Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I looked back at him with the kid I liked.

"Hey, what happened while you were gone?"

Hiccups and Mikana talk to me.

We were already on our way home in the carriage.

"Nothing... nothing"

You're absolutely lying.

"There was nothing. Yeah......"

"Obviously, something's not right."

Micana next door is slightly loud.

I like the rattling and the sound of the carriage swinging better when I'm still listening.

"It's my fault, it's my fault"

"It's not my fault.... What really happened to you guys?"

Mikana looked alternately at me and Cecilia sitting on the diagonal and muttered.

Me and Cecilia, our gaze is completely out the window.

Beautiful scenery, full of nature.

"… Incidents"

"What are you talking about, Happiness? There's nothing going on here, is there? Take a look outside. There's a peaceful view."

"... severe illness"

"I'm normal."

"... heal!

Happiness kept the momentum rising out of his chair, waving a positive fist out of my abdomen.

A fist in my abdomen, weighing in on good health.


I'm bored by the hurt, Happiness, who uses recoil to sit in a chair.

"... fully healed"

"Oh and more! You know, suddenly you're letting your fists in."

"Oh, you're back to sanity. Don't do it."

Mikana praises Happiness, but I didn't do anything and she beat me up. All I have is anger emotions.

By the way, Cecilia leans against the window and enters her world, so she doesn't know I'm bored with pain.

"Don't do it. Don't do it!

"Because you were confused. This kid's not bad."

"... Argumentation"

"I'm not convinced! My side..."

Turning to Cecilia, he was still entering his world.

As it stands, no allies, overwhelmingly unfavourable.

"... victory"

"Shut up! You're not winning or losing. A victory over what!?"

"... human virtue?"

"Am I losing to you in virtue?"

"Needless to say"

"Cover, stop firing! Even I have a virtue."

I'm not a person now, though. Still, it helps people and helps people.


"Hey, Happiness. Stop that look."

He has a look that just opens his eyes and says he can't believe it.

What kind of eyes have you ever seen on me?

"... a joke"

"You have limits. You."

"... trust, appreciate, do you?"


"Hey, what are you gonna do when you get hardened? Hold on tight! So, what's your relationship?"

Are you kidding me? Me silent on.

Mikana is confused because she doesn't know the details of my relationship with Happiness.

Happiness smiled with a smile on her face.

"... Oh, what are you talking about?"

Here, Cecilia finally returned from her world.

"Cecilia, you're back just in time. Pack it up, please! I can't handle these two scratches."

"What's the situation?"

Mikana threw us both round Cecilia.

After understanding the situation, that's Cecilia.

Conto, me and Happiness, played out on the way home, was arbitrated for good.

"Are you sure this is a good place, Mikana?"

Better than Cecilia's arbitration, we could return to a normal conversation, and time passed quickly.

I was supposed to have them drop me off near the inn, but Mikana's coming down with me.

"Yeah, I'll walk home with you."

"If you like, I'll give you a ride home?"

"I have some shopping to do, it's okay"

"Really... Now excuse me"

"... again"

The carriage carrying Cecilia and Happiness left for the Mansion.

"Well, you know why Atashi got off here on purpose, right?"

"My grades."

You said you'd grade before you asked.

"You remembered. Well, let me tell you something. Before that, I wonder if that one of yours is vegan. Or are you after them?"

"What the hell is that?"

There's no way you can tell if they say it in such abstract terms.

I know you're talking about my behavior today, but you know too much.

"... apparently, you're vegan. If you're after him, you should have a star."

"Don't convince me alone."

"Haha, then I'll go back to the grading results"

"No, no, you're going back."

Listen, I took the liberty of solving this myself.

"May, I don't care about the details! So, it's a graded result, but I'm not going to grade it."

"... what?"

"If only I'd been watching you guys all day... already, something"

"Hey, tell me you're scoring yourself. You don't have that."

You're not out of grades.

At first, it didn't work.

"I'm sorry. But to be honest, I don't want to say anything extra. Because you feel like you're going to succeed if you stay normal."

"If only it were normal..."

You mean I should be a non-personalized person and keep my mouth shut all the time?

"Now you've thought in absolutely strange directions. That's why I didn't want to tell you..."

"What are we going to do?"

Don't think... enlighten me?

"In the meantime, why don't you just pull out your shoulder and try your best?"

"Something's right."

Will that work?

I feel like all I see is failure.

Do you mean other personnel?

"It's not appropriate. It's the best advice I can give you from Atashi. Okay, Atashi, I'm going home."

"Oops, tired"

Mikana flips herself and waves away with a hiccup.

"Uh, Atashi needs to work hard, too"

I could hear Mikana sighing and groaning.

After all, is there no progress with Yuga?

Maybe it's not if you're on people's love counseling.

Mikana's hindsight as she left looked strangely lonely.

Why don't you talk to Yuga next time?

It won't be long, and trouble will be set.

I fell asleep while I was worried about what to do at the inn.

Later on, I was in Cecilia's room for a reflection.

"Hey, I didn't think you'd get so much reward for the request"

"You accomplished your request without contaminating the mansion at all."

Yes, the reward was never deducted as a repair cost because the undead was purified without any contamination or destruction at all.

"Rather, the rewards have increased."

"You know, there are so many buyers of the mansion we purified."

A caught copy of the sale of the Mansion is [Cecilia and Mikana are completely purified!].

Well, it's good to eat, even though Andetto lived there.

"You're an amazing merchant."


Cecilia smiling.

Wouldn't you be angry that your name is being used on its own?

By the way, I'm subtly annoyed that my name and Happiness are missing from the kiyatch copy.

"Speaking of which, is Happiness okay?"

It was in excellent condition at the time of the request, but would it make any difference?

I think it would have been better if I was feeling a little unwell... don't.

"It's normal. I haven't heard anything from Sophia either."

"I see. Then it's Raven you're worried about"

I haven't received a report from Duke, and you might want to hear it.

"Speaking of which, Mr. Yowki... you know my two names"

Cecilia's grin suddenly turned to a cold smile.

It's not an atmosphere of lying or joking.

Obviously it's emitting a shitty aura.

This... is the biggest crisis we've had in a long time.

"Yeah. Celia told me..."

Don't cover it up, tell the truth.

Anyway, you must have tipped off Celia, so you'd be fine with giving her a name.

"I know, just one word. Please don't call me by two names. Please."

"Oh, yeah. Okay."

I don't bother calling Cecilia the Virgin Mary, so I want you to rest assured.

"Then it's good"

I took a sip of tea and went back to my usual Cecilia.

I'm relieved.

I'll have to make sure you never tell me.

"Don't worry, I'm not going to do anything you don't like."


"But Cecilia, who had been purifying after speaking to the Undead King, felt divine."

Until I sharpened my magic dramatically, Cecilia's figure of mercy to the undead king is exactly...

"Mr. Yowki?"

"No, no, that's not what I meant! Yes, the Virgin, the Virgin!

Don't lead Andetto to the right world.

I don't know if I felt like a virgin.

"Holy Virgin..."

"No, I apologize if I offended you. But remember that time when I asked Cecilia to give me her hand at Demon King's Castle."

"I miss you"

"Something like this... lay yourself on the undead king"

He asked me like that, too, and he saved me.

And there's me now.

"Mr. Yowki was amazing then, wasn't he? A lot..."

"Ha... So, I mean, uh. From me, Cecilia is a goddess who saved me from the environment. Not so much an exaggeration to say the Virgin..."



Each other's faces turned bright red.

Yeah, me, you've been putting so much embarrassment into your mouth right now.

It's not a goddess being, it's not a word for face and face.

It's what I think in my heart, that's what I'm saying!

What am I going to do with this air seriously?

Drink tea and think.

Also, take a sip and think.

Take another sip and think.

The tea was gone when I realized it.

That's all I had in the pot.

"Oh, shall we put in a new one?"


We can't talk to each other, and we can't move too much.

At times like this, it would be Moodmaker Seek's turn.

Even a glimpse of the window doesn't make it look like a sequin.

If this happens, Troublemaker Yuga can do it!

There's no way anyone's coming in after a glimpse of the door.

"All right, let's go out to the garden! I promised Cecilia I'd teach her physical arts."

"Oh, now?"

"Because I heard you were training your Seek opponent in physical surgery. Well, I'll show you what the class accomplished!

Decide to pose visibly.

Again, this is all I have.

But I'm anxious to know if it's okay inside.

This kind of halfway cook II is usually unacceptable.

A few seconds of silence, and a fuzzy laugh, Cecilia.

"So shall we go? It's not easy to lose."

"Looking forward to it. Let's go!"

I jump out of the window with freshness.

Cecilia usually leaves the room and takes the regular route to the garden.

The two of us trained in physical surgery until we were in a snag.

... and overdid it and Mr. Sophia scolded me.

Cecilia was also the subject of scolding, but me and Cecilia had a fun atmosphere while they scolded me.

Mr. Sophia, who was exhausted, put an end to the scolding, so much so.

"Again, please"

"I'll take care of it!

Leaving a decision dialogue, I went back to the inn.