I was so damaged that I thought I'd wipe my blood, I stuck it at the table. Cupid of Love is right.

In stories and in reality, romance is a stumbling block.

With a competitor who is more high-spec than himself?

Seeing Yuga all the time. This guy's like this too, but he's more of a competitor than he says he likes Cecilia.

Probably a troublemaker, but it doesn't matter.

Because it is favored, I cannot say that Cecilia is unlikely to be obsessed.

"I told him, too, but that's not why I'm in a hurry. Your favorite child may be waiting for you, but it's possible he hasn't been treated."

"Ohhh... I don't want to think about that. Too shocked."

If you look at it from Cecilia, it means you might be a good friend.

"Ha ha. Is it not good to think about all the negative things? How long have you been spending with the kids you like?"

"I don't know how much... I guess it's for their convenience. Well, I'm bothering you, and all of a sudden you're here."

Cecilia is also busy when she is busy.

It's bad that you can't make time for it.

You know, when I do assholes in there, they fly right in and make me say thank you.

... Is that me bothering Cecilia amazing?

"He spends time with me. Don't you think you're happy?"

"No, well, well"

"Think about it. The child spends his time with you. Thinking about it… can't you think of any special emotions?"

"Time…? Right, I think it's a little too self-absorbed to think about it for me. But if you're choosing to spend time with me...... I'm honestly glad"

"I guess so. Pure joy, not gratitude or anything. The greater the emotion of liking, the proportional increase. If the child I like likes likes likes you..."

I ring my finger where I tried to say something.

Does that behavior make sense?

In the meantime, the first word would be to guess.

"Good luck with that. You guys are still young. It's about exposing your mind and hitting it with all your might."

"I don't know if I can do it, but I'll do it right"

If it means something else, I think Cecilia is exposed to a lot of things.

Yuga hasn't come back yet, by the way.

For once, there was a remedy, so recover.

"My choice, someone..."

"Hey, it's over and we're going home!

"... Huh? Youki-kun is over."

"You weren't listening because you were going to your world."

It's convenient for me not to hear it.

Badly guessed Yuga, but the troublemaker is not Dada.

In this case, I don't know what triggered the happening.

If you haven't heard, you don't have to tell me.

"Um, I wanted to hear about you, too."

"What about your friend's favor?"

"Oh, yes... I don't know what I'm going to do, but I'm going to talk to my friend again and find out where the information came from."

Okay, good luck with that.

I'm not just telling you to go, I'm pointing at the door that came in.

All you have to do is wave, as a goodbye greeting.

"What, you've come all this way with me and you're acting different when you go home?"

"I didn't come with you, I felt like I was being pulled."

I don't remember coming in a friendly line or getting behind.

"Ugh, okay. Bye."

Yuga gave him a lonely look and walked out of the room with a bump.

If I were a woman, I would have created an atmosphere that would tickle my protective appetite.

I guess it's a brave man's privilege to be like no matter what you do.

"... so why did you stay? I thought we were done with love talks."

"No, I just wanted to make sure.... Just give me a minute."

Enhance your sense of smell, explore Yuga's position, and wait until you leave the abandoned castle.

If Yuga asks, it's an unsavory topic.

But you're slow to walk, you can't leave inside.

Were you shocked that you couldn't go home with me so much?

"I wonder how long I'll wait. I'm not free, either."

"Right.... I'm not out of the castle, but it seems far enough away, okay?"

I lay down my breath and stare at a man named Cupid of Love.

To rebut the one lie this guy told.

"You're a vampire."

"... I wonder what you're talking about. I thought you said that earlier. Someone flushed it. I'm a normal person."

"Don't hide it, it stinks of blood from your mouth slightly. I won't be fooled."

I can tell by the enhanced sense of smell.

It smells like clear blood.

Besides, this abandoned castle has been uncomfortable since it came in.

It doesn't matter what you think about living here alone and secluded.

"Smells...... right. I wonder if you were an animal. [M] There's only got to be a slight odor."

The man's identity suddenly changed.

You represent who you are, and you're letting sharp fangs peek through your mouth.

"I'm not an animal man. I'm a demon."

I grow horns and wings so I can understand.

Was it a surprise that I was a demon, the man for a moment but turned his eyes round.

"... I didn't know you were a demon. Excuse me. I didn't think the Demons would come to me for a romantic consultation."

"I didn't think vampires were doing love cupids, either."

This vampire would have been in human love counseling for at least two hundred years if the information on the best man had been correct.

I feel the smell of blood, so I'm sure I'm breathing blood.

But me and Yuga's love counseling was accurate, so it's definitely a love cupid, too.

"I wonder if it's weird that vampires are so into romantic counseling. I don't care how I live. You seem to be living as a human for some reason."

"Well, I've got a lot going on."

"Then so am I. People have a lot of situations."

"Neither you nor I are people." "You must be. You look interesting. [M]... Speaking of which, you hadn't named it yet. My name is Caius. Two hundred and three years of Cupid of Love, Caius."

"I'm a yogi. Previous life was human and this world is demonic. I am currently in love with a human monk"

"Ho, you're really funny. There seems to be a lot to talk about."

"Not so... there is one"

If I tried to talk to you, I don't feel like it's going to end in a day. Well, I just don't feel like telling a vampire I've just met about my previous life.

"Ha ha, I have a lot going on too.... Oh, let me tell you just in case. The smell of blood you felt. Don't worry, it doesn't belong to people."

"As far as the town was concerned, I didn't expect vampires to live there. I think it's gonna be okay around here."

Even if they were attacking the travelers, not the people in town.

If even travelers had turned down a bunch of news around here, it would be a weird rumor.

A request should come to the Alliance as well.

"It's not delicious, but I'm patient with the beast."

"Huh, well. Then we're done talking."

What I wanted to do was confirm the purpose of the vampire.

He doesn't seem to be lying, and given how the people in town are doing, it's hard to imagine this guy doing anything.

I break horns, chop wings and end Demon mode.

I'm done for, and I guess I'll go home.