The day has completely fallen already, and darkness dominates around.

Only the incendiary lights depend.

Situation of being alone in such a space. Usually my chest beats, and I want it to be a memorable night, where evil thoughts dominate my head.

"We've secured the perimeter. In the unlikely event that bandits or demons attack us, it will fall into the trap we set. And the weeds that are likely to be eaten are also collected.

"... you're handy. This one is going to be ready to eat. The wild grass the Devil Swordsman has brought you can be put in the soup."

Pass the weed to Cecilia and sit in opposite form.

Knowledge of traps is Duke, knowledge of wild grass is what Seek taught me.

Damn, having a good man doesn't help.

"Well, this is also the power of my family."

"Ah, Mr. Duke and you're Seek."

"Oh. It's a power of inheritance from those two..."

"It's already an immediate meal, why don't you take the cover once?"

"You can't do that. Until I finish my request, I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. Speech interrogations such as exposing your face during a request!

This helmet has a proper mouth opening so you don't have to take it off to eat.

But Cecilia didn't seem convinced.

I sat across the street, but I came by next door.

"You're behaving badly. Let's take it off."

"But I'm from Black Thunder..."

"Now, people around you, what are the signs of demons?"

"Pfft, I'm relieved, but good. There's nothing nearby."

It doesn't make sense to me to do covert behavior that enhances my sense of smell and hearing.

There are no creatures around here for sure, just me and Cecilia.

"Really? That's reassuring. Let's take it."

I get a disappointing grip on my helmet with both hands.

And I held both hands that I had been disappointed to grasp.

"How much, when it comes to Cecily's favor, it's..."

"Mr. Yowki?"

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'll take it."

I'm losing power.

I forgot to make sure I wasn't too well.

You find out I'm out of strength, with me holding hands, and Cecilia slowly lifting her helmet.

"... I can't put my cover down until I hold my hand"

"Oh, sorry."

I took my helmet, so I went back to being completely vegan.

Welcome back, Youki, get some sleep, Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

Get Cecilia's hands off me while I think about something stupid.

... Me, I was holding hands normally.

Something like this, I still have warmth in my hand.

Cecilia doesn't care, she puts her helmet down gently and leaves her handmade soup loose.

Like this, I'm glad to have some kind of favorite kid hang out for dinner.

"Go ahead, I don't know if it suits your mouth"

"No, no, no. Absolutely delicious!

There is no reason why Cecilia's cooking is unsavory.

I have grounds, and I assure you.

I just took a sip and it's already delicious.

Cecilia drinks her share, even as it lights up.

I praised you clearly.

... Did I say something really embarrassing?

"Oh...... Huh!?"

"What's wrong?"

"No, I understand you're in danger of going back to sanity."

Kitchen Two, you're the most embarrassed person who's about to turn off the switch.

I don't know, a chef costume with a face.

The more I think about it, the more I get embarrassed.

Cecilia's hand just now, you were holding it normally.

Now we're alone in a space where there's no one around us in the dark.

If you start to be conscious, your heart will beat badly.

I knew I shouldn't have taken my helmet.

"... are you okay?"

"Oh, I'm fine"

Hold back the troubles that have come to mind desperately and drink up the soup.

Sitting next to me is pretty tough, too.

Across the street, I'm thrilled.

I couldn't stand it any longer if I remained a yolkie, so I wore a helmet as soon as I finished my meal.

"Ha ha. My soul, quiet!

"Normally, I don't know."

Cecilia's scratch seems to fit, it's wrong.

I'm just teasing myself that I was about to be dominated by troubles.

"Now you're safe."

"What was so uneasy about that?"

"Yes, that can hold you back, or you don't know yourself. I'm always fighting myself."

There is no end to the fight against my desires.

If we don't keep winning, all we have to wait for is death.

"... Aren't you tired? Let's go to sleep now. I'll take the first watch."

"I'll go to bed first...? Really. Instead, I'll be on watch all night... no, it's a shift."

If I tell you I'm gonna be watching alone here, you're not gonna trust Cecilia.

I may have overthought it, but Cecilia wouldn't want that either, and we need to be reciprocal.

Well, I won't give up getting you to sleep first.

Cecilia wanted to say something, but you felt I wouldn't pull it off.

I said I got it, cleaned up after my meal, and I just fell asleep.

The person you talk to is gone and quiet all at once.

... Don't get a peek in your sleep now.

"Well, I don't steal. Never."

When you have a relationship where you can see your sleeping face in dignity, you just need to see it.

... but I'd like to see it.

Wary around and add firewood so the fire doesn't go out while fighting moderately troubles.

Time took turns with Cecilia before going to bed.

If you're awake, it's treachery.

If Cecilia was nearby, she said she could sleep safely.

I trust you as a buddy, but the real deal is... I'm glad you slept near the kid you like.

It's good to be honest with yourself.

The next day, we arrived at the ruins as planned.

"You're so lame inside."

The grasshoppers are growing, and you can extend them all you want.

It's made of stone, but there are cracks everywhere.

It's not a level of safety checks.

I doubt there's even a demon living in a place like this.

"What am I supposed to do here?"

"First, the specific breadth inside. If there were demons, it would be an investigation into what demons they are and how dangerous they are. And I want you to make sure there's no sign of vandalism."

"Are you going inside? And if you break it, you're out."

That's right, it's an A-rank request.

I can't help pushing the problem.

'Cause it's the guild that answers my client's requests as much as possible.'

"Huh, right. Let me make some money for a lot of orders."

Celebrate Cecilia and the crowd with the reward of this request.

"Mr. Devil Swordsman, I don't mind putting in the mood, but please calm down a little"

When I tried to enter the ruins with exasperation, I was cautioned. Well, I don't know what's going to happen, I don't know where he is. Momentum in the place, it's stupid to go in.

"Don't worry, Cecily. This is vegan. I'm calm!

"Oh, you did.... I'm suddenly getting anxious"

"There shouldn't be a problem. Come on, let's go, Cecily. An adventure we haven't seen yet awaits us!

"... are you sure you're okay"

For some reason I took Cecilia, who was still anxious, into the ruins.