Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I talked to a friend of mine and a girl wizard.

I decided to look into the kids I like, but what exactly should I do?

Follow Cecilia to the point of not being a stalker...... is tailing a stalking act?

If I disappear and tail you on "Banish Wave"... no, that's why I can't tail you.

If you ambush Cecilia's room and take a peek at Cecilia's personal life with her disappeared... I'll be sure to go to jail when the Knights leave.

"Shit, maybe there's no way out of here besides committing a crime at the earliest."

Make your thoughts work as you whine to yourself.

There must be a means of purchasing information in peace.

"Excuse me, I need to talk to you for a second."

"Heh...? Shh, Raven"

He grabbed his arm from behind and turned around and saw Raven, who would be on patrol as a knight.

As a security knight in the King's capital, the remarks I've just made are completely out.

"Yowki... I don't know what happened, but it's also the knight's job to prevent the incident before it happens. Let me talk to you."

"Are you serious..."

In the middle of the road he was taken to the alley to stand out.

I was told to listen, but is it something I can honestly tell you what I was thinking?

Either to get a record or Raven is taking out the paperwork and checking the items. Seems like a real deal.

"First of all, why did you make that statement... what were you thinking then?"

"... I was thinking about the child I liked"

The hand that was running the pen on Raven's slurp and paperwork stops.

He slept worried about what to do and ran his pen as he tilted his neck.

From the movement of his hand, he seems to have filled it in.

"I'm gonna change the question, did you make that statement trying to do something?"

"I thought about it. I was wondering if this was the only way left, and then I ran my mouth off. But I wasn't thinking about actually doing it."

I think a lot of people and sub-people have made careless remarks all over the city. I didn't actually do anything, and Raven shouldn't really think I'm going to run for crime.

"As long as it's done... well, it's a yogi and you're okay. I'm sorry, let me take the time. At work, I have to ask."

"I made a statement that seems that way. It's my fault, and don't worry about it"

Raven looking through the paperwork and checking it out.

Probably giving me a problem-free treatment.

But we need to make sure we don't make inadvertent statements all over the city.

"Finally… back to the question just now, what did you think you were going to do?"

"About stalking."

"... sorry, Youki. I knew you'd let me know more about it."

In the end, he was taken to Knights headquarters to talk in detail.

In Raven's room, to explain what happened and what happened.

I thought you trusted me, Raven...

You thought I was pretty troubled, so I decided to meet you in private later.

You also told me not to get into trouble on my own.

There was a lot going on the other day, and you want to talk about it.

He was released from the Knights and returned to the Inn alone.

A crack remained in Guy's body, but gently through.

Dive into bed and travel straight into the world of your dreams.

Then I spent a few days with Raven, no longer in the mood, until the day I met him.

By the way, after a few days, Guy's wounds didn't heal, in a physical sense.

On the day of my appointment, I went to my usual cake shop and went to see Raven......

"Why are you even here?"

"What, am I sorry if I'm here?"

I thought it was just Raven, even Mikana.

You ordered the cake first, there's a near-eating cake and tea in front of both of us.

... I don't think we ran into each other by chance.

It seems Raven's argument is that 'there should be one person who knows about Cecilia, so I called her'.

I'm showing you a note here.

"I mean, you talk good. Because I'm not saying anything anymore, and I don't think!

Raven returns the three letters' sorry 'for Mikana's request.

I should have thought about changing in one mermaid case... but still, the walls of my heart seem to be strong.

"Mmm, well, it's hard to force you to talk. I didn't get together today about the swordsman."

I want you to look at me and stop sneaking around.

But do you also need some patience beyond asking me to cooperate?

Let's try a little resistance.

"I'm sorry, I'm supposed to do the best I can about myself"

"... are you selling fights to Atashi?"

From a niggered face to an angry-marked look on his forehead.

A whisper of resistance led me to fight back.

"Excuse me. I said something very rude to one of the great brave parties"

"... the way you put it, you're so angry. You're not gonna apologize, are you?"

Micana with cheeks and a grumpy look on her face.

Raven is sighing.

Why does meeting Mikana start with such an exchange?

Originally, maybe it's not compatible.

"All right, let's get down to business with this joke"

"Hey, how much are you trying to flush on your own!

'Any more exchanges will be impoverished. I'm sorry, can you pull it off?'

Mikana looked at the note and creased between her eyebrows, but felt like a waste of time or grown up.

"Just calming down, shall we start talking? So... what are we talking about?"

"To keep you from running into crime, ordinary people."


Suddenly a body blow of words hit my chest. Raven, have we already talked about what happened a few days ago?

When did they put it down when I tried to get confirmation?

I have a two-letter note in front of me called 'Done'.

These two have had some kind of meeting?

"Cecilia is my dear companion, and now she's my friend. I won't allow a stalker to wander around Cecilia."

"Don't judge me as a stalker. And you were such a friend?

I may be being rude, but at first it was like a character who wouldn't look around in a Yuga straight line.

Has it changed since me and Raven were consulted?

There wasn't much involved with Mikana, and the information didn't come around, so I didn't know.

"That's a rude streak of words and deeds from earlier... I don't think girls will like that. It's not fatal without a delicacy."

"Gu, I'm sorry. That's true."

"I don't know about Cecilia, but if they think it's troublesome to get involved or something, it's tough. It's not easy to take an image once..."

Mikana takes one last glance at Raven.

That has nothing to do with men or women.

Raven apologizes to Mikana for 'excuse me'.

I wonder when Raven will be able to join the conversation.

I hope it's not too far into the future.

"Whatever Raven is, me and Cecilia should be fine. Even if you're stupid, you'll forgive me eventually."

"I'm not just giving up on that. It's not good to reopen it. Then Cecilia will love you."

"... seriously?"

I can't imagine that goddess Cecilia giving up her love. But Cecilia's a human being, too, and if I keep kidding around like this, I'll be cut off.

"Hey, you're getting pale, okay? Atashi talked about what happened. Just leave it in the corner of your head."

"Oh, well. Right. Ha..."

With a thirsty grin I stare at the store ceiling. I imagined Cecilia turning a cold eye.

"I'm not here to abuse you today, so calm down. This is exactly the opposite of what Atashi meant when he came."

"Didn't you come here to tell me how bad I am when I look at you with a woman's eyes?"

"... You're a very bad girl, aren't you? Not long ago, you asked me to talk to you about Atashi. I want to pay back what I owe you."

"Oh, that happened, too"

It was when I was banned from seeing Cecilia for half a month.

At that time, you were going to listen to me and Raven, but at some point you were going to listen to Mikana's love consultation.

Unexpectedly my relationship with Yuga and Cecilia was shattered and I was consulted about my bee worries about what to do.

"I also asked the swordsman if I could give you a ride because he talked to me about it. And then... yeah, it feels so-so"

Mikana talks bitterly mixed.

This is an awkward pattern of air.

Raven is leaning over to apologize.

After all, was it a situation where I could not even consult?

You were right about Duke.

"That's why I'll solve your problem this time with the swordsman."

Raven also looks confident with a note that says' I'll take care of it '.

It would be fancy to see the two of you working together during a brave party or something from the edge. Even when it comes to cooperation, it's cooperation in relation to love.

"You're reliable, dude. Then let me tell you a lot of things quickly."

"Leave it to me... That said, you can't have personal information or anything. I think you should realize that you like to date Cecilia and ask her yourself."

"Oh, is that it?"

I don't know the mind of a woman...... I think preview is important. Duke also told me to think of a date plan, according to Cecilia's preferences, but no?

"You're going to give people the right gift!? Ultimately it's up to you."

"No, I wouldn't do that. So, what are you gonna tell me today?"

"You don't know, I'll tell you what kind of woman Cecilia is... well, back when we were traveling at a brave party"

"Heh, that, don't worry about it. I don't think I've ever heard of Yuga running wild and Cecilia talking to me."

"... that's what happened. I'll tell you something else about Cecilia."

It's like Cecilia's the brave one.

"I don't think a brave party would have been built without Cecilia."

'... sure,' Raven says, showing a note of consent.

I shake my neck so vertically that I can ask how important Cecilia was in the position.

The recoverer would be a must for the party, but it seems there were other reasons.

This is going to be a fun story to hear.