Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to take down my favorite kid and his ghost boss.

"Well, I'll open it"

"Sometimes when you open the door, all of a sudden an attack flies in. Open it carefully."

"I know."

I get caution from Mikana, but I know that.

If the knife flies the second it opens, I'll catch it.

"... anticipation"

"To what? I'll tell you what, no mess."

There was an exciting Happiness, so I stab the nail.

I don't feel the need to run to a story here.

"Be careful, Mr. Yowki"


Gently and quietly open the door and peek inside.

At the end of the door was a crowned skeleton sitting on the couch looking great.

"Something's got a crowned skeleton. He's sitting there like he's so great."

Anyway, I'm the boss, great, it feels like I'm embodying something like that.

"You're an undead king. That's unusual. I can't believe you're here."

"King hey... are you strong?"

"... make it look"


Do you say that crown is just a decoration?

"The Undead King is a demon with some wisdom from an ordinary undead. The strength of an individual is not very different from that of a normal undead."

"Too bad, undead king. You totally lost your name."

When it's a battle, let's go for the crown first with a quick strike.

If I drop the crown, it'll just look undead anymore.

Undead King?

... Not that I have any grudges or anything.

"... is something wrong?"

"Did you learn Cecilia from Sophia?"

"What Mr. Yowki is thinking has come to light lately"

"I wonder if I'm on your face when you're thinking so much about something"

Maybe you should practice poker face.

"Look, do it after the chat. You're going."

"Oh, excuse me"

"Bad, bad... I'll take the lead, then. Let's go!"

I have momentum, I open the door.

At the time of the peek I saw no surprise attacks.

I can make a grand and flashy appearance.

"Na, Nanda"

"My name is Youki! I went up to heaven to return the wretched deceased who lived in this hall without permission."

Me deciding who to fuck and undead king with.

I spent more and more time in the air hall, so I thought I'd refresh my mood.

"... laughing"

"Oi, Sinnyu Shader"

I get a tough word from Happiness, the only one who reacted.

The Undead King is ignoring me and calling my people.

"My people won't even call me. Because Cecilia has purified it."


"You're the only Andetto left."

"... ready"

Happiness and Mikana set up their weapons.

"Mr. Yoki will be there, too."

I want to go to a town with a lot of heroes.

"Please come back. Look, Mikana and Happiness are about to start a fight."

Mikana went through without getting involved, from Happiness to the word laughing.

It's been a while since I switched on Kitchen Two, but it feels like I've been forced off.

Those two are surprisingly vicious when put together.

"Whoa... we'll do it!]

Cecilia rises within her allies.

If I'd done more than that, I could turn on Cecilia's shitty.

"You're back. Shall we go then?"

"Leave it to me. It's that crown you're after."

Activate "Instant Thunder" and approach the undead king at once.

My role is to stop the enemy.

You can knock me down, but if I knock you down, you'll scatter the hall. It's best to purify it with Cecilia's magic, it's efficient.

I move quickly and restrain the undead king while putting in the feint.

Not at his height. The subtly decorative wields a flashy sword, but it doesn't hit me.

"Pfft, you can see the sword stopping. To that extent!

"Kuh, Atalanu"

Saying the dialogue I wanted to say once, I saw a gap and got kicked by the undead king.

Of course, the aim is the crown over your head.

My kick is a brilliant clean hit, and the crown dances through the universe with the sound of cannibalism.

The crown falls vainly behind the undead king.

Now he's just an undead.

"A, aah. Aaaaaaaa."

"Hey, dude!?"

An undead king who suddenly summoned and threw away his sword.

Keep your back on me and run to the crown.

I'm checking to see if she's safe and stroking her hands to dust her.

Was it something that important, that crown?

"... sucks"

"No, wait."

"... livestock"

"So no..."

"... the outer passage"

"Let me explain. Ooh!

I didn't know it was that important.

You know, it was kind of like an interpretation of what would be just a decoration.

"Yes, yes, you're done with comics. You guys do this every time you ask? That's a lot of crap."

It's not like I like it.

... Well, sometimes it's fun.

Although I would never tell such a dialogue, Happiness, Duke, or Seek.

"... enemies"

Ahead of Happiness pointing fingers, the crown and the undead king who had picked up the sword were waving the sword and pushing forward.

"Yokumo, yokumo, yokumo, yokumo, yokumo!

I'm totally angry at you for what you're after.

Don't feel pretty horrible about your mouth bones trembling and approaching.

"I'm sorry about the crown. Then this way."

I avoided the undead king on my way and kicked it in my sword-held hand with minimal movement.

Now the sword flies back and falls to the ground.

Silence dominated the place, and victory and defeat flowed like a decision.


The undead king sits up on the spot with a lot of people. He stared at the crown he was wearing on his head as if to spare a parting in his hand.

"That's pretty clean. No more resistance?"

"Maketanoda, Watashiha"

Undead King with disappointing items.

Now stab me in the stop. Aura is full speed.

"Cecilia, it sounds like you're already ready for something." Holly Circle: Please. "

"Ok...... but. There's only one thing I'd like to ask this person."

"What do you want to hear? They're demons."

How does Mikana get that look again?

This feels like some kind of déjà vu.

He said Cecilia would ask him something in a situation where he could stab a stop.

"Why are you so crowned?"

"Watashiha, Watashiha Kono Oukanga, Taisetzdatta. Nazeka Hawa Karanu. Tada, Taisetsu Datta"

"Important...? Maybe the undetected corpse was the king of some place."

"Hey, Cecilia. Isn't that good enough?"

"... ok. It's important, then I'll send it up with you."

Cecilia can magic the wand.

You're taking the time to activate the Holy Circle.

Could it be that you're trying to use different magic?

"" Heavens Rondo "is an advanced magic of light attributes."

A pale light can stand around the undead king. I'm in a strange mood where I can't hear anything.

The undead king doesn't hear me. It sounds like he's hearing something.

Even though it's a skeleton, I can hear the look on your face like you're hearing something.

"A, aah. Natsukashiyo Nakibunda. Koega, Kikoel. Anohitono......"

That said, the undead king disappeared to blend into its surroundings.

The crown is gone, as well as the sword I kicked in.


Cecilia lowers the cane she had set up and takes a breath.

You said advanced magic.

Until I got here, I had a series of "Holly Circles", and was the senior wizard okay?

"Hey, Cecilia. Why didn't you use" Holly Circle "? Did you purify it thoroughly?"

"No, I was a little nervous. So I used" Heavens Rond. "

"Lying, if Cecilia," Holly Circle: So... "

"It looks like Andette is gone with this. That's okay."

I think Cecilia has something on her mind, too.

Andette disappeared from the hall and accomplished her request.

"… Achievement?"

"I don't feel any bad signs from the hall, and you're all right now"

"... master (laughs)?"

"No, I just said it in Nori. In fact, the boss knocked it down, and you didn't even check the room. And stop being a master."

Don't bother telling me to laugh.

"That's true. Details are good. Shall we go home?"

"No, confirmation is important after all. You two come round the hall for the last time."

If you think so, you should go.

"… Agreed"

"Damn, let's go with the boss's unjoined team"

Diffuse the bar reading mouth shot, including disgust.

I won't forget to wave if you say so.

"Gu... you're making a fool of yourself. But the fact is. Okay, I'm on my way. Look, I'll just be a week."


Happiness seemed to be in the grip, but he finally convinced me.

We're going back to the carriage first.

Scream out loud so the two of you can hear them leaving the room.

He threatened to kill me when I got home first and complained back.

That's rude, there's Cecilia, so there's no way you're gonna do that.

"Well, Cecilia. What do you want me to do, lend you a shoulder or hold a princess?"

"Excuse me, I'll borrow your shoulder..."

Cecilia sitting on the ground with the flirtatious.

After all, was it finally in good condition to stand?

"I don't think I can borrow your shoulder."

You don't look that bad, but you shouldn't have to.

In the meantime, let's give him some water.

"Yes, bottle"

"Thank you......"

Cecilia drinks very much water.

I was hoping you'd recover a little.

I wish I had some food, but I don't have it with me.


"Yes, ugh..."

Looks like he's putting in some effort, but he can't stand up.

I can't seem to use a cane.

"Cecilia, oh..."

Ambu or princess hug?

Here's the thing about you... That's it, you have a problem.

"Okay, let's hold the princess"

"Oh, Mr. Yowki!?"

I hold the princess without asking for Cecilia's opinion and run out to the exit of the hall.

You were right to kick them out for two reasons. I cared about Cecilia, but I don't want to be seen this.

"Mr. Yowki, this is embarrassing..."

"It's okay, it's my second time."

I'm holding you once in Dagaz village, Teal's home town.

"Heh, I don't remember!?"

'Cause I was fainting.

I mean, I stunned him.


Did you know that? I just remembered. I'm sorry. Because it will go at full speed. I don't want you two to see me. "

Although it was seen by most of the villagers in the village of Dagaz.

If those two saw me, it would be a while to tear me up.

I did everything I could to make Cecilia unburdened.