Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I asked him where his two favorite names came from.

"Cooking, shopping, managing money. It's almost Cecilia who undertakes to see how she does it, and the brave man says a word to Cecilia."

"A word?"

"Like your mother."


I wonder what he's thinking.

Certainly Cecilia is attentive, does chores and heals people.

He's got a personality like a mass of motherhood.

But it would be a little different from your mother's.

You mean Yuga didn't have a mother, and so, she overlaid Cecilia with her mother?

"Does Yuga have a mother?"

I asked the wrong question.

I'm talking about how Yuga was born.

"Well, good luck to you. What we met at a previous party."

"Oh, right"

It doesn't look like he overlapped.

Are you saying that Yuga's thoughts are not understandable to me when I'm not the main character?

"They told me when I was getting ready for Nojuku and handed over the brave man's dish. Cecilia said she was in the middle of handing over the dish, and it hardened for about ten seconds."

Celia speaking with laughter.

From whom did you purchase this information?

Though I don't think Cecilia will tell you so much about her black history.

"Um, did Cecilia tell you the story?"

"It's not like Cecilia talks. Mikana told me. I wasn't talking about Cecilia then, I was talking about the brave ones."

"Are you talking about Yuga? You know, in the middle of reporting to Cecilia what kind of disrespect Yuga worked for."

"Correct, Yoki."

They applaud me for my patsy.

I didn't know what I said would hit me properly.

"So how did that Yuga mother statement roll into two names?"

"Maybe it's because Cecilia didn't say anything then. It seems that the brave man has since called me like a mother. Looks like the townspeople put the Virgin Mary on Cecilia."

"Yuga's totally bad."

Cecilia wasn't the Virgin either, and I think the Virgin would have forgiven her.

I don't know why I hate the Virgin Mary so much... but is it the type of person who cares about years?

"Yoki, I'll never tell Cecilia what I told her today."

"Ah, yes. I'll keep it a secret."

"And don't you ask Cecilia about her age?"

"No, I know that"

Age is taboo against women, not just Cecilia.

"Yes, that's fine. Then I'll tell you a secret about Cecilia other than her age."

Mr. Celia has a pleasant grin.

You're trying to say something that you're not supposed to hear for sure.

"Mr. Celia. I was wondering if it would be a good idea to talk more about exposure because Cecilia isn't here."

"Oh, yeah. Because I thought I'd talk to you about how Cecilia stays in shape."

"That's something you should never talk about."

"Ma'am, it's about your daughter's honor, too, so let me just stop you"

I don't think you should know anything about the effort that women are behind.

What would Cecilia say if I asked you this?

Was it because Mr. Sophia stopped too, or was he unwilling to talk to you from the start?

Celia says it's a joke, and she's smiling inclusively.

Don't make me wonder how serious you are.

"Speaking of which, Cecilia started practicing body surgery, didn't she? Yoki, are you listening to something?"

"No, I didn't hear anything in particular."

You said something like you wanted me to teach you physical surgery before.

Shit, I forgot to tell you it's good.

"Seek and I practice a lot in the garden. Not only was he physically active, but he had a meeting with a wooden stick."

"Cecilia is a monk, right? Are you even thinking about turning to swordsman?"

"Even monks sometimes have to protect themselves. So I was wondering if your daughter was practicing physical surgery to protect herself."

"I see. What do you expect Mr. Sophia to teach Cecilia about physical surgery?"

When we were asked to go to the mine together, we were seeing a tremendous move.

I don't know about bars or anything, but body surgery would be Mr. Sophia's specialty.

I'd be surprised if Cecilia could make Mr. Sophia move.

"I don't mind, but my husband may end up in May."

"Sophia's husband. That's funny, isn't it? When I'm a maid, I want to be a maid. When I left on business, I defeated the demon that came out before the guard soldiers."

You're supposed to have arrived as a maid, but you think you're going to move fastest and defeat the demon?

"That's right, Mr. Sophia."

"Ultimately, don't take away the soldiers' work so I can stop them."

"Yes. As soon as I sense hostility, I will be powerless. That, when I was in the guild, the feeling seemed to have worked. After his wife noticed, he was thoroughly defending the carriage."

"You were still consolidating the protection of the carriage."

I think the servants are in a position to be protected, too.

In Mr. Sophia's case, it feels like the last fort.

Wouldn't there be any weak maids?

Mr. Sophia, Happiness, Teal.

All the maids I know are strong in many ways.

"Master Youki. We maids just have the power to protect ourselves."

"No, no, no. Obviously, you have skills that you don't need."

You think you can crush a rock's heel if you care about it?

It's not something a maid would do, like blow up a Lizard Man lightly with a flying kick, is it?

"It's for protection."

"Youki-kun. Sometimes not only maids, but women need strength to protect themselves. Besides, Sophia's up for the guild."

"... Speaking of which, you're right"

I didn't have a dream for a maid, and if you think about it, you're a big favor.

"I'll ask Cecilia next time about physical surgery. I'm good at physics, too."

"Thank you, Cecilia will be delighted. Because it was a bad area and it seemed like I was just having a rough time. Seek-kun and Yo-kun can level up Cecilia."

I'll take care of it.

"Because Cecilia didn't start practicing physical surgery because of lack of exercise. Keeping in shape is also irrelevant..."

"Ma'am, please refrain from making statements that would mislead Mr. Youki"

Mr. Sophia goes in to stop Mr. Celia.

When I was told that, I began to wonder if Cecilia's reason for starting practicing her body surgery was for a diet.

"Um, I should probably go home."

I don't want Mr. Celia to play any more.

Maybe I can get some information on Cecilia, but I'm afraid I don't know when Mr. Celia's gonna drop the bomb.

Let's stay while Mr. Sophia's in there stopping us.

"Let's talk again next time ~"

"Ma'am, Master Seek's tone is shifting."

"Yes. Thank you for sharing your valuable story today. Excuse me.... Thank you, Sophia"

At the end of the day I whispered a word of gratitude to Sophia for following me aloud and leaving the mansion.

"I don't know what to do..."

Although I have returned to the inn, I have never called it this.

Though I was thinking about Cecilia and gathering information.

"Mr. Sophia to Raven, Mikana and Celia. The information that I was able to get by asking for your help is about Cecilia's ban."

If you don't want me to hate you, let's be careful with the words.

"After all, what am I supposed to do?"

I wonder if it's okay to maintain the status quo. Go to the mansion, pick souvenir tea treats, and collude while you drink the tea Cecilia put in.

You know, praying that nature and favoritism may be on the rise.

"Pity me."

An old man who doesn't know to act is talking in my brain.

As it were, you'd lose someone you cared about, old man.

Act before you regret it, an old man who encourages you not to fear change.

Unstoppable old man's push.

"Oh, shut up! Damn. I'm worried about you, too. I don't know, old man. Come out."

I don't know. I seriously think about it when I'm done kicking the old man out of my brain.

In the end, what do I do?

"All right, let's not say the Virgin Mary in front of Cecilia"

I'm determined, okay, but if they tell me what's going to change with this, it won't change.

What am I supposed to do now?

"You've had a lot of bumps and one word from earlier. What's bothering you?"

"Oh, bad. I woke him up."

You put it out in your mouth and overthought it.

I woke up Guy who was asleep.

Though he said it was heartbreaking to discover that he was turning into Teal's hippo.

"Never mind. I thought you couldn't just go to sleep. I'm thinking to myself if I can do something. I can't think of a good idea."

I'm not free to go out there.

I can't even register my guild.

Sneak out at night and crusade through exploration and demons. I also have the means to sell what I collect.

In case they find us, the Knights and Yuga will be flying in soon.

Let's follow up on Guy's working methods.

"Now I'm full of myself, too"

"... sex? It's refreshing for me. I think the rush to push but pull is interesting."

"It's not that simple, and the troubled person isn't funny."

Once you pull it off, push it here and you'll find out when it's time to make love achievements.

In the first place, isn't love a rush?

"Hmm, it's still hard for me"

"Right. Hmm."

I don't want to do too much weird to be a preaching development.

Imagine the heroic things that come true and think simple.

Heroin in a pinch, the protagonist who helps cool.

That's where love comes in if it's a royal story.

"All right, let's do this operation"

"Have you made up your mind?"

"Oh. Name it. Now I'm a protagonist, too."

"How did the kid ever appreciate himself..."

"Now I'm gonna be the real hero, too."