Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I checked the ruins with my favorite kid.

"As you can see, you're also lame inside. If you touch the pillars that support the ruins, they're gonna break."

Plants grow normally, too old, I guess.

Is this place worth looking into?

"So please be careful when you move on. And then, if a formal investigation comes in and we find out there's a place we've broken, we're in big trouble."

Cecilia is in a rare and serious hurry, too.

... No, isn't it unusual?

Cecilia always struggles with a lot of things.

"Don't worry, it's Cecily. I'll finish the site survey without breaking a pillar..."

"Mr. Demon Swordsman, you can't even speak up. If there's a demon in there, it'll irritate you."

"I'm sorry."

He scolds me in a whisper and apologizes in a whisper.

Let's do it right without any trouble.

I said I wanted to take A-rank requests, and I did.

Let's keep the Great Kitchen Two in the back of our chests until we get out of the ruins.

"Keep going slowly to see the general structure inside"

"Copy that. Use my full sensory enhancement to find out."

I don't know how big it is, but if anything happens, I know where it is. There are organisms according to enhanced olfaction and hearing.

I don't know if it's a harmless organism or a demon.

But if you're not in a surprise from a demon, or suddenly you bowl it together, you can disable it without destroying the ruins.

"You're counting on me, Mr. Demon Swordsman"

"I'll take care of it. I will give the obstructed a relentless hammer."

"... you remember that no creature in the ruins should be defeated, right?"

"Whatever. I remember exactly what Cecily said.

No demons, either.

"Ah, oh. Try to be as helpless as possible without hurting them."

Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is not impossible.

I'll make sure my thunder magic is fully flavored.

"You can't use magic to destroy ruins."

"That's right, A-rank request. I didn't know my thunder magic would be banned."

Weaponize thunderous speed and thunderous magic in a black costume. That's the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"If this happens, with my swordsmanship..."

"Did you use swordsman?"

"Duh, this back sword is not a decoration. I'll show you the swordsmanship, especially the flavor!

Remember Duke and Raven's swordsmanship, we'll wave the sword.

... What's wrong with you, Cecilia's got your head.

Was there a problem?

"Okay. I'll do the demon opponent. Mr. Demon Swordsman is in the rear guard."

"Why! Cecily, if you think about it in your outfit, I'm an escort, and Cecily's an archaeologist."

Isn't that the exact opposite of standing?

"Is that good, Mr. Demon Swordsman? There's the word" proper material, "and I was wondering if I should be avant-garde this time."

"No, I know where the demon is. I know the approximate number, and I can handle it right away.... and I still have the magic I haven't shown you."

There's a secret weapon. If you let the atmosphere drift, Cecilia sends a suspicious glance.

Maybe they think it's going to cause problems.

"... are you sure you're okay?"

"Relieved but good. If there's ever a demon, we'll settle it peacefully!

I posed and I walked out in front of Cecilia.

You gave up, and Cecilia arrives without pulling me out.

Looks like I'm ready to cast my magic at any time.

As I carefully explored the site to avoid destroying the ruins, I saw a wide space.

"You have a demon ahead of you. There are about thirteen of them."

"I still don't see it, though."

"Let's get closer and see what's going on inside"

Stick to the wall, peek only in the face.

"You have gargoyles"

"You're Guy's relative. Giant rats, too."

Five gargoyles, eight giant rats. Gargoyle is smaller than Guy, overall.

... maybe Guy is special.

Giant rats are usually big rats.

Not so much, it doesn't pose a threat.

"You seem to coexist even though you're a different ecological monster."

Demons are also things with territorial strife for each race, but they don't seem to be aware of each other.

Maybe we've lived in this ruin together for a long time.

"Sounds harmless, but if we go in all of a sudden, definitely don't attack me"

"Yes, from them, we've come to vandalize our dwellings, they'll only look intruders"

He's not that strong of a demon, and he'll definitely win if he fights normally.

But there's a lot of them.

You could have been raped and destroyed before you took control of all the demons.

"I'll put it together and restrain it in the saint chain"

"All at once? If you do that, you'll get fatigued. I'll take care of this place!

Pull out the sword and turn to those with gargoyles and giant rats.

"Illusion Sphere."

Intermediate magic of darkness, Illusion Sphere. It's a magic that shows a phantom, similar to the magic Guy recently remembered.

A black and white sphere appears in the center of the gargoyle and giant trat, which emits suspicious light.

Gargoyle, who saw the light of the sphere, Giantrat's eyes became empty and began to progress towards the sphere.

"Mr. Devil Swordsman, how long have you been in this state?"

"Until I say I'm good."

If Cecilia also sees the light of the Illusion Sphere, it will have a magical effect, so she's blindfolded with my one arm.

As it stood, he bared through a herd of gargoyles and giant rats and reached the next passage.

"... so what kind of magic did you use?"

"It's magic that shows a phantom. First, create a magical sphere. And it works for those who see the light of the sphere"

"Phantom, is it"

"Oh. Whoever sees the light will see that sphere as the thing that attracts him most."

By analogy, I'd see that sphere in Happiness if I were Cecilia, Raven.

"Convenient magic."

"Fine, I'll wear out my magic. From me, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, it's a trivial thing. Come on, let's hurry up."

"Yes, let's go"

I got Cecilia's credibility, and I got ahead of me, and I kept looking into the ruins.

As always, there were demons, but the "Illusion Sphere" is somehow involved.

We proceeded to the back of the ruins, checking that there might not be a hidden room.

"It's Cecily. What ruins are so nothing!?"

"What is it all of a sudden?"

"Moving on, demons, plants, demons, plants. Something more like this... isn't it something?"

Android or a sealed demon sword that has been sleeping for a thousand years or so?

Also, in fact, is this the tomb of an ancient king, or is there a treasure offered as an offering?

"Ha...... Sometimes you do find the Sacred Sword of the Brave, etc. But sometimes it was a residential area for people who used to live there. I mean, just because it's a relic doesn't necessarily mean there's something valuable to discover."

"Damn, you mean Roman let me go!

I grind my teeth without hiding my remorse.

... I'm wearing a helmet, so I haven't seen it from Cecilia though.

"But even if it looks like a ruin with nothing, it's worth it as a cultural heritage. Besides, we just can't see, and the investigation team might be able to discover something."

"Huh, it's impossible."

I'm working on the sensory enhancement.

If there was a hidden room or door, I'd be the first to notice.

"... well, there were a few passageways that I've been passing that led me to a small room. Maybe this is the site of an abandoned settlement for some reason."

"... right"

There seems to be no progress after looking into it any further.

The rest will be examined in detail by the researchers in the country.

All we have to do is report to the Alliance the size of the ruins and the type and approximate number of demons.