I'm finally getting used to living alone these days. I used to talk to a good man who was shaken by a close lover.

"I think it's time I graduated from bachelorship."

"Heh, so?"

I'm only listening in half because I'm not very interested.

I felt like I had no choice but to hang out and do it because I was called out when I was in the guild.

... I don't miss people or anything.

"Rumor has it there's an old castle near a town called Brying. They have love cupids there."

"What That Maiden Chick Rumor"

You reacted unexpectedly.

I didn't know there was such a romantic urban legend in this world.

Well, it's a different world, and it could be anything.

"Isn't that interesting? Apparently, if I get that cupid to talk to me about romance, it's gonna work out with the thinkers."

"Seriously, you just need to talk to me about love.... Isn't it suspicious, its cupid"

"You think so. I checked it out, and I'm not talking about that cupid here these days. Apparently, it's been a rumor transmitted in the area for about two hundred years."

"Two hundred years, seriously."

Isn't that the urban legend of bees?

"I don't know if there's actually a love cupid. But don't you think it's worth a try?"

"Well, if it feels like half the play"

You can think of it as sightseeing even if you're not actually there.

"Right. I thought you'd say that. [M] I can't go because I have some business to attend to. If Cupid were real... I'd be waiting for the good news."

"Ha!? Hey......"

He didn't even ask me to stop him, and Yu Man left.

He thought I'd try it first.

You're all alone.


Put your hand on my chin. I've been thinking about recent events.

Guy is making good money on a request.

Teal also goes to the inn where Guy is staying, and he seems to be loving it.

Raven went to Happiness and the three of us to make a request, and it seemed like a lot had happened.

I haven't seen Raven since, but I'd say we're moving forward.

Am I in the middle of something?

I was just talking cute with Cecilia in normal driving.

I've tried and missed so many times for a change.

"Maybe you're refusing to be in a relationship I took a step with Cecilia?"

I also feel like I'm at a certain distance for some reason.

If you get nervous, turn on the kitchen two switch or something. Often.

I like Cecilia. It's not like I'm confirming it now.

"Cupid of love, believe me"

Urban legend, I suppose, but whatever.

I don't know if I can make a fumble in me.

In the room where I was alone, I decided to try to believe the story of the Cupid of Love.

The next day, I was swayed in a carriage by myself. There was always someone when I went away like this, but this time I was alone.

Looking around, old couples and adventurers sit down. I seem to be the only one in this carriage.

According to a story I heard from Yu Man, the town with the Cupid legend of love is quite far away. I heard it would take four days in the carriage.

It's not bad to enjoy a casual solo journey.

"Brother, are you alone?"

"Yes, well, yes"

"Ho, you look like an adventurer, but you took the request alone."

"No, I thought I'd take a little solo journey"

I can talk to the old couple when I'm watching the view in the carriage.

I was free, and this kind of interaction would be the flavor of a ride carriage.

"We're not going to make it home for the first time."

"Heh, really?"

"Oh. It's a thoughtful land where we were born and raised to love."

"If that happens again,"

The old couple's little flirting started.

Can we get along like this when we get older?

"Ho ho ho. I wonder how far you're going."

"I'm in a town called Brying... on sightseeing"

The Cupid Legend of Love. I can't believe I'm looking for it.

I can't say for myself that I rely on legends to go away for my romantic accomplishments.

"Oh, my God, Brying is our home."

"Ho ho ho. Apparently, you'll be with us until the end of the carriage journey."

An old couple laughing gently.

The fact that the destination was actually the same as the person I happened to talk to is also the flavor of the ride carriage......

"Perhaps you, the legend of Brying's romantic achievement, are on the lookout?"


If you are from a local area, do you naturally know the local legend?

But I didn't expect a legend of romantic achievement to come out of this lady's mouth.

Besides, it's definitely what I'm looking for, and I got upset and sprayed.

"Because if you're about your age, you have one or two women you like. I did, too."

"Oh, you're not alone. I'm a little lonely."

"What are you talking about? I am and always have been an Orier."

"Oh, yeah. Honestly, I'm glad, Gram."

The old couple's flirting is amazing.

Could this also be the result of the legend of Brying?

"Did you two use the legend of Brying's romantic achievement?"

"Ho ho ho. You think we're close because of the legend?"

"No, that's not why... sorry if I offended you"

"It's okay. Never mind. It's not because of the legend... but it inspired us to hang out. Hey, Gram."

"Right. I didn't have the courage to confess to Orier back then."

"Oh, I miss the way you put it."

"I don't have a choice. I was born a farmer, three boys. Orier is the only daughter of a merchant who goes into five fingers in brilliance. It's not obvious we haven't had a match."

"When I was in store, I didn't hate Gram for coming to see me every day."

He began telling a magnificent story until the old couple were united.

You're completely out of line with the legend of Brying.

Well, the legend of romantic achievement came to me earlier, and I ate it, so it seemed like we were going to talk about whether I had a child that I liked.

It's not a bad idea to listen to an old couple who would have had a hard time together over the years like this.

"It's a long journey, and if you don't mind, can I share a memorable story?"

"Right. Well, let's talk about our sweet and sour adolescence."

"Shall we start with the story of Orier and me dating?... I'll allow you to get off on the way, because it's a long story about old people."

"Pfft, don't worry. I'm used to talking to people, and I don't hate romance stories. Most importantly... it's not cool to give you roots for what you said from me!

Decide on the usual pose for the old couple.

Where did the young people go earlier feel like, two flabbergasted people.

Shit, Kitchen II came out because of a habit.

This would be a totally pulling pattern.

Okay, what's going on?

"You're funny. Are you popular with young kids today?"

"Not when I was young.... Feel the times."

I was mistaken in some weird direction.

It's more than what I think of as a freak, so will you convince me to like it?

Thanks to the old couple, the ride carriage journey ended without any extra spare time.

"Bye, Youki-kun. We had so much fun on the road."

"I had fun, too. Let me tell you a few memorabilia."

I could hear the old couple's memorabilia and learn that love isn't just sweet.

Love is really deep.

Parent persuasion, love affair from childhood friends, inequality issues, conspiracy to tear two people apart by their loved ones, etc.

Even if I can hang out with Cecilia, I need to keep an eye out for all sorts of difficulties.

"I'd love to see your face when I have time to stay."

"Okay. When you're done with your business, I'll ask you. Well, take care to the house."

Say goodbye to the old couple and explore Brying. The market is vibrant and the faces of those passing by are bright.

Is agriculture thriving or are there many stores selling fresh vegetables?

"Speaking of which, I thought you said Mr. Gramm was also born a farmer"

It doesn't seem inconvenient for food.

Sightseeing is there, too, I guess I'll go see Cupid the Pumpkin Love.

"Surely you live in an abandoned castle out of town talking about Mr. Gramm and Mr. Orier?"

I thought Cupid in Love would be in a more Merchant place. You said it wasn't where I imagined it would be.

Then I was surprised when they returned that it was a completely abandoned castle.

A magnificent abandoned castle where I went to create the incentive to be bound.

I think more memories can be beautified.

Wherever you live, it doesn't matter.

"All right, let's go"

"Hey, that's an odd encounter."

"Oh yeah... who is"

Don't even look at my face. I replied, so I turn around.

"I wonder if Youki-kun came on request"

There stood a brave man, Yuga, with a refreshing grin.