After I left the cake shop, I was looking for Mr. Duke and Mr. Irene to enhance my sense of smell.

Ask Cecilia where she is going.

Honestly, I was tempted to tease you, but I haven't decided, so I can't do anything about it.

"We often travel by carriage, so sometimes, it's not a bad idea to walk around town this way"

Cecilia's cheerful words hurt.

Smile and have my time buying conversation...... I feel so sorry for saying it's a no-plan date.

"Ha, yeah? Maybe I don't know because I walk around all the time. Very rarely I fly and travel..."

When I get on the subject and make a light mess, I move my eyebrows about whether Cecilia meant it or not and grab my arms disappointingly with both hands.

"Mr. Yowki, may I have a word with you?"

"Just kidding..."

I tried to soothe the place, but it seemed counterproductive. I hear Cecilia doesn't mind me demonizing.

I don't do a lot of things... but I think I want you to live as much as you can.

You must be worried because you know I was in a grip at Demon King's Castle.

I'm attracted to such kindness.

That's why I can't fail this date to increase my liking with Cecilia.

We need to find Duke and the others and run the operation. Well, even when it comes to operations, it's very simple to do.

Puck Duke's date plan, that's all.

The follow up is perfect, you can never go wrong with that Duke conceived date plan that puts on any thing.

I also thought about meeting him under the guise of coincidence and bringing him on a double date, but rejected him.

If you follow Duke's opinion even on a double date, you'll be able to go to a variety of good dating spots.

But then I can't come up with any ideas. I'll confirm that my impression will diminish.

Besides, Mr. Irene and Duke would be good alone, and I don't want to interrupt. Just see what kind of place Duke makes a date course and go somewhere similar.

Name it, it's a tail date operation... I know it sucks while I'm at it, but I won't stop.

With a funny joke, he approaches the Dukes relying on his sense of smell as he talks to Cecilia.

When I got close enough to see Duke and the others, it was just when I was about to enter some store.

I think I'm lucky on the inside and see the sign of the store I went into.

There it said 'Mohijii's Pharmacist'.


I was too surprised to say what I thought.

"What's wrong, Mr. Yowki?"

"No, it's nothing"

Deceptive in the guise of calm, but full of question-marks in my head.

I've never heard of a pharmacist on a date.

If one of them got hurt or something, it could be.

But Mr. Irene couldn't seem to be injured because he saw him smiling and walking into the store.

Duke with a full body armor helmet is out of the question.

Then why? I don't know.

More than that, this makes my operation a failure. No way I'm taking Cecilia to the pharmacy...

"Ah! Mr. Yowki, why don't you come in here and see?"

Where I was worried about what to do, the hand of salvation from Cecilia was withheld.

"Oh... here?"

What Cecilia has recommended was not a luxury boutique as the nobles go by, but a clothing shop sold by ordinary people's clothes and old clothes worn by nobles.

"Yes, I received accessories from Mr. Youki before, so now I want to thank him. I thought I'd pick out a few clothes for you, if only Mr. Yowki could."


Don't help me because I didn't usually have much to wear, except for the adventurer's clothes I would wear at the request of the guild.

The only clothes I have recently picked out and bought for myself are already in storage.

Cecilia would choose fashionable clothes even in old fashions.

"Well, let me ask you a favor"

"I'll take care of it. Because I will never let Mr. Yowki lose any money!

"Oh, thanks..."

Cecilia grabbed my hands... and my face is close.

I'm happy with this, but is it because of the impatience I feel from Cecilia?

I appreciate you choosing my clothes, but your eyes are serious...

Even as Cecilia tangled her arms like that, she was taken to the clothes store to be dragged half way.

My heart is half full of joy and half full of confusion.

"Mr. Yowki seems to have a bit of a sense of personality...... I'll let you choose the standard clothes that suit Mr. Yowki!

"Hey, that doesn't mean I have bad taste in the distance..."

"No, that's not what I meant. It's just unique."

When they say it with a smile, it stops scratching.

I guess he cares about being Cecilia.

I have a consciousness that I don't have taste for myself.

If I choose my clothes freely, I can think of the possibility of a second or third black history.

"haha...... well, nice to meet you"

That's how my clothing selection by Cecilia started. I'll try on some clothes that Cecilia will be a candidate for.

To some extent, he seemed to think about the outfit that was in my taste, and he didn't just focus on fashion and pick it out.

As Cecilia walks around by herself looking at her clothes while she's choosing, she has eyes for clothes that look somewhat like a cook, and I'll take them in my hand.

"Hmmm... even though I know I can't, I still see it. Is this the sex of Kitchen Two?"

"Come on, what about these clothes? I think it suits Mr. Yowki, don't you?"

As soon as I was complaining about my incurable illness, Cecilia gave me clothes.

"Thanks. Then I'll try it on"

After repeated attempts at these exchanges, Cecilia has carefully selected three outfits to purchase.

I said I would pay for it myself at accounting time, but they pushed me off because I was grateful.

By the way, I wore one of the clothes I bought and went outside the store. Because I thought the clothes Cecilia chose for me were more stylish than the clothes I had worn.

"No, I'm just glad you picked out clothes and even gave them to me. Is Cecilia good with clothes?"

I won't be wearing clothes that I can buy from an old fashioner like this, so I'm going to give Cecilia a lift to the boutique if she wants.

"Yes, I have quite a few clothes. Because Mr. Sophia tailors clothes that suit me."

"Oh, yeah."

I think boulders are ladies.

Was Cecilia's clothes tailored by Mr. Sophia?

That guy can do anything.

Are you saying that the title of maid length is not Dada?

"Come on, where are you going next?"

"Next? Oh, next. Um... this way, I guess."

When I thought about it, I was in the middle of a no-plan date.

Shit, I could've gotten through the scene by accident this time, but it's never gonna happen again.

There must have been some kind of situation earlier.

Let's put Duke on again.

We rely on our enhanced sense of smell to locate the two of us.

By the time I saw you two, I was just about to walk into some building.

"Now it's time..."

When you look at the building sign whispering to make sure it doesn't sound like Cecilia, it says Albert Stream Swordsmanship Dojo '.

"You're lying. Ooh!?"

I fell to the ground.

Sure, they're both knights, but more importantly, special training in swordsmanship until on a date.

Do you both like swords that much?

"What's wrong, Mr. Yowki? All of a sudden shout out... is something wrong?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. Just a reminder snag."

Get up off the ground with an excuse to be too painful.

You've gone to a place where swordsmanship dojo isn't even helpful.

How to overshadow this pinchy situation.

Look around and see if there are any good stores.

"Maybe you got lost?"

"No, that's not true."

I was mistaken for thinking I was lost, including earlier and now my actions.

Do I have to go into the right store when this happens?

"Ah, Mr. Yowki. Can I just drop by this store for a second?"

He suggested a store for Cecilia to enter again at a troubled time.

There is a building with all kinds of flowers when you follow the end of Cecilia's gaze.

"Florist, that's all right."

"Shall we come in then?"

I thought it was helpful in my heart and followed Cecilia into the florist.

There were flowers outside too, but there are more flowers in the store. I'm not familiar with the type of flowers, so I get a kick out of the rarity.

"Seek has been telling me about flowers lately. Flowers that can be used for cooking or for tea."

"Uh, that's what he's good at."

Seek has knowledge of plant relations in general, so he should know quite a bit about flowers as well.

"I discovered that I was talking to the gardener at the mansion on an equal footing, and Seek-kun showed me a lot of knowledge when I joined the conversation, too. The gardener didn't know much about it, so we've been friends ever since."

"I thought you did something wrong to the gardener, but you saved me with a broad heart..."

My child is crushing my face in front of my employer's daughter.

Well, Cecilia wouldn't mind that.

"It sounds more like you appreciate it. He said he was able to learn what it takes to do his job."

"I hope so. I'm relieved Seek seems to be melting into the mansion at all."

"It's okay because it's already completely blended in. And Happiness, of course."

Happiness has other worrying elements... well, now, okay?

"Then you're relieved. Then let me show you what Seek taught me."

"Hehe, I'll take care of it"

When I pointed to a flower I didn't even know its name, she told me its name, a little commentary, and what purpose it had.

The shopkeeper's girl looked at us like she was jealous. Did it even look like a couple with flirts from her?

If that's what it looked like, I'd be pretty happy to do it.

It's not sneaky to just look around and go home, so I bought a few flowers that Cecilia and I liked and left the store.

"No, flowers aren't just something to look at. I've learned something valuable."

"Seek told me everything."

The two of us walk out of the store bickering.

You feel good, I feel like laughing all the time.

The no-planning date is going so well that I have a whiff in my heart.

It's still early time to dissolve, and if you push one more later, today could be your best memory.

I took the liberty of believing Duke to be honest for the third time, and took Cecilia to Duke and the others.

The closer we get to the Dukes away from the town centre, the fewer shops there are.

Where the hell is Duke headed?

Cecilia doesn't even know where I'm going. She's been questioned earlier.

I finally saw the Dukes when I started to feel that it was the limit to go out of the way.

"Is that... Mr. Duke? Looks like she's with a woman."

Not very popular around, so Cecilia also saw the Dukes.

Deception is later, and now we need to know where the Dukes are going.

When I saw the sign written in big horizontal letters, I found out the name of the facility.

"Yabusa yard……!?"

Why do you have such a facility even though it's away from the center of town?

You're not the kind of place to come on a date in the first place!

As far as I can tell, Mr. Irene was in the mood for lunch.

I doubt those two are really on a date.

"Mr. Duke, you went in with a woman. I thought I'd say hello... but women seemed to have more fun, and I think I'd be disturbed, so would you stop?"

"Oh, yeah, you are. It's important to read the air…"

"So shall we go, too? The destination is still ahead of us, right?"

Cecilia's questioned me and I sweat cold on my back.

Earlier I was helped by chance, but not this time either. There are no shops around. It's unnatural to turn back, and honestly confess or believe in a miracle to move on.

"Ah, the Virgin Mary."

I heard the boy's innocent voice when I was forced to make the ultimate choice.

The boy, the Lord of the Voice, came running towards Cecilia and held him as he was.

Cut the boy to the skin, a boy, a girl gathers at Cecilia's.

Cecilia laughed bitterly, and an old man in priestly clothes ran roughly out of breath when I was confused.

"You guys can't just run away on your own."

Attention while shortness of breath does not seem to reach boys and girls, and remains herded around Cecilia.

"Do you know Cecilia? I called her Yogi... my friend."

My friend's voice got a little lower.

It seemed like the priest realized I existed and waited until he was breathing before he started introducing himself.

"Hi, I'm sorry to keep you waiting. My name is Dabate and I am the one who runs the orphanage. Are you a friend of Master Cecilia's? Cecilia had me come to the orphanage for charity."

"For as long as it takes, in charity."

It would be my work as a monk. Cecilia does a lot of work, too.

I can still see Cecilia at the center of the kids and ask them what they like.

"Cecilia told me to deal with a lot of kids in an orphanage, to teach me how to study... and I can't get my head up either."

"Ha, so you mean that state. Is the orphanage around here?"

"Yes, we've all been shopping home today… there's an orphanage ahead"

When I heard this information, I came up with a dead end plan.

"Heh, a lot of baggage if you shop with this number of people, right? The children are obsessed with Cecilia, and it will be difficult to leave once it has happened. What do you say we interrupt the orphanage with Cecilia for a little while?"

"Uh, me and the kids are welcome to do that, are you sure?"

As far as Cecilia is concerned, it will be fine.

I am also used to children in Seek, so I have no problem with it.

I've lost track of my destination. It's a wish or a fulfillment situation for me.

"Yes, let's go. Oh, I'll take your stuff."

I have the big baggage that the priest was carrying and I walk out to the orphanage.

"Excuse me, then, please.... Hey, Cecilia's coming today, so don't wait till we get to the hospital."

"Yay, I can be the Virgin Mary today!

"Let's go, Virgin Mary"

"Um, I didn't hear... Yowki!

I heard Cecilia's confusion from behind, but I apologized overlapping my hands because I didn't want to explain it in front of the kids, and walked out again.

... Speaking of which, why do the children call themselves the Virgin Mary about Cecilia?

Probably two names, but we'll ask Cecilia later.

Then when I got to the orphanage, I became a playmate for the kids with Cecilia.

Though there was a pitiful happening where almost everyone went to Cecilia to be sad and comforted by the girl.

Time quickly passed while I was playing, and it was a treat until dinner.

"Sorry, staying so late..."

"No. The kids seemed to enjoy it, and I was helpful. It seems to be very unusual."

The priest dropped me off and Cecilia and I left the orphanage behind.

On my way home from Cecilia to the Mansion, I was sure I had good memories today.

"You had a lot of fun today"

"Oh, yeah."

"But I think Mr. Youki's plans have largely collapsed. Are you okay?"

"It's okay. You picked out some clothes, and you could hear some interesting stories at the florist. The orphanage was inside."

"Father Dabate said you wanted me to come again, too."

Speaking of which, the children in the orphanage called the Virgin Mary about Cecilia.

You were so obsessed with playing that you forgot to ask why.

I think I'm going to get to the mansion already, and I'll ask you one last time.

"Hey, call me the Virgin Mary about Cecilia..."

"Mr. Yowki, there are things in the world that you shouldn't know, right? And I don't want you to know..."

That's the best smile I've ever seen... my eyes aren't laughing.

Apparently for Cecilia, the Virgin Mary is taboo.

I don't know what happened, but it looks like we should stop pursuing it in depth.

"Now if you'll excuse me. Thank you for sending me. Please go home with care."

"Oh well, see you next time..."

I eventually broke up with the unspeakable air.

I think I made fun of it at the end.

Overall, today's date went well, but I feel the coincidence overlaps too much.

"In the meantime, let's report the results of our date to Duke. And I have to ask him about his date course."

Today was a busy day of lots of fun, fun and mystery. It turned out to be a memorable day.

It was me on my way home with a lot of satisfaction.