"It's time, both of you."

As much as I can, I'd love to make some time for you two, but I'm worried about Shike's friends.

It's been three days since we caught a bandit in a cave.

Three days with my buddies, I'm supposed to be wondering if something happened if they got out of communication.

I don't know how many days the bandits have been in touch with me, but I have trouble getting away with suspicion.

"Sorry, I'm all set... Happiness. Please, wake up."

He's been awake for quite some time.

I won't let the mood get out of my mouth.

As Raven rocked his back, Happiness's eyes opened wide open.

"... morning?"

"Are you asleep? Yowki is waiting. We're getting into the bandit's gym."

"Hmm... Roger that."

He rubs his eyes to sleep, yawning and stretching.

This guy, he wasn't pretending to sleep, was he really asleep?

No, you pretended to sleep, and you really fell asleep... I don't care.

"Looks like the time has come to depress this request... let's go!

"What's wrong all of a sudden?"

"... the usual"

I thought it would be economical, so I tried being a little bit of a cook.

Don't get vain watching Happiness explain to Raven in a laid back manner.

"Keep it up, well, let's do this for the economy... go"

I hold my fists in both hands, Raven lays his sheath with his love sword on his back, and Happiness sets up his own fan.

You have the style of a party before work.

"All right, let's go. Raven, nice to meet you."

"... ok, let's go"

I don't know where the bandit Ajito is. I don't know what it means to be in the lead.

I thought I'd have to do a wrap-up.

I may have been overstretched.

"... want to stand out?"

"Chi. Goddamn it, we're leaving."

"Oh, okay.... I'll definitely get my stolen luggage and mermaids back."

"That's the intention, Raven. But don't lose your cool."

I pay attention to the most emotionally unstable Raven this time.

I'm willing, but like I did in the cave, I want you to stop pretending.

I may have no choice but to change my common sense and confuse myself once and for all.

"... it's okay, absolutely"

"No, why would Happiness answer that?"

"... stop"

Happiness just told me to hold my fist tight and let it go.

Oh, you mean that as long as it's done?

"Well, if Raven runs wild, please, Happiness."

"… Copy"

"Just give me a minute. I want you to stop talking on the assumption that I'm going wild... you haven't heard me."

Raven cheeks with a bitter smile when he sees Happiness, who is happily determined.

I need to get going, but is it important to relax?

But it's also the status quo that we can't bring.

"So shall we really leave? We don't have much time."

"Okay, let's go"

Raven took the lead, and we left the inn for the bandit Ajito.

I hear the bandit Ajito is in the back of the mountain.

Let Shike sing a song near the harbor, put the sailors to sleep, and break into the ship.

I guess he was carrying his stuff out within nightfall.

But it looks like the base didn't get that far because there might be witnesses out there after taking too long.

Raven's investigation gives us information that a pedestrian walks into the mountains and sees the men with their luggage.

I went on a reconnaissance, and it looks like two lookout men were standing.

"Well, you stopped there. Based on the state of Raven in the cave, I thought it wouldn't be strange to be running alone."

"... that's when I decided to just scout. While we don't know how many enemies we have, it's dangerous to go into enemy formation alone"

"... I agree"

"Besides, I told the two of you I'd get the information, but I didn't say I'd solve it by myself. We couldn't have acted on our own any more."

You were really reflecting on what happened in the cave.

Well, there are some friends of Shike's in the cave, so there are a lot of challenges if you have to get your stuff back.

"I'm worried they're not getting away with it."

"... I've asked the knights in the middle to look around, just in case, so I think we'll be all right."

Boulder Raven, they're definitely not willing to let the bandits get away. Carefully continue down the mountain path so that you cannot be found on the lookout.

It's a secret to Raven, but he may be investigating the bandit's companion by enhancing his sense of smell, hearing. Looks like they're gathering around near the entrance to the cave now.

... Did you notice the knights Raven turned to?

You're acting planned, and maybe you have a smart bandit.

With that in mind, we're going smoothly down the mountain path with Raven's guidance.

As we proceeded carefully so that the bandits could not find us, we heard the talk.

Ask about the bandits so they can hide in the trees and not be noticed.

Get your stuff out of the cave and load it up in the carriage at best.

After all, were you trying to escape?

"... that was dangerous. Later, a little late, I almost got away with it."

Raven whispers.

Worst of all, if I hadn't made it, I would have used full sensory enhancement and followed it to the end of the earth.

Then it would be too unnatural a solution, and there are many disadvantages to me.

The cold gaze from Happiness definitely comes.

Raven would have turned a suspicious eye.

I'm worried that I won't have to use that means, so I'll waste it at the earliest.

"... Assault"

"Wait, wait! Do you want to rush into it? I'm gonna have to get it back over here."

"... oh, Youki is right. Let's make an ambush. You can't get away with this. I want to crush the carriage first."

Stationary Happiness about to jump out and set up an operation with Raven.

"Happiness magically destroyed the carriage's wheels, and me and Raven stormed. How about you protect Happiness's carriage while we take down the bandits?"

"Happiness is dangerous..."

"... batch here"

Quickly, Happiness putting up a fan, just asking me to leave it to you. Where did you learn to say that?

Happiness has often remembered strange words and tricks lately.

Let me know who's wisdom comes next time.

"Raven, Happiness is okay because Raven is stronger than he thinks. I'll take care of it. Besides, Happiness wants to help her friends. You can't be out of company."

"... right. Let's all join forces to end the request."

Raven convinced me, and we've decided on an operation, so all we have to do is run it.

But now is not the time to do it.

From what I've seen, I'm guessing the bandits are trying to carry their luggage to the carriage and escape or change their stronghold.

I'm still in the process of hauling it out, so it's best when I've finished loading all my stuff.

When I told them what I thought and I was lurking, a crate was brought out of the cave.

"... hey, isn't that box suspicious"

"Oh, you're moving if you do. I'm pretty sure there's an organism in there. … it's just too much movement?"

It's a box like a coffin for every person to put in, but when I do it, it's moving.

You can see it's pretty rampant inside. It's natural to resist, but is it really Shike's friend in there?

Youki, the bandits are finally holding back the box.

"... madness"

"Yeah, well, the luggage looks like the last in that box, and I'm pretty sure it's Shike's friend in there. Let's start the operation."

I'm tired of putting in any more scratches, so let's go through.

The two of them shook their heads lengthwise, so they each go into action.

First, Happiness unleashes the windy intermediate magic Gail Rush as planned.

A sphere of wind about a number of balls destroyed the carriage's wheels and landed around the bandits.

It's only a restraint, so they attacked me indiscriminately except for not hitting the carriage.

Hidden me and Raven show up while the bandits rush into a sudden ambush.

If you're the protagonist of a story, you say cool dialogue when you appear, but we don't do that.

Me and Raven approach at full speed and defeat the bandits.

"Yowki, surround the carriage! Keep these guys away from me."

"I know, but that's Happiness's job. We have to do our job."

Are the bandits confused by a sudden surprise attack, with those who flee, those who come at us, those who stand up on the spot without knowing what to do?

"You guys calm down! There are only two of them. We'll surround them."

A leader-like man is about to sink the bandits' mess by barking his voice.

First of all, it's not the two of us.

Happiness, who came late, hustles the bandits away with a fan. It's blowing up flashy, but are you okay, that one?

I guess they're wrapping the magic of the wind around their fans.

Besides, it's a fan made by Happiness with his own feathers.

It seems more powerful than using magic normally.

"... wow"

I heard Raven's pompous twinkle as he was defeating the bandit.

Happiness is fighting to dance magnificently with fans.... You're not in love, are you?

When I see how things are going properly, I'm cutting the bandits down quickly.

"Damn, what the fuck, these guys! There were requests in the guild, but I can't believe these guys are coming."

The leader of the bandit is panicking.

It was unfortunate for these guys that we got a request.

Raven somehow defeated each of the leaders, disabling the bandits who genuinely turned them into a collection of UAE.

They're all passed out, so we're holding them in captivity for now and leaving them alone.

"You're cleared up forever. … but this box is always moving"

"... for now, let's get you out of here"

Cut the rope that Raven brackets the box.

Then the lid came off momentum.

Me and Raven dance in the air.

After watching the end of the lid, look into the box.

Inside there was the figure of a girl with her hands tied and monkeys. I'm a girl, but I've got a cape on my lower body.

I think this belonged to Happiness.

"… an emergency"

Happiness is covered on top so that the cloak put on the girl's lower body doesn't uneven.

"No way......"

"... silence"

They said it in such a cold voice that me and Raven stopped.

Just go over there and tell him not to turn this way, so he gets out of the box with Raven.

Waiting for the two of us very long, Happiness called out to me that we were all right now.

"No, thank God. Thank you so much."

Happiness freed her, or the girl who was tied in the box, came gently bowing her head.

Is this the Misaki, Shike's friend?

Raven shows me a note saying, "Why are you in the box?"

"Mm-hmm. Tell them they're changing their base or something. I tied him with a rope and boxed him up."

I'm going to resent you, and I'm putting a kick in the bandit in custody.

"You're Misaki... so I'm pretty sure"

"Oh. I heard a lot from the lady there. Atashi is my friend Misaki."

Looks like the girl in front of you is Shike's friend for sure.

"I see.... Happiness told me, I'd like to ask you to explain the situation now if you can"

"… Copy"

It looks like we exchanged information with each other while we were turning around, so when I asked for an explanation of the situation, Happiness ran for me.