Yuusha Party no Kawaii Ko ga Ita no de, Kokuhaku Shite Mita (WN)

I tried to talk to the brave man about romance.

"... what are you talking about"

Yuga asks the man with a strange look.

This guy can do a face like this, I'm surprised.

Where is Yuga, who is increasing Mikana's blood pressure with his usual troublemaker?

Only Yuga makes serial air on the field.

Whatever the man in front of you says, he's going to feel lazy.

From what I can tell, if this man is a Cupid of Love, it's a goal accomplished.

The rest is what to do with the alertness stripping yuga.

"Ha ha. I guess I didn't hear you. Then again... let's hear your romantic advice."

"Youki, I wonder what he's talking about"

"Uh, speaking of which, when I came here, you heard an interesting story from an old couple I met on a ride carriage."

That's when I pretend to be the first person I've heard of.

It would be troublesome if I were to come here for a romantic consultation.

"Interesting story?"

"Oh. Anything. There's a Cupid of Love living in this abandoned castle, and if I had a romantic consultation, I'd be able to get along well with the thinker or something"

"Will it work, huh? Technically, no."


"What I'm doing is difficult or irrelevant. Listen, I'm just giving you some advice, some courage. Right, I'll support you until you stand at the door. It's yourself who unlocks the key. I don't even know what's waiting for me at that door."

I'm laughing and talking about my theory.

Yuga seems to have lifted her guard just a little bit.

I'm listening to the man's theory.

"Hey, the old couple I met said they had a romantic consultation, too."

"I wonder if my predecessors did it."

"What predecessor... is the Cupid of Love inherited?"

Apparently Yuga questioned it.

When did you put the holy sword away?

"Oh, yeah. I'm the sixth generation."

"Is it something to inherit, it"

"I inherit the will of my predecessors."

"Still, you can't trust me completely. Smoke in the absence of fire... what the hell?"

Don't stand up.

If you know that much, make up your mind.

"Maybe there are people who don't really think about me. Attracting someone. Sometimes I buy grudges."

What do you mean, buy grudges with romantic counseling?

Yuga floats more than I do.

"When someone is tied to someone. The third party won't be tied, will it? Sometimes they resent me like that."

"I see. Sometimes in love, triangulation can be a dramatic development."

I'm sorry about all that drooling in my relationship with Cecilia.

"In other words, there was a couple who successfully achieved their love by consulting you in love. A third party who neglected the two people he dated prompted Yuga to ask him to lie about being a vampire in order to get you into it."

"Yoki, suspect my friend."

"Because... hey"

"Ha ha, well, calm down. Leave me alone if I'm a vampire... you guys will both be in love"

I am confident that it is for sure.

That's what I felt. I opened my eyes.

"Oh, my God, it's rare that I haven't fallen in love that year. I just put some tears on it. Don't be so surprised."

"... that was a confident way to put it."

"Don't you get nervous that the people you talk to are afraid to talk about it? I try to be confident in what I say so as not to disturb my counselors."

Somehow, don't bother without a grasp.

But it looks like this guy is definitely the love cupid I've been looking for.

Maybe we can talk about romance in the same way.

"I do have someone I like..."

"First, you! I can tell just by looking...... it would be hot"

"Sure, it's annoyingly hot, this guy. As much as I'd love to throw a cream pie on your face with all my might."


Don't worry, I won't do anything you can't do.

Mostly, I don't think the muscle pastry guy I know would shut up if I used a treat for that.

"Ha ha. I guess so, I guess so. It's no wonder you're getting romantic feelings from more than one person."

After all, is the world handsome?

I don't know what to do anymore on the day my love cupid said that.

"Oh, haha, I guess so"

Don't you feel bad, I feel lightly willing to kill Yuga, who makes me look happy.

It's just ugly like a man's jealousy, so I don't think too deeply about it though.

"Hmm, you there"


Suddenly, he was nominated by the Cupid of Love.

"I wonder what he would look like in your eyes."

"Harlem brave man with strong self-assertion, not listening to people"

"Hey Youki, it's not terrible!?"

"Ugh, it's true."

I just said what I thought.

Yuga wouldn't snap, and I need to tell the Cupid of Love the truth.

"Oh, really?"

"Wouldn't you be convinced..."

Yuga is disappointed in the reaction of her love cupid.

If I fake myself, I won't get the right results.

"No, excuse me...... to conclude, it can be hard to love one woman to you"

"Ha, huh. How could you do that in this conversation?"

"Uh, I don't know, go on and on"

I can no longer watch the wolfish yuga, slapping my shoulders with words of encouragement.

"I don't listen to his people, I guess it's pretty much decided with the word" self-assertive Harlem brave "


He grabs the collar of his clothes and is shaken by the rampage.

I want you to stop because my head shakes.

Just stating the facts, I'm not bad.

Anyway, let's hear more about it.


"Don't raise your voice if you don't know what it means."

If you're a brave man, look straight at reality.

"Explain, because apparently you not only have the look, but the title of brave man. There seems to be some pure combat power. If you have the look, the title, the strength, you can't leave a woman alone."

"Well, there are exceptions."

"That's right. I don't know what women like about men. It's just that he's got all the items that women generally like."

Something tells me you don't like it when you think rationally.

I wonder if the majority of the world is.

"Because it's only my idea. But when he was self-assertive and didn't listen to people. Probably, but isn't it empty for a woman with a budding emotion that she likes it?"

"You're right."

I was choosing an accessory that had no taste in Cecilia.

"No, I mean..."

"Harlem even though you have someone you like. Out of kindness, you can't be unfavourable. [M] Maybe you're losing sight of someone you really should love at the end of the emptiness."

The sound of putting down a glass of wine echoed in the room.

The wine in the glass is empty.

"Well, the wine's gone, too. Your relationship is over."

"No remedy."

I don't feel sorry for anything.

We ended up feeling meaningful.

"Oh, you did.... If you really like someone, be prepared. Because by your choice, some children are happy, some are sad. But you should just stop in a hurry and put it down. And look around, not just before.... No, maybe in your case, behind you."

Sure, in this guy's case, it might be better to look back at the past than look around the present.

You're facing forward, and you have something you've overlooked, find it.

"All right, then, I'm next. Right."

Was Yuga shocked by the results? I'm not here.

If you want to hear it, now is the time when you can't get it right.

"All right, let's start a romantic consultation. Question is, you have someone you like. What do you want to do with her in the future?"

"What will happen in the future, of course..."

I want to tell you how I feel and hang out with you.

That's the answer, but for some reason I hesitate to put it in my mouth.

"If you can't, don't you think about something negative? If I fail, I get awkward and I don't see you."

"Oh... well"

There's such a weak sound in my mind.

So you hesitated to put it in your mouth.

"Don't you think it's fun as it is?"


"You, I was hating him, but I would have been a little worried about him being depressed to hear my words. I wonder if it's gender."

Being observed and analyzed about yourself is out-of-the-box, embarrassing.

You only have the Cupid of Love, you have too many observational eyes.

"Well, I guess that's the place"

"But unlike him, you don't have a hot aura."

"Don't be so clear!

Even I have yellow cheers from women... from my last life, back to now, but I can't remember.

"But trust from fellow citizens and friends would be thick. I guess it's because you care about connections."

"Is it thick...?"

Three of my ex-boyfriends come to see me working with the three of us.

... Yeah, that's proof you're trusted.

"I don't know what you imagined.... Your face is white. All right, let's keep going. You're the woman I like when I take care of that connection. We'll take care of the space we can spend together."

"Actually, I do."

Drinking Cecilia's tea for me, bickering is the most soothing thing to do. Enough to wonder if this time will last forever these days.

"That's it. You take care of the connection. I'm afraid you'll change your relationship with her by taking action."


"Have you been stretching out for any reason to confess?"


I did decide to confess when it came to A-rank.

If you think about it, it might be time to go up from B-rank to A-rank. As the Demon Swordsman of Black Thunder, he also went on several A-rank missions.

Clayman will tell you it's time.

"There's one thing you can say from me. It's something I don't expect my favorite child to wait for you forever. You may not be the only one who thinks of your favorite child."