"Ah, Teal...... honey?"

Why are you in the lodging room I'm renting that should have been locked?

And why is there no light in your eyes?

And what is a bag filled with tons of demon ore scattered throughout the room?

"Sorry to bother you on your own..."

"Ah, ha. Nothing, it's good."

"I let the innkeeper in by saying I couldn't. He's always been here, and he seemed to remember my face, and he put me through so much. That's sweet."

"Oh, yeah. My husband here is so sweet."

Has the master of the inn been asked by Teal in this state?

Normally, just because I know you doesn't make it easy to unlock a room.

Perhaps Teal couldn't push you down and say no.

"Isn't that a lady?"

"T., Teal. Is your body okay?"

"Yes...... you'll be fine. I'm fine. Oh, don't worry. Because I do a good job of the mansion, and I'm here on vacation. I used all the rest I had."

Speaking of which, Teal, you were only here after work or during the lunch break.

Haven't you taken the rest you wish for yourself?

... to make money leaning on for Guy?

"Oh, well. So..."

"I need to ask you something."

It's like some kind of suspension.

Me and Cecilia froze on Teal's voice.

By and large, I'm guessing what you want to hear.

"Hey, what is it?"

"The Goddess of Guardianship... Where?"

An eye not lit by light on a cold look.

And a voice so low that I don't think it's emanating from Teal, it's not emotional in a way.

I'm shivering at this situation.

If you look like a demon, you can easily defeat a brave man.

How should I respond to Teal?

If you make a mistake in your choice even once, it will be irrevocable.

If Guy says he's out to work, how's Teal doing?

You didn't work enough for me, I need to work more, for God's sake, or something.

Actually, say I kicked you out, and my hand at taking you on the joke route... no.

If I used those hands, I'd have a bad end.

Should I still tell the truth?

"T., Teal, please calm down. Mr. Guy is here."

"Where are you? I've been there every day for the last three days, but there have been no traces of the Guardian God returning. I don't even have a writing down. I haven't even been told anything. I was really gone all of a sudden. Please, if you know where the Patronus God is, let me know!

Teal, who also stuffs with no mercy against Cecilia.

Oh, my God, what am I gonna do with this situation?

If you think about it, it's hard to find Guy from me.

I can't chase it by smell because my body is stone, and I can't grasp a definite place because hearing alone has the sound around me.

I haven't always asked you where you're going when you break up and when you come back.

... If I say I don't know when I'll be back, I'll go find Teal.

"Damn. Cecilia, I got this place!

"What, Mr. Yowki!?"

I'll leave this place to Cecilia and I'll manage to find Guy.

I made up my mind and tried to jump out of it.

"Where are you going"

But Teal stands in front of the door.

Now that I've been blocked from the only entrance and exit, my exit from Cecilia and I have been completely rejected.

"Mr. Yowki, let me tell you the truth. I didn't even think I needed to hide it."

"No, wait, Cecilia. It's not good to tell Teal."

"What's wrong?"

I find it so intimidating that I can't imagine it coming from the little girl Teal.

"Did you do something to the Patron God?"

"Easy, Teal. I didn't do anything."

"It's a lie! The lady was also vacant the mansion for three days, wasn't she? Mr. Yowki hasn't come back to his room in the last three days either. The two of us conspired to protect God..."

"Wait! Okay, 'cause I get it. I'll tell you the truth, so calm down."

I didn't know you'd start to suspect Cecilia as well as me.

Teal, it feels like you can't pretend.

Guy, what have you done to Teal? You're doing something besides what I've heard so far.

I looked at Teal in front of me and couldn't help thinking about it.

"... disguised and went to work?"

"Oh, yes, I am."

"Yes, don't worry, we're not kicking Mr. Guy out or anything"

By myself and Cecilia, I explained from where Guy said he wanted to work to where he left off, saying he would work hard on his own.

I lay low about the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman and the benevolent guide.

"I can't believe the Patronus went out to work knowing the danger."

"Well, Guy's gonna act after a lot of thinking,"

I can never say it's because my hippo condition has gotten hard. If I told you, Guy would kill me.

"... ok"

"Did you get it? Good, now..."

"I will also sign up for the guild to work with the Guardian God!

Me and Cecilia hardening into Teal's determination.

No way, you didn't have that idea.

"Teal, calm down and listen to me. Working in a guild involves some danger. I thought it might be difficult to think about Teal's body."

"Ma'am, the patron god may be in exactly that dangerous situation right now. I can't swallow alone. I need to sign up for the guild ASAP."

"No, no, no... maybe I can't"

Let's be clear because it's harsh to make hope.

It's impossible to work for Teal's guild.

The body is infirm and has zero combat experience.

Even if I asked Clayman to stop me.

The fact that I have no choice, I can't help it.

... so don't stare at me, Teal.

"Is it because I am sick and weak? Is it because you can't use magic and you can't wield your weapon? Then I'll have Seek-kun teach me how to fight. I'll work hard to remember the magic, and I'll work out my body..."


Rarely did Cecilia raise her voice.

Cecilia shakes her head quietly to the side of Teal, who trembled all the time.

"Mr. Guy won't be happy if Teal does that. What do you think Guy would think if Teal collapsed after imposing"

Cecilia speaking with a harsh look, as she teaches. Teal leans over without being able to say anything.

"Just as Teal likes Guy, Guy thinks it's important about Teal too"

"The Guardian God made me..."

"Have you ever seen Guy reject Teal?"

It's not in my memory that Guy turned down Teal.

It always feels like we're dating somehow.

"No, sir."

"Right.... Here lately, Teal's been doing the best she can. For Mr. Guy."

Work desperately, buy demon ore, carry heavy bags to the inn and give them to Guy.

Yay, Teal, if you order what you've done, you just seem to be working pretty hard, even though you're sick.

"Ugh... no"

Are you ashamed of what you affirmed, Teal, whose face turns bright red and leans down again.

... I am totally air.