Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to meet up with a friend and his ex-boyfriend.

"Ha, I'm finally here..."

I shrugged in a sigh in front of the boarding carriage I designated as the meeting place.

Surrounded by people who go on trips, who go to requests, who go home to their parents.

I am the one who goes to ask for it, but I am not alone in this request.

It was a long time since Raven seemed unwell during my Chef II explosion, so I invited him to ask for a change of mood.

I'm just going to ask for it, but it's not the two of us, actually, I'm also inviting Happiness.

I told Raven there might be a few more, but I'm not talking about Happiness.

I was nervous when I said I was going to ask Happiness out, but I thought I was going to say what it was, so I asked her out with a little surprise feeling.

Though I wish the distance between the two of us had been reduced by this request.

Well, if that was my plan and Happiness asked me out, I would have called Cecilia and Duke to leave you alone later.

"What, Cecilia, you can't come!?"

"Yes... I had some important business that day. I've never been out much with Happiness or Mr. Raven, so I would have liked to join you if I could..."

"No, I don't have a choice if you have business. I'll ask you out again. We'll plan it when we hear everyone's plans."

"I'm so sorry..."

I remember going to the Mansion right after I invited Raven and Happiness for an exchange.

I wonder if I was really sorry, because I was disappointed as I apologized.

I was more disappointed than Cecilia when I left the mansion.

Even as the tension fell, I went to ask Duke out the next day.

"I'm sorry, but I can't."

"You're lying! You said Cecilia had business, but you couldn't even come to Duke."

"Even I want to support Raven and Happiness... because without Raven, the Knights are busier."

"Do something about it, get the job done the day before"

"... work isn't the only reason. I'm joining the Knights on Raven's recommendation. But even though they think you're being seen at a glance, if you take the holidays at the same time, you'll be even narrower."

"I see... Sure you can't do that."

"Captain, I planned it myself, so I'm responsible.... I'm telling you, on the contrary, you can't let a crack arise between you two!

"Wow, I know..."

Don't do anything extra, I remember getting stabbed hard in the nail.

Nothing. I'm not going to say or do anything bad.

It's just that the matter is that it's a party of three without Cecilia and Duke that I was counting on.

"Totally me, you're in the way..."

I'm the one who made plans and gathered people, but honestly, I want to go home.

Deplores how stupid it is to plan, assuming you rely on people.

"Do you want to dota cane and go home...? No, if you do that, Cecilia will hate you, and Duke will piss you off that you're irresponsible.... most importantly, it's bad for both of us."

I can't even think of any name ideas on my own, and only time flies by abnormally.

In the meantime, he suddenly gets slapped on the shoulder and turns around.

There stood a raven in adventurer form, not the usual look of a knight captain.

"... have you waited?"

"Yes, no, nothing... I just got here"

Actually, there's no way I could say I've been here for half an hour now and have been thinking about what to do with it.

"What's wrong? That's a lot of sweat, huh?"

"Erm, you're pretty hot today. That's why, yeah."

Apparently, there's a lot of cold sweat coming from me. I was too obsessed with thinking to notice.

"Really? I think it's cool for today."

"Yes, you're usually equipped with Knights armor. It's unusual to make it raven today, it's a light outfit. Isn't that why you feel cool?"

"... sure, I guess. I feel like I've been wearing armor all these days because I haven't had time off."

The distraction operation seems to have succeeded, but it cannot be distracted.

If I've come this far already, I'll go ask for it with my stomach bracketed.

When Happiness comes, you'll just have to fool around like a dodgy success.

"Right. If you'd refresh me today, tomorrow, I'd be happy to make plans with you. So, for the guild's sake, let's have some fun."

"Oh, I get it. Yowki, thank you. Shall we go and check with the owner of the carriage?"

"Hey, wait!

It will always be ready, grab the paper and the pen and grab Raven's arm, which will go to your Lord, and stop.

Happiness hasn't arrived yet, so don't go through the process.

"... what's up. If we don't do this quickly, we'll bury our seats and we won't be able to ride?"

"Actually, I don't have all the members I'm going to ask for yet."

"... what?"

Raven's eyebrows move slightly and his complexion turns weak and blue.

"Oh, don't be so, obviously anxious. I know Raven when he comes."

"... well, that's fine. Are you coming around Cecilia? I'm sure Duke wasn't taking the day off. Later, speaking of acquaintances common between me and Yoki...?"

With a bump and a grunt, I'm exploring if anyone's coming, but for some reason, the name of Happiness hasn't come up.

Did you forget that you worked with Duke to get closer to Happiness?

Either you invite me out, you'll never come, or you think I didn't.

Don't get a little anxious when you see where Happiness's name doesn't come up at all.

What happens if Happiness comes to Raven, who has no idea.

Don't feel like you should put it away by spreading things to come first... not only for Raven, but for me too.

But I realized it was too late to make that decision, when my back was pulled.

Raven puts his hand on his chin right in front of me and is obsessed with thinking about who's coming.

Then you're pulling on my back right now.

"… Arrival"

"I knew, huh?"

Turning around, there was Happiness pulling her clothes while saluting her for some reason with her usual faceless expression. Raven hasn't noticed Happiness when he says he's already waited, or he seems to have tripped over his world thinking deeply.

"... Late?"

"No, it's on time. Me and Raven just got here."

"... yes"

Happiness, who had greeted me, went before Raven and slapped him gently in the chest.

"... oh"

Thanks to a gentle slap on the chest, Raven, returning from his world, seems to have noticed the presence of Happiness... his complexion, which turned blue earlier, has now turned red at once.

Raven is surprisingly prone to emotions on his face.

I miss the time I first met him at Demon King Castle when I thought he was a cool, oligarchy swordsman.

When I'm caught in such memories, I get my arms grabbed and dragged.

Needless to say, the dragging Lord is Raven.

When you are dragged a little further away from Happiness, you are freed.

"... why Happiness?"

I think I've heard the lowest Raven voice ever.

I guess I feel I can afford this situation, which seems completely irrelevant right now.

Raven would understand.

"Happiness has always been stuffed at the Mansion, too, because he hasn't gone anywhere.... It's a little away, and that's why I asked you out..."

"... we're not playing."

"Ugh... you said earlier that you would heal your tiredness. Sure, the request is a decent job. I'm not playing. But even Happiness will be more powerful than Raven thinks."

I can't tell Raven, but don't taste my ex-boyfriend.

Not as good as Duke, but Happiness can fight too.

Do you fight with magic and your own wings? It's Happiness style, and I did a good job at Demon King's Castle. Now my whole body is defeathered and I don't have all the wings, but magic alone is strong enough.

"... well. I've known Happiness for a long time. Sorry, I don't even know what Happiness is capable of."

Now I'm depressed.

You're busy getting anxious, angry, depressed.

"Nothing, you just need to know from now on. I mean, you can tell by this request, a lot."

"... can I do it"

He said, "Hold on! It's like always, '... right'?"

"Huh... right"

Raven has zero grin about whether the attempt to imitate the way he says it and soothe the atmosphere has been successful.

Looks like the usual Raven's back, so let's just do it.

I have a feeling it's going to be temperamental in the carriage, but it would be nice if I followed it. We're done. We're going back to Happiness.

"... waited"

"Sorry, I kept you waiting. Hey Raven and I are going to split the wagon money..."

I can't tell you how I was being questioned about bringing Happiness, so I spit a lame lie.

"... you're not talking like that"

"... am I?"

"Raven's gonna pay for Happiness."

"... Me too, pay"

"No, I'll pay for the yolk, too, so leave it to me. I'm going to talk to your man!

Now it's time for Raven to run to your man to make a reservation for the ride carriage.

Of course, grab the paper and the pen.

... When are you shopping alone?

Well, I could have deceived the flow of the story by making it feel like a comic genius, and it's good.