"Okay, it's done."

After work, I wipe the sweat off my forehead.

In front of me is a candy worker's flower I made.

This was what Cecilia would do in return for White Day, and what she had arrived at after her troubles.

At Valentine's, I got a handmade cake with a cookie in it.

It would be polite of me to give you something that I've got quite a bit of.

Well, don't forget to thank me properly for the work.

Of course, I've never made sweets or anything, so it seemed like a reckless challenge to me...

"... yeah. I think it sounds good. I'll cover it."

I asked Ami, the pastry chef at the destination store, to teach me how to make it.

"Thank you, thanks to Ami, I managed to get it in good shape."

"I just taught the basics, and the rest is the result of Mr. Yowki's hard work."

That's what you're gonna say, Mr. Amy, but I've had a lot of trouble building stuff up to here.

Every time Ami gave me some advice, I finally got something good.

"It really helped. But it was annoying. After closing the store, he went through the week to teach me how to make it, and let it come with practice..."

"No, because Mr. Youki is a regular. It can be a good experience to teach people even this one. And I enjoyed teaching more than my brother."

"Ha ha, by the way, muscle pa...... Mr. Andrei still got the work done?"

"Looks like it."

A muscle pastry chef who is silently immersed in candy craftsmanship as opposed to us enjoying the conversation while cleaning up the kitchen.

From behind, I feel something like an aura that doesn't line up.

I've always thought it was a gag character, but does standing in the kitchen change my impression so far?

I don't know what kind of things I will finish, but I wonder if amateurs will be able to do something amazing unlike me to the extent that I have hair.

"That's right, the main business is different. There's a piercing, or something."

"My brother is still shallow in the sun starting his pastry... I was supposed to start working on candy, and I was teaching it at the same time as Yoki."

"Uhm, we're done!

looks like it's finally done as we watch as we clean up.

I rush over and see how complete the work is.

"This is..."

First, at first glance. Okay. I'm proud of my unparalleled completeness.

Even though that's an apprenticeship, I have to realise I'm an active pastry chef.

Model objects are reproduced in real life and faithfully.

It combines beauty, and the person who made it looks satisfied.

"Brother, what the hell...?"

He seemed curious to see my reactions, Mr. Andrei's proud expression, and Mr. Ami also came here for a small run and stared at the work.

"What do you say, my master and beloved sister? Wonderful and beautiful...... Muscle would be!!

What was on the workbench was a mucky arm made of candy.

The moment you bend your arms and your biceps thrive… it is a brilliant feat, as if time had stopped.


Ami is stunned with her mouth open for not knowing what to say.

Are you angry or frightened...... I guess so.

She used to tell me if I would sell it as a product if I could make something good. This... can I sell it if I line up in the store?

Even though the making is perfect...... don't be angry that it's beautiful in vain.

"Hmm. Seeing Ami say nothing, you've apparently admitted it."

Muscle pastry chef with arms together and a nodding interpretation of yeah.

Look closely at your sister, she's just too frightened to say a word.

Ignoring Ami in that condition, however, the muscle pastry chef wraps on his candy workmanship in a way he is used to.

And I gave the wrapped thing to Mr. Ami, who is still stunned.

"I'm always sorry... this is a thank you. Take it. My beloved sister."

It was just a gift for Mr. Ami.

The feeling of being cut off is all over my face.

However, Mr. Ami, who was stunned, can't seem to hide his surprise at his sudden brother's behavior either.


Now I'm in a whirlpool of beautiful sibling bonds.

I wasn't just kidding...... No, you weren't.

I'll compare the two faces.

Brother, Mr. Andrei looks very satisfied.

I suppose you think it's a surprise success.

The problem is my sister Ami...... yeah, she looks like she's nicotine, but if you look closely, she's got a mouth cramp.

Well, you can't even do that.

The first time I saw it, I was stunned. It was a gift for me.

Or if it's a gift for gratitude you always take care of, let's give you some more decent stuff.

"You're not too rash..."

I was in a better mood when I gave my sister a present, set aside the brain-weather muscle pastry, and I whined in a half-hearted tone.

"Well... if you say you look like a brother, you look like a brother"

Mr. Ami stares at the muscle candy he is given, smiling bitterly.

Don't hesitate to eat it because it's being reproduced too accurately. This, in an outward sense.

Still, I didn't know you could go back to sanity as soon as they gave you one of these.

"So you're convinced."

"Because I'm a brother and sister. We've lived together for years, and if you're ever surprised at what your brother's doing, the store's in trouble."

"So is that."

After the two of us laughed on the spot, we talked and cleaned up, and I thanked them and went back to the inn.

Of course, don't forget the candy flowers you made.

Enter the room and store the wrapped candy in the shelf for a breather.

At Valentine's, he was eventually saved by Cecilia, but he experienced a tremendous sense of nothingness in the process until then.

It's a matter of unexpected tears of blood being shown happiness.

I don't want you to think that anymore, and I don't want you to.

So I...

"I'm gonna go give Cecilia my present first thing in the morning. Damn!

Create a fist grip on the bed and get in the mood.

Let's go as soon as possible, though not to the point of annoyance.

You may see Cecilia's delightful and amazing face in the morning... Think any more and you're going to get excited and unable to sleep.

I'm thrilled to be alone, rolling over the bed.

Then suddenly I heard a sleepy voice from the corner of the room.

"Mm... what the hell is all this fuss?

"Oh, I'm sorry. Did I wake you up?"

I woke Guy up with words to get me in the mood earlier.

The tension went up and I shouted out loud.

"... something didn't happen, did it?"

"Oh, because I was just a little bored. You slept well, didn't you? You did something wrong."

"Well, I'll get right back to sleep, so don't worry. … Seems like I've been home late lately, but have you done your errands?"

"Oh, sort of. Are you ready for this?"


"No way, don't you know?"

It doesn't look like I'm pretending to be in love, and I don't think I know about tomorrow.

It's about Teal, so he's going to say that Guy doesn't have to give him anything to just be with him... poor thing.

I gave Guy a full explanation for tomorrow's White Day.

"I don't know... I don't know that kind of event. Last month, Teal gave me something to chocolate without saying anything... but I'm not prepared for anything!?"

"Uh, you don't have that. I got it, so I have to give it back."

"But if I don't have the money to buy something, I can walk outside! What the hell am I supposed to do?"

It's also unusual for Guy to be so flirtatious.

I always go to bed, but my brother-in-law is the one who lets me through.

I guess that's unforgivable.

Well, sometimes they're called Teal.

"It doesn't have to be anything, does it? I'll give you as many presents as you can prepare."


Guy's been in a state where he doesn't know if he's sleeping or fussing about his thoughts by this one of mine.

I've already had the advice I can give, so I decided to dive into bed for tomorrow.