Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I listened to some old stories about kids I liked.

"If Cecilia hadn't been here, would it have been difficult or would she have been so often injured?"

"... it wasn't an easy trip, but I wasn't hurt that much."

"Hmm, does that mean it would have been bad without Cecilia herself, not as a monk?"

It's the role of Yuga's amulet that comes to mind.

What other part of Cecilia were you active in?

"First of all, it's a solution to Yuga's women's problem. When Atashi goes, he makes it extra heated up, the swordsmen can't talk, and the girls won't stop at the brush talk. Go. As Yuga leaves, there will be more trouble."

It's time for the two of you to sigh.

Seems like a lot of hard work. What are you doing, adding more problems to your brave habits?

"But Cecilia's on Yuga's side, too, and we're gonna heat up the women, right?

"In Atashi's case, you said you let it heat up, or you said you were..."


At the end of the day, my voice went down, but I could hear it perfectly.

This guy's been talking about it, and he's been talking about it.

"Unlike Mikana, Cecilia didn't even say she didn't like it, she was calming her opponent with a soft grin and no lies,"

"Hey swordsman. I don't know if that's what you said, but I don't think he liked you."

Mikana points to the note and argues with her face close.

Raven looked away at first glance and broke the note in a frightening fashion.

... I think it's too late to break it now.

"If the opposite sex flocks to the person you want, you won't want it."

"Heh, heh. Yes, it is! A, Atashi, about Yuga... Shh, because I like it. I couldn't calm down then! I suppress it to a certain extent now. Let's get back to Cecilia."

"You forced me to change my mind."

It's May.

I got stunned because of an extra word.

Raven hasn't written anything either, and it looks like you should go through.

"Okay, no scratches. Isn't there anything else, Cecilian martial arts?"

"... mostly what Cecilia was doing behind the trip or something"

They look away from me at first sight when they're around again.

"Like buying out the back, cooking? Share it with him."

It doesn't have to be Cecilia to be able to do it, so you just have to decide on a rotation. Nonetheless, what do you mean, I left everything to Cecilia?

"... Cecilia did it all right, so she had a lot of roles."

"What do you mean, no problem?"

"Uh, you're already dull. There are areas that Atashi and Swordsmen don't like, and there are areas where they couldn't participate in the rotation!

"You mean you had a problem with the two of them," Mikana said backwards, turning her face bright red, and Raven is grinning bitterly.

"Atashi can't cook, you know. Even if the cooking environment was in order, I couldn't make anything that everyone could eat in the wild.... Little by little, I tried to remember."

"In that regard, Cecilia said she could cook decent food even in the wild"

I used to get Cecilia tea and sweets when I went to the mansion, but it was all delicious.

Even as I was traveling, I guess I unfortunately demonstrated my culinary skills.

'Cause I'm inferior to Cecilia, but I could cook too. I was making it in turns so Cecilia wouldn't be burdened.'

Raven has shown me a note with supplementary information.

You never heard I could cook.

Does that mean Mikana's cooking skills are less than or equal to Raven?

"Hey, you're losing to Raven. Are your cooking skills okay?"

"Ugh, extra help! A swordsman is an expedition in the Knights, so he's made to remember that it helps when food shortages occur."

'... well, yes,' he says, showing a note appealing to awkwardness in small letters.

Still, I think it would be nice if I didn't bother you.

"Are there two cooks? I know it's strange to ask at this time... what about Yuga?"

Leader of the party and brave man.

What the hell was Yuga good at?

I don't have to ask. I know the answer.

Yuga can cook, too.

"Oh, seriously?"

I can't hide my surprise in unexpected answers.

Though I thought Yuga had no other role than to fight.

"You can cook it normally, you have better food than a sea urchin."

I mean, are there three cooks?

Later in the day, my voice was powered but ignored.

Was Cecilia not so burdened with cooking?

"No, you two."

"Why not!

There must have been three people with cooking skills in the current story.

Who was skipping on a habit that had skills?

"Yuga said she could cook, but she didn't say she did."

"Why didn't you make me do it?"

"The dishes you make are wasteful and luxurious, if you go to pick up ingredients, you pick up trouble, if you go to buy them out, you make a scene..."

"As good as it gets, it's a pre-cooking problem."

"If Cecilia and the swordsman have a happening every time they cook, tell them we'll both be in charge."

That would be a good laugh if someone else heard it.

You think there will be an emergency quest every time you cook?

It was time for dinner and she said she couldn't even get out of her mind.

If that's the case, you two shouldn't be tired of spinning the rotation.

"Should we have prepared the ingredients and just let them cook?"

"I can only imagine Cecilia and the swordsman in a hurry if they don't make happenings during cooking."

"When we get there already, I just think there's some kind of curse on it."

Will the path of the brave always be accompanied by happiness?

I don't like that, such a life...... oh, I was a demon.

"Sometimes I get harassed while cooking. It's just that cooks procure and manage their ingredients. If I let him just cook halfway through, the opposite would increase the burden on me and Cecilia ', Raven has made a very serious point.

Looks like the cook's deep, too.

"Earlier, I wrote all the great things, but I guess you forgot you had a problem too."

"No, you said Raven had a bad area, too."

Looks like he was doing the cooking, but how was the rest?

Speaking of what Raven can't do.

'Here's the thing,' Raven said, pointing to the note I just wrote.

It means we can't talk in public, but how does that lead to the negative?

"The swordsman's brush is deadly for gathering information about incidents in other towns and villages he's going to. It's a party trip, and we've got a set time to stay. In the meantime, if you write it on paper and gather information, you're running out of time."

"I studied writing letters early on on my journey," said Raven.

You're totally misdirecting your efforts.

I wouldn't tell you to talk, but there would have been a way to open it apart from writing letters quickly.

"Raven has a situation, and for the most part, did the intelligence gathering mainly involve two women?"

"Saraha, you took off the yuga. Exactly."

When I heard about the cook earlier, I could easily imagine. He's gathering information and he's not who he is, and he's doing something completely different than he was meant to be.

"Hey, what was Yuga in charge of?"

"Ordinary people, don't ask that. I don't want to say it from Atashi's mouth, if I did, Yuga would already..."

Raven is quietly shaking his neck to the side, not asking me not to touch him.

The brave party trip was pretty tough, mainly Cecilia.

"How about a brave fellow who made me feel like this when we had a hard time together?"

"I brought the happenings, but they turned out to be connected to the action of helping someone. I'm glad Yuga is a brave man."

"It was a lot, but it was a full journey that didn't bore me," snorts Raven over and over again. Boulder brave, even if you don't play much of a role, it sounds like you'll be respected.

I think Yuga has been blessed with a lot of company.

But this time the story isn't closed like this.

"I'm sorry I'm trying to put it together beautifully, but I mean, Cecilia was also in charge of preparing meals, buying them out, managing money, okay?

"Ugh, you know a lot about money management."

"Cecilia or Raven, Mikana was in charge of the buyout, right? Micana for everyday items, Raven divided by ingredients, and money management held both by Cecilia. Didn't you?"

"That's right. Atashi was in charge because it would be late if the swordsman went to buy everyday items. Then Cecilia says I'll take care of the money. I've made no objection."

"You work too much for Cecilia."

Cecilia if you have a buyout, Cecilia if you have money problems, Cecilia if Yuga makes it go away, Cecilia if you get hurt.

Cecilia, you're doing great, man.

"Atasis, you may have been quite sweet to Cecilia's kindness."

'... right,' they show the colors they both reflect on. I think the most to reflect on is Yuga, who isn't here.

I don't know how much trouble he's caused Cecilia... I hope he hasn't had a good fight with me.

"When it comes to traveling, we've got two different names going around," I eat on Raven's note.

Are there two names like the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman certified in my black history in Cecilia and beyond?

"Oh, speaking of which, you did. Is Yuga the brave one?"

"What is that? Aren't you the brave man of hope or something? Oh, my God, he said he was gonna rush it."

Don't accompany the undead. Two names, but I don't feel like a handsome Harlem brave guy like Yuga.

"Whether Yuga went to town, stayed in the village, or stayed in the wild, he had a series of problems. I don't know how much I'm traveling, but the time slot and the place are messed up, and I've been given two random sightings."


Walk around freely, so call trouble and solve it.

I guess every time rumors spread.

I don't think you can give me those two names if you're traveling normally.

"I wonder if Atashi was a Guardian"

"No, isn't that Raven's two names?"

Guardian, no matter what you think, it's not the two names you can give a wizard.

Rather, the Knight's Raven is tighter.

"No, definitely the two names of the Atashi. It was followed by moderate Yuga fans."

"Yuga's Guardian or something, I'm convinced. What are the two names given by the extremists?"

"... could have been an eternal friend. I can taste friends forever, really."

I think it's like the earliest abuse, but the guy I put on has a good sense of naming.

Bad for Mikana, but almost blew it out a little.

Let's hope we don't become friends with Yuga forever.

"By the way, what two names was Raven called?"

"Heh, swordsmen were called cold-blooded swordsmen."

"Raven, what the hell did you do!?"

Surprised at the sudden advent of a nickname that sounds noisy.

I don't have that image of Raven, but did you make something of him on the trip?

Raven is desperate to write an explanatory statement.

At the writing stage, you're already shaking your head beside me just saying I didn't do anything.

'I lived without talking. Even when fighting demons, he waved his sword lightly without speaking out. Then they show me a note saying, "Did I get something wrong, at some point I have the image that I'm a cold-blooded man with no blood or tears," and I'm convinced enough to be.

If I did slaughter and kill demons without saying a word, I might get that image too.

It's a shame to see things you don't normally talk about.

"The swordsman had a good brush talk, so the image disappeared quickly, though. Two names left."

"You're a donkey, Raven. I'm not a cold-blooded man or anything. So what are the two names of Cecilia waiting for you?"

"Cecilia sure..."

"Sounds like we're having a good time."

It is interrupted where Mikana is about to say.

The lord of voices who interrupted the conversation was Cecilia.

Why does everyone feel so hardened here?

You read our will, Cecilia started explaining it.

"I talked to Mikana and I asked her home and she was away, so I tried to go home. Just passing by, the brave man spoke up and went down. Mikana told me she went to the cake shop in town. Then you're talking about something that sounds fun."

Cecilia grabs the root of Mikana.

I remember when that was, when I was hit by Mr. Sophia.

From my experience, don't let Mikana get dragged away like that.

"Hey, Cecilia. Atashi and the others tell memorabilia..."

"Yes. So I want to have a memorabilia with Mikana, too. Slowly...... right. Now, Mr. Yowki, Mr. Raven, if you'll excuse me today."

"Oh, hey, why is it just you? Yeah!?"

Mikana disappeared from the store after being taken by Cecilia.

There were no more flowers called women at the table, and the schematic remained that two men were facing each other at the cake shop.

"... Youki, I'm sorry, but Cecilia's two names come from the person. You can't say that from my mouth."

"Ah, oh. Thanks for your help today."

"I take care of a lot of things, too.... and say thank you to Mikana"

Raven stares at the store entrance as Mikana is dragged away.

Guess from Cecilia's attitude, two names are mines. I'm just satisfied that I had that harvest today.

That's a little bit of a relief.

... Mikana has been sacrificed.