Has the muscle tread become fun, or has his dedication and passion for confectionery making moved him?

"Not to mention saying, 'You have to get yourself some good ingredients,' and I'm going to sign up for the guild and pick up the ingredients that are only available at the border."

"You're acting as if you're completely away from your pastry job at the earliest."

If you ask the guild for that, the adventurer will take the request and get it for you.

Why go to a dangerous place and get the ingredients yourself?

"By the way, what is your brother's guild rank?"

"Sure... I heard a month ago about a place with lots of quality blackberries, and when I went out through my guild, I said 'C rank demon habitat or don't have arms' so I thought it was C rank..."

"No... I don't know"

Arm me up and remind me of the Alliance requisition.

Places that are habitats have a lot of demons of that rank, with patterns of higher ranks of herd bosses.

Therefore, it is a stone to throw a party where the habitat is located.

But suppose Mr. Andrei is working solo.

"B-rank... maybe the same rank as me"

Don't feel kind of weird when you say that.

That means that the world has the same strength as me and that muscle pastry chef.

I don't feel like I can win if I get attacked... is there any way I can get attacked in the first place?

No weird imagination, it makes me nauseous.

It's a great date day with Cecilia, so I just want to keep good memories.

"I can't believe your brother was that strong. That body wasn't just a look..."

"No, that flesh would be real"

The disappointing muscles you see from the gap in the apron tell the story of a lot of workouts.

"It was true that your brother got a body close to his ideal, wasn't it? I'm kind of relieved."

I guess I've been worried about my brother, stroking my chest down.

You're just one flesh parent, don't you worry?

"But that body would take a lot of pastry work, too. You said you'd use your strength."

"No. Your brother hasn't. Because it's still a shallow day since I made the cake."


I think I just heard some shocking words.

Cecilia doesn't know much about it either.

"I seem too obsessed with building my body to lose sight of my main body...... Actually, I make more than half of the treats in this store."

"So what does your brother usually do in the kitchen?"

"Like today, it's called prototyping, or the next day's planting."

I'm not going to tell you because I'm sorry, but you're a lot too far away.

Wouldn't it have been better to switch to a pastry chef's training if I had some muscle?

Where has the first serial gone?


"What's wrong?"

The story came to a close and reminded me of Duke's presence during the date I found.

As always, we have an interesting and strange conversation and it ends in a pattern.

So we have to avoid that... bad for Duke, but we need your help, without permission.

"Cecilia, is it time to move the place?"

"Right. Ami will also have shop business."

Seems like Cecilia agrees to leave the store, too.

I got up, paid for it, and when I tried to leave the store, Mr. Ami pulled me over.

"Um... looking forward to seeing you again"

A classic greeting for guests when they return.

When I heard Mr. Ami's bright voice, Cecilia and I returned and left the store.

"Now, where shall we go? Mr. Yowki, if you had any plans, I'd go out with you."

Is this being tried?

I've said it in a lovely tone with notes at the end of the story.

Maybe I'm in a good mood with the cake earlier.

You can't fail a date course with a bee. It depends on how I escort you, if it's going to be a good memory today.

"Oh, I'll take care of it"

My date, which is totally eloquent, begins.

I thought so while walking beside Cecilia.