"Black Thunder Demon Swordsman takes care of his people... no thanks needed"

"That's right, Mr. Guy"

"... right"

You've got some strange air.

... It's a three-person party of different colors from the beginning, so the weird air could have come out from the beginning though.

"Are we done for today? Let's just say I'm gonna walk into town a little bit more."

"Well, then this Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Let's hang out with Guy."

"I'll be with you, too."

"No, fine. Let me go around alone."


I didn't think you'd say no.

It would be too soon to want to act alone today alone or something.

"Guy, I thought it was still dangerous to walk alone..."

He doesn't agree with Cecilia either.

I wish I had the art of getting away with whatever happens, like me.

The knights on patrol might catch you.

"That may be true... but one of these days we're going to act alone. The difference between late or early. That's all. Most importantly, I can't act like a black man to stand out from me."

That's rude, I'm not acting prominent.

It's just that Kitchen Two, which I can't hold back, is overflowing, is attracting people.

... Cecily's gaze hurts.

Even in a helmet, my thoughts are slipping.

That's right, you're the guide of mercy.

But I didn't know you wanted to walk Minerva alone.

"Hmmm...... what do we do, Cecily"

"Guy has a point, too."

"I'm sorry, but I'll never give in. My students have their own pride. I'm not in a hurry. I just want to move efficiently to get back what I've never done."

Apparently, determination is stiff.

Well, Guy would be able to think of an excuse to run into the Knights well.

"If you have a problem, use the name of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. If you say you're one of us, any problem is solved!

"You won't be able to talk about it any more.... Guy, I was wondering if I could count on Mr. Duke if I had trouble coping."

"Uhm...... ok"

"Damn, I lost to Duke"

I didn't know the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman would lose to one knight.

That's right, my former servant Duke.

I'll call you when it comes down to it in me. Ranking, the strong one who goes into Best Three.

"There is no winning or losing. Look, Mr. Guy's going to be there."


When he returned to me, there was no sign of Guy nearby and he was about to disappear into the crowd.

Leaving without saying anything.

That might look good again, too.

But I won't let that happen.

"Definitely come back. But stay strong enough to put it next to us! I'm looking forward to it."

At the end of the day, it is the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman who decides nicely.

Guy didn't turn around, but he would have liked to hear my voice firmly.

The next time we meet, Guy will have more power than ever before.

"... Guy shouldn't have gone on a long journey."

"A man said he wanted to grow up, and he stood alone. I have to drop you off like this."

"I think it's pretty exaggerated. And evil stands out."

At some point, there were a lot of galleries all around us.

I hear my behavior has become slightly more pronounced.

Did Guy not look back because he thought it was him when he reacted and didn't want to stand out?

"Hmm. Black Thunder Demon Swordsmen don't sneak!... but I can't get around with this. We're gonna change places."


Take Cecilia and jump to the roof of the appropriate building.

Of course I didn't give him permission.

Keep jumping onto the roof several times, descending towards the alley and becoming transparent with the "Banish Wave".

Now the gallery that was around would have completely lost sight of us.

All we have to do is move before we can have the effect of transparency.

"It's really too sudden."

"If I had explained, there would be more galleries"

It's best to just get away from that place.

"... hmm. I can't argue with that because it's true."


The Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder overtakes Cecilia.

"Okay. Anyway, let's move before the magic works."


In the meantime, it moved away from the earlier gallery.

Also, I feel like I don't have to sneak around because I can get away with the same M.O. even if I'm surrounded.

Cecilia won't let it go.

It seems too conspicuous is strictly forbidden.

"Hey, it's Cecily. It would be noticeable enough already. This is too late. You know, walking around town with dignity with your chest up."

"No. … why do you want to go away without walking?"

"That would look better!

As the two names of the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman say, like a black lightning bolt, it rushes through everywhere.

That's... the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"... please refrain in places where a lot of people go. There will be a collision."

"When I make such a mistake...?"

I tell Cecilia confidently.

In fact, there's no way there's gonna be a collision or anything.

When I'm running, I'm not only physical, I'm also strengthening my five senses.

Even when people come out of nowhere, you can change direction and avoid them immediately.

"Maybe so, but this is all I can't give in. No nuisance."

"Hmm... if they say so much, we'll have to do good. Okay, where people are dense, let's make sure they fly over the building."

"Please walk normally!

"You're alive and well, Cecily."

You were able to get away from the gallery while you were caricaturing.

It's time for the "Banish Wave" to work, and it was just fine.

"All right, I sprinkled the gallery, and we'll split up here. It's already sundown."

"Breaking up... Mr. Devil Swordsman, what are your plans for the future?"

"Of course, I plan to roll out to a long-time A-rank request. Goddamn it... I'm gonna have arms."

It's the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

I don't have any hands that don't make money here.

You should stay on this tension and take the request.

Even if, at the end of the day, a tragedy strikes me.

"I'm coming, too."


"You've had arms for a long time."

Cecilia and the rest of the remarks popped up.

But it's completely unexpected that we're going to get there.

"Oh, relax, it's Cecily. Is the house okay?

"Yes, I've been given permission to go out for three days to see if this could happen."

"Meh, you stand out. It's amazing to be with me. If I suck, I panic because of the disguise."

"Okay. Now, let's head to the church we went to today. If you go there, we'll fix it."

Cecilia with or without the same.

Well, I'm curious about what you mean, and I'll admit it.

"Wait a minute, please"

When he arrived at the church, Cecilia said so and disappeared inside.

Tens of minutes to wait and see what the hell you're doing.

"Thank you for waiting"

I was surprised at what Cecilia looked like when she came out.

Sister, where are you going with your clothes? Trousers on the kind of shirt your explorers wear.

He has a simple breastplate and carries a backpack.

The hair is tri-knitted, hat is worn and round glasses are used.

I'm surprised at how completely different Cecilia is from the usual atmosphere.

"What do you say? I brought a magic book instead of a cane, so your combat skills won't change much."

"I see you changed your weapon too."

I didn't know we were doing this preparation at the stage where we got together at church.

Did Cecilia read all my actions?