We're back in the guild to leave the church and get a request.

I'd like to give Guy a lecture on the Alliance and get going.

"Look, Guy. Adventurers have a rank. At first, everyone starts at a lower rank. The lowest is the F-rank."

"Yes. At first, the main thing is to ask for help or a sampling system. There are not many crusaders."


"Of course, the rewards are low since you accomplished your request. But it's a path for all of us. There's no shortcut."

"Totally...... which mouth is obnoxious"

I heard Boso and Clayman whine but ignore it.

"So why don't we take a request for a try?"

"Mm-hmm. I'm sorry, but do you have a request that I can take?"

"... sounds like your request is totally new. Then why don't you try it at first?"

The request Clayman has been recommending was for crusades, sampling, and help systems.

Collection of medicinal herbs growing in forests near Minerva.

Goblin's crusade is rapidly growing in numbers across the breeding season.

And it's a missing pet search.

"That's a beginner's request. I think it's good."

"All right, let's go with this!

"Okay. … and what about the guild card?"

"It's okay. Now, please."

Cecily and her name were on the guild card Cecilia put out.

"Copy that.... Awesome when you line up. You're too thick."

Sister to a ghost dressed in a mockingbird even though it's not winter to a cook two disease in a kitchen two costume.

I guess there's no such thing as a different color party inside.

"Don't worry. I'll make this request a success!

"Don't let A-rank adventurers struggle with beginner requests."


Tsukomi also leaves the guild there.

Why don't we move quickly to action to clear the request?

"Mr. Guy, if you get more than one request, set priorities. Some requests have deadlines. What is approaching the deadline in this request…"

"We'll start by looking for them from our pets!

"Black man, for a reason"

"It will be decided. Pets may still tremble and miss the Lord. We should look first."

"You have a pet eye, don't you? Surely you may be away from the Lord and feeling lonely"

That's Cecilia, we can talk.

Shit, let's talk to my client and protect him as soon as possible.

"The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is in charge of completing requests quickly."

"Hmm, leave the kid alone. You're going to go talk to your client, right?"

"Yes, it is. My client... sounds like a couple who run an inn in Wang Du. Let's go."

Put me down and move on, the two of you leaving.

As far as it goes, I'm pretty sure this is a challenge to me.

Even as I let Kitchen II live in my heart, it was me who arrived at both of us in silence.

The inn, run by my client and his wife, was not that far from the guild and arrived immediately.

However, your gaze was amazing when you were walking.

Passengers were, well, watching us twice.

"Again... you stand out"

"Guy couldn't be taller. Exactly two heads, three pulled out."

"Black man, you. You think I'm the only one who stands out because of me!?"

"Well, there's no reason for that. Some of you will have been impressed by this overflowing outfit."

A man would have dressed like that for once.

No matter, women will have a glance, too.

"Hey, daughter. Stop the niggers. We're gonna storm out again."

"No, it's still okay. Mr. Devil Swordsman, please weigh yourself in front of your client."

"Leave it to me!"

"Hmm. I'm anxious."

Guy doesn't trust you at all.

I still do a number of requests.

I also achieved the A-rank request by myself.

There's no way there's anything wrong.

In an exhilarating mood, he arrived at an inn run by his client.

"He's the one who got the pet search request! I want to talk to you."

Get into the inn and tell me what I need to do early.

It's the style of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman that gets the job done quickly.

"Hey, nigger. The client is solidifying."

"Ugh, you could see it in my outfit, or you'd just be overwhelmed by Guy's unusual presence"

"Mr. Devil Swordsman, may I have your mouth shut once?"

"... Yes"

Feel the aura from Cecilia and return to the vegetables.

Mr. Sophia, I feel the power of the line...

Overwhelmed, I decided to wait in the corner, indulgently and royally.

Cecilia gave me a detailed explanation from my client.

Guy was silently listening to Cecilia's conversation with her client.

Perhaps he was studying for future reference.

"Mr. Devil Swordsman, it looks like the kitten that was adorable to be gone. He hasn't been back in the inn since last week. He's like a smart cat, and until now, he's back in nature, even when he's out there."

"Don't worry. I didn't seem to hear it, I heard all the conversations."

I want you not to taste my hearing enhancement.

Black Thunder Demon Swordsmen do nothing inefficient.

"... nigger. Your lord is already in trouble."

"If you were frustrated by this, you wouldn't be able to do the guild request...?"

"Gu. Honestly, but don't get angry"

"Both of you, let's get around there and do the request now. The Wang capital is huge, but the cat seems to have a collar on it, and if you listen in the tunnel, you'll find a clue."

Cecilia has the best opinion.

Even if it's crooked, there's no other way.

But what about authentic listening?

"Sure, with time, effort, you'll find the cat. But! Black Thunder Demon Swordsmen don't spend a huge amount of time asking for about F-rank!

So, what do we do?

"Right. Whether it's listening or not, it's choosing who to listen to. It would be best to ask a neighbor who knows the cat he had or a knight who is constantly looking around for the king's capital"

"Oh, the niggers have a decent opinion!

"Sure, it's better to squeeze in at first than ask a lot of people if you're nagging"

"You understand, above all.... but I'm going on top of it!

By the time they got a fit in my head, I was already running out.

I remember well the smell of the cat, which was left in the inn.

All you have to do is enhance your sense of smell and find the cat you want.

Activate "Instant Thunder" and run through Wangdu like a black thunder.

Running off like soaking people, I got to a place where the cat smelled like it was my purpose.

"Finally. I found it..."

In front of me is a cat with a collar and matching features I hear from a couple of innkeepers.

Looks like he's hurt, but it doesn't seem like he can't move.

But there are cats nearby other than the cat of interest.

I'm not wearing a collar, so I guess it's a wildcat.

However, injuries are worse for wildcats.

My cat is trying to cover a badly injured cat. Quite alert to me.

"Are you instinctively feeling my strength and being vigilant? Don't worry, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is on your side."

When I gently hold out my hand, hoo, and I get a threatening squeal.

"Don't you understand? I'm on your side!

He pointed his index finger slightly and snagged his finger toward him when he decided to pose.

"... when it comes to stripping my fangs, I can't help it." Nightmare Sleep: "

Two cats do the magic that I am Guy's XVIII.

I was close enough to hold two people lying on the ground, and I ran wild to the inn.

As a result, the request to find the cat was terminated to a sufficient degree.

"I'm sure it's this cat."

"Yes. Definitely. But what about this cat?"

"It's the cat I was with. Be on my guard, or you'll try to shelter this cat.... it's up to you to decide whether to pull it off or not. And he seemed injured, so I treated him."

Before I got to the inn, I did a little restorative magic and healed it.

After-sales service is also adequate.

"Well, I've fulfilled my request. Let us go.... Farewell!

Take the two you've been waiting for, and get out of the inn.

"... now you've accomplished your request."

"Yes. This will be the series of flows, won't it? All you have to do is report to the Alliance that you have fulfilled the request and the request will be paid."

"I see."

"All right, I'm going to make my next request. My power, let's give it full play!

Tensions come up and I want to move my body.

Quickly, I tried to move to the next scene, but Cecilia stopped me.

"Wait, Mr. Devil Swordsman. Can you listen to me for once?"