Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I went to Abandoned Castle with a brave man.

"Why are you here?"

Your response to the brave man who defeated the Demon King and saved the world.

Inside, I'm in quite a hurry.

Why is there a yuga in a town so far from Minerva?

That's the last thing I want to see right now.

... No, I don't always want to encounter it if I can.

"That's the kind of yoki you are"

"I'm, well, that's it. … tourism?"

No way, I can't tell you that my love affair with Cecilia hasn't worked and I'm here to rely on the urban legendary Cupid of Love, etc.

"Oh, yeah. It's not a request, is it? I got a letter from a friend. He wants help because he's in trouble."

"What a favor from a friend."

Yuga should be busy with diplomacy.

I guess you've come for a long holiday for a friend.... Should I say brave around there?

"Yeah, it is.... My friend tells me there's an abandoned castle nearby in Brying. It's like there's a vampire living there. I hear my friends' girlfriends have been harmed, and they want me to get rid of them."

"Heh, vampire."

I'm also a demon I haven't actually met yet.

So are mermaids, but you're supposed to be at Demon King Castle, but you've never met many demons, me.

"Because if you leave it alone, the damage might expand. As a brave man, you can't miss it."

"That's a tough one. Well, come on."

It would be wise to break up properly.

With this guy, the more trouble he has, the better his chances of getting into trouble.

It's amazing how risky it is to just be together, brave guy.

"Oh, wait. I wouldn't go with you if I were you."

"Why? I'm with the brave. together?"

I talked to the brave man about it, including disgust. Why do I have to walk around town with this guy?

"No, because. Yogi-kun, you're here for sightseeing."

"Yes, but is there a problem?"

"It's good to go to an abandoned castle for sightseeing."

"No, I need another abandoned castle."

There's no use for the abandoned castle, which is where vampires live.

I have a Cupid of Love legend. I need an abandoned castle.

"Well, I got to Brying yesterday. As far as I can gather information, there's no such thing as an abandoned castle near Brying as I'm about to go."

"Ha!? No... because"

Wait, that old couple lied... you can't be lying.

We were together for a short time, but we didn't look like the kind of people who would lie.

No way, a vampire has settled in the abandoned castle I'm about to go to.

"Maybe we have a destination together. Yogi-kun's mistake."

"No, no, wait. Listen to me..."

"Well, let's go"

"I'm not going anywhere. Get your hands off me!

I don't like getting along.

Well, it's Yuga who doesn't mind my thoughts like that.

I was supposed to be dragged down, and the two of us were supposed to head to the abandoned castle.

"You're here. How the atmosphere is coming out. This is for sure."

Yuga looks up at the abandoned castle with a serious eye.

I hold the sword I put on my hips and I'm going to fight now. I'm giving you a good aura.

I guess it's because he's handsome and brave.

Never, not a hiccup.

"There's an atmosphere, but it's odd for an abandoned castle"

I would lie if I said it wasn't desolate.

The garden behind the gate doesn't have endless weeds, it feels well managed.

Even if it's a door that leads to the castle, it's usually beautiful.

"Do you like vampires pretty?"

"Come on, I've never heard that before. But even if you clean the castle, I won't allow you to attack people."

Cool, that's brave...... or something. You'd say it if there was a woman.

When I say, "I'm out of luck to see this guy, I sleep in peace, but he pulls me off."

"What's wrong, Youki-kun? Still feeling uncomfortable somewhere?"

"No, the world isn't equal. I don't know how to dispel the irrational discontent."

"Irrational... right. So maybe there will be no more hurt, sadness, suffering. But even if we can't lose it, at least we want to save the people in front of us..."

"You, who are you!

Don't be shy. What the hell is this?

Duke and Cecilia would have flushed it out even more.

"Eh, it's Yuga. Yoki, you know my name."

"That's not what I heard! Ah, that's enough. If we're going in, we're going in."

I would be here Cupid of Love.

Yuga is looking for a vampire who is causing trouble.

You should just go inside and break up for a reason on the way.

"All right, let's do our best."

"You're the only one who works hard."

"What, you can't help me?"

"Why, I'll help you."

I told you I was here for sightseeing.

It's a request from a friend of mine to Yuga, so I'm talking about putting a piece on it alone.

"This is a boarding ship."

"No, I don't know where that ship is headed. I won't."

It's the troublemaker who's taking the helm.

Who will take such a boat?

"Okay, let's go then"

"Listen to people for a second!... That's enough, dull"

Even if we're talking here, we're going to start doing comic talent in an extended way.

Eventually, it takes the form of me taking root, and the two of us go into the abandoned castle.

"The castle is clean, too. It's so big..."

It should be bigger than Cecilia's mansion.

There is no dust on condiments such as bumps in the hallway.

The floor is so beautiful that I wonder if I clean it every day.

"This is..."

"What's wrong, have you noticed anything?"

"I feel it, the enemy is on the top floor"

"Mostly you are!

It's decided that the boss is on the top floor of a castle like this.

Give me back my expectations that you've noticed something.

"But it's weird. I can't believe the enemy is just upstairs."

"Right. If this is the only way to keep the big castle clean, there must be a lot of people living there."

Find out by sneaking up on the olfactory enhancement so Yuga can't sprinkle it.

I don't smell that much blood in a castle with vampires.

I think there's someone upstairs.

It sounds like there's only one of you when it's my feeling, what's going on?

I can't even tell Yuga, so I worry about it alone.

It's possible he's hiding somewhere, but will he outrun my perception?

I usually live here, but it's also possible that I'm paying for it now.

"What's the matter, you look kind of very difficult."

"Don't worry, it's not a big deal"

I don't even know how to gorgeously go through Yuga and make my thoughts work.

Without encountering anything, we reached the top floor of the abandoned castle.

"You're in this room. There's someone in there."


If you try it from me, I don't do anything special because I know someone is in a mess.

You'll be able to handle surprise attacks.

Yuga also seemed unnecessary to prepare, so she quietly opened the door leading to the room.

"Hey, you're here a lot. Lost boys. You're welcome."

Inside there was a man sitting on a fancy sofa with his feet together.

"I've come to defeat you. Troubling this town...... Vampires!

Yuga pulls out the sword he was laying on his hips and points it at the man.

When I looked closely, it was a holy sword of nostalgia.

"Oops. That's a savage greeting all of a sudden. On what basis am I a vampire?"

"Don't blur. I know it's damaging the women in town."

"Hahaha. I'm the one who hurt the women in town? I didn't do that."


"I'm on the side of those who are in love."


Is this the cupid of love I've been looking for?

In one hand of these wine glasses, there's a narcissist who rings his fingers a little for nothing or shows how to lift his hair.

"What's wrong, Youki-kun? Shout out loud suddenly."

"No, nothing."

"Yes, sir. Well, although I don't know who blew me into being a vampire. For now, why don't you sit down?"

The man is about to slap his hand and deliver this spot.

There is no concrete evidence right now that this man is a vampire.

Besides, if this is the Cupid of Love I was looking for...

"All right, let's sit down, Yuga"

"Oh, why, Yoki? The enemy is in front of us."

"Wait, there's no evidence anywhere that this guy's a vampire. But there's no evidence that he's not a vampire. Let's get on with this guy here."

"Ugh, um... but"

"If you attack the average person by mistake, we'll preach from the face of Micah and Cecilia, Raven and the Brave Party."


Yuga's expression clouds halfway.

Did you imagine a sermon about the threesome?

I'd also like to see occasions like Cecilia, Mikana, and Yuga sitting in front of Raven Jen Royal.

Successfully persuaded, me and Yuga sat on the couch facing the man.

"Okay, let's get started"

"... what are you going to do"

Yuga, full of vigilance, may not actually hold a sword.

I want you to stop because it's dangerous to pull out a holy sword or something.

"Of course it's your romantic consultation."