"Mm, is something wrong, Cecily?"

It's not a good idea to call me Cecilia, so I call you by a pseudonym.

It's like I'm angry because of my mind.

"Why is the Devil Swordsman doing the request alone?"

"Well, that's because, of course, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman makes it his policy to carry out requests promptly"

"Really? But you're not alone with the Devil Swordsman now, are you? Me and Guy, too."

"Oh. That's why promptly so that there's no burden on the two of us..."

"Now Mr. Guy is being asked to stand alone."

"Oh, yeah... na"

"Yes. So if you clean up the request by yourself, Mr. Devil Swordsman, it won't be Mr. Guy's experience. I'll always be at your disposal, Mr. Devil Swordsman."

"Wow, okay. You mean I ran too far by myself."

"Yes, Mr. Devil Swordsman, be careful"

I'm sure it's all my fault.

I couldn't find a word to say back at all, and I was preached pale.

He said he had just received his attention earlier.

After all, can the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman not be controlled?

"It's Cecily. Should I go back to who I really am?"

I feel bad if people ask around me, so I whisper.

I can create just the right distance thanks to my helmet.

"No. Let's keep going. If Guy, who came in with the introduction of the Devil Swordsman, was with Mr. Yowki, he might suspect his relationship."

"I see. But I don't know if I can control the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman."

Now I'm going to be fine with saying, "My right arm hurts..."

Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, not Yowki.

Don't make a mistake there.

"... ok. Now I will stop Cecilia too and become Cecily"


"Cecily will stop relentlessly once the Devil Swordsman has stormed out. Because I'll keep saying the word until it stops. Let's say we believe that action is God's guide, Sister."

"Um, it's Cecily. That's a good idea. I'm gonna ask you to come with me."

"Damn... I didn't know the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman would pull a reins on someone"

If you can get Cecilia to pull it off, that's what I want.

As a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, I also feel a little unwilling.

"Hehe. Rest assured. Because if Mr. Demon Swordsman changes too much, that makes him suspicious. Please do as you've always done. … Of course, I'll be careful what I do that goes too far"

"... Surely the restraint that went too far is not a good thing. Somewhat, give the Negroes their freedom."

"Heh, heh. I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. There's no way they can be completely dominated."

Posing but actually aerobic.

Besides, he's also asking about Cecilia's facial expressions.

... I think helmets can help at times like this.

"The more I ask you, Mr. Demon Swordsman"

"Oh! All right, well, let's continue with the request"

"Mm-hmm. My next request will be for you to join us."

I solved the request earlier, and the one that's left is Guy's first line.

And then you're looking for herbs to crusade for too many goblins.

"Okay. Herb collection and go"

"... Mr. Devil Swordsman, please don't leave me. Let's walk first, Mr. Guy."

"Are you my girl?"

"Me or the Devil Swordsman advised me that Guy himself should head to his destination."

"Sure. Not always with me or Cecily. No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no

That's why I designed it so I could go out into human society.

You're going to be stuck with your pussy forever, and Guy shouldn't even want it.

"Okay. At the beginning, my son walks. Just ask for directions. I don't know anything about geography."

"Hmm. There's this me behind you, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and the merciful guide, Cecily. Nothing to worry about."

"Mr. Devil Swordsman, please don't think of my two names on your own"

Forget the scratch from Cecilia.

We got Guy ahead of us. The different colors party walked out.

Guide Guy to Minerva while heading to the requested location.

Herb collection, as its name suggests, only goes into the woods and collects herbs.

"Look, Guy. Don't harvest more herbs than you need. Herb collection is the path that guild registered beginners are bound to take. When you prune without thinking... you know what I mean"

"Hmm, I see.... but I didn't know black people were willing to care about other people"

Blurry Guy while collecting medicinal herbs.

Totally, rude.

"Hmm. Who do you think I am? My name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, and I have full after-sales service."

"... uhm. Unlike always, it's hard to do."

"Mr. Guy. Because I'm a demon swordsman now. Don't worry, I'll do my best as Cecily too"

"... ok. I can't stop a nigger. I asked for it."

It's nothing. I didn't do anything right now.

I thought you said something serious, why not?

But even in such irrational circumstances, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman cannot be raised.

"Ha ha, fast-track herb collection, etc..."

Second, there is Cecilia smiling when she looks beside her.

Now is Cecily... no, Cecilia okay?

Anyway, he's smiling at me like Cecilia's about to sue me for something.

"Mr. Demon Swordsman?"

The helmet has Cecilia's face in a peeking way….

"Phew, my norm is already done. And then, if Guy picks it, we're done."

"Yes, let's sit and wait until Mr. Guy is done"

Sit on the spot away from Guy until he's in an unobstructed position.

... you're being guided by good looks.

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman has a guide...

"Let's still be the guide of mercy"

"I don't need two names."

I was definitely turned down.

"Is this enough?"

Waiting for a little while, Guy walked in with his gloves all dirty.

It's well collected.

"Excellent. Now Guy is one step closer to further heights..."

"All right, let's go to the next request."

Guy who passed me magnificently just walked away.

"Let's go too, Mr. Devil Swordsman"

"... oh, let's go. to the end of this request."

"You can't tell me to go normally."

"Say what, Cecily. This is me!

Thumbs up loudly and dignified to yourself.

"... Guy will leave you. Let's go."

"Absolutely.... My next request will be my first fight for Guy. If we don't support it."

"Sure, Mr. Guy is new to fighting goblins.... I don't think you should worry."

Cecily was right, there was no turn for us at the request of the Goblin Crusade. Guy swinging a hammer against Goblin.

The way ghosts ravaged little ghosts was inside. The goblins feel like they have no hands or feet.

"Well, this is what a goblin opponent would be like"

"I never saw Mr. Guy fighting... you'll do it"

"This is all the power of love too...... no, it's the power of hippo escape!

"Shut up, shut up, kid"

I heard an anger from Guy fighting Goblin.

After all, you care about the word hippo.

"My name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman... I don't know who the kid is"

"Nooo, remember later!

After the battle with Goblin, Guy swung the hammer after him.

Well, it's easy to embellish.

"Ha ha! You can see the proud hammer stopping."

"Fine, let me hit you once, nigger. It doesn't have to be a hammer. I'm sorry about my wife."

"If this is about my movement, I'll think about it!

I've been stuck for a while, and Cecilia's time to go home. Stop with a single voice.

Guy's attack didn't even blur on me.

When you get to the guild, give Clayman the materials and weapons stripped from the herbs and the goblins.

"Ooh, sure. You've done your job. Look, it's a reward."

Clayman gives Guy a sachet with gold.

It's the lowest rank request, so there's not much in it.

But Guy seemed impressed, so much so that even a temporary face could tell.

"This is the money that worked and got..."

"Whoa. Are you on your first paycheck? I was happy with my first salary, too. When I struggled to get it - I was impressed..."

To Clayman's story, I was sending you a helmet, but I was sending you a sight of a liar.

Hard work or something. Words that don't suit Clayman.

Probably didn't want you to take the lead in the conversation.

The Guy setup I made is pretty heavy.

Maybe he thinks Guy's going to go into more detail.

Clayman is the one who doesn't have trouble going down the road.

"I'm sorry, I had to worry about you. Excuse me."

"Oops. Sierra will be in charge next time, so thank you."

I made a petty appeal not to come to me.

While I was distraught inside, I said goodbye to Clayman and left the guild.

"Negroes, you mean this works."


"Teal said he was weak... and this is how he earned his money"

Teal doesn't work for the guild, though.

Well, it's no different than working and making money.

"Black man, my boy's still working. And I give back the thanks I received from Teal..."

"All right, that's the intention. Me and Cecily will do everything we can to support you."

"You agree with Mr. Demon Swordsman this time. Good luck, Mr. Guy."

"Sorry, both of you"