"... how can you shelter mermaids"

"... no"

When we got to them across the scaffolding I made, the scene was turning into a training ground.

Raven still has his sword pointed at him, and Happiness stands with his hands wide open to protect the mermaid.

And the mermaid doesn't seem to be keeping up with the situation either, looking around and confused.

... Now you might be able to make us out of battle if you sing.

You're not even that bad of a guy, maybe you should ask him if you can ask what's going on.

Well, we have to stop these two first.

"Hey, for now, Raven, lower your sword!

"... do yolks take Mermaid's side too? They're demons."

"It's not like that... I don't think there's any more hostility to mermaids, will you hand over your sword?"

"... please"

".................. ok"

Me and Happiness persuade Raven to deliver his sword to the sheath.

On the way Happiness sat down on the spot.

My expression remains the same as usual, but my hands are shaking when I look closely.

"Are you okay?"

"... fine"

"That's Happiness."

Trauma attacked by humans back in the day, or because you interrupted them at critical times?

I don't know why, but it sounds a little mentally damaged.

He says he's fine, but I'll give him a break.


Raven is a Raven, in a grumpy armband, pointing his gaze in a completely different direction.

I didn't know Happiness suddenly sat up... and didn't even speak up.

If they were bad, there could have been a crack between them.

Second, I remembered Duke's words.

Keep it up, when you two get back to Minerva in a subtle atmosphere... you'll be waiting for a double sermon from Duke and Cecilia.


How did this happen when I thought it sounded good?

I don't remember doing anything extra.

Yeah, I'm innocent... maybe.

"Oh, um..."

"Oh, I'm sorry. I forgot."

The mermaid called out to me as I plotted to escape my responsibilities.

"Wow, aren't you going to kill me?"

"Well, as you can see, things have changed or something..."


I gaze at the two of them, laughing bitterly, but the mermaid is tilting her neck because she doesn't know about this relationship.

"Anyway, it seems like one of my people has something to hook up against you. If you need anything, I need you to talk to me."

"Wow, I'm a monster. Do you believe in demons?"

There's only one human being here.

Of course, I won't tell you because you can't just scatter.

But there still seems to be some kind of situation with this mouthpiece.

"Believe it or not"

"... Believe"

Happiness suddenly came into the conversation when I tried to say after I heard the story.

"Ho, is that true!

"... true"


I wonder if it's good to stay like this and send my gaze to Hachiraven.

But Raven is totally out of my league.

"Well, I'll talk to you. Uh."

"Well, let's introduce ourselves before then. I'm a yogi, say hello!

The atmosphere was pretty bad, so I cheerfully introduced myself to just Yoki.

... Now, if I had spoken what I thought, I would have been extremely cold.

"... crazy?"

"Normal, idiot! This disrespect is Happiness, and Raven is right for you."

Raven doesn't even respond to the usual tangle with Happiness.

Pretty serious, or I don't know if Raven's in the mood right now.

"Uh, I'm Shike"

"Shike, I see. So, Shike felt the Happiness of the house, is there any circumstance?"

asks, stroking Happiness's head pounding.

Then he was played the hand he was stroking silently.

Sounds like you made me uncomfortable.

Well, I don't apologize because I'm usually messed up.

"Yes. I am threatened and sung..."

"... Yes?"

You've been busting through the process of getting here and explaining your current situation.

"… Details"

"Ah! That doesn't explain it. I'm sorry."

"No, that's fine. In the meantime, calm down and explain."

"Yes. One day I was swimming in the ocean with my friend Misaki. But I was caught in a sudden storm, and I realized... I was tied up, blindfolded, and snuggled."

"I guess I was unluckily found and caught being launched overseas by a storm"

"… Understanding"

"If I was standing back, my ears would hear me." If the lives of your fellow men are spared, listen to them. "

You mean my friend Mermaid was caught, too?

"I thought Misaki would be killed, and I got scared and shook my head vertically many times. Then he was taken in charge and transported here... and then he sang in the harbor as instructed and put the people on the boat to sleep."

"... Hmm"

This seems to be the end of Shike's story.

I don't think Shike's telling the truth.

But I can't say for sure.

There is also little chance that my life is spared and I am lying.

I'd like to hear your opinions.

"... Youki, come here for a second"

Raven, who had been silent until now, called me alone.

Stay away from the two of you so you can't hear the conversation.

"What the hell?"

"... do yolkis believe that mermaid story?"


I wanted to hear your opinion, but I didn't expect you to hear it first.

Raven tells me he's silent without answering, giving his opinion.

"I'm sorry, but I don't trust you. I've encountered such monsters many times on my journey."

"I knew it."

Looks like Raven's will hasn't changed since the other day. Cecilia led me.

Can't Raven make it easy to get rid of prejudice about demons?

Worried about what was going on, Happiness walked toward us.

Raven said he left because he didn't want the conversation to be heard.

"... credible, impossible?"

Happiness looks straight into Raven's eyes and asks.

Have you been pressured by a serious glance, Raven turns away.

"... I'm sorry, but I don't have any demonic words"

"... then I believed her, trust me... I want"

I'm taking Raven's hands and begging him with an ascendancy.

Seeing such a sight, I lost my word.

Happiness is not a character who cares.

Plus that tone, he's obviously talking impossibly.

It's not like I can't talk long, but I'm not in a very good mental state right now.

I'm totally out of mosquito nets, but I want to know Raven's answer.

"... I am"

Your gripping, closing fist is trembling, so you have one more push.

It's not my air, so let Happiness decide.

"... acknowledge?"

Happiness tilts her neck with her usual faceless expression.

Can't stand the tension anymore, have you got an idea?

You ended up with your usual happiness.

"... ok. Still, it may be premature for a mermaid to decide who did it. … Let's do an investigation"

Looks like Raven finally broke it too.

Happiness also seems to have a slightly happier look without a heart...?

Well, now you two would have lost your cracks, and don't get on with the investigation.

"Why are you both looking at me?"

"... me and Happiness have been talking about continuing our investigation... but realizing I didn't ask for Yoki's opinion."

"... what do we do?"

There's no way I'm gonna disagree with what you two decided.

"Of course, I'm going to investigate on the assumption that I believe in Shike's story, too."

"... right"

"... boulders"

Happiness thumbs me up a lot.

Where did the lack of room just now go?

You're fully revived already.

"Well, then we'll start the investigation. Happiness needs to hear more from Shike. I might have a lead on the killer. Me and Raven are gonna go over there and check the baggage."

"... ok"

"… Copy"

"All right, we're moving."

When we decided to share roles, we started acting. Happiness goes to Shike, me and Raven head to a crate with luggage in it.

"... Yowki"

"What. Could it be that Raven wanted to join Happiness in listening to Shike?"

There are quite a few crates, so I divided them into roles like this.

Should we have let the two of us act because we reconciled?

The last thing you don't care about may be my fault.

"No, it's not that... I was wondering if what I was trying to do was the right thing to do."

"... you mean that. The answer to that is simple."


I slapped Raven on the back and ran out to the crate to get my temper up.

"I believed in Happiness. Trust yourself!

Turning around, Raven had stopped to think about something.

But that time is only a few seconds.

Raven, who ran right out, looks like he has a very good look.

... I would never normally say that. Happiness did his best, and I need to follow him to the best of my ability.

For Happiness, for Raven.

I have plans for a date, and I have to finish my request for that mermaid.

Let's get in the mood and do some research.