Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I've been trying to gather intel with friends and ex-members.

"It was so funny for me to watch, but should we get back to business?"

"... Captain"

"... whoa!? What, honey? Are you one of your ladies?"

The sailor surprised me because I suddenly spoke up.

No, I guess it's because I was so obsessed with conversation that I didn't notice anyone approaching me at all. Nothing. I didn't walk without sound from behind.

"Oh, looks like your buddy took care of you. I'm Yoki, this is Happiness, Raven with the sword. Regards."

When I named myself, I also introduced the two of them. Normally, it's something the two of you would introduce me to for being late, but I don't care about details like that.

"...... Ro"

Raven showed off his brilliant masterpiece when he asked the paper to say hello before making the meeting.

"Ooh... I'm Masa. Man of the sea, he's a sailor!

Don't remind me of anybody where I lump up my arm muscles at the end of my introduction.

There are quite a few mukimuki rates when you look around lightly.

I'd like to put in a scratch that sailors might have been more natural than pastry chefs.

I don't scratch where I'm not in person because it doesn't make sense.

"So what about the request..."

"Don't let my appeal go through, honey."

"I'm sorry, but there's something similar I know. Mukimuki's already hungry."

I calmly activate scratch and thru skills.

If there's Cecilia or Duke, I might be kidding, but this time I'm gonna have to hold on.

"… uncomfortable"

Happiness next door says something, but I can't hear you, I can't hear you.

Sure, I may not be a boring bastard right now, but this is for both of us, too.

Even if my buddies look at me weirdly, I take my request seriously.

... This makes me look like I'm usually not serious.

"I see, is there a man in the king's capital who has no less flesh than me? I can't beat you as a man of the sea."

I gave it back seriously but for some reason it came back in a mess.

I can't go on talking if I give it back here, too, and don't be a gudagda.

"Well, that's what I know. So, muscles are good, but I need to ask you something..."

"Oops, you say you have good muscles!? Brother of the sword looks so glitchy, but you say good things inside!


I silently sent Raven a gaze for help.

Yuga and muscle pastry chefs are enough for the type who don't listen to people like this anymore.

I'm sorry I had to be firm in front of you, but I decided to ask Raven to follow me.

Raven no longer only has muscles on his head, the sailor's shoulders grabbed tight, sticking out a piece of paper to the sailor that he was surprised to write about the request

"Oh well. That was information, bad bad bad. I missed the point. My brothers are like taking requests for us."

"No, not as much as they say."

"Now that we're out of loads, we're being treated like criminals. Credit also falls, and if we don't know who did it, we'll all end up with sea men, asshole bandits."

Until earlier, I had momentum in a prestigious way of speaking, but as soon as I did, I got a lonely look and began to feel sad around me.

Earlier, from what I heard about the Guildmaster of the Chamber of Commerce, he said that all sailors were under suspicion so far.

Sounds like the sailors all know what they suspect.

"... anxiety?"

"... are you worried? Thank you, miss. I'm sorry to hear about the man in the ocean, but everyone will be deeply anxious. But I didn't steal anything, and of course my people do it! That's what I believe, so we're all desperate for what we're doing."

"… Convinced"

Looks like the sailors have a lot to think about.

Do you do your job well, even if you are treated like a thief? I thought you were just a muscle bragger, but I need to change my mind.

Have you both changed your expressions now that your words have worked?

You have to be serious from the start.

I'm not the brother-in-law I could have told you about.

"... bad. It got hot. You can't have a man in the ocean like this."

"... denial"

"Happiness is right, I don't think so. If they suspect that no one's done anything, they'll get upset, and they'll get hot. That's what Raven thinks, right?"

Raven nods forcefully at my inquiry.

"You guys...... thanks. I think you guys can fix this mess. That was informative. I'll do anything we can."

"You can say that. Don't help me. So can we start listening soon?"

"Whoa, that's good. Hey, take a break! Our Savior is here!

Reacting to the sailors' voices, they interrupted the work and the other sailors gathered.

Or the Savior. You haven't done anything yet, but you're overstating it.

"Hey, Savior..."

"Look, guys! These people are our saviors dressed in wet clothes. As a man of the sea, we'll do everything we can to help. Everything you know about any trivial thing!

"" "" "Whoa!!

The incident occurred and the wild voices of the men of the sea echoed in the less lively harbour.

... I don't even know how this happened.

Happiness, who is just one woman in this men's festival, has a sinister look.

Raven is... driving normally.

Are men's festivals used to the Knights?

"... Yowki"

That's what I think, Raven talking to me in a whisper.

"What's wrong?"

"... I'm not sure I can do much more."

"It's a hectic proclamation to be here!? Don't worry, I'll be fine. If only Raven could be active here..."

"I'm... I'm out of paper"

Raven shows the contents of the bag he was carrying.

There is nothing in the place that would have put a ton of paper.

All that's in it is a sneezy rounded, written paper scum.

"... in the meantime, I'll manage to talk to you around Happiness, so will you wait till it's over? From there, gather information at the inn."

"... sorry"

I got my head down saying I'm really sorry.

Yeah...... you have no choice, you have no choice.

But it would be inconvenient if Duke wasn't right to be able to talk in public.

I may have no choice but to do some special training for Raven as well.

Well, this time it's about bringing the two of us closer together.

The same goes for the two dates, but we need to get the request resolved for the sailors as soon as possible.

I lost the means to communicate. Let Raven wait nearby, me and Happiness gather information.

They asked me what happened to my sword brother, but I couldn't possibly say that I couldn't have a conversation because the paper was gone.

"Hey, I think I'm sick because I'm in an unfamiliar land, and I'm resting"

"Seriously!? Brother Sword, I saw you working out pretty good for me. Was that a mistake?"

Apparently, you've got the unfortunate image of being a swordsman but weak.

"Ha ha... Happiness and I will do the listening, so don't worry."

"Well, I don't think I talked to my sword brother much. I would have liked to talk to you if I could."

You haven't spoken out, so I guess it's only natural that you don't feel like you've spoken.

He didn't even see Raven calm when he heated up in conversation with Happiness.

You don't seem too aware that you were brushing.

Afterwards, the interview ended when I was 70% and about 30% Happiness.

When I said I was going back to the inn to compile the information, I received a huge drop off.

Raven felt bad about it because he wasn't listening.

Happiness waved with no expression.

Every time there was cheer, but I wonder what it was.

Does Happiness have an idol temperament?

I wonder what it would give back if I asked him in person.

Well, is the most plausible reason because it was the only flower in the men's festival?

"... so I came back to the inn once."

"… evening"

"I didn't know the harbor was going to set the sun."

Maybe I can't help it because the time I got to the pretext mail is the time slot.

But given their free time, I want to move on to action as soon as tomorrow.

"... I'm so sorry"

"So don't apologize! Raven needs a compilation of the information we've collected."

"... don't"

"See, that's what Happiness says. We just need Raven to do what Raven can!

"... do you? No, but you are. I'm not convinced."

Even so, I will not forget to put together the information that we have heard and obtained on paper.

With crunch and tremendous speed, Happiness and I will write information on paper to Raven.

I guess it's a quickie born of my errands in the Knights and my usual writing.

My arms keep moving at a constant rate, even if I'm depressed or feeling better in conversation with us.

"... exclamation"

"... what?"

"Well, there's only one thing Raven can do. Happiness says it's amazing what Raven can do."

"So what..."

"Have you finished putting it together?"

I changed the cut-off story early because it could be a barren feud if I continued.

At the very least, I want to be able to move tomorrow, so I want to decide what to target.

"... oh. As a result of the summary, we almost matched the information."

"... tired"

Happiness gives Raven tea with words of labor. I guess I rented the inn kitchen and kept it in the pot in advance.

"Oh, thanks......"

That's a long way to go, Raven.

I'll take it normally from Cecilia.

No matter what, don't forget to thank me.

"Or mine?"

"... Self"

An empty cup was placed on the desk in front of Pong and me. There is also a pot with tea nearby.

"Am I supposed to let myself in, Mr. Happiness?"

"... Correct"

"You're not right. If you've got me this far, let me in."

I guess we'll just have to pour it into the cup later.

Why are you so prepared and selfish at the end?

"... Feeling?"

Lovely, knocking your face down to the side won't do me any good.

It may be irregular to be faceless, but we've known each other for some time.

Though there are shy swordsmen leaning bright red on the side.

"Well, I let myself in during this exchange, so I have nothing more to say."

"… End"

Thus the exchange between me and Happiness closed.

It is the usual twisting.

I sipped tea while I thought Raven would say Happiness could have this conversation.

Not as good as Cecilia, but Happiness's tea is delicious.

Is it also a trick to put in delicious?

Maybe I'll ask you next time.

"... can we move on?"

Still, Raven cut out with just a little redness in his face. Speaking of which, you don't have time to be a comic genius.

I just have to schedule my goals for tomorrow.

"Bad, please"

"From the information we've gathered, it turns out I think the demon has something to do with this case."

"... demons?"

"Oh. Summarizing the sailors' testimony, they all hear beautiful singing sounds like their memories are flying from there."

You did get that information from a bunch of sailors.

What a beautiful singing voice in the voice of the sea... it's not a gay tale I've seen in my previous life.

"There's no way there's a mermaid."

"... you're a boulder yolk. I think that prediction is correct."

"Oh, seriously...!?"

You didn't know there were mermaids in this world.

It was painful that it was anything but fantasy, and I was exposing my dumb face to both of us.