Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I went to make a request with a friend and an ex-boyfriend.

"Nevertheless... Happiness. You bought a lot of stylish gear."

The things I'm coming for are cheap equipment that can protect me for the time being and that just doesn't alienate me very much from movement.

Happiness, however, is also equipped with such stylish and conscious equipment that it functions fully as clothing.


This is the first time you've noticed it when they say it, Happiness is comparing my gear to mine.

"... Dasa"

"Wait a minute, come on!

Laugh with your nose as soon as you're done comparing, and you won't have a word for it.

I'm certainly not stylish, and I bought something cheap.

Happiness has quite a few words, because it weighs a lot.

"... Facts"

"Don't shoot me in the chase! I bought my gear thinking about performance and the amount of money I could spend."

"... poor?"

"I have the money right! You may always look like you're praying, but when are you going to make a proper request?!

I may have the impression that I'm playing around, but I'm doing my job properly on a request from my guild.

I'm not poor because I also save without a luxury trip.

The bigger shopping I've done lately... will probably be around the time of black history.

"... kechi"

"Say the covenant house!

Sometimes I don't really change my expression, so I don't know if what Happiness is saying is a joke or if I'm serious.

We've known each other for a reasonably long time.

Just don't feel slightly more in a good mood today than usual.

It's really slight... well, it would help if you enjoyed it, as far as I planned.

Happiness spins around like she's bragging to me, and she shows off her gear.

I think I'll do that when Raven gets back.

"... hmm!? Happiness, you're on your hips. What is that?"

"… weapons"

Happiness quickly took it out of his hips were two fans.

It is honestly surprising to me that I know Happiness, who fought alone, without waiting for a weapon from the time I was at Demon King's Castle.

You should have been fighting with magic and your own wings.

I'm fanning my fan like it's gonna show me.

"... I think it looks familiar?"

Happiness fans are decorated with white and pink colored blades.

After about five seconds of observation, the answer was derived in my brain.

"That's yours..."

I tried to say it was a feather and Happiness blocked my mouth by hand.

"… situation"

"... oh, bad"

Now we're at the ride carriage yard.

I guess I stopped it because I tried to make an idiotic statement that it was your feather.

"... frivolous"

"I'm sorry. So, that fan..."

"... my body"

"Ok, ok. Stop that dialogue and pose because I'm sorry. Because it creates weird misunderstandings."

When you say that with your arms around your body and a hug, I'm treated like a pervert.

It would have been even more troublesome if they had come back to Raven at this time.

"… Copy"

"... that's rather honest, huh? Usually they come after us with words."

"... misunderstanding"

"Oh, because you don't want to be misunderstood"

Happiness shaking his neck vertically with stiffness.

Happiness today is honest when it's honest, so don't get a little crazy.

Happiness is always something I don't forget to play with.

"... I'm home. I have spoken to your lord. They're running out of customers today, so it was easy."

"Welcome back. Oh, good."

While Happiness and I were screwed, Raven came home.

There seems to be no doubt that it was easy to take.

The amount of paper you think you used is obviously low.

"... they're leaving soon. Why don't you take your seats early?"

"Right, the three of us don't like being apart or anything. Let's go."

"... Agreed"

We got in the carriage quickly, but sometimes we got in early, so we had to choose our seats.

If it's my personal subjectivity, it shouldn't be a situation where I wish my favorite kids and seats were next to each other.

Raven must want that too. I thought about it the moment I stepped into the carriage.

"... Raven"

Raven sitting next to me for some reason.

I send a good glance that your place to sit won't be there.

Besides, it's not opposite Happiness, it's diagonal.

Happiness left her luggage next to herself feeling flat, and I can't. Shit.

Raven took out the paper and pen and even began to write something.

Looks like it was a message to me. I'm sorry about the paper. It says four letters.

"No, I was an extra treat too..."

Then the carriage left in no time.

Raven can't talk because there are people, and Happiness is the worst start at sleeping with his luggage on his pillow.

In the meantime, I pointed to Happiness asleep and told him if he was sitting next to Raven, he might have leaned against his shoulder and slept.

When I thought I blushed and hid my face, I was depressed with my head as if I regretted not sitting next to him this time.

That's how I got to the port town of Frimail, which is my destination, while remaining a delicate source.

"Happiness, get up!

"... oh"

"We're going down because we've reached our destination. Here, grab your stuff, Raven, too."

When I got out of the carriage first with my own luggage, followed by Raven, who also had Happiness luggage.

Apparently, he gave it to you.

Reflecting on not sitting next to you?

Raven might be getting aggressive, too.

When we got off the carriage, we decided to head to the inn to secure our base first.

This is the first town I've been to, so I decided to ask people because I didn't know what I was doing.

Happiness didn't get through because he didn't have a small mouth count, and Raven was listening in the brush, so it was a bad tempo and I practically started looking for him by myself.

"Both of you, let's get some more communication skills"

"... sorry"

"… reflection"

"Happiness, there's suddenly no '... inn' for strangers. That doesn't convey the purpose to them. Raven, don't make the paper crude, if it's the same text book at once, you can leave it behind."

I'm not on the side of the sermon, but I'm on the side of the sermon. The inn was found, so I didn't say much, so I just took the room.

Of course, Happiness is alone in two rooms, and me and Raven are in the same room.

I don't send my gaze to Raven there either.

Enter the room, leave your luggage and sit in bed to take the fatigue of your journey.

"Hey, let me ask you something. Happiness and the room were better together?"

"... I can't answer that question."

"The answer was a two-choice question. Well, I thought Raven would say that."

I guess I wouldn't be able to answer that either, considering he asked me if I wanted to be in the room with Cecilia.

I haven't had that kind of relationship yet, and I'd like to be in any case... embarrassed or something.

I'm like this, too, so you don't know how Raven feels.

"... I put my stuff down, and I want to move on to the request. You haven't heard anything about me or Happiness."

"Oh, right. I totally forgot. Well, I'll explain now, so call Happiness."

"... am I alone?"

"No, no, no. You can go!"

I was surprised because I had an uneasy look on my face.

So is Happiness, but both of us, we're supposed to be the type of people who don't put their emotions on the table, but I feel a lot out there today.

"Right.... Okay, I'm coming"

"I should just go get some company in the next room and give it that much of a tight vibe..."

I'm so anxious for you to let me go myself.

If anything happens, there's no Cecilia and Duke, the stops, so I guess I'll have to do something about it.

I need to keep digging more and more graves myself......

"Seriously, it's unplanned, but I don't know if you're okay with this request...?"

I now regret that I should have taken a simple request, like defeating a raging demon. I was going to keep you two close, and for now, you started out thinking about a place where Happiness's tension was going to rise.

Did you exert a theory that you don't really know where to start or see it, that tension would increase?

And since I must have never been to the sea, I decided to make a request in the port town, and because I was going to the port town, I thought I would take a special request.

As a result, they simply defeated the demon and chose not to end the request.

"As soon as I think about it, I should have made a request to end it and let it date in a lot of time..."

The time limit is only three days.

It would be great if we ended the request in three days and made free time and something memorable happened.

"Let's not end the holiday with a request if we make a mistake. It's out of the question to fail."

The goal is to make sweet memories for both of us.

Does it make me remember bittersweetly?

The lack of support is a source of concern, but let's make a minimum effort.

"I need to make sure I don't shake the sky. Try not to get in the way."

I'll try to prove that I can do a nice assist, like Duke.

Yes, there was me on my own.