Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I went to make a request with my favorite kid, Kitchen II.

"Now you have no problem. The Devil's Swordsman will be satisfied if he takes one request."

"Oh, sort of."

I just wanted to get an A-rank request for a long time, so I'm not going to take many.

Besides, one would be enough with Cecilia.

"Shall we go get the request then?"

"Wait. Will you take the request now? It's evening. Considering the travel time, shouldn't we still disband today and leave tomorrow?"

It would be nice to have a near-field request, but without it, we would be moving.

If you're bad, you might start going wild.

"It's okay. I'm used to wild lodging."

"No, no, no. That would be just not good."

"... Now I am one adventurer, Cecily. I'm not a warrant lady. Were the Devil Swordsmen concerned about day and night at the request of the last A-rank?"


I can only remember you running around with no regard at all.

We found out where the bandit was, and we went to jail him for saying it was night.

"A-rank requests can be urgent. Unless you're ill or ready to travel, but you have to move when you can."

"Hmm... if that's all you have to say, why don't we go? Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is a speed life. Let's go!"


Although I feel a little too hasty for Cecilia.

As an adventurer, Cecilia is still a senior. Why don't you let me learn?

Cecilia's putting it together, but I'm the one walking the lead.

Something feels like you're escorting an archaeologist.

I'm going to look into the ruins.

"… is there any request for A-rank in relation to site survey?"

"What is it? You didn't explain it at all. You're asking me to start at this hour? If you want to take it, just take it."

When I got to the guild, I went to get the request, but Clayman complained.

We have a situation here.

"Sorry, many times..."

"Hmm... what happened to the big new guy earlier?"

"It would be a wild thing to ask. One of the men stood, didn't stop" "Right. Don't just cause problems. When you get me the paperwork to process, it's a hassle."

"Don't worry, only Guy makes mistakes."

"Um, I was wondering if Mr. Guy would be okay, too"

"... well, if the lady says so"

"Clayman, I'm just an adventurer right now. I'm not a lady."

"Ooh. Right, that's awkward. … and request an A-rank for the site survey. There you go."

Confirm the requisition that Clayman gave you.

The contents of the request should be checked by the dispatching scholars to see if the site can be safely surveyed.

"Is this an A-rank request? Come on, I think it's too easy."

"Uh, the neighborhood is under orders... Miss, please explain. Look, come on."

Clayman waving firmly.

What's this hassle, so act like a tangled refusal?

"Okay. Mr. Devil Swordsman, let's go. I'll explain it on foot."

"Hmm, okay. Okay, I'm coming! I'll make sure you accomplish your request."

Leave the guild with a firm decision dialogue.

The momentum as it stood led us to the ruins, which are our clients.

"But no villages or towns nearby? Totally wild. It could be an abandoned village."

"The lack of an environment like this also has to do with the positioning of A-rank requests."

Get a description of Cecilia as she walks.

... Because of the outfit, Cecilia is a more common adventurer.

But I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

Even if someone makes a fool of themselves, their pride keeps piercing.

"You don't straight through the will you've made up your own mind, you don't qualify as an adventurer!

"Also, you were in your own world. Were you listening to me now?"

"Absolutely. Ask yourself a question, but don't ask for an answer."

"Really? Then I'll keep talking to you. It's not the only condition of A-rank requests that there be strong demons or that you have to go to a dangerous place. You know this, right?"

"Oh, I'm fine. That's what I've been thinking about before, and it hurts my eyes."

As long as I have the strength, I want to beat myself up thinking I could get into easy win mode.

I had a hard time fightin 'as a result of the information and prep.

"I'm here this time, and the Devil Swordsman seems to have a different mind, so I think it's okay. … there are other reasons for positioning"

"What are the possible reasons for this site survey?"

"Yes. First of all, it's important not to vandalize the ruins"

"I don't know."

That's a better reason to clap than I thought.

I mean, don't break it and move on.

"You're thinking lightly. What if there are demons in the ruins"


"But the ruins must not be destroyed. It can be called self-defense...... B-rank then. Rank A will subdue the demons before they break the ruins."

"I see. Do you fight to such an extent that you don't destroy the ruins"

You can't defeat a demon if you're out of your hands.

If you spend too much time, the ruins keep breaking down. You have troublesome terms.

And he said, "And don't kill the demon as much as possible."

"Is it because demonic blood or something dirty the ruins?"

"No. Sounds like the demons who live in the ruins are also included in the control of the investigation. They say it's because they might be able to get some information about the ruins from the demonic ecosystem."

"Ho. Again, that's a lot of orders."

Is that why it is a request for A-rank in the site survey?

Is the ruin worth it until you spend a lot of money?

... No, maybe he's chasing some romance.

Something I want to exchange for at the expense of expensive money......

"I've received requests with strict conditions so far, but I was wondering if it would be that difficult this time..."

"All right, let's definitely make the request a success!

"You're suddenly so motivated"

"Leave it to me. There's no bad one for the one who wants romance!

I'm already out of Minerva on a dark road, and I scream in high tension.

I'll get rid of all demons with my voice, so I'll be fine.

"Please be quiet"

I got hit in the head with a magic book.

A gentle beating that sounds like a pong.

If I'm kidding, will it increase in power as much as I joke?

Let's weigh ourselves a little.

"... so, it's Cecily. Who's the client who knows the romance that made this request?"

"Uh, my client is the Minerva Institute. … a request from a castle institution!? This is going to be bad for both the Alliance and us if we fail"

"The one called credit? Clayman, you sent a request inside."

Can I entrust the Adventurer with such an important request concerning the face of the Alliance?

You should go on your own...... and don't tell Yoki. Unfortunately, the Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder today.

Failure will not be tolerated, then it will only succeed.

Don't taste the combination between me and Cecilia.

"Mr. Clayman, why are you making such an important request..."

"I would, me and Cecilia would definitely be able to. I think Clayman trusted us to make this request."

Though it would include the reason that it's a hassle to handle it yourself.

"Right. I have to fulfill my request once.... Mr. Demon Swordsman's has moved."

Cecilia smiling. I don't think it's a bad idea to enjoy this situation the other way around.

"As much as a site survey, you'll accomplish it!

"I'll do my best, too. Let's do our best, we're counting on you."

"... By the way, what exactly should I do to investigate the ruins?"

I'm sorry I put it on, but I don't know what I don't know.

Cecilia didn't give a frightened look either, a convincing look, did she?

"We don't have the expertise, so you don't have to think deeply.... more on that later. Shall we get ready for Nojuku?"

"Well, get ready for Nojuku."

It's getting dark already, and we need to secure a place.

... On second thought, Cecilia and I are alone in Nojuku?

Usually I would be in a hurry, nervous and go right and left, but now I won't.

Let's get ready for the perfect wild boarding house and have a comfortable evening.