Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to convince my friends and my ex-boyfriends.

A few minutes early since me and Raven started investigating our luggage.

I was trying to open all the boxes and find out, but it didn't seem necessary to expand.

"... you're kidding"

You're in the mood for Raven to be ridiculed, how angry you are.

I'm pretty angry about this, too.

Some of the boxes that were stacked did contain stolen loads.

But it was only in the box on the front side.

The contents of the box in the back were empty.

"That's just a disguise on the top to make you think Shike stole it. I don't bother to check it out of the box on the back, and I usually open it from the front"

"... that mermaid could have been instructed when to come out too"

"... oh"

It's like Raven is a little flimsy.

"... over"

Looks like Happiness has finished hearing more from Shike, too. Whether it's a good time or a bad time. That's subtle.

I was tilting my neck when I saw Raven's face, so I hand signaled to keep him calm. Happiness also shook my head vertically in the sense of understanding.

"… report"

Hear and summarize the information that Happiness has asked out.

As I was talking, I felt a hissing and killing from the raven next door.

Seems pretty frustrating from earlier.

I prayed that there was no more information that Raven could get clean of, but that was impossible.

"... to the point of becoming. When the guild men come to town, the bandits will circulate information and cause them to be summoned here. Do mermaids disable adventurers and help bandits retrieve adventurers?... for the most part, I suppose I was going to disable myself in my sleep, seal my mouth, or sell it to slave traders in other countries"

"You said you were the adventurer we started, right?"

"... yeah"

"Well, good."

Had adventurers come besides us, it might have unfolded just like Raven said.

If Happiness hadn't been here, I'd have been hit by Shike's song, too, Raven.

If a concurrent adventurer had come, the bandits would have caught him.

"... I didn't know they had decided to look into the box before attacking it. If I had cut the mermaid like that, the truth would be in the dark."

Raven has a frustrating toothpick because the request was about to labyrinth because of himself.

"That's unforgivable. I don't know if it's going to work, but I'm going to be able to do a ton of work with Shike."

"... unpleasant"

Me and Happiness are feeling angry, but Raven jumps through and protrudes.

Don't even look like you have a lot of mixed emotions and thoughts.

"... Youki, it's been a long time since we got in here."

"Yeah, I guess so."

Fight Shike properly, have a conversation, and investigate the box.

I think it's been quite a while since Happiness compiled the story about Shike that she heard.

"... If the mermaid story Happiness heard earlier is true, someone is coming to retrieve us."

"Ya, sure..."

I sneak in to strengthen my sense of smell and see if anyone's coming in the cave.

Then I smelled the smell of five people approaching us.

"... are you here?"

Happiness says there's a Raven, but she'll check with me.

I think this guy says that the magic of strengthening the five senses is a secret besides his body and Cecilia.

"Even if I ask you"...

"... should definitely come. If you saw us not falling, you'd say," I came to see you worried. "

Raven lays his hands on the pattern of the sword and slowly the bandits will come, walking towards the path we came.

As cold as I can remember from behind, I'm releasing a cold kill.

I've never seen a raven like this before.

We fought scattered at Demon King's Castle, but we shouldn't have been willing to kill like this.

"... Seriously"

"Oh, that sounds like it"

It doesn't look like we're gonna make it. Raven seems to have decided where to wait for the bandits, and when he got to the center of the square, he stopped moving.

"Oh, um... can me and Misaki help?"

I heard a voice that felt like Shike was not afraid or anything. But that's crazy.

We should have been talking a lot further away from the fountain.

Turning around, there was Shike, who was only showing his face, peeking this way in from a rock nearby.

"Oh, how..."

"Ah, mermaids can turn tail fins into feet... You can't travel long, and you won't be able to sing."

You noticed me wandering around alone, and Shike gave me an explanation.

Does saying that you won't be able to sing make you completely defenseless?

"Well, then, can't we just run away?"

"Yes, mermaids don't fight on the ground."

"Right. By the way, if you transform, you know... pants, guff!

"... silence"

I got some belly bread from Happiness, who was next door.

It would be a message not to ask the lower bitch questions.

I feel a gaze from Happiness at the evidence, like I see garbage.

Shike, who didn't hear my words until the end, was tilting her neck so she didn't know what the situation was.

"Well, Raven is here to help you. Don't worry."

I point to Raven, who doesn't move from the center of the square.

Raven almost cut me off with his sword.

Though I thought there was some trauma left because I must have felt scared.

"Ho, is it true? Thank you..."

You don't care, Shike tried to get to Raven.

Raven is now putting out the air he shouldn't be near.

Shike should never get out of the shadows of the rocks, either, if my inferior imagination is correct.

Happiness quickly blocks Shike, and I turn around, appealing to her that I haven't seen anything and get nothing.

Raven was standing there, even as we had a slight exchange.

"... you heard the bandits talking. I'm sorry, but Yoki and Happiness don't touch me. I want to be the one to screw around."

He just turned to us and begged us to fight on his own.

Do you care that you suspected Shike first, or for another reason?

"... acknowledge"

"Well, we're apart!

"... thanks"

I thanked him. Raven pulls his sword out of his sheath.

Put down your sword without setting it up, just have it.

Eventually, the bandits became visible and came into the square.

The bandits saw us and were surprised, but immediately turned into a nagging look.

"Hey. Mr. Swordsman, are you safe? I'm worried about you guys and I'm taking my people to see how it goes..."

Raven turned his sword tip to the man's face so as to silently block the conversation.


"Hey, what's up, swordsman brother? This is nothing..."

"... deceitful"

Along with his angry voice, a pattern of swords struck the man's dovetail.

He falls in on the spot without even being able to speak to the pain and is stuffy.

"Hey, what, so sudden!

Because my people have been hit, or the other four put up their weapons and point them at Raven.

"... the mermaid told me everything. Be prepared."

"Did you screw up that mermaid? Well, you're good to be ready! You guys, I'm gonna do it."

By the man's decree, the bandits flew to Raven at the same time.

But Raven knocks off all his weapons with his sword.

Did you try not to take your life, typing the pattern in and powerlessness just like the first man?

The man who gave the order knocked off his weapon, then paid his feet and let him fall.

"Ma, wait. No, it's not. We were manipulated here by mermaids..."

Don't be afraid to make such a miserable excuse over this period.

Raven also stabbed the sword vigorously and well in the face of the man as to whether his current excuse had hindered Kang.


"… no more deceit"

The man, completely out of his mind, blew a bubble and passed out.

Having confirmed that they had all passed out, Raven puts his sword in his sheath.

"Good day."

"... cuddly"

Me and Happiness are done with the job. Slap Raven on the shoulder.

... Happiness, I can feel the urge to scratch where I learned those words from, but I could read the air.

"... thanks. But it's not over yet. These guys have a lot to ask.... absolutely make me throw up these asite places"

I gave him the sword, but he hasn't been angry yet.

There's a black aura coming out of Raven.

"... calm down"

Happiness squeezed Raven's hand tightly.

For a moment, I wonder if I will be able to forgive you. But it looks like it's been sedated enough for a full-blown adolescent raven.

"Wow, I know..."

You don't want to be seen with a bright red face, you're turning away.

But it sounds like Raven's not going to let go of his gripping hand.

"Well, the reward for Raven is there, too, do these guys wake up and interrogate you"

You two don't mind flirting.

Rather, as much as I'd like to ask you to because it's as originally planned.

"Ma, wait, Youki! I'll take care of these interrogations and Azito."

"... are you still dragging? Shike also said he wanted to thank Raven, and I don't think he's going to stick around alone."

"Still... I still can't forgive myself. So please."

"... fine,"

Happiness took the liberty of accepting me when I was worried about what to do.

"Hey, on your own......"

When I tried to argue, Happiness sued me just for my eyes.

Usually expressionless happiness faces emotions.

He looks like he's going to cry, but he's got a strong willed eye.

Don't let Duke and Seek piss you off when you look like that and say no.

"I get it. I asked you, Raven."

"... I'm sorry I said all I could. I'll make sure to get the information out of these guys more than I said I'd do it myself. Of course, Ajito's place. Bye."

Raven tied up all the bandits with the rope he had and dragged the five of them away towards the exit.

... Seriously, you're acting alone.

If you find out anything, you'll come back to the inn.

"... Captain"

"Mmm, what?"

"... thanks"

"I don't know what you're thanking me for, but for now... I don't care"

I stroke Happiness's head.

Then, as earlier, they played their hands silently.

"... and apart from this"

"Tough hands, but that's Happiness"

Raven, too, but Happiness is back in excellent shape.

I was anxious to see what would happen, but things are transporting in a good way.

I hope the rest of you can safely reclaim Shike's friend.

Once we said goodbye to Shike, me and Happiness decided to go back to the inn and wait for Raven to return.