Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to report a request with a kid I liked.

"All right, you're just going home after. I'm sorry we didn't have anything, but we got the request done safely! Ha-ha-ha!

"Mr. Devil Swordsman, you are requested to report to the Alliance. And you're still in the ruins, so weigh your voice."

"Pfft, no one stops my way..."

"Mr. Demon Swordsman?"

"Ugh, um. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, you have to do your job perfectly. Don't lose your mind until you get home and report it."

I don't feel like Cecilia is holding my reins at all.

Well, I appreciate you stopping the rampage.

"It would help if you could understand"

"Oh. Well, let's just take a break from these ruins."


Me and Cecilia are on guard against demons, while we go back the way we came.

Even if you come out, you can stop at the Illusion Sphere and go bare to the side.

"That's convenient magic. Are there any weaknesses?"

"I wish I didn't see the light emanating from that sphere. After that, you can see through the phantoms."

Well, "Illusion Sphere" will make that sphere look like the most attractive object.

It will be difficult to break through on your own.

"What I'm attracted to..."

"If you're interested, why don't you call me?"

I want to know what Cecilia's most attractive thing is, too.

"... no, I'll stop it. I'm asking for it now. I'm asking you to go home and report it."

"Right.... That's right, Cecily. I didn't expect to prioritize the request over my own curiosity. But don't worry. If you're interested, I'll show you the magic I haven't shown you next time."

Suggest that you plan to see Natural next time with a decision pose.

The Black Thunder Demon Swordsman speaks out loud and clear

Because it looks better.

"You can't do dangerous magic, can you?... but you're looking forward to it"


I'm sorry to hear that, but it looks like Cecilia, so I guess it's good.

He then showed his phantoms to the demons, who were not imminent, and went out of the ruins.

"Hmm. If we hurry now, we'll be able to get back to Minerva."

Without discovering anything like this, my magic made a smooth investigation possible.

Yesterday I left late and went wild.

"Right. I've told your mother and Sophia for a couple of days."

"Are you all right to leave immediately?"

Yesterday in Nojuku, I've been investigating nervous ruins all morning.

If you're not tired, maybe you should get some rest.

"Hehe, who do you think I am? Are you one of the chosen brave parties to do more than the Devil Swordsman and defeat the Demon King?"

"Oh, oh..."

"Nah, hey, I tried playing Mr. Demon Swordsman's trick. You shouldn't, I just told you it was a request until you reported it to the guild. I'm fine, let's go."

I didn't pose for a decision, but I didn't expect you to take my stock.

... I guess I'm tired.

I guess I should run for a bump or a side hug.

"Look, Mr. Demon Swordsman. I'm leaving."

They were stopping because they were thinking.

Cecilia is waving a little far away.

Cecilia looks fine after all.

Maybe it's because that unusual outfit is fresh for Cecilia, or you want to shake it.

"We're on our way. I can't be late for Cecily."

I don't know how tired I am. I go to Cecilia with a fierce dash.

"Aren't you tired, Mr. Devil Swordsman? I've been using magic for a long time."

"Heh, Black Thunder Demon Swordsman doesn't show tiredness"

"... you're just tired of not showing it"

"Sorry, I had a story. Black Thunder Demon Swordsman is not tired."

"Who are you?"

"Me? My name is Black Thunder Demon Swordsman. He wraps his black coat around him and runs the battlefield as fast as lightning..."

"Okay. Dine when you're done reporting to the Alliance. He's going to need a break."

Cecilia dropping her shoulders like that.

I usually drive, but is there something wrong?

Well, whatever it is, I'm looking forward to eating.

"All right, we're leaving for Minerva where we've got plans!

"I wasn't talking about today's plans.... well, okay. Let's go home."

The two of us went back the way we walked yesterday and we got to Minerva.

The time is evening, yet, the guild is open.

Open the door so that it breaks in, and a straight line to Clayman with dead fish eyes at the counter.

"The request was successfully completed. Inside, it was a questionable request for all sorts of skills, but if this me, the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and the guide of mercy, Cecily, there's nothing wrong with it... ahhh!?"

"I don't need two names."

Also, I got smashed in with a magic book.

Well, it doesn't hurt that much... but I think it's a good guide to love.

"Oh, you're home. So what's the report?"

"This is a summary of this site survey."

"Nano, report?"

The report Cecilia normally gave Clayman...... when did you prepare such a thing?

Speaking of which, I kept the magic book open all the time when I was walking around the ruins.

"I was underlaying the magic book and writing it during the investigation. The demon swordsman took full care of the ruins."

"Seriously. I had no idea. I mean, I thought the report, the verbal answer would be good... thank you, Cecily. Exactly."

Again, Cecilia is amazing because she pays attention to these places as well.

"No, that'll help. There are people who end their reports with cluttered bullets in their mouths. The lady's report is easy to understand and helpful."

Look at Pepper and Cecilia's report, Clayman.

This guy's definitely up to something.

"Hey, Clayman. What are you thinking right now?"

"Oops. Usually, based on the Adventurer's report, we'll put together a report, but if it's the Lady's report, I don't have to put it together to give it away."

The Clayman one, you have your usual habits.

I'd like to say that I can tell Mr. Sophia that I don't have to work properly.

But now I'm the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

Let's teach him to clayman with a full kitchen two.

"Heh, it's Clayman. Can we finish our own work with the help of others? Wouldn't you be able to use Cecilia's report for a better one if you were in your power? The sense of accomplishment and fulfilment when you accomplish something on your own is unparalleled joy, and also makes you proud. So that report is not intact..."

"Whoa, it's time for me to go up, so it's over. I will only accept the request. Bye."

"Wait, we're not done talking yet. Clayman!"

Clayman walked into the door to the back of the counter so as to shivers and escape.

"Come on, we're done reporting the request, and let's go"

"Come on, all right"

"Let's get dressed before dinner. The demon swordsman will stand out, and I will return to my usual disguise"

Whispered in a whisper, nodding and expressing an affirmation.

Just in case someone isn't following me, I go into the back alley and disappear on the "Banish Wave".

Then he went to the church prepared by Cecilia and said goodbye to the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.


"What's wrong, Mr. Yowki?"

Me rolling over the church floor as I roared.

If I remember what I've said and done for the last four days, I can't stop rolling.

It might have been better than last time.

"Please, Cecilia, listen to my penance."

"Good... what do you do with your meal?"

Speaking of which, I just made a promise to eat.

What more am I going to confess to Cecilia for almost acting together, except for the first day?

"All right, let's go to dinner. Because Cecilia knew everything about the confession, no."

"Is that what this is about?"

"That sort of thing. Shall we go, then?... I guess I can stop by the inn before then. Because I'm gonna seal this."

Looking sideways is the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman set.

It wouldn't be a good idea to wander around with this, and I just sealed it.

"It's good. Shall we go?"

Get Cecilia's forgiveness and head to the Inn for the first time in four days.

Speaking of which, will Guy be back?

If he magically hallucinates the innkeeper, if he sleeps, he'll come back here.

When I arrived at the inn and checked the room keys, it was open.

"Looks like Guy's back."

"Is it true? You've finished your request."

"All right, let's go in."

Open the door and enter the first inn room I've been used to in four days.

"... Welcome home"

There was Teal with no light in her eyes.