"... I don't think it's that surprising."

"... weird"

Thinking about previous life, it's a world of mermaids and other gay tales.

But considering I've experienced more fantasies than mermaids before, maybe now.

Happiness is the usual, but I'm lightly shocked to see Raven make a subtle face.

"... Yogi knows mermaids, right? So you thought you were involved in this case."

"Well, I know. I know."

Hate and the mermaids I know are not always the same as the mermaids in this world.

It's not good to say that you know it poorly and perfectly.

"... well. Let me ask you something, why did you think the mermaid had something to do with this case?"

You know, you've been running into questions like trying me out.

Even if it's different, you'll be mistaken, and I'll be honest with you about what I think.

"You said you heard beautiful singing. Because few demons attract people with their singing voice. Considering that, when it comes to the ocean, I thought the first thing I could think of was a mermaid."

Instead of talking deeply about mermaids, I give an aura that I answered half appropriately.

This should get you through without a doubt.

"... simple"

"I don't want poisonous tongues. More than that, Raven. I wonder if this explains it."

"... Yoki is still a boulder. Though I'm guessing, I did find out what was at the core of the case."

Suddenly Raven started to cool off.

I don't usually say this kind of stinking dialogue.

It's before Happiness, so maybe he's making characters more than usual.

"... weird"

Happiness shrugged softly so that he didn't sound like Raven.

I guess I cared for Raven, who has a weak mental.

You tell me to sound poisonous to me.

"... Actually, I just got some powerful information. Hi, I heard you saw a mermaid in a cave nearby."

"Let me tell you more!

"... ASAP!

I tried to cram in to listen, but I pulled myself back.

For some reason, Happiness also cared, because he approached Raven.

The contents pure raven is completely reddish.

I think it stings that this kind of thing is called youth.... Something smells like an old man, me.

"So, what's the information?"

You can do a love comeback, but that's after you clean up the request.

My gaze keeps Raven away from Happiness.

He poses as cool and calm, but his face is still a little red.

You don't have to, Raven.

"... there was actually a guy who approached me when I was entrusting Yoki and Happiness with gathering information. He said he saw the mermaids and their loads in the cove."

As for this one, the information I wanted rolled in.

But I feel it's too convenient.

"Isn't he suspicious? You mean you're getting closer in anticipation of us gathering information."

"... I know what Youki is trying to say. But this is the only information I can count on right now. Is it worth checking?"

Don't feel as handsome as Raven is 30% more than usual.

Even though it was an image that would normally be flushed, I'm being aggressive.

I'm becoming a man I can count on.

"… decision"

Happiness also seems to agree with Raven's proposal.

Raven is right, more than not moving.

"Then we'll go with the cove where the mermaid is tomorrow. If nothing happens, we'll gather information again."

"... ok"

"… Copy"

This concludes the discussion and decides to go to bed in preparation for tomorrow.

There was no love comeback development I had hoped for a bit, and the day came to an end.

Get ready the next day and head for the cove.

"... Raven, if the request stays on track, we'll have a date waiting."

Whisper to Raven so he doesn't sound like Happiness.

"... Youki, I'm in the middle of a request right now"

Seriously, I've given it back to you in good faith.

But I can see my face turning red. Actually, you imagined a little bit, Raven guy.

I know Raven is a nori, so the problem is Happiness.

It is a troubled place how to leave Raven alone.

I don't want Raven asking Happiness out on a date or anything unscrupulous.

Because it's not a happiness to shake your head vertically honestly.

I don't know what to do, go on through the cave that should be following the cove.

Then I could see the wide space.

"… Arrival"

"... here"

As Raven heard, the cove existed.

It's also medium sized and the water is beautiful from what I've seen.

It is as clear as the fish seems to normally live in.

"That's a beautiful enough place without mermaids.... Good for you, Raven. You got good memories for now?"

I slapped Raven on the back lightly.

Happiness doesn't seem to know what he's talking about, but Raven is snorting cocky.

"... that"

Looks like Happiness discovered something when he was impressed that Raven had taken the first step in making memories.

When I looked in the direction where I was pointing my finger, there was a pile of crates there.

"... Yowki, let's see what's inside. It could be a lost load."

"Oh, okay"

Open the crate with Raven to confirm.

It contained sun-drenched processed foods, ornaments, and gems, which would be commodities. They showed me a list of stolen luggage, but all of it was in question.

"Having luggage here means... are you in the cove, mermaid"

I groan and look back.

Then something jumped from the cove.

I notice the sound, and they both look back.


There's a beautiful woman in her upper body and a fish in her lower body.

Exactly, there was a perfect mermaid in my image.

I noticed my gaze. Happiness said something.

"... pervert"

"Just look, why do they have to say that!?"

Mermaids are only wearing bikinis, so they have a lot of exposure.

But that's about it, there won't be any perverse treatment.

"… report"

"Wait a minute, who are you going to report what to"

"... you should both set it up around there."

When I was caricaturing with Happiness, Raven noticed me.

Sure, you were too reckless with your enemies.

Reflect and pay attention to the movement of mermaids.

While we were caricaturing, it looks like the mermaid swam to the center of the cove.

Being wary of what to do, the mermaid opened her mouth and began to sing.

"... not good, block your ears!

Hear the advice of Raven's hasty mixed voice and block your ears with both hands.

Mermaids confuse people with their beautiful singing voice.

Thanks to Raven for saving me.

"... if you're blocking my ears, I can't fight you"

With both hands sealed, nothing can be done.

Or, stop blocking your ears and listen to the singing directly.

"... I can hear you, dude"

Just blocking it with your hands can't possibly completely block the sound.

I heard a little singing, and my consciousness was fading.

"... not good, man"

I can't sleep like this. I desperately think with the head I've been jerking off about whether there's a way to open it.

But I can't think of anything, just time passes.

What has Happiness lost his blood while his consciousness has become hazy that it doesn't suck anymore?

I put my hand on it and then started singing so I could see how my throat was doing.

I can't put in a scratch because my consciousness is not normal as to what that behavior means.

But soon I found out the sincerity of Happiness's actions.

Happiness songs are scratching out mermaid songs.

That's Happiness, you were good at singing.

"... I can!

It flutters somewhat because I haven't been able to scratch it off completely.

But Raven seems to be able to move completely.

Pull out your sword and feel willing to fight.

I wondered what this difference was, but I came up with a rationale. It's a theory that Raven only hears Happiness sing.

I can only hear Happiness in love or something...... it seems possible for Raven.

Of course, it's just a hypothesis.

Whatever it is, I can't move properly, so I just have to turn to support.

The mermaid is underwater, so in Swordsman's Raven, it's a bad part to fight.

So I decided to make scaffolding for Raven with dirt magic.

"I'll make scaffolding, please!

Aside from what Raven sounds like, I started making scaffolds out of dirt magic at best.

More and more scaffolding of dirt emerges from the cove, and the mermaid seems surprised.

Raven looked at the scaffolding and guessed, and when he looked at me and laughed lightly, he used the scaffolding and approached the mermaid.

The mermaid escapes from the impending Raven, but I create more and more walls with magic to restrict movement.

It's a place that only seems abusive, but I can't even say that because it's a struggle.

The mermaid also stopped singing at some point and concentrated on fleeing Raven.

"All right, Happiness, you're all right now. Thanks."

Since the mermaids are hunted down by the Ravens, they seem to have lost room to sing.

Say thanks to Happiness, who was singing to interfere, and stop the song.

"... dissatisfied"


Happiness has a wrinkle between her eyebrows and an unconvinced look at something.

Raven is already in his last push, and there won't be any dissatisfaction.

But Happiness seemed to have something to catch on to and ran out to Raven and the mermaid.

"Hey, hey... I can't"

I want to go after Happiness, but I have the job of building Raven scaffolding.

Once out of Happiness, take your gaze off and concentrate on scaffolding.

There was almost no room for the mermaid to escape, and Raven finally cornered the mermaid.

"... over"

Raven sticks the tip of his sword down the mermaid's throat.

Whatever your voice is, it's all inside, of course. Don't feel the style of the Knights Commander.

Whatever it is, this will almost complete the request.

Now don't let me think of a date plan for you two.

Between the bundles I thought so, things had changed.

For some reason, Happiness is interrupting between Raven and the mermaid.

"No, no, what happened while I was a little out of sight!?"

Situational judgment is also unacceptable when you are in a remote position.

I hurried to the two of you.