"Don't worry. Guy won't go far without Teal. I'll definitely be back."

I snuck out of the room to make sure Cecilia was forgiving Teal so well.

The place to aim is the Alliance with Clayman.

Probably Guy should be getting a request at the guild.

Ask Clayman, if he's ambushed at the guild, he'll be able to catch Guy.

"Excuse me, are you there Clayman"

"Yes. Deputy Alliance Master, it's a customer."

You said you'd go up earlier, but you'd be lying to sprinkle me anyway.

The female employee, Mr. Sierra, disappeared behind the counter.

For a while, sitting and waiting in the chair in front of the counter, a troublesome looking clayman appeared as Mr. Sierra pushed him in the back.

"Uh, don't push it. I'm on time. Let me go home."

"Isn't that good? And there's still work to do, Mr. Clayman."

"Shit... I don't have a choice"

While complaining about bumps, Clayman is persuaded by Mr. Sierra.

What's that sight, a boss persuaded by his men?

Shall I tick Mr. Sophia?


"It's not good. What can I do for you?"

"I need to ask you something. I want to talk in the back."

"You're talking about a relationship. Okay, come on."

I get up from my chair and get to Clayman. The destination is the back door the other day. Leaving the guild to see if anyone is around. There's probably no one who likes our conversational eavesdropping.

"So, what do you want?"

"Is Guy back? You haven't heard from me."

"Come on, I'm sure it's yours. You haven't heard anything."

"I haven't even heard when you're coming back or where you're sleeping"

"... you. If you know someone, listen to them."

Totally, Clayman sighs.

I was a Black Thunder Demon Swordsman when I broke up with Guy.

I couldn't get my head around dropping him off.

I think I did something stupid that I could make now, too.

"Hey, I was feeling up then. When we broke up, I dropped him off impulsively without asking."


Me, Clayman's just gonna get me.

Really, I already feel it was a mistake to act with the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"I admit I'm an asshole. So when Guy comes to get his request, I'd like to ask him to leave a message so he can come to the inn where I'm staying."

"Nothing like that, though. Listen to yourself next time. He stands out."

"It's not funny... do you know when I'll be back, by the way?"

"I can only take low-ranking requests. I came back every day to report the completion of the request and received a new request. You're coming to the guild tomorrow."

"Okay. Please leave a message."

"Oops. Bye."

This sucks. But I can meet Guy tomorrow.

... It wouldn't have been such a hassle if I'd been in a meeting with Guy first.

There won't be a next time, but we need to act more planned.

Return from the guild to the inn where Cecilia and Teal would be while reflecting on their own unplanned.

"Ah, Mr. Yowki. Where have you been? You left without saying anything."

"Oh, I snuck out so they wouldn't notice."

"Why? I wanted to say something if I was going out."

Because I didn't want to water Cecilia's persuasion.

"Well, I went to do what I could."


Cecilia has a fit in her head.

Don't you know what I've been doing with this explanation? It hasn't been explained in the first place.

... and Teal is quiet.

I didn't know you were sitting in a chair with so much disruption and yandering before you left.

Now you're expecting me to talk, you're staring at me silently.

I don't feel unpleasant pressure.

All I have in my eyes is pure anticipation.

What have you been talking about with Cecilia since I was gone?

Just wondering, should I reassure Teal as soon as possible now?

"When Guy came to know the guild, he asked me to come here. They'll be here as early as tomorrow."

"Is it true!?"

Teal has a strong sense of speech.

Were you just putting up with me earlier?

"Yeah, I'll call Teal as soon as Guy gets here."

"Ugh, I really want to wait for the god of guardianship......"

Teal, who sees Cecilia's face as if to ask something properly.

The person in question has a loving grin.

... it doesn't matter what you do to Cecilia in this state.

Besides, if they stay asleep like this, I'm in trouble too. You haven't forgotten that I'm renting this room.

"Mother and Seek will be worried if it's too late."

Why, that's where Seek comes in.

Because it's like Teal's doctor in charge?

"Okay, I'm leaving today. Mr. Youki, when the Patronus arrives, please contact me."

"Okay. I'll take care of it."

"Please. Now if you'll excuse me, Mr. Yowki, I'll see you tomorrow...?"

You showed me the man. The two of you waved out of the room.

Cecilia's farewell greeting was tear-eyed and cute.

"No, it's late and I'll send it!

Look at me jumping out of the room, you two have your eyes round.

You think you're gonna let two girls go home at this hour as they are?

Usually, I'd be sending Cecilia.

That was cute...... you're not.

If you want to show a man, tell him to show it to the end.

"Hehe, well, that's sweet of you to say"

Was I funny when it popped up?

Cecilia's grin didn't stop inside as she drove the two of them to the mansion.

"Hey. Kid, are you there? The Alliance man told me you were back."

The next day, it was a mystery when Guy was coming to visit, so I was waiting in my room, and suddenly the door opened.

The time is not even noon.

Guy came home waiting for me.

"Oh, welcome home..."

"What's up? You look tired though. Is something wrong?"

"I just don't have the energy to raise my voice today"

Inside, I have an urge to scream Guy's name and turn him into something weird.

But I had no first meeting, so I have an affair, too, so I'll be patient.

It is also true that I do not have the strength.

"Well, it's rare. Usually, they come at me with an odd voice... oh, speaking of which. The kid was annoyed by my association with him. The innkeeper came in with" Illusion Eyes. "I'm sure my husband feels like no one's come into the inn."

"That's a rare thought for Guy."

If Cecilia had a relationship with me and the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman, Guy, it would have been a mess, so I was acting like the Black Thunder Demon Swordsman.

"Hmm... don't taste my people. So, I guess I called you for something. Is something wrong?"

"It's not like something happened. If you see a bag with tons of demon ore in my room, you'll find out."

Guy looks over the room and recognizes the presence of the bag.

And then he showed me how convinced he was to be, and he checked with me.

"... that's teal"

"Correct. I left without saying anything, and I've been vacating my room for three days, too, on request. It was amazing when I got back. There's no light in my eyes, I'll sign up for the guild and say we'll work together."

"... um, did that happen? Thinking about Teal, we should have talked before we acted."

"Because of Teal's character, you knew what would happen if Guy suddenly disappeared."

It's been perfect for Guy until now.

I guess it will always be sweet.

From the way I look at it, it's not like I got stuck.

"Okay. Let's talk about it. Actually, I rented my own room. The place is an inn called the Beast's Home near here. I'm sorry. Tell Teal to come there. When we go to that mansion, it stands out."

Well, it could be a hassle.

I might end up paying up front from the gatekeeper.

I was the first to get hit.

The gatekeeper feels good right now, but it can be difficult considering Guy's appearance.

"Okay, okay. You said you wanted me to contact you right away. I'm coming."

"Please. We'll be waiting for you at the inn. And let me carry this to my inn. It's bad for the kid to leave it."

Guy takes up a bag with demon ore in it and leaves the room.

Standout outfits are even more prominent.

There are five sachets of demon ore, the size of a toddler going in fine.

What kind of misunderstanding would I get if a big man was in charge of hiding such a bag all over his body?

"Because I'm going to disappear. Get out the window. That outfit is too conspicuous."

"Illusion Eyes." Isn't that okay?

"My husband isn't the only one in the inn. You're hallucinating everyone you meet."

"Is that true, too? Well, tell him I'll be waiting at the inn."

Copy that.

I told him I'd tell him, and then you're done giving Teal a message from Guy.

"Banish Wave: So Guy disappeared, he headed to the inn, and should I go to the mansion?

"... so Guy is in an inn called The Beast's Home. It's near the inn where I'm staying."

"Okay. I'm going to get the maid chief a lunch break."

Get my explanation. No, I'm running away refreshed, Teal.

I'm surprised you came to me as soon as you got to the mansion to see if you felt anything.

Me left in the garden.

I haven't even promised Cecilia, and I think I'm going home.

"Ah, Captain. Ohisa ~"

"Whoa, Seek.... you've put a lot of work into it."

"Yeah ~?"

This neck tilting trick reminds me of a pure boy who knows no dirt.

I don't want you to know that this guy has all sorts of weird worlds.

"Seek, you've got to grow up. Don't overabsorb something around you, even if you're wrong."

"What the captain is saying, I don't know, but I get it ~. I'll see you then ~"

I look behind the Seek leaving and compare it to Teal earlier.

It's about the same age.

I guess Guy did something to Teal.

With that suspicion in mind, Teal, dressed in private clothes, jumped out of the mansion.

"Oh, Mr. Yowki, the maid director gave me a lunch break, so I'm going to go to the god of protection"

"I get it. Be careful. Don't fall in a hurry. Because Guy said he was waiting."

"Yes! Thank you. Well, then, you're coming."

With a full smile and a mix of skips, Teal turned to Guy.

... I did something when I saw that smile, what a suspicion.

"Go home."

I left the mansion and decided to return to the inn.

I was walking home and realized that Guy rented himself an inn.

I mean, I'm alone in the inn.

"There was Duke, Happiness, and Seek at first."

It was me who at first remembered the strange loneliness of the busy room finally being alone.