"Amazing, is this really made by Mr. Yowki!?"

"Ha ha.... sort of."

Seeing the candy worker flowers Cecilia gave me, she has a mixed look of joy and surprise.

I laughed proudly to deceive the praised embarrassment.

I was able to get up early yesterday because I slept early, and I headed to Cecilia first thing in the morning as planned.

Sophia, who welcomed me, looked surprised, but Cecilia smiled and invited me into the room, so I don't care.

Happiness and I were on our way to be guided, but I was sending an enviable gaze to Cecilia with me. And when I thought I had an eye for a moment, I was immediately distracted, and I went somewhere as I was.

Usually, they say they're going to follow a short, summarized vice.

Well, somehow I know why.

Anyone who knows the situation will understand.

In the meantime, Raven, I just told you to come quick.

I hope he stays with the gift like last time and stays in a matchmaking state.

Maybe that sense of distance is just right for the two of us... but from the way I look at it, it's snug.

I wonder when Duke's hard work will bear fruit.

... I can tell you because I'm having a hard time too.

"It's such a waste to eat."

"Not yet compared to the chocolate cakes and cookies Cecilia gave me at Valentine's."

"No, Mr. Yowki's candy workmanship is better."

"Don't get so complimented..."

Thanks to the treats, I think the room is starting to have a sweet vibe.

I can't believe I've been able to think like this for a week.

No, let's not think about it intentionally.

Simpler...... White Day is great!

Oh, my God, happiness doesn't last long is a thing of reason......

"Morning, Cecilia! Mr. Sophia stopped me, but I really want to give you something..."

Don't even knock. I'll go in, so I guess it leads to lucky sketches.

It doesn't matter now, but there's someone in the way for me.

He's freezing, with a refreshing smile the moment he opens it.

Are you saying I'm a disturber to this guy too?

Let me just say what I want to say right now.

"When you enter the room, knock..."

It would be natural to knock when entering a woman's room.

"Good morning, Mr. Yuga. Be careful from now on. … I don't know how many times I've had this interaction"

Always a gentle Cecilia made a slightly toggerous statement.

If they do it again and again, then pay attention.

I'd be pretty, but I guess Cecilia is sweet because she needs to be careful.

"Oh, yeah, I'm sorry. I'll be careful next time. So, why is Yoki in Cecilia's room? And so early in the morning..."

"Close, close, away! I'm just here to give you back because it's White Day."

Careful to leave as your face slowly approached you.

Even if you're handsome, I don't have a hobby for men compelling me.

"Oh no... I can't believe you're getting ahead of me"

Yuga gave out a black aura and fell on the floor. If you look closely, there's something in my hand. So I'm gripping the arugula bag.

Speaking of which, Cecilia handed out sweets to the people she took care of and the people she knew on Valentine's Day.

Did you also get Yuga from Cecilia?

... I was having a party, and I know you if I know you.

I know you were more of a caretaker than a caretaker.

"Oh, you've been pushed ahead. I didn't expect Yuga to be the first person in the morning to want to give me the White Day payback."

"I'm sorry you like things."

"Mr. Mikana was with you, wasn't he?"

You have mikana where Yuga is.

Did you come in an escort position?

"Yeah, because just like Valentine's Day, White Day has a Yuga payback event. I decided to take Yuga to the event venue with great care so I wouldn't panic like last time."

"Speaking of which, that happened..."

I looked at Yuga, still lying on the floor in shock.

It's not an idol, and what is this guy really?

"Last time, Mr. Raven, the Knights had a panic suppression, didn't they? Wouldn't it be better to arrange an escort in advance this time?"

"That's true. If it bothers you, I think you should tell me in advance."

Happiness got the chance to give Raven some chocolate, thanks to a panic crackdown last time.

We shouldn't have that kind of commotion, and I think we should be properly prepared.

"It won't get wet around there. I'm asking the swordsman to turn the knight around the venue."

"Then don't worry...?"

I'm talking about Yuga, the flagmaker, so I think he's about to make some kind of case.

Well, I don't know if I woke up.

Good luck to Raven, Duke.

"By the way... I'm going to be messing with you for how long. Look, we don't have much time, so just give it to me!

"Ugh... ok, Mikana. Cecilia, this is White Day payback. I really wanted to be the first to give it to you..."

Mind your own business. I've been staring at you, this guy.

I know you're jealous, but can the brave do it or something like that?

"It's not who's first or anything. I was just thankful for the treats."

"Oh yeah!? Well, then, this..."

It was a regular robe that I removed from the bag I was holding dear to.

Honestly, I think about the last time I was in an accessory store and I'm flattered.

I thought I'd bring out something gorgeous and vibrant in vain again.

Cecilia thought the same thing about me, the moment she gave it to me, she seemed surprised the other way around.

"That's a nice robe. Thank you."

"I'm glad you're happy."

Am I the only one who feels like the two of you have a strangely good vibe?

I think I'll go in between and do my best to interrupt you.

"Hey, you. You're thinking something evil. It's on your face."

"Seriously!? Shit, shit. Poker face, poker face.... All right, let's go!

"Okay, it's not!

I tried a faceless switching attack, but Mikana interrupted me even once.

I didn't expect to be disturbed... but I'm sorry.

"What, you won't attack with me, too? Are you going to shut up and watch?"

"Sure, but... I don't want to get in Yuga's way, and Cecilia's laughing happily... so I don't want to destroy that space!

We got along with Cecilia, and we reconciled with Yuga, so this guy might have needed to sort his mind out a little bit.

Something you just need to straighten through your love...

But if the kid you like is smiling, don't even feel wrong to interrupt.

Micah might have a point.

Well, it's obvious because I'm wrong.

"I get it. I'll leave you to it."

"... you surprised me. I can't believe I'm really stopping you. I thought you'd force me to stop you."

"Wait, here."

Stop it. You won't have a say in that.

Within a comic talent like this, Yuga and Cecilia ended their bickering.

"Micah, can I have a word?"

"What, are you heading to the venue?"

"No, I'm not. Micah gave it to me for Valentine's Day, so I thought I'd give it back..."


Mikana's face suddenly stained bright red.

I decided to go near Cecilia and watch what happens.

"The brave ones were prepared properly for Mr. Mikana, too."

"I didn't expect to give it to you at this time. He's a boulder brave man."

You're a real brave guy, like giving a gift to another girl right after you give it to the girl of your destiny.

I think I could have given it to you first...... did you want to give it to Cecilia first?

Well, that's as well. Don't let Mikana be rewarded with this.

"Mikana always takes care of me... and it's a token of my appreciation!

That's what I thought when I saw what I took out of the bag. He said he fucked up here.

What Yuga prepared for Mikana is for the wizard.

However, the word "magic girl" fits perfectly.

White and pink were precious, and pretentious clothes accented with adorable ribbons.... I just think it's a joke.

"This is it. I went to the market alone on my day off. Then I found this, and it hit me with a pean. The merchant's uncle said the exotic wizard was wearing clothes. So..."

"Let's go......"

I was still in the middle of talking about Yuga, but I led Cecilia's hand outside the subtle grasping room.

I don't know what Micah's expression is... the joy in joy and sorrow was expressed.

Cecilia didn't like it either, but she whispered slowly to Mikana. The moment I left the room and gently closed the door, I heard Mikana's very chilling voice.

"... you've done it"

"... right"

"Guy said today he'd give it back to Teal. I was wondering what to give you, so I thought I'd go back to the inn, and Cecilia, too?"

"Well, I'll be with you"

"Well, let's go"

I left Yuga behind and decided to take Cecilia back to the inn.