A few days after returning from a request with Raven and Happiness. I got a call from Cecilia asking if I'd like to see her because I'm out of business.

Of course, I am prepared to go at the inn because the reply is yes.

"Something's wrong. It's like a messenger."

"... I was also planning to go out because you were off work today and in good physical condition. So you don't have to worry about it?"

Sitting in a chair and drinking the tea I put in place is Teal, who lives and works in the Aqua Rain family.

Seek's medication is working, he's feeling much better.

... you think you've ever been in a dangerous state since you lost that life and death?

"I hope so, but what about running errands?"

See Guy who doesn't move at all.

The same thing happened to me before, and I came to my room only to tell you that it was coming to me.

But I usually rush over with the god of protection as soon as I see him, but I don't have it.

Are you upset?

"I was going shopping today to get all the stuff I needed. I've already done all I can, except for the stubborn stuff."

"Oh, really..."

There's some big bag for that kind of split.

This is funny.

I heard a jarrah when I put it down, but what's in it?

"What is this bag?"

"No, nothing. Just wondering what's in there."

"It's a souvenir."

I'm not going to tell anyone, so I guess it's about guessing.

"Heh, well. Well, then, I'll go now. … take your time"

I said the last word narrowed my voice so that Guy could only hear me.

Close the door to the room and I'll walk out.

What's going on in the room I was in earlier, walking down the hallway of the inn?

The earliest I could easily imagine, but for confirmation, I enhanced my hearing and explored it.

"Guardian, Guardian! I was able to hold back my feelings and turn the place around, as I said. I desperately pushed you to death!

"Noooo, don't get excited. We're going down again."

"It's okay, I've been feeling well lately. Look more than that! I bought a lot of Demon Ore because I heard you liked the Patron God. … come on."

"Hey, don't force me to lift it. You're gonna hurt my arm."

"It's like a necessary meal for a patron god, isn't it? I'll work hard at the Mansion, so eat a lot!

"Teal, I need you to reconsider that idea right now."

I almost blew it when I heard the conversation.

You're totally turning Guy into a hippo.

Still, you had demon ore in that big bag.

Teal used to carry it by herself.

Is this also a move that love can form?

I decided not to step into those two realms, and I headed to the Aqualein family mansion.

"Something tells me I haven't seen you in a very long time..."

"Really? It hasn't been a month since we last met."

Cecilia leaned her neck against one hand in the teacup.

When I got to the mansion, I was invited to Cecilia's room, and this is how I am neat.

My place of tranquility might be better than the Inn's.

"I wonder if the request with the Ravens was dense enough to feel that way."

"If I didn't have plans, I'd be with you."

"Cecilia had Cecilia's errands, and we'll go again."

"Right, thank you. So can you tell me what kind of request it was instead of not being able to go this time?"

Beautifully placed tea and tea treats on the table and ready for tea time.

Sitting in the front, Cecilia is waiting for me to open my mouth.

"Well, let's talk about it. The scratch is absent, and the plans I made are rounded up. We only know what happened to the last one. Talk about a request to solve the mystery that a mermaid's song is involved, that her luggage has disappeared from the ship."

"I guessed what happened to a lot of things, but I think I already figured out the mystery of my luggage disappearing..."

Cecilia laughs utterly bitterly at my lousy foreboding.

Still, I thought Cecilia was still a goddess, as she seemed to enjoy my story in full disclosure, listening to me to the end with a grudge from time to time.

"... and well, I don't know what eventually happened to the two of us. It's just that when it comes to Duke, Raven's been staring a lot farther these days."

"In the meantime, let's leave the two of you alone right now. To some extent, I think it's a good idea to listen, but I don't really think it's a good idea to ask."

"That's right."

Whatever I did on the carriage home, I was silent.

Do you wait for most of them to cool down, as Cecilia says?

"And are you a mermaid...... I wanted to see you when I heard about Mr. Yowki"

"I'm impressed with the last song. I wish I could see you again. We'll be living together in our own homes by now."

"... right. But I'm glad they made it back to their home. They saved them, didn't they?"

"Oh. You also talked about how it might have been a bad idea if none of us had taken that request."

Given the strength issue, Shike's song hit me and I'm done.

If the party that can defeat Shike had received a request, Shike would be...... relieved to think about it.

If we hadn't gotten the request, we'd have waited only for the Bad End.

"I can't believe I was trying to use demons for my personal gain and lay all my sins on them if things got worse. … I think Yoki and the others had a very important experience with this request."

"Important experience?"

"These bandits shouldn't be the only ones using demons and doing something about it. There may still be people who are being abused like them somewhere."

"Sure, I guess so"

Now there are usually elves and beasts walking through the city, but you think I used to have a lot of trouble?

... I remember Seek telling me.

Was it in a book I borrowed from Teal?

It is difficult to say that the race is different inside.

I don't think it's easy to solve.

"Let's just make sure that when we face a request like this one, we solve it."

"Oh, I learned a lot from this request, too. I'll take care of it!

"Next time, let me help you, too."

A manifestation of determination or Cecilia holding both hands all the time. I thought it was pure cuteness to Cecilia's unexpected tricks.

"Oh, oh. Please say hello then."

"Yes. Oh, how about a cup of tea? Tea treats, if you don't mind."

"Oh, then I'll take it..."

Looks like he drank the tea he unconsciously served while we were talking.

When Cecilia prepared the tea time set again, the bickering began again.

Raven, about Happiness, of course.

If Cecilia talks about Seek's recent appearance and Teal's work, she talks about the sculpture I recently put on Guy.

Time passes as we laugh at each other and sometimes shudder. It was evening when I realized, and the view from the window was stained with orange.

"Oh, this is already the time"

"Sounds like it. I was obsessed with conversation, and I didn't realize it."

"It's time for me to go home. Sorry, Until This Time, Tea and Tea Confectionery Run"

Drink up the remaining tea in the cup and rush up from the chair.

I saw Cecilia smiling and waving as she walked out of the room.

You said, "I'll see you again," you panicked.

I was so frightened to reply.

Out of the mansion, on the way back to the inn.

Walking alone feels like a very long journey to the inn.

When I was in conversation with Cecilia, I said I'd forgotten the time, but what the hell is this difference?

Stay put and get to the inn.

When I entered the room, there was no Teal, only Guy standing like a stone statue.

If you look closely at the look on his face, he looks tired...... but he seems to have a better appearance on the surface of his body.

It would be a boon to the demon ore that Teal brought.

On purpose, I woke Guy up and decided he didn't need to mention it and dived into bed.

Think about the progress of Raven and Happiness as I wake up in the corner of my head that I haven't had dinner yet.

I don't know what happened last.

Scattered, I'm pretty sure something happened that I thought was important to both of us.

The result is a subtle distance between the two of us.

What about me? Ridiculous about Cecilia and the same tee time as usual.

Concentrate on the conversation without saying it to Cecilia, even though she thinks she's cute.

As he smiled and was dropped off, he went home again without waving back.... Is this good for me?

I forgot the dinner I was supposed to leave in the corner of my head, and I got my morning stuffy.

"Hey, kid. Something's wrong. The neighborhood is amazing."

"Uh, I couldn't sleep if I was worried about my future path"

Rub me in the eye and nestle in the center of the room in an obscure manner.

"I don't know what happened yesterday, but if you don't sleep, it's poisonous to your body. If you can't sleep, I'll force you to sleep."

"Uh, let's ask..."

I'm tired of worrying, and I don't have the energy to take requests in my guild.

The wonder that if you think you can sleep, you want to sleep.

My eyelids get heavier and my consciousness retreats far.

"I seem tired lately, and most importantly, I feel good about myself. And how are you feeling? Kid, have a good dream this time."

In response to Guy's voice, he said, "Uh-huh." I let go of consciousness.