Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've been trying to find out the secret of my date.

The day after the no-plan date. Duke's date caught my eye, so I stormed the Knights headquarters unexpectedly for lunch break.

"That's why I want to ask you something."

"What does that mean?... Well, you can figure out the content somehow. Let's just go to my room."

He signals with his neck and is prompted to follow him, and follows Duke.

I'm going to mention yesterday's date when I get to my room.

You assured me it was a date, and that you two would actually just have been training.

And I'm going to tell you that I had a successful date while I was on my own.

I went into Duke's room thinking of such a black thing in my heart.

"In the meantime, I'm going to ask the captain what he wants to hear. I know what you're going to ask."

Duke sits snuggly on the couch in the room and represents his spare attitude.

Until now, as an adult, I've been pretty much down there... but look at me now, I'm gonna break that nose column.

"I had cake with you the other day."

"You ate it."

"And then we talked about going on a date, and you left without consulting."

"Oh, you left. I had some errands, too. … so what was the date like?"

I heard it as if I was somewhat interested.

By chance, I am confident that I have been able to finish the date in a good way and report the results.

"That was a huge success. To be honest, I was anxious, because I could see Cecilia smiling at where she was going."

Even now that I remember it, Cecilia looked like she had a fun look the other day.

I enjoyed it myself, so it was a date that we were happy with.

I guess that's how I can talk like I'm bragging because it seems so.

You don't have to look in the mirror to find out that my face is there talking about the other day.

"Success. Hey, that was good. I heard you had a hard time with this one."

Sounds like you're banging my shoulder and congratulating me... but don't feel like you were saying something odd right now.

"Hey, what do you mean you had a hard time now?"

"Oh, that's right. I set up the captain's date course."

"... what?"

I don't know what Duke means by words, and I sound dumb.

"No, Captain, you're going around on a date with Cecilia in the order of old fashioners, florists, orphanages."

"Wait, wait, how do you know where Duke and I went on a date? Besides, it fits in order!

You can't sort out what happened to me with a head that hasn't calmed down.

But Duke doesn't understand me. Ignore me and continue the conversation.

"No, that's why I'm gonna lead you there."

"How did you do that?"

The old clothes store, the florist, the orphanage, they just happened to be nearby and came in.

It was Cecilia who said she wanted in, and what an orphanage. I met the director and the kids, so I decided to go.

If the deans hadn't gone out, we wouldn't have seen each other...... it should only be a coincidence.

"I thought of an operation that took into account the character of the captain and Cecilia."

"So let me hear about that operation and what you did!

"Hey... I'll explain in order. First of all, after my captain and I broke up."

"You usually just left without even consulting."

You don't have to ask to remember enough.

I didn't know what to do then.

"Totally... you say I ran around for the captain after we broke up. How hard do you think it was!?"

Duke makes a little noise absurd about my words getting in the way of Kang.

"... even if you suddenly get cleaned up like that. I don't know."

It makes me twitch to Duke, who's getting the other way. I usually argue, but the word for me shrivels without getting hooked and strong.

"Okay!? After we split up, I'm going to go over the date spots for the captain that Cecilia might like. So I decided to execute a plan based on the information I looked into."

"What's the plan?"

"Let the captain tail you deliberately and direct you to a dating spot."


I was furiously upset at the same time as surprised.

It's a coincidence. What did you think, but I was on Duke's palm?

"No, but wasn't Duke's plan too many holes?"

There must have been an element of uncertainty that I didn't try to follow or that Cecilia didn't try to enter the store.

It's turned out to be successful, but I'm not convinced.

"Sure, there's a part of it that was somewhat of a bet. But as I said earlier, if you consider the character of the two of you, you don't think that important part of the operation will fail that much, do you? I'm talking about the captain anyway, so if you see me on a date in a stuffed situation, it's easy to think he'll come after me for reference or something."

"What, Duke thinks I can only work simple, man-made thinking?"

"You've actually been following us, haven't you? I don't think there's any excuse."

I can't argue with Duke because he has the best argument. I was in quite a hurry then.

Was Duke calculating around there as well?

He's a horrible guy while he's an ex-boyfriend.

I think we've been dating for years, and it's so weird that my actions are good.

Then let's bump into a different direction question.

"What do you mean by thinking about Cecilia's character? It wasn't in the description you were talking about earlier."

"Oh, you mean that? Mr. Cecilia can read the air better than the captain, so I thought if the captain tried to bring it on a double date, he'd stop it. And then he thought he'd come into a nearby store and maybe keep us out of the way if he saw us."

"Who are you!

Though I did see the Dukes the other day, Cecilia looked around without trying to make contact, so I didn't find a florist.

I'm getting more and more scared of Duke, but I can't finish the conversation.

It was no coincidence, of course, that I met the director of the orphanage and the children on the way I was following him.

I hear Duke caught information on Cecilia's charity and looked for an orphanage he was planning to go out to.

"What would you have done if no orphanage was going out?"

"At that time, he might have been trying to get out."

"Whatever you want. That's too much..."

"I'm joking."

I hear laughter from inside my helmet.

You got something to laugh about?

You don't know Duke's laugh bump.

Or did you make fun of it with laughter?

Duke could be good enough.

More than that, you're scared of what this guy's gonna do.

I didn't know my date with Cecilia was all calculated.

"But, Duke. Didn't you do terrible things when you thought about Mr. Irene? You went to the drugstore and the dojo to guide me and Cecilia to our date spot, right?"

I don't know how much for me, but I don't know how to use someone else.

Mr. Irene, 'cause you really wanted to enjoy your date with Duke, and there would have been a place you wanted to go.

"... what are you talking about, Captain? You think I deliberately took Irene to a place that doesn't fit the date for the captain? You're not doing that, are you?

"So, then why did you go to a place that doesn't seem to fit such a date? I thought you went into the right store for me and Cecilia's date spot."

Duke is always different and hot today.

I disagree, but my hips are completely drawn.

Ever since you saw me like that, or because of your objections?

I got sighed.

"Irene seems to be familiar with medicine because she looks like an elf, and she also does conditioning and stuff with her hobby. So, I had a lot of knowledge of the effects of Seek, so I heard about the efficacy of the medicine."

"Is it the same thing I was hearing about Cecilia in the florist..."

That doesn't make any difference in terms of listening to their hobbies.

Isn't it the difference between medicine and flowers?

"There was a joint match with other dojos at the Albert Stream Swordsmanship Dojo, so I'm gonna go check it out."

"I see..."

You're the guy who watched sports in his last life.

It's not wrong as a date course.

"The last time the two of us had a fight to score,"

"... it's a game feeling"

Try summing up Duke's dates in a previous life style.

You mean you went to a store that suited their tastes, watched a sports game, and stopped by the game center and went home?

... don't normally count as a date, this.

"You look convinced."

"... well, yeah"

I regret that I can't say it back, but as a date, I can't help it because I'm not wrong.

"Then it would have been good. Then I'll tell you what I want to tell you about this one."

"What do you want to tell me?"

"I will. The captain will advise you not to have any further problems with your date course."

"Sure, it's a bad idea to ask Duke again"

I don't think I'll ever be able to snuggle around with Duke as an adult.

First of all, do as Duke says, and I'm not happy that my relationship has been accomplished.

I want to make a successful relationship with Cecilia on my own if possible.

"You know the area, that's just like the captain. … so what I'm trying to say is that the captain should know Mr. Cecilia better"

"About Cecilia? Even if Duke doesn't tell me that, I'm trying to understand."

I fell in love at first sight, started over in Minerva, and then I went on dates, requests, even to Cecilia's home.

"It's sweet. Perhaps the captain thinks we can do something about it if we go anywhere the girl seems to like it, right? Then don't do it."

"Ugh... why?"

It was a star, so the voice of agitation came out.

But I don't get what Duke's saying.

In the meantime, can we do something about it if we go to the basic place of the date?

"You have to go somewhere Cecilia likes you, not somewhere the girl likes you."

"... Oh!

"So I'll let you date Irene and tail her. I thought you should actually take a look at it rather than explain it with your mouth. From the captain's point of view, did Irene seem bored?"

"No, he seemed to have fun..."

That day I was dating Duke and Mr. Irene while I was poking around in my mind.

When Mr. Irene got to where Duke was guiding him, I felt he was changing his face by the way.

Ultimately, I was walking with Duke with a smile I wouldn't falsify, which strikes me.

"You're not gonna tell me my date was perfect. Because what I just said is my personal opinion. But I don't think it's wrong to know more about Cecilia."

"I don't mean Cecilia..."

Want to gather information to the point where you won't be a stalker?

That could be useful when we're going on a date.

"Well, that concludes the story. And then the captain will do his best. I'm going to work after my break."

"Oh, okay. Thanks, Duke. Thanks again."

I said goodbye to Duke and went back to the inn.

When I go home, I dive into bed without worrying about Guy's eyes.

"I need to be a little more firm."

Thanks entirely to Duke for the date success.

Next time, it's not a no-plan, it's not a tail, I have to make a plan.

Various efforts are likely to be required to do this.

You should be glad to know the depth of your relationship.

Duke doesn't seem to have his head up for a while.