Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

Girl, the wizard tried not to let me out.

The operation is set, and then we move on to action when we just schedule it.

Appoint Cecilia and fish for a request in the guild.

Find the request that was in the operation and tell Clayman to take the order.

Next, I called Duke because I was anxious on my own.

It's not left to people, but it's because of the shallow idea that Duke would follow me in case I tried to.

I can't be confused, so I want you to forgive me for now.

I left a letter for the Knights dorm chief because he was absent when I went to ask him for it.

Now we're ready, there's no blind spot.

It was supposed to be perfect.

"Funko's crazy"

I went thirty minutes early to the guild at the rendezvous point, and the first person to show up waiting was Mikana.

"Atashi is here, is there a problem?"

"Oh yes!

I didn't tell Mikana I was going to ask for it today.

Cecilia and Duke are the only ones I told.

I don't remember asking you out.

"The swordsman asked me to come."

"What, Raven?"

Why would Raven ask Mikana?

In the first place, Raven hasn't even asked me to do it.

"You said you were sorry for replacing me."

"Duke. Uh-huh."

Did he throw it at Raven?

With that, Raven asked Mikana to take his place.

Don't turn around, you're breaking up your plans.

"You don't feel very good about replacing me. Well, I'll do it. I'll do it right."

"Do what?"

"It's your support. The swordsman asked me to."


How about that handover?

Taking over my support... Duke.

I appreciate that kind of attention.

"Leave it to me. I owe you one."

"Didn't you write it off before?"

"I don't owe Atashi enough to write it off. I ended up halfway through."

Cecilia took me on the way out.

"Are you okay after that?"

"It's not gonna be okay! They took me to the mansion and put me in the front seat."

"I knew it."

I asked Mr. Celia and she knew, but is it the front seat?

When I did it too, I was forced to sit in the front seat without saying whether or not.

I'm done with Celia walking into my room, but Mikana's a sermon without help.

"I was usually just watching Yuga get scolded.... I thought I'd be in a position to be scolded."

"Something, I'm sorry"

"Nothing's fine. I'm sorry I forgot that Cecilia cares about two names.

"I recently learned those two names..."

"I don't know who told you that. It's easy to find out, isn't it? He's famous."


Certainly Cecilia is one of the brave parties.

Cecilia, no matter how one person moves, the proliferation of two names will not be stopped.

The children in the orphanage had a reputation.

"If you really like Cecilia, you shouldn't talk about the two names you don't like."

"Wow, I know!

"Fine then.... so you have a plan today. Or just came to ask?"

"I have a plan I'm thinking about."

"Talk, now! Atashi will score for you."

"Grade it, I don't like it..."

Perhaps you should let the collaborators know what I think and what I got the request for today.

"In the meantime, because if there's a place to improve, I'll just mouth it. I wouldn't curse so much."

"I know. First of all, it's from a request I got. It's a request to get rid of Andetto from the mansion where Andetto lived."

They're having trouble with real estate in Minerva.

The mansion isn't that old, so you want to clean it up and sell it?

I don't know if anyone lives in the mansion where the demons lived.

"Isn't it a request that Cecilia can do a great job? We usually get Cecilia, our support, to fight in the main."


"Huh? It's not. What, you had a completely different intent?"

"I was kind of, like, hauntingly scared, and I was dreaming that I was gonna be one of a kind."

True protagonist, it rushes through a crisis where the heroine rushes at a pinch, refreshing and imminent.

I thought I should do something like that, reference the memory of my previous life, and a haunted mansion floated around.

If I show some bravery, at least I don't seem to like it.

"Aren't you an idiot!? You're dreaming too much. I can't travel because I'm scared."

"Hey, if I were a girl, here's the thing... there was a time"

"Hundreds of steps, no, even if there was a girl like that in a thousand steps. Cecilia is a monk. Haunted, Andette, if you said you were scared, you wouldn't be able to do it!

"Ya, sure..."

"How did you think that was such an operation?!? Think about Cecilia and make a plan. You can't do this because you think for yourself. The priority is to see what Cecilia thinks and enjoy it. It's second to none if I'm satisfied."

"... smitten"

Me being preached cancer by Mikana.

If you ask me, there is a target element, so I can't argue with it.

I did plan to be the main character.

The part about whether Cecilia would enjoy it was missing.

"Be careful from now on. Ha... Cecilia and you are the main ones today. Work hard. Because Atashi turns to support."

"Me too? Cecilia, don't you have to be very active?"

"You... in that case, you two work together to defeat the enemy or something! If you do that, we'll have a pattern while we can trust each other!

"I see. Do you act together to increase your liking"

"... if you talk too much about likeability and likeability, you'll hate me."

"Ugh...... ok"

Can't I have too much heart?

Well, of course you do.

"Speaking of which, don't you know what Cecilia's been into lately? I think it would be nice to have a common topic."

"You heard me practicing physical surgery."

"You're not up to this request..."

I really think I missed the choice of request.

Because Cecilia is practicing physical surgery... it's more efficient to use the magic of light attributes if you're dealing with undead people.

"Next time I'll think about it and think about the plan..."

"Do that. This will only put on about 30 points."

I'm shocked by the consequences of the same red dots.

I was talking to Mikana, and I thought I was stupid, too.

If no one had called today, I would have gone the wrong way. If I was bad, I might have been supposed to cause Cecilia a lot of trouble.

"A reasonable score. No, it's lower."

"I'm studying today. If you come to this, you can't have a plan of your own."

I can't say anything to Mikana sniffing his nose.

I regret it, but it's because my thoughts were sweet.

"I get it. It's time for Cecilia to come. Good luck today."

"I don't want to act weird because I want to make a mistake."

You know how little I'm trusted around stabbing nails on multiple occasions. I was thinking of an asshole operation and I can't help it.

Now let's focus on doing the request normally.

In no time, Cecilia's carriage approached.

Stop in front of me and Mikana and Cecilia comes out of inside.

"Thank you for waiting. Micah asked for it today, too?"

"Yeah, I'll accompany you."

"That's comforting. Actually, I called another one. Were you okay?"

"Another one?"

I did when I asked you to talk about who I might call, but I didn't hear anything from Cecilia.

"Yes, I brought Happiness to change my mood."

Happiness appeared from behind Cecilia.

He's sending his gaze at me with his usual faceless expression.

"... oh"


Greetings remain the same as usual.

I was worried, but did I care too much?

Still, if Raven had come, it might have been a little awkward.

It's good to be in Mikana, yeah.

"... I wonder why he's nodding when he sees his balls"

Don't worry about it.

Because I wasn't thinking bad.

It's more like Micana Fine Play.

Happiness has joined us, and we're going to be able to finish the request without anything.

Speaking to the two of us about the request, we decided to take a carriage to the destination hall.

"Keep your feet secure!

"... Yes. I'll be careful."

Mikana cautioned me.

So far, you've relied too much on Cecilia's carriage.

I haven't even started a request yet, but I've been affixed a rettel of a man I don't care about.

I'm anxious to see how many times Mikana points me out today......