Burning flames are spreading around.

There are fields in the house, churches burning, so the place would be a village somewhere.

Me and Yuga were confronted in the heart of such a burning village.

"You're going to get in my way."

"Oh... you let me stop you"

Yuga points the holy sword at me.

My outfit is the Demon Clan... not the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman I should have sealed.

"I'll let you go my way. I don't take orders from anyone. If you're gonna stop it, you're gonna have to break through."

"I am a brave man... obliged to lead people on the right path. So I'll definitely stop you."

I feel Yuga put her strength into her hand holding the Holy Sword.

Apparently, they're coming at us for real, not for fun.

I feel unparalleled pressure when I fought at Demon King's Castle.

Probably the most powerful enemy I've ever fought.

But I can't lose.

No, I can't lose.

"That's how you get in the way of my... romance"

"Your romantic feelings are distorted. You can't make Cecilia happy!

"Shut up! I can't beat my warped romantic feelings!

"I'm not talking about winning, losing... yours can never be contained by your own will"

"Hmm, who do you think I am? My name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. I control my romantic feelings!

I proclaim high and run out toward Yuga.

Yuga pulls the holy sword out of her sheath and waits for me.

Eventually, our swords crossed and the battle began.


I jumped out of bed while I was scratching in.

When I check around, I do rent the inn.

Follow your cheeks a little just in case.

"Stay... it's not a dream, it's a reality. Good -"

I'm relieved that I woke up from an overly mysterious dream, and I get out of bed.

"Mm, are you awake? How was your dream this time? I fell asleep right after I did some magic."

"In the meantime, I'll tell you to quit giving me weird dreams"

Sometimes I want to wake up normally.

Wow, I scream about why, and I'm tired of waking up as I put in the scratch.

"Hmm, well. Now let's try the magic of a new dark attribute we've learned recently."

"Wait, don't do magic experiments with me. Besides, I'm too scared of the magic of dark attributes."

"Don't hesitate, kid. It's not the magic of suffering. Dark Attribute Intermediate Magic" Illusion Eyes "What I saw in my lifetime's eyes was instantly attacked by hallucinations..."

"Wait a minute. 'Cause I'm gonna get some sunglasses right now."

I would have sold it to a store that specializes in unusual things.

If I buy it, I'll embed it in Guy's eye area with dirt magic.

"Though I think hallucinations are more real and comfortable than dreams"

"Stop that dangerously scented remark! It's strange when you think about new magic."

How could Guy, who has always been drawn to the Inn room, learn new magic?

There's no battle with demons, and when it comes to the usual use of magic, it's supposed to be about "Nightmare Sleep" to me.

"If I ate the demon ore Teal brought, my magic would have gone up. Plus, he brought me a book about magic, so I can't stop reading it..."

"You're completely fed by Teal, aren't you?"

I was listening to Teal talk to Guy yesterday, but I didn't know he even brought in the magic book.

What does Teal want Guy to go for?

"Wait, stop saying that. Wouldn't that mean that my senior would be in the room doing nothing and Teal would be working up for my senior!?"

"Actually, I guess not."

It's like I heard a crack in Guy's body.

You were quite shocked, your face hardened, and you became like a stone statue.

... you were originally a stone statue.

"See you next time for Illusion Eyes.... Whatever, show Teal even a happy hallucination. You know, the hallucinations of two people holding hands and shopping around the city."

The moving stone statue turned into an immobile stone statue, so I decided to leave the room.

I don't have anything to do with it... and hey, it's because I can't wait.

"Well, I'm going out. Um... sorry."

I had a light rendezvous with Guy, who became a stone statue that didn't move, and he came out of me.

I can't stand Guy all the time.

I have a problem with that.

"... so I'm called in the end"

"There's only Duke the counselor, please."

Me and Duke are in the cafe corner at the destination cake shop.

I have a problem and when I talk to him, is it the first thing that comes to mind, Duke, so I called him in.

"Captain, I know someone who can talk things over in moderation, you should make it..."

"Nothing. Even I've been here, and I know a lot of people. You're a complex swordsman, a skilled guild worker. After that, it's a muscular pastry chef..."

He's like, "I call my friends."

"You're in on it, too, aren't you?"

"You're out of common sense when your neck's off."

I think so, too, and I'll stop talking about how few people I know.

If we don't get to the bottom of this, there's a chance that only sloppy time will pass.

"So, I have two things to discuss."

"Seriously. Well, I can almost imagine the content."

It seems that Duke, who is smart and accustomed to consulting, thinly feels my troubles.

I'm really afraid I'm going to lose my mind from now on.

Should I be happy to have a good subordinate... No, I was a former subordinate.

"Well, that's a quick story. The first is about Raven and Happiness."

"... shouldn't you two keep your distance for once? From what the captain told me, we should have taken some stage."

I couldn't see what had happened to the two of us because of Happiness straight back then.

Did you even go for a kiss or even a hug?

Did you cheek or mouth if you kissed me?

"Hmm... don't worry about it. What did you two do"

"It's wild to ask and think. I don't want Happiness to know, so I beat the captain straight."

Caution flew in from Duke not to make an extra pry.

I don't mind either, but I'm not going to insist on asking you both.

If you're in the opposite position, I don't want to be asked.

"I know. So now we shouldn't do anything to both of you?"

"I think you and I are going to narrow it down a little bit later. Once I started turning, the gear wouldn't stop."

"... if those two don't turn from the outside, I feel like stopping"

"I'll take extra care of him to get there. Support sounds good, but you can't force yourself to try to stick together."

"I was able to trigger it, and as fast as I can, isn't it good?"

I don't think those two are surprised to stick together anymore. I don't feel like there's a problem sticking around with the feeling of pushing back... is that a problem?

"Captain, it doesn't make sense to force me to stick around without sorting out my feelings. Those two would be awkward enough to see each other dramatically less often."

"Seriously... is that going to happen"

"Both Raven and Happiness have pulled in ideas. I think it's gonna be a pattern of waiting for each other and not seeing each other."

"So now you just have to leave me alone"

"Right. In the meantime, if one of you has taken action, why don't you feel comfortable talking to me?"

From what I've just heard, I think it's going to take a lot of time for either of us to take action.

It makes sense that I have to sort out my feelings.

"All right, let's just say we don't get our hands on Raven and Happiness for a while."

"I will. Then let's move on to the second consultation.... I'll talk to the captain myself."

"Oh, yeah. Even though it feels like Raven and Happiness have gone one step further, I'm staying the same. I was wondering if I could keep this up, but I couldn't sleep yesterday."

I hate it when I feel like I have feelings close to jealousy about Raven.

He also came to talk to me about Raven and Happiness's love, but I feel somewhat inconsistent and no longer do.

"The captain should first know who he likes... about Mr. Cecilia"

"About Cecilia? I mean, you want me to be Cecilia's stalker."

"You're not stupid. If I do that, I'll get the captain as a knight."

"Well, what do you mean?"

Doesn't knowing about Cecilia mean stalking?

"You said that on your previous tail date. He said you should know about Cecilia."

"... you said it"

I remember deciding to look into it to the point of not being a stalker.

Speaking of which, after all, I haven't looked into it.

"Ha, so no captain. I advised you not to do it."

"Ugh, sorry"

"I don't care if you say you're worried about me like that. First of all, I want you to do what I advised you to do and talk to me when you still can't."

"... I'm so sorry"

I apologize anyway because I'm totally sorry for all this time.

You want me to talk to a habit that ignores the advice you've been given, and you're making fun of me.

I can't even get Duke mad.

"The captain needs to know. About Mr. Cecilia."

"Well, that's an inclusive way of putting it."

"Actually, it is, so you don't have a choice. What does the captain like and dislike about Mr. Cecilia? Is there anything you are good at or not good at? Do you know what you usually do?"

All of a sudden, I wandered over the question attack.

But if I could answer all of this, I think it would apply to stalkers.

"... I don't know everything about boulders. But isn't it disgusting that you know all that?"

"Sure, I might, but I think we need some grasp. Besides, I like Cecilia, but there's a contradiction that you're not interested in Cecilia."

"Why does that happen? There's no way I'm not into Cecilia!

I got a slightly stronger voice.

I can't believe you're not interested in the person you like.

"That's it, Captain. The captain doesn't have enough greed. I don't think you can look into Cecilia without fear."

Did Duke provoke to elicit the greed that is within me?

"... Okay, it's important to know who you like."

Let's do it. This isn't stalking, it's just investigating.

Some risk is also unavoidable to erase this sprouts.

I'll open an investigation into Cecilia to deepen my relationship with Cecilia.

"Okay, then get to action quickly. Duke, thanks for showing me the way to go. See you later!"

"... let me add that it's just my personal opinion and whether this is right or not."

I pinch Duke's words in my ear, and I get out of my chair and get out of the store.

"Um, Master Youki, pay for it..."

"Oh, I'm sorry"

Mr. Amy pulls me over, and I'll pay for it.

I don't know if it's me, but let's make a vow this time.

"Mr. Amy, I'll do my best."

"Oh, yes. Uh, okay, good luck."

"Yeah. Well, welcome."

"Looking forward to seeing you again...?"

At the end of the day, I was dropped off by Mr. Ami, who leans his neck, and now I'm out of the store.