"K, Clayman!

In a hurry, the female staff changed, and Mr. Sierra disappeared into the back of the guild.

He realized he couldn't handle it himself.

Clayman came so that Mr. Sierra could pull him while the guild was surrounded by a different atmosphere.

"It starts in the morning. I've got work to do, too."

"Please don't lie to me! Weren't you just looking in your wife's lunch box?"

What the hell is he doing?

Wait till noon, you're too early.

"Don't say it in a big voice!... So, what happened, you?"

"Well, it's been a while."

We meet almost every day, but we play as if we haven't seen each other in a long time.

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman hasn't shown himself in a while.

"... troublesome, I'll ask the requirements. What's wrong?"

They don't ask me why I'm dressed like this again.

That's right, Clayman, you get the story.

"I came up today to sign up for my friend's guild"

"... the one behind you?"


"The similarities were good for each other."

"That's the place"

Clayman sees Guy, and he's frightened.

My outfit is black thunder demon swordsman gear.

It's a full-body black costume with a sense of cooking.

The appearance of Guy in this lead role.

First, clothes like mockingbird ski wear.

I bought it from a merchant from the North.

It seems to be something worn by the ethnic people living in Snow Mountain.

It's an up and down set, and the neck is completely hidden.

He also wears gloves on his hands and ties his clothes and gloves with a string just in case.

I dared to put a ghost mask on my face.

Apparently it's something that religion in some country uses to exorcise.

It's a little disgusting because it reproduces the real face of a ghost in a leather bag.

I doubt it really has the effect of exorcism.

The legs are also made to wear boots, which, like gloves, are tied with strings.

It has a full body coating, so it doesn't look like a rock at all.

So there's nothing like being told that Guy is a demon, he's perfectly perfect.

"Guy. I'm sorry, but I'd like to ask you to sign up for the guild."

"Okay. Write down what you need for this."

"Mr. Clayman!? Are you sure?"

Mr. Sierra went in to stop him because he gave him too much paper.

Nothing. Guy's response was gentlemanly, and there must have been nothing particularly flattering about it.

"Nooo, still, can't you?"

Guy whispers a weak sound.

Don't worry, I'm on this one.

"Hmm, was there a problem with my friend?"

"Oh, uh... the"

"Uh, well. You're a mask on the face of a full body mockingbird. I'm simply suspicious."

"Mr. Clayman, that's too clear!

"I was hesitant for you to put it in my mouth, so I was about to have trouble, so I just did it on my behalf."

You're half lying, Clayman's one.

Because he's subtly doing it, I know.

That includes payback for watching the lunch box.

Probably... retaliating like that or the kids. This guy.

But Guy's registration doesn't go smoothly like this.

Let's run a pre-conceived operation here.

"I'm sorry, but this guy also has a reason to be dressed like this. I want you to listen."

Guy was born in a mountain village in Snow Country.

Guy, who had a big body, was a heroic being who crusaded the demons that stormed near the village and protected the village.

But one day, he fights a ghost-faced demon and gets seriously ill.

Guy, wounded all over his body, couldn't fight for a while.

The villagers begin to neglect Guy, who can no longer fight.

Guy with a big body and expensive food.

Because of the mountain village, there is also a limited amount of food stored.

In the meantime, Guy, who couldn't wait to leave his hometown, Mountain Village.

But even though he was neglected, he decided to dress up as if he was a snowcountry to remember his homeland.

And I dared to wear the ghost mask that cornered me and decided to inspire myself.

"... that's why this guy is dressed like this"

If you noticed, everyone in the guild was listening to Guy's past.

... it's all a bullshit past story I've been thinking about.

Well, it's based to some extent on Guy's current situation.

He asked me many times if I would really tell that story when I explained it to Guy.

I don't know what you're feeling anxious about.

"Uh,. In the meantime, write me what you need. Sign up. I'm sorry."

"Ugh, um. Okay."

Guy filling out even the form.

After all, the operation is a success.

"... Um..."

"Mm, what?"

In a rough way, Mr. Sierra called out.

"I understand that this one dresses more like this.... It may be rude to ask this, but the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman also dressed like that for some reason...?"

"That's a stupid question. There is no reason.... If you dare say so, let's say you are the Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder"

"Ha ha..."

"Hey, I'm done registering."

"Well, I'm sorry. Okay, excuse me today."

"Will you not take the request?"

"It's just registration today. The next day, I show my face again. Let's go, Guy. Then leave."

I took Guy and left the guild behind.

"Mr. Clayman, there are so many people in the world"

"Am I right? I wish I were alive. Not to mention the fact that the guild brings all kinds of races together. You better remember that."

"I will study..."

The conversation between Mr. Sierra and Clayman was always overheard by the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, who was strengthening his flesh.

"Hey, kid."

"My name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman..."

"It's a long time! I'll skip it and let you call me Black Man."

"Well, call me whatever you want."

"My life, it's very troublesome right now"

Has Clayman's moved?

I didn't expect to move in that short time, Clayman. Wow.

"Guy, you still have a low guild rank. We're going up fast."

"... that's the thing, nigger. How am I supposed to fight?"

"... what?"

"My fighting style is dominated by attacks by dark attribute magic from above. Humans surely could not use the magic of dark attributes"

Dark attribute magic is magic, magic used by demons.

They've done research, but it's proven to be unusable by people.

I wouldn't have been able to use an elf or an animal.

If you indiscriminately fire such dark attribute magic, it can be assumed to be a demon for sure.

"Guy... what other magic could you possibly use?"

"My life, you can only use dark attributes."

I was hoping to buy a weapon that might fit Guy today and get a crusade request tomorrow, but it's just a setback.

"It's an emergency meeting. Problem of this magnitude, I'll put on a scratch right away!

"Not at all, I don't think."

I ignored Guy's scratch and decided to talk to him while walking.

"We'll solve it with weapons. Guy, do you have a weapon you can use?"

"No, we can't fight in close quarters. At best, I could simply beat him up."


There's no way Guy can crawl up, like fists only.

I've never heard of melee fighting in a mockingjay outfit.

"If this happens, we'll learn magic. You can go around the fire."

"What are we going to do until we learn? I want to get out of this situation right now."

"... you did"

Graduation from Himo was Guy's purpose.

Do you have time to remember magic for a long time?

"Is there a weapon I can use in my life?"

"Hmm. You should talk to an expert about this. Let's go!"

I decided to go to the weapons store and talk to the store owner.

Guy has a powerful appearance, so I think a large weapon would be a good idea.

When he arrived at the weapons store, he drew attention from all the clerks and customers.

They still make me stand out.

"Negroes, it's totally evil. It stands out."

"Throw away someone else's gaze or something. I'm sorry, store owner, but is there a weapon that might suit him?"

Ignore your gaze and go straight to the counter.

Father, ask the face-to-face shopkeeper if he has the recommended weapon.

"Ooh. Is he a novice? Normally, I would recommend a short sword... considering my physique, I think it's a sword or a hammer or a mace."

"What do we do?"

"Uhm. Shall I hammer it? Powerful."

I won't lend you the price because I'm celebrating Geihe's hippo escape.

Not a golden rod in a ghost, but a hammer in a ghost.

"You've decided on your gear too. Now I can go to the request tomorrow. Look, Guy. As a partner of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, you will show your strength!

"I only make money for Teal"

"To protect those you love, is that what you mean? I like it. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, give me all the power I can and I'll be powerful."

"Hey, I can't believe I love you"

"Never mind.... By the way, I'm staying at a different inn today."

Support Guy by continuing the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman for about a week.

I'm worried until I can act alone.

"Okay. … what are we going to do today?"

"I'm going to show you Minerva. And then think about what to do with happenings."

I plan on discussing what I will do in the unlikely event that my identity falls apart.

"Well, I'll ask for guidance."

"Leave it to me."

It was us who spent the day walking around Minerva, looking around at facilities and other places.

... Though some of the knights almost took me along the way.

I showed the guild card and got nothing.