"... I'm home"

Three days after Raven went solo.

Even though there was no tone out, all of a sudden Raven returned to the inn.

You were investigating me for insomnia, my eye neighborhood sucks.

"Welcome back...... are you okay, dude? You're flirting!

"... I could get a lot of information from them, but they didn't seem to know where Ajito was at the heart. I've been looking for it on my own feet."

"If that's the situation, come talk to us."

"... take responsibility for the job until the end than you decide to do alone. That's me."

Should I say that the strength of responsibility is the Commander of the Stone Knights?

But you wanted me to talk to you this time.

Happiness has been confused since Raven and I got out of communication.

Trying to cheer up Happiness like that, I'm gonna empty it all up. So that was tough.

"If they find Ajito, okay?... What happened to them?"

"I handed it over to the knights who live in this town"

I've shown you the notes I used at that time.

'Ask for these guys. He's an important reference for the incidents taking place in this town,' it says.

"You've skipped a lot of explanations. Did the knights swallow the situation properly?"

"Oh, leave it to us, Captain Raven! And he took it easy on me."

"... Raven, you're not sure how popular you are with the Knights."

"It's been a long time since I've been around here.... If I had the time, I would have liked to put on an archery, but now I contend for a moment. Just get in their Ajito..."

"... no"

Happiness grabbed Raven's arms.

I agree with Happiness, too, so I'll explain why before I make up my mind.

"I know why you're in a hurry, but you should rest a little. I mean, you should sleep now."

But hurry up and help me.

"... now, go to sleep?"

Happiness skills he recently remembered.

Tilt his face from the top, but burst into Raven. Looks like it's working great.

Raven is blushing and letting his eyes swim so he doesn't gaze at Happiness.

"But we have to go fast."

"... sleep"

From the top of my head, I changed my gaze to cold enough that I think I might be getting cold air out of my body this time.

The look on Raven's face, who was blushing, freezes at once.

Raven sent me a glimpse.

I don't say anything, I just shake my head to the side.

"... ok, let's get some sleep"

If you see Raven broken, show him to bed immediately, and Happiness wraps around the futon.

Its like a mother telling her son to go to bed early...... unfortunately they don't look like lovers to each other.

Were you quite tired?

As soon as Raven entered the bed, he heard his sleep.

"Damn, you can't do anything too much. Even if there was one thing in the cave."

"... yeah"

For Raven, it was probably pretty shocking.

Because I don't think it's the same thing to run without knowing the limits of your body.

"So, Happiness. Who taught you that move?"

"... moves?"

"Don't be silly, you set up a lot to put Raven to sleep"

"... made-length"

I heard Mr. Sophia's name from Happiness and was convinced it was enough to be done.

Reminds me of the look in Mr. Sophia's eyes when she's angry.

Cold gaze pierced her, feeling her body freeze.

"But wait. Mr. Sophia, did you usually go up there? Happiness, did Sophia tell you how to handle it?"

"... Teal"

Once I shook my head to the side, now Teal's name came up.

Guy, Jandere, if you're a neat teal, it's not weird knowing that stuff.

Or both of you, don't tell my men anything weird, even though it's former.

"Not really, don't wear a lot. Because it's tough."

Neither do I. Especially Raven.

"... Fun"

"Hey. You had a weird idea right now. Who taught you that black grin?"

He was smiling like a little devil.

"... secret"

"Chicken. Who, the one who blew weird things into our Happiness-!

We make noise as usual while Raven sleeps in the next room.

But I was having a conversation and I know Happiness was looking out the window over and over in the room where Raven was sleeping.

I guess I'm worried about Raven, who's tired, and Shike's friend, who's still in captivity.

I'm not at peace with myself, either, but we can't help but panic.

Until Raven woke up and was able to act, I was playing a clown to calm Happiness.

"I'm sorry, I think I was asleep for the most part. Hmm, heavy on the belly...?"

"Uh, are you finally up? Raven, I've been asleep all day. I was expecting you to wake up soon, but I think you fell asleep."


Happiness and comic talent in my room have been killing my time, but Raven slept better than I thought.

I fell asleep in my chair because I was drowsy.

Happiness should have been awake when I slept.

But earlier, when I woke up, I was falling asleep in a way that leaned against Raven on my knees.

"Huh. Good for you, Raven. You've been around all night."

"Ugh, ha, Happiness, wake up."

Raven doesn't answer my questions, pretends to be cool and rocks Happiness.

The look on Happiness's face, who was resting steadily, subtly distorted.

Well, you're not glad you're forced to wake up while you're sleeping nice.

"... sleeping"

"Don't reply with your bedtime remarks. You really need to wake up."

Raven in a hurry because Happiness won't happen.

Desperation comes from the voice.

It seems Raven can't shake it hard, but then Happiness won't wake up.

"Why don't we just do that for a while?"

"Not good!

In the end, Raven did not take strong action and was to wait until Happiness woke himself up.

It wouldn't be that bitter if you thought it was a reward.

"Not at all...... well, just fine. Yowki, why don't you just stick with the story a little bit?"

"This is the situation. We can only have as much free time as we can have a conversation."

"Thanks. Actually, I'm still lost. To help demons."

"You've come up with evidence that Shike was being threatened. Now what are you lost?"

I thought you were running around three days and three nights all night because you hung up.

Happiness will cry if you say that.

"Until now I have defeated demons. So is yolki, right?"

"No, well, yeah,"

I'm a demon, so it's a complicated position.

"I made a promise, I'll help you. But there's no guarantee those mermaids won't work evil after they help."

"You were still worried about that."

"Oh no!? This is important. That mermaid song is powerful. Although limited to water, once attacked, the damage..."

"Uh, okay, okay. Easy, take a deep breath."

I grab Raven's shoulders and calm him down.

Still, you're not tired, or you don't seem to be turning your head because Happiness is on your belly.

As Raven calms down, I resume the conversation.

"You forgot, my words I said in the cave"


I said a stinking dialogue that didn't suit me while I was at it, and I was just embarrassed to remind you. Looks like Raven remembered too.

"I made up my mind then, so don't be blunter now. Happiness will hate you."

"Ku...... Yoki is right. You made up your mind once. I'm not lost anymore."

I was relieved that Raven's feelings seemed to have hardened again.

Later, I wish Happiness would wake up, but he pretended to sleep.

I know because my mouth is on it.

You were listening to us.

Raven doesn't seem to have noticed Happiness's sleep because he's immersed in the finish that cemented his resolve.

I'd really like to go rescue Shike's friend.

Let's just wait a little for the two of us.