Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I did some research with a friend and his ex-boyfriend.

"All right, all three of you... but we've got it all together. Shall we explain this request?"

When I cut the fire, they snorted.

... We're both seriously silent, so I'm going to be the only one who talks.

"The client is the mayor of the town of Frimail, and the request is to solve the recent and frequent cases of merchant ship hardware theft."

"... a merchant ship. That's a unique request from Port Town. It would be around the pirates robbing hardware. When I was traveling, I had received several similar requests. In the meantime, do the listening and look for the pirate's egg to lice..."

"Hey, wait, 'cause we're not done talking yet"

"Oh, I'm sorry."

I put my hand on my chin and was a little surprised to see Raven start bumping and plotting.

But if you think about it, Raven isn't fond of silent characters.

It's just that I have a complex in my voice and maybe I'm just chatting for the price of not speaking in public.

I thought you might be nervous because Happiness is next door.

I seriously came up with a request so that I wouldn't even feel fine dust about it.

I was worried about what would happen, but seeing how Raven was doing, the request seemed to be well accomplished.

"Well, we'll get back to it. First of all, I mean if the pirate Raven was talking about has anything to do with it... he doesn't know anything about it either"

"... that's another weird story for a long time. Did it mean it was stolen? Not all the sailors were stolen while they were asleep."

"... impossible?"

"... oh. Normally, there should be a couple of people up there watching. And no matter how much you slept on, if you got broken into the ship, you'd realize how much, how many people."

"... Phew."

It sounds like Happiness to hear it for yourself and return a thoughtless reply.

"It's a problem because that impossibility was actually done."

"... what do you mean?"

"The sailors were all asleep, and in the meantime, the hardware was missing. All the ships that were damaged."

"… puzzling"

I heard about Raven and me. I don't think I understand Happiness a little bit.

Well, Happiness is just a request to start, and I can't help but be confused.

Supporting the neighborhood well could lead to increased liking, Raven.

"... now we are still in the process of explaining the request. If you don't think too hard, I think you'll be fine..."

"… Understanding"

I chewed it at the end of the day, but I followed it up, so that's the point.

Looks like Happiness got her cool back with Raven's advice, too.

"Well, go on. Only the hardware was missing and there was no sign of a dispute. They're not suspected pirates, but merchant sailors."

"... are you saying that all the sailors might actually be conspirators"

"Oh, it's only one possibility. The requisition just says so much information. All we have to do is ask directly."

"... listening?"

Happiness tipped his neck at me.

You've never even heard of me since my request started.

Moment after moment, I came up with a plan that was in my brain.

"Uh, if you're listening or something, you're better at Raven. There seems to be a lot of work in the Knights, too?"

I grab Raven's shoulder and ask for his consent.

"... No, I am"

"You're good at it!?"

The point is, I'm talking about answering in Jesus.

I'm trying to distract you, so I want you to understand a little bit.

"Oh, oh, well, yeah"

"All right, then let's break up and do some research. I'll be listening from my client's Alliance Master of Commercial Alliances, so you two need to listen to me from the sailors."

That's what I said, I left the room early and left the inn.

The idea is that the two of us will be in a bit of a dating mood even though investigating the request, the job.

I have Raven, and I think Happiness will wear a reduction, so I'm fine.

"But don't feel like you're forgetting the fundamental problem.... Well, Raven would do well, even if something happened"

I have to go talk to my client myself, and I can't help but worry.

Most importantly, Raven would be more accustomed to this kind of work, and it might be more rude to worry.

"I think I'll listen to you for a second and join you early"

Having made a plan, I headed for the guild as I asked the passers-by the way.

I could tell by walking, but the tide feels pretty good.

Because it is a port town, not about Minerva, but many shops and many people's streets.

I don't think it's a bad town to date.

If the request ends quickly, it should also be possible to pull it on a date if you take it easy shopping and then tell them to go home.

Considering not only the plan for the request, but also the date plan for the two, we arrived at the commercial guild of destination.

Talk to the receptionist and ask him to show you to the Alliance Master.

The same goes for the receptionist, but I feel all the staff are tingling.

The hardware keeps making mysterious losses, so you can't help it?

With a commercial guild like this, the atmosphere in the town's stores is suspicious.

We just need to get this done so that we can both date in a good environment.

"Hi, are you from the guild you asked for?"

When I walked into the room I was guided, a dandy man with a good mustache was sitting in a chair.

I've been interrupting Raven's workplace before, so I feel a similar vibe.

The huge desk was stacked with many documents, and I think I was chased to work earlier.

Perhaps this case of loss is quite busy combined.

"Excuse me for being so busy. My name is Youki and I belong to the Guild of Minerva."

"You don't have to be so afraid. This is the one you asked for. What can I do for you?"

"Yes, please"

"Hmm... I'm sorry, but I don't have time for this, so let me talk to you briefly."

While you're busy, you take the time to explain it even briefly.

There is also a valuable purpose here and on Raven's date.

Most importantly, it's a request I've chosen, so I'm obliged to investigate it seriously.

I left the Alliance Master when I got the information.

As I meant briefly, I finished listening to stories such as confirmation of the contents of the request and the stolen hardware.

They should probably still be gathering information, so we head to the harbor to rendezvous.

I noticed while I was on my way, how are those two gathering information?

Based on what happened when I searched for a place to stay, I find it difficult.

I pushed myself out, but I wonder if it's a pretty bad situation.

Raven should be used to investigating and stuff, so I figured he'd figure it out... but it could have been a failure.

I arrived at the port hoping that this worry would end in worry.

I've seen ships in my previous life, so I'm not so surprised, but I turned my gaze to the power inside.

There were two familiar sailors as the inflexible flesh loaded and unloaded their luggage. I hear you're in the middle of collecting information, but how are you listening?

I sneaked a peek from the shadow of the warehouse around there, as it could still rendezvous and be relied upon.

"… information"

Apparently, Happiness is speaking to the sailors.

"Hmm...? What a lady. Can I get you something?"

"… Request"


I still don't think Happiness, who has a small mouth count, can tell you what to do.

Should we go follow him before he gets weird air?

That's what I thought, but Happiness fingered the sailor.

At the tip of my finger I have something like a sign in Raven.

"How many times... listening at the request of the Alliance. You want me to tell you about what happened on the boat?

"… Understand?"

Happiness tilted her neck to the side.

Is that the way you do it?

I don't know which one came up with it, but it's what I thought. You mean it covers my lack of communication skills?

"Your daughter made this request...? Hey, what's the guild master in the house thinking..."

The moment the sailor was about to say something, Raven let him pull out his sword just a little bit.

I don't know if that's the way it was originally handled or because Happiness was tasted.

Now that Raven is disguised, he shouldn't know who he is, so he should be seen as a regular swordsman.

"... oh, I'm cold. There he is, brother. What is it? It's been a long time since I've felt so cold with a man in the ocean."

Apparently, the Raven guy, he gave out something like a killer.

Wouldn't be a good thing for ordinary people.

I guess I added and subtracted it because it's about Raven... I hope it's an operation.

"... Convinced?"

"Oh, as far as your brother is concerned, your daughter is not the only one... I'm sorry I said what I could taste, young lady. Let me apologize for being a man of the sea."

"… Rejected"

"You can't do that! As a man of the sea, I have to put a bullet in my mistakes."

"… information"

"Apologize before I do!

I thought it would work, but it seems a lot harder to be a man of the sea.

It's not an interesting sight to watch.

There are too many gaps between cool, faceless happiness and hot, lavish sailor exchanges.

Looks like Raven wants to get around to following him too... because he can't speak out because of the complex.

In the meantime, you're making the paper that says to sailors to calm down big.

Yeah, let's just calm ourselves down, Raven.

The person you were trying to kill just now doesn't look like him.

"Lady, in the harbor, you obey the courtesy of a man of the sea!

"... sea, first time"

"What? No!? Are you new to the ocean, young lady? Then I'll tell you what I know about the ocean!

"... trouble"

Seeing you interact with the sailors makes me laugh desperately. The temperature difference between the two is hilarious, but Raven is the funniest. I'm trying to add you to the conversation.

Now it has changed from calming down to asking for Happiness.

If you're going to be so desperate already, why don't you just speak up?

You can keep a warm eye on the two of you collecting information, but I want you to finish your request and make a date.

I decided to rendezvous with the two of you with the intent of being a disturbing bug.