Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

Outside. I took a look at everyone's White Day.

"I took him out of the mansion on the spot at Nori, but he was okay with his plans?"

"Yes, because there was nothing in particular today"

"Good, then"

I'm on my way to the inn room where Guy is waiting while I have a conversation with Cecilia.

Just before I left the mansion, I took a look to see if Mr. Sophia had Teal.

He said he went out, so he probably turned to Guy.

"I wonder what the hell Guy is willing to give away. I don't even go outside... or I can't get out, so there's no way I'm going to be able to procure it."

"I'm talking about Mr. Guy, so don't you have any ideas"


In the end, I came back to the inn without thinking about it at all.

Take Cecilia to her room.

"... that's weird. Can't you hear me?"

I was going to do some hearing enhancement and hear what the conversation was all about.

Normally, I'm so stressed, I'm in love...

"Hasn't Teal come yet?"

"I don't know. Let's just go inside."

I opened the door to the room and went inside.

There was the sight of Teal sleeping in bed, and Guy beside him.



I pointed to Guy and said away with a doya face.

You were surprised by the sudden voice, Guy jumped on the spot. I immediately looked at this one and showed how relieved I was for some reason.

Do you think it's good for us?

"Mm... what a kid. Isn't she a monk's daughter? I'm surprised the door suddenly opened. Well, I'm relieved of the lads. It would have been dangerous if someone who didn't know about me had come in."

"Oh, you sure were in danger.... but there are things I think are more dangerous than that."

"What's up? Is something wrong?"

"That's... it's you, you lollicon bastard! Ooh!

"Mr. Yowki, please calm down!

It took a reasonable amount of time for Cecilia to forgive me for trying to strike Guy and calm down the commotion.

The room was rough, and I lost my sermon by Cecilia.

Is the salvation at least about making such a scene that no one came?

... I'm glad the most important thing that shouldn't have happened.

"Hey, monk's daughter. Would you at any rate preach to the lad until the evening? To this extent, I think it's very warm."

"Right. I think Youki is also fully reflecting, if that's what Guy says..."

"I'm so sorry. Forgive me for not making any more mistakes, making no noise, and not saying" lollicon. "

I rolled out the dungeon from the front seat.

I just want you to spare me the extension of the sermon.

The sermon ended and I was set free.

I've been sitting right for a long time so my legs are paralyzed, but I manage to get up.

"... this much noise, Teal, you stayed asleep"

It's on the bed. I'm sleeping.

You have a very calm look, are you having extra good dreams?

"My whole life magically put me to sleep, I guess I'll be awake for a while."

"Oh, did you bother to magically put him to sleep, Mr. Guy?"

"I knew it..."

I almost said I tried to attack you, but I hurriedly shut my mouth.

Because I don't like to preach again after making lousy remarks, and I won't be able to talk about it.

"Mm... what?"

"No, it's nothing. You put him to sleep for some reason.

"Whatever. This is the payback for my White Day to Teal."

"" Huh!? "

Me and Cecilia hammered out beautifully.

What does letting sleep mean by a gift?

"Now my whole life is dreaming about Teal"

"Oh, Nightmare Sleep? Guy, you're good at this."

I still remember that Guy's Nightmare Sleep made me dream radically.

You noticed my negative gaze, Guy turns to Cecilia and resumes the conversation.

"Well, so be it. To some extent, I can manipulate the dreams of the person I'm working with."

"Can you do that!?... So what dreams are you having for Teal now?"

"Anyway, Teal, you and Guy are out dreaming or something."

That would be what Teal wants to do most of all.

But Guy shook his neck sideways to show his will to deny it.

"... I'm dreaming about Teal's grandmother. There's no reason to show you my dreams. If he's alive, he can see him, but he can't see the dead."

"Did you?"

"But can you show them the dream they want so easily?"

Cecilia's question is the best... but it's only possible because I've been shown it once too.

"Of course, we need to get ready down there. We talked about my grandmother for a little while after Teal arrived. That's how you can bring the memories of your grandmother to mind, and then you can try to dream about those who think you miss Teal"

"Hey, wait a minute. Isn't that what I was prepared for?"

"I guess that's all the kid's head was simple. You're a troubled head."

Hahaha laughing Guy, Cecilia is tilting her neck because she doesn't know what's going on.

... shouldn't this degrading grudge be cleared up?

"It's good to look back on the past, but it's also important to look closely at the present and live?"

"Oh, yeah, right"

"Ugh, um..."

You two are feeling somewhat confused because I'm saying something decent.

Cecilia, anyway, you affirmed Guy's.

"That's why Teal wants a gift from Guy, too. So... dating, cancer."

"... what?"

I thumbs up lightly.

Guy opens his mouth and startles, and Cecilia gives me an opinion.

"Mr. Yowki, I do think it's a good idea to think about Teal, but realistically a little..."

"Cecilia, I don't think I can do this or anything. I want to give you Teal's wish!

Cecilia wandering over my feverish theory of power.

Half of it is revenge against Guy, but neither is it a lie that Teal wants to fulfill his wishes.

Absolutely. Teal should want a date with Guy.

I'm sure because I'm the one who's shown that much love.

"Wait, wait, wait, wait! Don't leave me and Teal to talk."

"Shit. Nothing good..."

I was trying to persuade Cecilia to stay like this and draw her in with me, but she got in the way at a later step.

I tried to make an argument with Guy, and I heard Teal's sleep.


That's right, mouth it. Go back to sleep, Teal.

I just hang up my mouth angle to say how's Guy doing?

But the next moment I went back to sleep, it wasn't my grandmother.

"... Protector God."

I should be completely asleep, but I shrugged with a smile on my face when I was always talking to Guy.

I nibble while I elbow Guy.

"I'm loved. I knew it was a confirmed date."

"My life reworks magic. So...... get out!!

Looks like a joke passed on the boulder, and Cecilia and the others got kicked out of the room.

"You've been kicked out"

"This is the room I'm renting...?"

"You can't help it now, can you? I can't seem to get into my room for a while, so why don't we head back to the mansion?"

"I'm sorry you're here."

I decided to go back to Cecilia's mansion while leaving a feeling of inconvenience.

On the move, there was some sort of queue in the square... mostly girls'.

I smelled trouble, so I headed straight to the mansion without stopping.

Return to the mansion, remind him to say so where he crept through the gate, and ask Cecilia a question.

"Did you get Mr. Sophia back for White Day?"

"I haven't heard such a story, have I? Maybe you haven't gotten it yet."

Speaking of paying Mr. Sophia back, he's my husband, Clayman.

On Valentine's Day, I would have cheeked on the chocolate, even though I was fine with the stinking dialogue at the guild.

No matter how annoying Clayman is, there's no way he won't return the favor... I guess.

"He's got a priori..."

Clayman has had a case where he used his wedding anniversary as a gift pick to piss Mr. Sophia off and get pumped.

I did the shitty thing of not spending time with you and not having any presents.

"I don't think Mr. Clayman is that bad of a person... let's just go to Mr. Sophia"

Cecilia only knows Clayman when she worked at the request of the Alliance together, so you don't seem to have that bad impression.

It's certainly not a bad one.

It's just too much stuff.

Cecilia will take you to the room where Mr. Sophia will be.

Do you want to knock and go into your room to get Mr. Sophia's permission?



The minute I walked into the room, I had six buckets of cookies in front of me.

Mr. Sophia eats one cookie at a time like work.

"Lady Cecilia, welcome home. We're going to have lunch now."

"No, what the hell is wrong with this massive cookie more than that?"

"... in return for White Day from my husband"

Mr. Sophia speaking with a sigh of relief.

Just a glimpse of the cookies.

Clayman's guy, did you think it would be good if there was an amount?

Didn't you think Mr. Sophia could eat it, did he?

"Clayman, what are you thinking?"

I have no idea.

"Daimyo, you must have cooked something you couldn't be. Because no matter how many husbands are geniuses, the food is different. I think I let Ceremony God help me because I couldn't make it well inside."

"That's him, Abao."

So now that we have a ton of cookies, did you decide to pack them together and give them away?

Cecilia's laughing hard at this episode, too.

Sophia eats cookies while we talk, but if you look closely, you pick cookies to eat?

"I really... look like a husband"

Mr. Sophia looks at the cookies in her hand and smiles slightly.

No way, it could be that Clayman is only choosing and eating the stuff he made out of these tons of cookies...

"Hey, Cecilia. I think the love of a couple is amazing."

"Mr. Yowki, what's wrong all of a sudden"

Seems Cecilia doesn't see Mr. Sophia eating sorts.

"If you don't know, Mr. Sophia, excuse me."

"Yes, ma'am, if you need anything, I'll be right there."

"Oh, yes. Now, if you'll excuse me, Mr. Sophia."

Again, I felt like I knew how awesome Mr. Sophia was.

I haven't decided where to go, but I'll take a stroll around the mansion with Cecilia.

"No, Seek must have gotten some chocolate for Valentine's Day from Celia. Did you give him something to Celia?"

Though a child, it would be manners to give back properly.

If you don't have the money, you can make it by hand at this time.

"I did give them tea that blended herbs that worked on shoulder stiffness and beauty"

"Yeah, I forgot he was different than a normal kid."

I didn't expect you to give it to me by making it yourself.

"Your mother was so happy. She tried it quickly, but said it was delicious, so Seek-kun seemed happy."

"Oh well. Seek seems to be familiar with it, and you don't have to worry about it anymore."

I'm glad everyone is having a good form of White Day.

No one like me from last Valentine's Day, but I was curious, but it looks fine.

Duke doesn't have to worry, and Raven...


"What's wrong?"

"Speaking of which, you said earlier that Mikana had asked the Knights to guard the venue for Yuga's White Day event."

"Yes, indeed..."

If so, Raven, the leader of the regiment, would be required to attend, due to the size of the event and his relationship with the brave.

You don't know when that queue will end.

If that happens, it will be too late for Raven to come to Happiness... the event hasn't started yet.

"Cecilia, let's take Happiness to Raven."

"What do you mean?"

"We're still supposed to make it now!

"So give me a reason ~"

I ran with Cecilia, captured Happiness at work, and I explained the situation to Mr. Sophia.

When I asked for more lunch breaks to accomplish Happiness's love affair, the chops flew in from behind.

Cecilia also helped me and I finally got my consent where I asked for it.

I wish I could finish cleaning for today by the end of the day.

"… Description"

"None! Just come get dressed. I'll be right there."

"... where?"

"It's Raven's place. Cecilia, can I borrow your carriage?"

"I'll take care of it. I'll arrange it now."

"... me, air?"

Let Happiness change who knows nothing, get in the carriage arranged for Cecilia and head to the event venue.

When I get to the venue, people are overflowing and I manage to find someone I know.

"Hey, Duke"

"Oh, aren't you the captain? I don't care what you do, you're just gonna have bad chest shit when you're in here."

"What does that mean? It doesn't matter now if it's because Yuga is here or because I can't..."

I'm not free to be the usual comic genius.

Explain the situation to Duke.

"Oh, is that what you're gonna do? Then you saved my life. When I gave Irene the White Day payback, she looked so jealous, and said," Duke's fine, give it back. "

"I knew it was like that..."

Not only Happiness, but even Raven... Raven is more seriously ill.

This could have been the right thing to do by bringing Happiness. In an airy raven as far as Duke's concerned, you'll have trouble coping when something happens.

It's an event with flagmaker Yuga, which is why Raven needs to stay strong.

"But if Happiness comes, you'll be fine."

"Oh, probably"

"Mr. Yowki."

Cecilia in disguise came.

Cecilia was supposed to have me waiting with Happiness, but I don't see Happiness.

"Cecilia, where did Happiness go?"

"Actually, while we were waiting for Mr. Yowki, I met Mr. Raven, who was making a final check on the security."

"True or good?"

You stepped on Duke saying you didn't need to worry anymore, he started to create a normal calm atmosphere

"But we have a bit of a problem… can you come?"

"Oh, okay"

Duke, who was relieved of what happened, also arrives in Cecilia with him.

Eventually, we reached the less popular alley.

It's at a bend ahead, so if you just show your face and peek, there's Raven and Happiness there.

"No way, now Raven can't give you the White Day payback, can he?"

Happiness got into a pageant on Valentine's Day without a gift inside.

Duke was at the crime scene at the time, so he didn't think so.

"No, Mr. Raven gave Happiness a present as soon as she arrived."

"So, what are you having trouble with?"

I peek again, I look at you both. It looks like he's staring from the edge... but if you look closely, Raven sees the box of presents he gave you, and Happiness sees the box and Raven.

"... apparently, Mr. Raven is waiting for me to open his present, and I don't know what Happiness can do about it"

"Make sure it's pure too!!

I couldn't stand it anymore. I tried to get out in front of the two of you to open your presents, but Duke and Cecilia held me back.

In the end, I got a second sermon from Cecilia.

Raven's got a time up coming too, and I can't wait to see Happiness react.

Is the flagmaker as effective as ever, the women's rush happened and the Knights silenced it, and the event managed to turn to an end.

I could have spent some time with Cecilia, so would White Day. Well, it would be something like an Aurai as a result.